Out Of Stock Blessed & Energized -Brihspati Yantra (Jupiter yantra)

Blessed & Energized -Brihspati Yantra (Jupiter yantra)

Blessed & Energized- Brihspati Yantra (Jupiter yantra)

Multi colour- Size- 3 x 3 

Brihaspati  yantra ( Jupiter yantra) which holds the divine essence of deity Vishnu and Brahma.

It bestows all the knowledge, prosperity and peace to the devotee. It makes the person stand with power and authority with a wiser appearance upon land This is really good to worship for those having problems with studies and are of weak composure of mind & intellect In the end, it provides the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Brahma to adorn one’s life.

According to the Hindu mythology the Jupiter is the planet of bravery, audacity, power, hard work, liveliness, knowledge and speech. Jupiter signifies good luck and good fortune.

Jupiter rules number 3 in Vedic numerology & hence useful yantra for person having birthdate of 3, 12th, 21st and 30th.

Person having weak jupiter can place brihaspati yantra in north section of house

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Blessed & Energized -Brihspati Yantra (Jupiter yantra)

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