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Jiten Cleanzon - Vastu products

Jiten Cleanzon - Vastu products

Jiten Cleanzon

SIZE - Height - 4 cm (1.5"), Length - 12 cm (5"), Width - 12 cm (5") Approx

Cleanzon has been known as an influential Pyra product. Salt has always been considered as a universal purifier, we have joined the wonderful effects of the Pyramid and the power of salt. Using of Cleanzon with salt gives you a quiet environment at the office. The Egyptians observed the Pyra products as a mystical symbolthat is connected to directly form electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth.

Benefits of Cleanzon:

  • Removes negativity from rooms, negative area and offices
  • Putting this Pyramid Yantra in the house or office cleanses negativity very effectively.
  • Specially used for reviving favourable energy
  • Placing some rock salt in the black circular cup of Cleanzon centralizes the power of eight directions that cleanses the particular zone.
  • 81 pyramids in base- the power of 81 pyramids increased by unique 9 grids pushes positivity in the house or office.
  • Top of the Cleanzon has 8 Copper arrows which concentrate and centralize the power of 8 directions into the box that contains the salt.

You have to put some rock salt in the black cup and place it lid.After that,place the Cleanzon in a corner where there is negativity. Remove the salt and place salt again, repeat this for 21 days for best results.

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Jiten Cleanzon - Vastu products

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