Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird for Name, Fame, Reputation & Recognition on South Wall of Home or Office


  • Many Celebrities & Business Person Prefer this Product at their home or office on the south wall
  • Countless people have benefited from this product.
  • Trusted By Many Feng Shui, Vastu Consultants & Astrologers
  • It’s good for Actors, Business People, & Consultants who need fame.
  • Get this Feng Shui Luck Charm Today & Transform Your Career Now
(109 customer reviews)
wooden red phoenix bird feng shui product remedy
Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird for Name, Fame, Reputation & Recognition on South Wall of Home or Office 450850
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Shop Online Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird – For Name, Fame, Reputation, Recognition, & Good Luck

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Know All about Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix

Turnaround your life quickly with all the Name, Fame, Fortune, & Good Reputation with Plus Value Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird

Red Phoenix Bird is the ancient firebird and is usually paired with the dragon. It can also be used without a dragon for fame, luck, and reputation. The Phoenix is a fascinating bird that is said to have been reborn from ashes. It symbolizes rebirth, love, luck, fame, and recognition. If you are going through a phase of bad luck and losses, the Phoenix Feng Shui cure can turn around your luck for the better. Always place it in the southern corner of your living room.

  • This is a magical bird that symbolizes longevity, feminine energy, renewal, and fame. You can use it in the bedroom on the south wall if your love life is lacking vigor.
  • When you place it on the south wall of your office, you will find more opportunities coming on building better relations. The Phoenix bird represents the fire element.
  • When you place this energized symbol in the southeast corner of your home or office you will experience good luck, transformation, good changes in life, and harmony.
  • It also brings love luck when placed in the southwest corner. This is a celestial animal that can also be placed on the front door or entrance of the home or office. For success, prosperity, recognition of work, and overall harmony and progress bring this celestial bird into your homes.

What does Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird symbolize?

This is the legendary bird found in most of the ancient Chinese paintings from various dynasties.

It symbolizes a couple of things such as marital bliss, fame, reputation, recognition, re-birth, and eternal love. You can place it in the relationship area to rekindle relations. The head of the bird symbolizes virtues, the wings symbolize duty, stomach reliability, and back morality.

You can place for a healthy relationship to rekindle relations

Folklore of the Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird Statue

It is said that this magical bird appeared during the Tang Dynasty in the southern part of the mountains. It is said that the bird sets itself to fire with the wood from the Parasol tree in China and rises from the ashes. It represents passion, inner strength, fertility, and nirvana.

Rules for placement of Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird Wall Hanging:

  • This celestial bird brings kindness into your life, soothing all the hurt and pain and ushering in good luck, wealth, love, and fortune. You can fulfill your wishes by getting this magical bird into your home and office environment.
  • Red Phoenix Bird represents opportunities and the power of hope, one of the greatest driving forces of humanity. It brings good names and opportunities into your life.
  • However, when depicted alone, this heavenly bird takes on a strong Yang energy, promoting courage and power whilst harvesting opportunity luck, success, and prosperity.
  • Turning bad luck into good luck would mysteriously carve out the path of opportunities for your business, work, career, or all other pursuits of your life.
  • The Phoenix, the queen of all the winged creatures and the ultimate symbol of feminine power which has risen out of the ash symbolizes resurrection, infinity, and rebirth.

Benefits of Red Phoenix Bird: 

Place it on the south wall of your home or office to energize the luck of fame and reputation for Yourself & Your Business

The red phoenix represents the direction of the south in feng shui. The red phoenix is one of the four celestial creatures of feng shui. It is a symbol of fame & reputation.

The Phoenix is also believed to bring incredible turnaround good fortune to those who have previously suffered from bad luck.

Plus value Red Phoenix Bird is a Highly Popular Feng Shui Product for the Home & Office Recommended by Astrologer, Feng Shui & Vastu Consultants

Choose Red Phoenix Bird Today at Plus Value

In conclusion, choosing the Red Phoenix Bird from Plus Value guarantees genuine quality and offers excellent value for your money.  Our commitment to delivering authentic products ensures that customers receive reliable and long-lasting items. By choosing to shop at Plus Value, you can trust that you are getting the best quality products with added value.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Plus value Red Phoenix Bird is a Highly Popular Feng Shui Product for the Home & Office Recommended by Astrologer, Feng Shui & Vastu Consultants

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Red
Material Wooden
Size 4 Inches / 6 Inches / 9 Inches
Dimensions (W x H ) 11.5cms x 9.5cms / 15.5 cms x 12.5 cms / 22 cms x 17.5 cms
Weight 28gm / 54gm / 110gm Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 28.00000000 g
Dimensions 11.50000000 × 9.50000000 × 0.70000000 cm
Size: No selection

4 Inches, 6 Inches, 9 Inches

109 reviews for Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird for Name, Fame, Reputation & Recognition on South Wall of Home or Office

  1. Avatar of Kenneth Mok

    Kenneth Mok

    Thumbs up to the products. Magic is what it brings to your life.

