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Personal Pyramids

Personal Pyramids

Personal Pyramids

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Parad (Mercury) Pyramid

Parad (Mercury) Pyramid  Parad pyramid balances & harmonize the aura around us and remove the negative energy, therefore when we place t..

1,250 Rs

Wooden Pyramid with Symbol 2" (set of 3 )

Wooden Pyramid with Symbol- 2" ( set of 3 pyramids)  Material - WoodenWeight - 28gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 5cm X 5cm X 3.5cm apxm The shape..

200 Rs

Vastu Car Pyramid with Yantra for Protection from Car Accident & Mishaps

Car Pyramid with Yantra It is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing a pyramid with yantra on your vehicle  for protection, ..

450 Rs

Lead Pyramid 2.5" for South-west Vastu defect

Lead Pyramid for South west Vastu defect Size-2.5 InchesMaterial - Lead Weight - 434gm apxmTop( L X W X H ) - 8cm X 8cm X 7cm apxmPla..

900 Rs

Ishanya Zinc Pyramid (North East Vastu Correction) set of 3 Zinc vastu Pyramids

Zinc Pyramid-set of 3-North East vastu correction- Exclusive remedy of North east cornerfor 3 Pyramids Material - ZincWeight - 95gm apx..

1,450 Rs
Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven ) Shri yantra-Blessed  4" Out Of Stock

Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven ) Shri yantra-Blessed 4"

Meru Sriparni Shri yantra-Blessed (also known as sevan or savan)  Size- 4 Inches Want to be a financially stable in life?  Wan..

1,950 Rs

Shriparni -Sriparni wooden pyramid- 3"

Shriparni -Sriparni wooden pyramid  Size- 3 InchesMaterial - Sriparni woodWeight - 28gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 8cm X 8cm X 5.5cm Shr..

400 Rs

Shriparni Sriparni wooden pyramid 3" with base pyramid plate

Material - Shriparni WoodWeight - 66gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 7.7cm X 7.7cm X 6.5cmShriparni or sriparni (or savan) is believed to be most auspiciou..

600 Rs

Sriparni / Shreeparni Shri yantra - Made from Wooden Material which Godess Lakshmiji Likes

Sriparni Shri yantra- (also known as sevan or savan)  Size- 5 InchesMaterial - Sriparni WoodWeight - 0.110gm( L X W X H ) - 13cm X 13cm ..

950 Rs