Sunstone Bracelet for Vastu Fengshui Chakra Aura Personal Reiki Healing Crystals



Stone of ♥ Freedom ♥ Independence ♥ Luck ♥ Originality ♥ Sensuality ♥ Romance ♥ Freedom Good Fortune ♥ Vitality ♥ Self Worth ♥ Confidence

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sunstone bracelet 8mm
Sunstone Bracelet for Vastu Fengshui Chakra Aura Personal Reiki Healing Crystals 6001,100
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Sunstone Bracelet Chakra Personal Reiki Healing [ Original & Natural ]

Purpose:  This stone is used for Vastu Shastra, feng shui, reiki, crystal, chakra, and aura healing purposes.

Beads Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm With Jute Bag [ Please select a size in the dropdown above ]

Quality: Sunstone is a very high-quality stone. It also helps to build up our future and personality, maintain body fitness and stable our mind, however, it is a good thing to use.

Fact: Sunstone helps people to feel fresh, alive, and enthusiastic. It helps people to live more lively and lucrative starting and sustaining their fitness or continuing to preserve and maintain working energy for the whole day.

Color: Sunstone is mainly included in the feldspar family and is named for its strong shades of orange-red and gold which spark like the sun and its rays. At every angle, it gives us different crystal-clear layers and effects. It has a clear transparent quality. Red stone is very rare and the other specimen is available in markets.

With the help of solar energy and solar radiance, sunstone conveyance the solar rays and the sun’s energy. Sun, a life maker who created the earth and living brings also non-living beings. It is a stone that brings leadership qualities to a person. It helps to contain personality and freedom and consume consciousness. Sunstone can reflect all of the energies, rays, and quality of light in our body to gather body strength and mental lucidity.

Sunstone is also known as a colorful and pleasant stone. It brings up the self to help others. It helps a person to bring good nature and provide a good sense of life and contain a joyful life. Sunstone is mainly linked to good fortune and good luck. It energizes and cleans all the chakras. especially it helps those who are full of negative issues in their life. it also helps to create a good nature in humans bring.

Why should you buy this product:

  • Sunstone helps to refill healing energy: It helps to bring positive energy, independence, encourage self-empowerment and remove negative vibes, co-dependency, and overcome all negative issues. It is highly effective in chakras and cleansing the aura.
  • Sunstone helps in meditation: Meditation with a sunstone attached to your body can help you to fit your body’s mind and be unable to see the correct path of action in any difficult situation.
  • Sunstone is an excellent stone of abundance, prosperity, and good luck.
  • Sunstone is known to attract the power of the sun.
  • Sunstone helps to make you of liberal behavior & opinions.
  • Sunstone gives you the power to fight challenges, emotional traumas & miseries.
  • Sunstone stone helps to improve your original ideas & opinions.
  • Sunstone crystal helps to make your image as a leader wherever you go.
  • Sunstone Crystal gives you success in business, politics, and every affair of life.
  • Sunstone stone makes you more able to enter into a new beginning or new chapter of your life.
  • Sunstone helps to make you appreciate the fact that you can make decisions about your life, that you are free to do whatever you want, and that you can love whoever you want to love.
  • Sunstone will encourage you to keep working hard to achieve your dreams.
  • Sunstone helps to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Sunstone gives you an extra boost of energy when you’re feeling stressed.

Color energy of sunstone

  • Every color of sunstone has separated advantages, gold color is traditionally the color of royalty. It can bring success to a person, and happiness in their life.
  • Orange Sunstone brings togetherness joyful life and friendship.
  • Red stones n bring self-confidence to bring or buildup a carrier and motivate them to go on the right path in life. ed color is normally very high and also strong stone.

Feng Shui of Sunstone

Sunstone is young. It utilizes free natural energy. These are brightness heat action warmth emotions of a person. For a long time,  it should associate with the south path of the home or room and the area of your dwelling. In a home where high energy is needed, the orange specimen is highly effective for there.