  2. Avatar of girish kapoor

    girish kapoor

    feng shui red phoenix improved fame and reputation. very effective.

  3. Avatar of Khushi


    I love this feng shui red phoenix! It has incredible energy & I am so pleased with my purchase.

  4. Avatar of Anuvarshini


    Vastu fengshui. Nice and easy to fix.

  5. Avatar of Gurung Ella

    Gurung Ella

    I bought the product for my Chinese aunt as a wedding anniversary as she is a huge believer in Feng Shui. Not only was she extremely happy on receiving the feng shui red phoenix bird object but also praised the benefits of having the product at home. She described the benefits in such a manner that turned me in her favor and I too bought it for my home. Happy with the purchase.

  6. Avatar of shail chopra

    shail chopra

    Very useful and effective feng shui wooden red phoenix.

  7. Avatar of Yo


    It’s almost the same as it looks in the pic. Good quality. Nicely made.


  8. Avatar of kamalika kapadia

    kamalika kapadia

    very happy with the finishing. Thanks! totally impressed with this feng shui red phoenix.

  9. Avatar of Ayesmita Maskara

    Ayesmita Maskara

    Great product. Do buy Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird for financial upliftment. Worked wonders for me. Happy with the buy.

  10. Avatar of Dalton Newbold

    Dalton Newbold

    Excellent product that can get one recognition, fame, marital bliss, great opportunities, and various other blessings crucial for the sustenance of a human in life. I used wooden feng shui red phoenix, and I am thoroughly happy with the results.

  11. Avatar of Dipti Singhania

    Dipti Singhania

    As an ardent believer of Feng Shui and user of their products, I recommend this to all. The Red Phoenix Bird is a must-buy for financial good.

  12. Avatar of kartik hegde

    kartik hegde

    it works great for me. Very affordable too! I highly recommend it.

  13. Avatar of Bhawna Agarwal

    Bhawna Agarwal

    Excellent buy for those in search of good fortune, name, and respect for their hard work. This product is sure to uplift your hard work in the form of recognition and a good name. A must buy. My parents have been using the wooden feng shui red phoenix bird frame for ages and it has made things turn in their favor. Even I bought 1 for my room to witness the same good fortune and respect.

  14. Avatar of pavithra sachdeva

    pavithra sachdeva

    The color is very pretty and the size is perfect. works perfectly. really impressed

  15. Avatar of Alpho Fernando

    Alpho Fernando

    Owing to marital differences, which we thought would resolve in a matter of days, turned out to be never-ending. It made us turn towards the wooden feng shui red phoenix bird. Bought the object from plus value India online. I was not just amazed at the packaging but also with the delivery of the product – it was delivered exactly on the said day and at the promised time. On receiving, I placed the product on the southwest corner of our home, and in just a few days, we were able to derive marital bliss. Happy with the results.

  16. Avatar of leah roy

    leah roy

    absolutely love this feng shui wooden red phoenix. it really works. satisfied with the product

  17. Avatar of Anushka Ojha

    Anushka Ojha

    Great product. Do buy it from Plus Value India.

  18. Avatar of nikhil jhaveri

    nikhil jhaveri

    feng shui red phoenix can turn out your bad luck into good luck. I realized after used.

  19. Avatar of khushi singh

    khushi singh

    I just liked it! It works for me. Superb feng shui product. recommend!

  20. Avatar of abhinav shetty

    abhinav shetty

    I really like it. totally impressed with this feng shui red phoenix. 👍👍👍

  21. Avatar of dilmini


    feng shui red phoenix improved opportunities in your career, nice product it really works

  22. Avatar of kumar rana

    kumar rana

    This wooden red phoenix will be of great use to me. very effective and helpful product.

  23. Avatar of dawn


    feng shui red phoenix brings peace and harmony. Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  24. Avatar of naveen jhaveri

    naveen jhaveri

    feng shui red phoenix increases luck and reputation. very useful product.

