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Vastu Strip Copper Pyramid Divider 6.5 Inch Vastu Partition

Vastu Strip Copper Pyramid Divider 6.5 Inch Vastu Partition

stu Strip-Copper Pyramid Divider Vastu Partition 

​Size- 6. 5 Inch 

Material - Copper

Weight - 100gm apxm

( L X W X H ) - 2.5cm X 16.5cm X 1cm apxm

Pyramid divider is used for correcing vastu or feng shui defects.

  • If you have kitchen and toilet facing each other , pyramid divider can be placed at each entrance of both location. It will work as partition. Fix 3 strips on kitchen as well as toilet door frame. 


  • Any extended corner can be rectified by cutting of with copper pyramid divider. Use 3 or 9 incase of small house. Use 9 or multiple based on size of the premises or plot.

  • It can be used to cut off any negative objects facing your door. e.g. electric pole, big tree or drainage water cannel.
  • Energy of the Toilet at wrong side can be cut off with the pyramid divider (to cut off negative energy). Place three pyramid partition divider on the toilet door frame.

Easy Vastu remedy without breaking 

You can install 3 or in multiple of 3 for better result.

For larger area , you can joined the strip with copper wire and connect with each other


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Vastu Strip Copper Pyramid Divider 6.5 Inch Vastu Partition

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