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Jiten Pyramids

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Education Pyramid- for Academic success

  Education Pyramid(power of pyramid for students success) Education Pyramid is useful for Education of children for enhancing knowledge ..

1,215 Rs

Jiten Peace and Meditation Seat Unique Pyramid Seat for Meditation and Pooja

Jiten Peace and Meditation Seat Unique Pyramid Seat for Meditation and PoojaThis Pyramid Yantra is one of his latest breakthroughs, do not wait, start..

5,100 Rs

Jiten Study Disc

Jiten Study  DiscHelps to increase mental concentration and memory. Improve the efficiency of learning and understanding. Optimize mind &..

2,100 Rs

Jiten Swastik 700-Gold Pyramid - Pyra Vastu Remedies

Jiten Swastik 700-Gold Pyramid SIZE  -  Height - 27 cm (10.5"), Length - 27 cm (10.5"),..

5,600 Rs

Medicine 9x 9 (Medicine charging)

Medicine 9x 9 Simply place your daily medicines inside for  spiritual help Very effective  ..

360 Rs

Protect Car Pyramid - Energy Tool for Car Safety

Car Pyramid- Protection Tool It is essential to make the vehicle in harmony with you by fixing 'Protect 9x9 Car' on your car or scooter for protecti..

810 Rs

Fortune Pyramid Chip- 2 pcs

To attract luck, fix important files, books, lockers, computers etc.  ..

360 Rs

Harmony Pyramid

Harmony Pyramid(for inter-personal and environmental harmony) Harmony 9x9 is a unique device, which helps to initiate harmony and to improve or deve..

1,000 Rs

Marraige Pyramid(attract you soul mate)

A person who wants to marry always wishes for the best life partner. So Marriage Pyramid is your solution as it also helps to make favorable pairs. Ma..

1,080 Rs

PyraVastu Swastik - GOLD

  PyraVastu Swastik - GOLD This unique swastika is an auspicious symbol of fortune & wellness. The multipurpose Pyra Vastu Swastik Gold c..

1,020 Rs

Reiki Pyramid- Reiki Energy

Prof. Dr Jiten Bhatt has designed this new revolutionary Reiki pyramid to overcome such difficulties we face. This unique Reiki pyramid once programme..

960 Rs

Wish Pyramid-Advance

  Wish Pyramid - Advance(your personal wish machine) A hugely successful Wish 9x9 machine is a new way to make your dream and wishes come tru..

960 Rs

Jiten Airon Agarbatti stand with Pyramid Power

Jiten Airon Agarbatti stand with Pyramid PowerHeight - 2 cm (1"), Length - 25 cm (10"), Width - 5 cm (2") ApproxA space-age pyramid yantra, AirOn Agar..

450 Rs

Jiten Ashta Ganesh Disc Yantra

Jiten Ashta Ganesh Disc YantraSIZE - Height - 27 cm (10.5"), Length - 27 cm (10.5"), Width - 3 cm (1") ApproxAshta Ganesh Disc(Jiten Pyramid).Pre-prog..

2,100 Rs

Jiten Astha Ganesh Plate Pyramid

Jiten Astha Ganesh Plate PyramidHeight - 5 cm (2"), Length - 22 cm (9"), Width - 3 cm (1") ApproxFortune PlateThis plate comes with an additional stri..

350 Rs

Jiten Aum 9x9 Pyramid

Jiten Aum 9x9 PyramidSIZE - Height - 28 cm (11"), Length - 28 cm (11"), Width - 4 cm (1.5") ApproxDivine Aum 9x9 Pyramid is for all-around success and..

2,100 Rs