Plus Value Vastu Element Career Pyramid- Improve Career and Rectify Home Vastu


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Plus Value Vastu Element Career Pyramid- Improve Career and Rectify Home Vastu 750
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Vastu Element Pyramid for Career Growth

Size – 4 Inches with a mirror inside

Material – Wooden With Inside Mirror

Weight – 180gm approx

( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 10cm appro

Use as a Career Pyramid

Useful to attract good job opportunities

Keep your CV/Biodata under the career pyramid

Useful in attracting good energy for promotion in the current job

Place a pyramid in the north zone of your home or bedroom to enhance your career zone

You can enhance the effect of the pyramid by putting your wish related to your career

Vastu uses of Vastu Element Career Pyramid

Place an element pyramid in the north-east corner of your house to bring positivity to Vastu elements in the house

Bury this pyramid with a small copper pot inside in the north-east corner of the house to improve the energy of the corner. It can also

helps in rectifying the Vastu dosha of north-east corner

Place element pyramid in with citrine crystal for Vastu defect related to southwest

Place Fire crystal inside the pyramid for a Vastu dosha related to south-east corner.

Place water crystal with a pyramid for the Vastu defect related to the North corner.

Use as a Wish Pyramid

Your important wishes can be manifested very fast if we write them on a piece of paper and place them in pyramids. It follows a simple law of attraction.

(The law of attraction is the process of creating the life that you desire by focusing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on those things that you would like to have in your life)

Use as a wish Box. Place your wish inside the box and place it in your prayer area or northeast corner of the room. (North East is a cosmic corner). This wish can be before the new job, life partner, good energy, harmony, education, business goal, etc.

Other Uses of:- 

Place herbs or medicines to enhance their effects

Place gem or your lucky pendant or personal rudraksha inside to add more power 

Keep Shree yantra or your personal lucky charm inside to work it more effectively

It can also be used for keeping your personal cash

You can place your reiki personal healing crystals for charging with pyramid energy

Excellent gift for auspicious occasions like new shop, housewarming, Birthday, etc.

Additional information

Weight 172.00000000 g
Dimensions 10.00000000 × 10.00000000 × 10.00000000 cm

6 reviews for Plus Value Vastu Element Career Pyramid- Improve Career and Rectify Home Vastu

  1. Avatar of Leena Saha

    Leena Saha

    this Vastu Element Pyramid Buy online from Plus Value Globe Shop. the seller sends a genius and good quality product. received this in good condition and pyramid pack safely in bubble wrap.

  2. Avatar of Saniya Saha

    Saniya Saha

    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Vastu Wooden Pyramid Reiki Box. Must-Try This Box. Gives Positive Response. I can Place My Reiki Crystal Inside the Box to Energize My Crystal. Happy with Purchase this Vastu Element Pyramid

  3. Avatar of Janvi Gupta

    Janvi Gupta

    The product is a really good… helpful pyramid. works very well. after use this pyramid I can feel the change in my house. feel positive results. amazing Vastu remedy. I am happy with this Vastu Element Pyramid

  4. Avatar of Ankita Trivedi

    Ankita Trivedi

    I place this Vastu Element Pyramid northeast corner in my house to increase positive energy flow. this pyramid works perfectly for my house. amazing Vastu product.

  5. Avatar of plusvalueindia


    My Friend Gifted his Vastu Pyramid. I Use this Pyramid as a Wish Pyramid. I Right My Wish in Papar and Place Inside the Box. I Show Positive Result. Very Useful and Effective Pyramid. Must-Try. Thank You

  6. Avatar of Gudiya Singh

    Gudiya Singh

    Bought this Vastu Element Pyramid Online from Plus Value Stone for My Good Luck and Increases Positive Energy in My House. It’s Really Works for Me. Amazing Vastu Remedy. Happy with Purchase this Pyramid.

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