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Vastu Mangal Frame

Wooden Laminated Frame

Vastu mangal -Asthamangal for your Home or office

Vastu Mangal- asthamangal

The asthamangal symbols are deeply rooted in the spiritual beliefs of many cultures. They are believed to promote good luck, peace, and harmony. Many people use these symbols as part of their personal spiritual practice for protection, guidance, and good fortune. Displaying asthamangal symbols in a home or office is thought to bring positive energy and ward off any bad vibes.

The following are the Eight Symbols of Good Fortune:

1) The Parasol
2) Two Fishes
3) The Treasure Vase
4) The Lotus
5)  Conch Shell
6)  Endless Knot
7) The Victory Sign
8) Fly whisks

Where to place Vastu Mangal?

  • According to Vastu experts, Vastu mangal should be kept above the door to act as a protective barrier and guard against any negative energies that may enter the house. It is believed that when Vastu mangal is kept above the door, it not only protects the house but also attracts positive energies. This age-old practice ensures that the occupants of the house have their share of happiness and prosperity.
  • To protect your business from jealousy and undue competition, place Vastu Mangal above the front entrance, on the desk of owners and key executives.
  • If you are in a job, put it on your workstation to achieve outstanding results in the job.
  • As a student, it is important to improve your space in order to maximize your focus and productivity while studying. Vastu Mangal is the perfect solution for this, as it has been proven to be effective in protecting one’s study environment. Place Vastu Mangal on your study desk to ensure that you can focus and achieve your educational goals with ease.

Significance of eight symbols in Vastu Mangal


The Shankha, which is a white conch shell, stands for the prosperity that results from taking the right path. Additionally, its humming noise is used to venerate the holiness of the holy people.

The conch shell is a symbol of spiritual benefit and power. It is believed to represent purity and can be used as a tool for meditation. By holding a conch shell in meditation, one can focus on the energy of the ocean, which brings a sense of peace, balance, and clarity. Additionally, the conch shell is associated with prosperity and abundance as it takes on the shape of an unending spiral.

By using the conch shell in asthamangal, you can tap into its spiritual energy and gain access to its many spiritual benefits.

Endless knot

The endless knot is a powerful symbol of spiritual interconnectedness. It is believed to bring longevity, protection, wisdom, and good luck to its owners. Not only does it represent a timeless perspective and a complex infinity, but also provides an element of uniqueness to any space. The endless knot has been used as a reminder that all things are connected and can lead to harmony and balance in one’s life.

Pair of Golden Fish

A goldfish pair is often seen as a symbol of harmony, peace, and wealth. It is also thought to bring luck and abundance. In many cultures, a goldfish pair is believed to represent a strong bond between two people and a sign that the relationship will last forever. They are considered to be a great symbol of good fortune, and also good for those celebrating special occasions.

The two fishes also symbolically represent the two most important spiritual rivers in India – the Ganges and the Yamuna. These waterways are connected to the solar and lunar pathways, which start in the nostrils and flow through the cyclical patterns of breath, known as prana.


The lotus is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and divinity, as it is believed to represent purity and knowledge.

The symbolism of the lotus flower differs between cultures. In general, the lotus is seen as a representation of purity, rebirth, and strength. Due to its ability to grow out of the mud without acquiring any blemishes, it has become representative of cleanliness. Moreover, the fact that lotuses close again in the evening and reopen in the morning has made them a symbol of power, persistence, and regeneration.


It is not surprising that the parasol has been seen as a symbol of protection, since shielding oneself from harsh weather has always been a priority in many societies, and has even taken on an aura of spiritual victory. It also represents the protection of beings from harmful forces and illness.


The particular shape of the treasure vase that is included in the Ashtamangala is a symbol of the realization of both spiritual and worldly desires. It is also related to many gods of prosperity, such as Kubera and Kangwa Sangpo, who is one of Vaishravana’s attendants.

Fly whisk

Pictures of Buddhist monks often include a Fly-Whisk, also known as a Chauri or Chowrie, which is used to sweep away mental distress and other deceptive ideas.

In  Japan, Fly-whisks, or Hossu as they are commonly referred to, are commonly used by Buddhist monks to signify the eradication of ignorance and other mental obstacles.

Victory Banner

The Victory banner signifies triumph over the lack of knowledge and any other impediments; in a more straightforward term, the achievement of joy. It conveys the hope of achieving both temporal, worldly joy and long-lasting, ultimate joy – that of Tendrel, which is the mutually dependent origination of reality.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Multicolor
Material Wooden
Size 5  x 5 Inches
Weight 100 Grams Approx
Uses in Vastu Product for Home
Country of Origin India

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm


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