How to clean a sunstone crystal bracelet

  •  Normally use a cotton cloth to wash your sunstone with soap or a washer. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners.
  •  Always remove your sunstone before playing, exercising, and any soapy residue, and do household chores such as cleaning cloth and dishwashing.

Believed to be a piece of the sun, sunstone was prized by ancient magicians, who used it to attract the strength of the sun and its associated power and wealth. It is commonly associated with the Phoenix that appeared at the first sunrise.

Mystical Properties & Benefits of Sunstone Crystal Bracelet: –

  • Sunstone is a joyful and inspiring stone. Sunstone has a very positive effect on one’s psyche, it promotes good humor, cheerfulness, and an even temper.
  • It is a stone for good luck and fortune. Keeping near your working desk brings the desired result.
  • It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.
  • It offers self-confidence and helps its wearer to discover her own nature and live accordingly.
  • It assists a person in maintaining a positive attitude towards his/her own life and using inherent strengths while still allowing the sunny side of the personality to rise to the forefront.
  • Keep Sunstone with you at all times if you have difficulty saying “no” to people, and you continually make sacrifices for others.
  • Sunstone will detach your feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged, or abandoned; it will remove inhibitions and hang up, reversing feelings of failure.
  • It will increase feelings of self-worth, and confidence encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. It will switch all feelings to a positive take on any event.

Order now your own original & natural sunstone bracelets and feel the changes in your life.

Highly recommended by reiki and crystal healers, Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

Buy Sunstone Bracelet for Men & Women Online in India

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Product Specification

Stone Type Natural
Material Sunstone Crystal
Brand Plus Value
Color Orange & Shiny Red
Beads 30-31, 22-23, 17-18, 15-16 Beads
Beads Size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Weight 11gm, 18gm, 28gm, 39gm Approx
Diameter 2.5, 2.5, 3, 3 Inch/6.5, 6.5, 7.5, 7.5 cm
Style Crystal Healing Bracelet
Country of Origin India

About Crystals:- Crystals are precious stones & uplift energy. Each crystal has a sacred meaning. Many crystals have an extremely high vibration & become communicate with the higher channel. Crystals give protection from any negative energies existing there. Crystal helps you to resolve your current unhappiness.  Crystal also generates a strong energetic field that helps in releasing emotional fears.

Disclaimer:-Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Beads Size: No selection

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

10 reviews for Sunstone Bracelet for Vastu Fengshui Chakra Aura Personal Reiki Healing Crystals

  1. Avatar of DHARMIN


    effective bracelet

  2. Avatar of Sadhna


    It looks very pretty bracelet, I love it very much.
    Effective bracelet, it works very well.

  3. Avatar of Angad Singh

    Angad Singh

    It gives me confidence, good looking, bright future, and independent life. thank you so much for making this bracelet.

  4. Avatar of Vasu


    As soon as I placed the bracelet on my wrist, I felt an energy that I have not felt with other gemstone bracelets. This is an amazing bracelet.

  5. Avatar of Sehnaaz Mehta

    Sehnaaz Mehta

    Sunstone has the most beautiful stones of all the bracelets I’ve seen, It is a very good bracelet. ♥

  6. Avatar of Aahana


    I purchased the sunstone bracelet and I’m super happy with the quality of this bracelet. The beads color is very good which is I like it very much.

  7. Avatar of Raghini sharma

    Raghini sharma

    It gives me a good personality. success, wisdom, and the most important good for my luck. I love it very much.

  8. Avatar of Kaushalya


    It gives me a full of positive day, I really like it because of positive I feel very happy and my day goes with happiness. ♥

  9. Avatar of Himanshi Khurana

    Himanshi Khurana

    I ordered two bracelets from this company. They are both exactly as shows & what I was looking for. Those are perfect in my wrist. I am very happy.

  10. Avatar of Devraj


    The colors of the stones are beautiful. I have attracted love yet, bracelet looks good my wrists. effective bracelet.

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