Vastu Lakshami Charan -Two Pairs

Vastu Lakshami Charan -Two Pairs

Auspicious Laxmi Charan Steps(Laxmi Paduka)-Two Pair-

Welcome the goddess of wealth to your house Lakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth. 

While Laxmi is generally worshiped to achieve success. Laxmi (Lakshmi), or Sri, is the goddess of abundance and good fortune. With her auspicious nature and reputation for granting fertility, luck, wealth, and well being, it is not surprising that in India she is regularly worshipped in every shop and home. LAXMI PADUKA There is a belief that Lord Vishnu advised Devaas and Asuraas to perform Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean) with the help of a mountain so as to extract rare gifts (Ratnas). Goddess Laxmi emerged as fifteenth Ranta in the bridal attire with lotus Mala in her hand for Lord Vishnu or Narayana. Everyone hailed the Laxmi Narayana and Goddess Laxmi set her foot on heaven. Her feet had in all 15 symbols, which brought prosperity to heaven. All gods took impressions of Laxmi’s feet, called Laxmi Paduka and installed at their places and celebrated by lighting lamps. 

The symbols and the importance of each one of them are given below: Chakra Rekha – Symbolizes Saubhagya and Swasthya. Trikonakar mangal Bindu (Triangle) – Good for Achieving the aimed Objective. Tilak – Symbolizes victory, bhagya (Luck) and sanman (Respect). Chandra (Moon) – Brings light & purity in your lives. Kumbha (Pot) – Symbolizes good health and fulfillment of desires. Matsya(Fish) – Symbolizes prosperity & health. Teer Kaman (Bow & Arrow) – It is the weapon of gods and good to achieve one’s Lakshya or objective. Trishal – Symbolizes Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. It gives you strength and religious purity. Kamalpushpa (Lotus) – Health, Prosperity, and blessings. Vajra- Its Lord Indra’s weapon. It does not allow you to lose focus. Dhawaja(Flag) – Gives right direction. Present on all temples. Surya – Brings success and prosperity. Shankh- Brings energy and purity in life. Chakra- Saves from Devils forces. Swastika – Symbolizes prosperity & protection from all four directions 

How to install:- 1. Fix each pair of steps with an adhesive on both sides of the strip (dahalij) fixed on the floor at the door frame. The steps should be facing inside the house. It should be fixed on the corner at both the side. 2. You can also place it in the prayer room" 

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Vastu Lakshami Charan -Two Pairs

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