Plus Value Yellow Apatite Bracelet – Reiki & Healing Crystal Products – 8mm Beads


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Yellow Apatite Bracelet
Plus Value Yellow Apatite Bracelet - Reiki & Healing Crystal Products - 8mm Beads 2,000 1,400
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Yellow Apatite Bracelet – Reiki & Healing Crystal Products

With Jute bag

Beads Size 8mm

Benefits of yellow apatite bracelet:-

  • Increasing self-esteem and self-empowerment
  • Reiki, Crystal healing stone, useful in Vastu, feng shui, space personal healing
  • Helps to Increase self Esteem and Mental Growth and Power
  • Brings Wealth & Greatly Enhances Your Ability to Manifest Wealth of all Forms into Your Life
  • Removing Mental & Emotional Blocks Holding You Back!
  • Enhances Creativity, Focus, Learning, Concentration, Mental Clarity, Motivation, Discipline & Organization!
    Activates Intuitive & Psychic Abilities.
  • Yellow Apatite activates the solar plexus chakra.
  • Remove stagnant energy.
  • It is known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals.
  • It helps to clear away confusion.
  • Yellow Apatite is a beneficial stone of learning, enlarging one’s capacity to take in and process new information.
  • Gives you the courage to take risks, and the clarity to know which risks are worth taking.
  • Helps to develop the business skills needed to make a living from one’s passions.
  • Enhance creative ideas and bring them into reality.
  • It is a stone of learning and creativity thus helping students, researchers, and writers to do well in their field.
  • Yellow Apatite stone will uplift your social status. It is the crystal of name and fame.
  • Yellow Apatite also treats depression and laziness.
  • it is a perfect stone for starting new businesses. It will open up new business avenues and opportunities.
  • Yellow Apatite stone is a strong kind of manifestation stone.
  • It brings knowledge and truth into life. It is considered to be brilliant for personal growth.
  • These bracelets are stretchable elastic, bracelets made from Natural Yellow Apatite beads.
  • You can wear this regularly and daily.
  • You will receive Natural Yellow Apatite Stone Bracelet, handmade jute bags, and Himalayan rock salt small packet.

Highly recommended by Crystal Healers, Vastu & Feng Shui Vastu Consultants, Pranic, Aura, Reiki & Space Healers

Order now your own original set of yellow apatite bracelet and feel the changes in your life.

New Arrival Check Blue Apatite Tumbled 100grams in Jute Bag

Disclaimer:-Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

11 reviews for Plus Value Yellow Apatite Bracelet – Reiki & Healing Crystal Products – 8mm Beads

  1. Avatar of Kunal Pillai

    Kunal Pillai

    Useful for increasing positivity in the surroundings. genuine beads, same as in the image.

  2. Avatar of Radhika luthra

    Radhika luthra

    yellow apatite bracelet gives a good positive vibration. works very well.

  3. Avatar of Rishabh Mathur

    Rishabh Mathur

    Very effective healing power. I realized after used.
    it has such great energy.👍

  4. Avatar of Vaibhav Mehta

    Vaibhav Mehta

    this will be very useful in my healing practice. the nice product it really works

  5. Avatar of krithika memon

    krithika memon

    increases self-confidence. very effective yellow apatite bracelet.

  6. Avatar of Anjana Deshpande

    Anjana Deshpande

    It helps in removing stagnant energy. bring wealth luck. it’s an effective bracelet

  7. Avatar of Kavya


    this will be very useful in my healing practice.

  8. Avatar of jay naidu

    jay naidu

    yellow apatite bracelet bringing out the creative ideas. Really good product.
    it works

  9. Avatar of Akansha Parikh

    Akansha Parikh

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.
    This bracelet gives a good vibration

  10. Avatar of Anisha Rai

    Anisha Rai

    Yellow Apatite Bracelet aid in mental clarity. it’s an effective bracelet

  11. Avatar of Madhu


    Yellow apatite is a very good bracelet, it enhances my wealth very well, and when I wear it I feel relaxed, It is working very well.

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