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Stone of ♥ Logic ♥ Intelligence ♥ Emotional balance ♥ Intuition ♥ Clarity ♥ Truth ♥ Perception ♥ Creativity ♥ Focus ♥ Inner ♥ Work ♥ Vision ♥ Wisdom ♥ Meditation

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sodalite tumble pebble stone 200gm basket
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Sodalite Tumbled Stone – Reiki Healing Crystals [Original & Natural Crystal]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams (Please select your grams from the above radio button)

Size Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

The sodalite tumbles pebbles will bring calm weather and remove all the storms of life. This stone will help you in engaging with the community, marry, and lead a peaceful life. This stone will empower you to heal all of the grief in your life.

 Why Should You Buy Sodalite Tumbled Stones?

  • It helps one in speaking the truth with love and kindness.
  • It provides protection from external negative stimuli or influences.
  • It improves spiritual perceptions by providing a person with adept knowledge to utilize the information for spiritual healing.
  • It helps in the attainment of inner peace.
  • It enhances and strengthens intuitive abilities.
  • It gifts a person with the boon of clairvoyance.
  • It benefits the area of the throat chakra encouraging truthfulness.
  • It affects career and the trajectory of life for the good.
  • It controls heart diseases and aids in the reduction of high blood pressure and edema.
  • Hoarseness, throat discomfort, and irritation around the larynx and vocal cords can be reduced using Sodalite stones.
  • It improves balance in metabolism, helps in coping with calcium deficiency, and facilitates the cleansing of organs and lymphatic systems.
  • It helps in improving sleep cycles and keeps insomnia at bay.
  • It ushers emotional healing by reducing anxiety, tension, and excess stress.
  • It helps over-sensitive and defensive people by providing them with the necessary emotional balance.
  • It reduces phobias and makes one guilt-free.
  • Self-acceptance, self-esteem, and trust in one’s own judgment are enhanced by Sodalite stones.
  • It filters away annoying electromagnetic pollution.

How To Use Sodalite Tumbled Pebbles?

  • It can be worn as a Sodalite gemstone pendant that positions the Sodalite over the heart to improve blood pressure.
  • It can be worn as a necklace that holds the Sodalite close to the throat and head to help reduce problems in those areas.
  • It can be held in one hand while meditating to ensure calmness.
  • It can be carried in a pocket to be held during times of panic or anxiety.
  • It can be placed as a Sodalite statue, pyramid, or obelisk near or on the computer to eliminate electromagnetic smog.

How To Clean And Take Care Of Sodalite Tumbled Stones?

  • It is one of the softest stones so it needs to be handled with utmost care.
  • It should not be kept in contact with bleach or sulphuric acid.
  • It can be cleaned using warm soapy water but some dyed materials may not be stable.
  • The dyed or impregnated stones should be tested using a small area to ensure stability.
  • The stones should be wiped down using a soft cloth and rinsed well to ensure that the soapy residue is rinsed off.
  • Any ornament made of Sodalite stone should be removed before exercising, playing sports, or engaging in vigorous household chores or physical engagements.
  • The storage of the Sodalite stones or pebbles should be done in separate boxes away from other gemstones to prevent any scratches or fractures of the stone.
  • It should be ideally wrapped using a soft cloth and placed in a fabric-lined jewelry box for extra protection.
  • It should be kept away from high temperatures, strong pressure, harsh household chemicals, and cleaners.
  • It should be kept under reflected sunlight for 10 minutes to cleanse and charge the stones.

 Sodalite Crystal is Recommended By

This stone is recommended by many astrologers, feng shui, and Vastu Consultant experts to make your fortune good.

Sodalite Crystal Purification (Crystal Cleansing) Process:-

Keep the crystal in a bowl containing sea salt or Himalayan salt for about 4 to 12 hours before first use.

Placing crystals in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours also purifies the crystals

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Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Sodalite Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Color Blue
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

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100 Grams

200 Grams

300 Grams

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm
Grams: No selection

100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

4 reviews for Sodalite Tumbled Stone Pebbles – Reiki Healing Crystals

  1. Avatar of Rashmita Basutkar

    Rashmita Basutkar

    Good quality natural stone

  2. Avatar of vivek luthra

    vivek luthra

    excellent quality stone
    good effect

  3. Avatar of Anita


    Good Quality and Nice Tumbled.

  4. Avatar of Kashmira


    This stone is very powerful.
    Meditated for a minute and I was already feeling sensations.

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