  25. Avatar of Suhani


    A very powerful product. gives quick response
    love this product👍👌

  26. Avatar of suhani rastogi

    suhani rastogi

    very happy with my purchase, great quality. work very well. very effective for my career. amazing feng shui product.

  27. Avatar of neha gada

    neha gada

    happy with my purchase feels amazing after using this feng shui product

  28. Avatar of shaan


    really effective feng shui red phoenix. awesome feng shui remedy.

  29. Avatar of girish khattar

    girish khattar

    Really it’s very affecting my works. work perfectly. recommended

  30. Avatar of paras


    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. it really works

  31. Avatar of aswini rajan

    aswini rajan

    very nice, beautiful piece. Looks like the photo. I really like it. awesome feng shui product.

  32. Avatar of Rohit Wadhwa

    Rohit Wadhwa

    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.👍
    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Feng Shui Red Phoenix

  33. Avatar of Ankit Roy

    Ankit Roy

    highly recommend it! It is a really good deal.
    this seller gives genuine products and very good quality

  34. Avatar of Sangam Chaturvedi

    Sangam Chaturvedi

    The Red Phoenix Bird from Plus Value website is a great product. We have been witnessing good names and opportunities since its use.

  35. Avatar of vivek


    increases the career and money luck. brings a positive environment. it can turn out your bad luck into good luck.

  36. Avatar of natasha gala

    natasha gala

    love with feng shui red phoenix. quality also very good. Will be ordering again from this seller

  37. Avatar of Siddharth Shrivastava

    Siddharth Shrivastava

    red phoenix gives success and prosperity. very effective. It is so beautiful

  38. Avatar of mitali


    Really it’s very affecting my works. Very beautiful product. very useful

  39. Avatar of arti solanki

    arti solanki

    feng shui red phoenix increases the flow of money to the house. it really works.

  40. Avatar of neeraj pandya

    neeraj pandya

    feng shui red phoenix brings good name and fame into your life. it really works. amazing

  41. Avatar of vani walia

    vani walia

    feng shui phoenix increases courage and gives power. Really good product. it works

  42. Avatar of sam ganguly

    sam ganguly

    beautiful piece. Looks like the photo. quality of product good. amazing product. recommended by feng shui expert

  43. Avatar of chandralekha


    I am so happy with purchase feng shui red phoenix and the whole room feels amazing. good quality product

  44. Avatar of Achint Agarwala

    Achint Agarwala

    Brings in great results. The Red Phoenix Bird statue is a good buy.

  45. Avatar of Anisha


    feng shui red phoenix increasing positivity. useful product

  46. Avatar of yash sharma

    yash sharma

    feng shui red phoenix brings good name and opportunities into your life. it really works.

  47. Avatar of kamalika shah

    kamalika shah

    I really liked the product…it works for me. very effective feng shui wooden phoenix bird

  48. Avatar of Shreya Shetty

    Shreya Shetty

    feng shui red phoenix give you fame and reputation. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  49. Avatar of aaditya parikh

    aaditya parikh

    feng shui red phoenix increases good luck and reputation in my business. very effective and useful feng shui remedy.

  50. Avatar of akshay


    I am in love with red phoenix!! I will be ordering again from this seller!! Thank you.👍👍

  51. Avatar of rakesh garg

    rakesh garg

    Very happy with my purchase, great quality, and effective product. must try this feng shui wooden red phoenix

  52. Avatar of SUNNY


    feng shui red phoenix brings a positive environment. gives a good vibration.

  53. Avatar of kartik modi

    kartik modi

    love this wooden phoenix bird! gives a positive response. Very happy with this purchase

  54. Avatar of Kunal


    It is really cool and awesome… I am loving it…awesome product

  55. Avatar of anurag


    Lovely feng shui red phoenix. Very beautiful product, and the perfect size! effective product

  56. Avatar of Anjali Sachdeva

    Anjali Sachdeva

    feng shui red phoenix place a south wall. it’s a very effective product.

  57. Avatar of shekhar


    Very nice, beautiful piece. Looks like the photo. Highly recommended feng shui expert.

  58. Avatar of Ankita Ghosh

    Ankita Ghosh

    Great product. A must buy for those struggling to establish their business and gain profit. Place the wooden feng shui red phoenix bird structure on the south end of your wall. It would surely help in your upliftment. Been using this for 5 years, and it has worked really well for me.

  59. Avatar of karan goswami

    karan goswami

    very impressed with this product. also, the energies feel very good. awesome feng shui product

  60. Avatar of sakshi pillai

    sakshi pillai

    very effective and helpful feng shui remedy. amazing product. recommended it.

  61. Avatar of Rutuja Rao

    Rutuja Rao

    Placing it in the room brings opportunity and popularity. works very well. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  62. Avatar of krithika


    Very happy with this purchase. quality of the product is good

  63. Avatar of priyanka gada

    priyanka gada

    This feng shui red phoenix will be of great use to me…also the energies feel very good.

  64. Avatar of niharika dhingra

    niharika dhingra

    feng shui wooden red phoenix brings good name and opportunities into your life. I realized after used.👍👍

  65. Avatar of Pragya Pakhi Chaudhuri

    Pragya Pakhi Chaudhuri

    I Bought Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird object to gift my mother. 100% genuine product and looks exactly the same as shown on the online platform. A great buy indeed.

  66. Avatar of shivani rai

    shivani rai

    After placing this we found positive results. it really amazing product.

  67. Avatar of abdul shroff

    abdul shroff

    feng shui red phoenix gives opportunities in your career. Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous

  68. Avatar of sanjana dhillon

    sanjana dhillon

    Really good product. Very effective. amazing and effective product.

  69. Avatar of jay


    highly recommended by feng shui expert. excellent product

  70. Avatar of Katherine Rajan

    Katherine Rajan

    A very genuine product of good quality. highly recommend feng shui expert.

  71. Avatar of Avijeet Deb

    Avijeet Deb

    Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird statue is not just beautiful but is also known to bestow great luck, recognition, fame, and love to those using it at their home. Bought to strengthen these qualities. Happy with the product. A must buy for all.

  72. Avatar of neelam gala

    neelam gala

    Very satisfied with the product! highly recommend feng shui expert.

  73. Avatar of vivek naidu

    vivek naidu

    It’s very nice and I could see some difference after placing it in the office.

  74. Avatar of Upasana Roy

    Upasana Roy

    Excellent product. To encounter fame and recognition in work, do turn towards it. I have been using the red phoenix bird for over 3 years and it has worked like magic for me. I would work the same way for you as well. I tried and tested the product. 100% genuine. Use it and know the benefits. A must buy.

  75. Avatar of Alok Pandya

    Alok Pandya

    awesome… I am loving it…It really works for me. it’s effective👍👍👍

  76. Avatar of akash dewan

    akash dewan

    feng shui red phoenix turning bad luck into good luck. it really works. amazing product.

  77. Avatar of vaibhav


    Vastu Fengshui Red Phoenix. Nice and easy to fix. very effective product

  78. Avatar of deep


    Very good quality. excellent product. very effective and useful product. Value for money

  79. Avatar of mayank memon

    mayank memon

    Very good product. I have seen positive effects after placing this feng shui red phoenix. looks good and amazing product.

  80. Avatar of rhea parikh

    rhea parikh

    Really it’s very affecting my works. give positive response.

  81. Avatar of ankur deshpande

    ankur deshpande

    feng shui red phoenix increases fame and good luck in your career. must try this product. it’s really affected.

  82. Avatar of ananya mehta

    ananya mehta

    It’s really good I like it. very good quality. excellent value for money. always recommended.

  83. Avatar of Kriti Banerjee.

    Kriti Banerjee.

    Great product. Happy with the buy. Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird since the delivery of the product day has worked great for me and has been able to turn things in my favor. This has boosted my fame and recognition even among those for whom I was completely anonymous. Happy with the buy.

  84. Avatar of Aditi Ghosh

    Aditi Ghosh

    The red phoenix bird has brought in a lot of positivity in me. It has instilled a ray of hope as I was going through depression after my divorce.
    I feel much better these days and I am looking forward to happiness again in my life.

  85. Avatar of Clara


    Wow, beautiful red phoenix bird. I’m truly happy. This is “the Best Phoenix” From Plus Value!

  86. Avatar of Amrita Roy

    Amrita Roy

    Starting with a new business in Tangra and being a Chinese family who is strict believers of Feng Shui makes it compulsory to use their sign or symbol at the workplace for our upliftment. Thus, on the crucial analysis, I turned toward Plus Value India online to purchase Wooden Feng Shui Phoenix Bird, which is known to bring in fame, reputation, name, and recognition if placed on the south wall of the work area. Perfect for me, I bought this product. In just a few days, I was able to witness the charm and recognition it brought to my business. Pleased with the results.

  87. Avatar of George Roy

    George Roy

    The red phoenix bird is fantastic. I just love it, & I receive it today without any damage. Amazing bird.

  88. Avatar of Sonali Menon

    Sonali Menon

    Requested by my friend Angelus to purchase a wooden feng shui red phoenix bird structure on her birthday, I bought it from Plus Value India. As I purchased the product, I was extremely curious as to why did my friend demand this piece of the red structure as a birthday gift. On thorough evaluation, I realized this is a product that gets in name, fame, and recognition and helps to uplift your hard work in a better way. So, I even bought the product for myself from Plus Value India. It has been about a couple of months since I have been using this product, with each day passing by, I am able to witness all the good the product has brought to me. Things have been turning my way for the good. Extremely happy with the results.

  89. Avatar of Shreya Ghosh

    Shreya Ghosh

    Recommended by my astrologer, Rahul Sir, I bought it from Plus Value India to witness luck, fame, and reputation in life. Since the time I have purchased it, I am happy with the results. It is a must-buy product as it gets you a good outcome.

  90. Avatar of Juili


    The wooden phoenix is wonderful to feel and looks so very nice hanging on my wall. It is everything I hoped for. Very good shipping. I am a very happy buyer.

  91. Avatar of Roshni Chanda

    Roshni Chanda

    I have bought this Wooden Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird from Plus Value Site. It has proven its characteristics of bringing in marital bliss in our lives. We are happy with the impact that this object has brought into our lives.
    Try this to feel the real difference.

  92. Avatar of Amaya Mehra

    Amaya Mehra

    This piece is just lovely in my living room. I love having this phoenix art on my walls. I truly recommend this shop.

  93. Avatar of Princey Agarwal

    Princey Agarwal

    Excellent product. Worked well for me and my children. Happy with the results of Feng Shui Red Phoenix Bird.

  94. Avatar of Amayra


    Thank you very much. My daughter liked it very much. What a great gift for New Year and for life. Beautiful phoenix bird, I like it very much.

  95. Avatar of Vedansh


    Beautiful! Arrived quickly and safely. I am very happy with this lovely phoenix bird. Thank u so much.

  96. Avatar of Kritika Ray

    Kritika Ray

    Our family being an ardent believer of Feng Shui always keep in handy various symbols and figures of the same. One such figure did not have in our home was a wooden feng shui red phoenix bird structure, which I bought from Plus Value India after much research. On delivery of the product, I was not just happy with the results the product catered to but also fell in love with the design and structure of the product. Definitely, a must buy.

  97. Avatar of Kanya


    The Phoenix looks amazing. Can’t wait to hang it up on our front door. The craftsmanship is beautifully done, we are very happy with it. Thank you.

  98. Avatar of Leanne


    This red phoenix bird is amazing! I just love it so much. It’s beautiful and wonderful. It was shipped with great care and was in perfect condition. Thank you so much.

  99. Avatar of Jaiki


    The ordering process and shipping were excellent. The phoenix is so much beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase.

  100. Avatar of Ketki Sinha

    Ketki Sinha

    I just received my phoenix today and I am in love! It was well packed and arrived in excellent condition.

  101. Avatar of Kiara Ahuja

    Kiara Ahuja

    This phoenix is gorgeous and the design is amazing! Happy to buy it from Plus Value.

  102. Avatar of Usha


    Thank you a lot! The red phoenix bird is awesome and the seller was very helpful and answered all my questions!Amazing experience with Plus Value. ❤️

  103. Avatar of Faisu


    A really beautiful phoenix was bought as a birthday gift. Excellent communication from the seller at all stages. The order was sent promptly and was really well packed to keep it safe in transit. Thank you very much.

  104. Avatar of Priyanshu


    Beautiful Phoenix! So happy with my purchase. Thank you for the quick shipping, item arrived much early than expected. Amazing.

  105. Avatar of Subhi


    Very well packaged and it’s beautifully crafted. My sister loves it! I’m getting lucky! Happy to buy it.

  106. Avatar of Ananta


    I decorate my house with this red phoenix bird. It looks amazing, it’s very well made & it is the best bird for luck, fame, & reputation. We felt results. I’m so happy to buy it. Thank you Plus Value.

  107. Avatar of Naina


    Thank you so much! The work is just beautiful! It is a beautiful phoenix bird on our wall! And thank you for the detailed information about shipping! Great experience.

  108. Avatar of Fency


    Amazing! The Plus Value was good to shop and very helpful. The red phoenix bird looks beautiful. I would definitely recommend it.

  109. Avatar of Suketu


    Such a beautiful phoenix and a lovely piece. I gave this as a gift to my friend. The shipping was fast. I would absolutely recommend this.

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