Zodiac Crystal Bag For Taurus Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [April 20 – May 20]


Zodiac Crystal Bag Birth Stone for Taurus ā™„ Creativity ā™„ Balance ā™„ Projects

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zodiac crystal bag for taurus sing
Zodiac Crystal Bag For Taurus Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [April 20 - May 20] 1,751
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Zodiac Crystal Bag for Taurus (Men & Women)

20th April – 20th May

Introducing Zodiac Crystals for Taurus, the perfect addition to your crystal collection! These beautiful crystals have been specially selected and curated for those born under the sign of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign, and as such, they are known for their grounded and practical nature. They are also known for their love of beauty and luxury, which is why these Zodiac Crystals are the perfect fit for them.

The Taurus Zodiac Crystals are crafted from high-quality materials and are designed to harness the energy and power of the Taurus zodiac sign. Each crystal is carefully chosen for its unique properties and healing benefits.

Taurus likes comfort and luxury. They are surrounded by pleasant, soothing things.

They also have a sensitive side, however, being creative, spiritual, artistic, and romantic. Being an earth sign, they are one of the most logical, practical, loyal, and reliable signs in the entire zodiac.

They highly value peace and harmony in their inner circle and will work tirelessly to achieve it.

Exclusive jute bagĀ 

Our 8 Piece Zodiac sign- Taurus Crystals Collection for Men & Women includes:

  1. Rutile Quartz -1 (approx 1-1.5″ inch)
  2. Selenite Ā -1Ā  (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  3. Green Jade- 1 (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  4. Tiger Eye -1Ā  (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  5. Rhodonite – 1Ā  (approx 1-1.5″ inch)
  6. Lapis Lazuli -1Ā  (approx 1-1.5″ inch)
  7. Malachite -1Ā  (approx 1-1.5″ inch)
  8. Golden Rutile -1 (approx 1-1.5”inch)

Rutile Quartz is a cleansing, uplifting stone that serves as a guardian angel, supercharging intuition, and helping you to solve problems from a new light. Rutile helps in gaining more luck in finances and also enables making wiser business decisions.

Selenite has an extremely high vibration and therefore helps us raise our consciousness and our own vibration so we can perform at the highest level in our task. SeleniteĀ healing properties are heavenly and rich.

Jade crystal is a powerful healing stone that clears away the negative and makes way for creativity and insight. It protects you and helps you to live a long life of love, authenticity, and creativity.

Tiger Eye improves insight andĀ intuition. It has also been regarded as aĀ stone of courageĀ due to its link to the tiger in Eastern mythology.

Rhodonite is very beneficial when it comes to helping your emotional body starting from healing shocks to soothing tensions to decreasing stress.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of spiritual & social communication. Lapis stimulates clairvoyance, & facilitates spiritual journeying to contact spirit guardians & mentors.

Malachite is a very powerful stone. Malachite is a Ā ā€œstone of transformation.ā€

Golden rutileĀ helps you to move your life in a new direction very quickly in a positive direction.

How to use Taurus Zodiac Crystal Bag, Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Sign

  • Keep the stones in your pocket or handbag.
  • Place this crystal bag near your bedside table
  • Keep it on your desk in your workspace.

Zodiac Crystals Kits Birthday Gift

Zodiac Crystal Stone Kits gifts are a simple way to nail the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. By zodiac gifts, we mean gifts selected mainly taking into account that person’s zodiac sign.

Energized Zodiac Crystal Stones for Taurus

Made with Love, Positive Energy & Mindfully assembled in India by our dedicated expert team in Mumbai, India! Each item has been activated using 2 step method for positivity before we ship it out to you!

Whether you are looking to enhance your natural Taurus qualities or simply want to add some beauty and luxury to your life, Zodiac Crystals for Taurus are a perfect choice. With their unique properties and stunning design, these crystals are sure to become a cherished part of your collection. Order yours today and experience the power of Taurus Zodiac Crystals for yourself!


Each and every crystal is unique. You will not be receiving the exact crystal in the image shown on the website. Given these stones are natural, earth-mined stones will have variances in colors, size, shapes, and patterns.

Each intuitively selected stone has been through a detailed quality inspection and is assured to meet your expectations!


Vastu Consultant

PaidĀ Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Want to order Crystals for Taurus Zodiac on Cash on Delivery from the Brand ā€œPlus Valueā€?


Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

20 reviews for Zodiac Crystal Bag For Taurus Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [April 20 – May 20]

  1. Avatar of Shweta


    I bought this Taurus set for myself & I keep it on my desk. I wish that I had found this seller months ago, as I think these sets would make unique gifts for friends. Awesome crystals.

  2. Avatar of Avisha


    Thank You so much! I love my lucky Taurus birthstone. I put it on immediately and haven’t taken it off since. The energy is beautiful! I am happy to buy it from Plus Value they sell genuine crystals and will be making more purchases! šŸ’–

  3. Avatar of Sonam Singhal

    Sonam Singhal

    I have experienced several fraud cases during this lockdown period, so I was a little scared at first but then I finally decided to purchase this product and I couldnā€™t be happier. The palette, the shine, and everything else about this product is pure love.

  4. Avatar of Ratna Dey

    Ratna Dey

    I would really like to appreciate this website for a lot of things especially their quality and delivery speed. Thank you plus value for this amazing piece.

  5. Avatar of Suman Basu

    Suman Basu

    I heard about plus value from one of my very good friends. I generally donā€™t buy much stuff from online setups, as I fear they might be fake, but this time I cannot say the same. This crystal bag is surely worth buying.

  6. Avatar of Nitu Gangully

    Nitu Gangully

    Thank you plus value for giving me such elegant products. I recommend this product to all the customers. If you are searching for a true brand then this is the best place.

  7. Avatar of Snehil Das

    Snehil Das

    Receiving seven such beautiful crystals at such an affordable price is a steal deal for all the customers. I am really happy to have been a consistent customer of the Plus Value shop and I am sure that I will cherish the products I have bought from the shop. All their Vastu products are great and they make the life of the user better.

  8. Avatar of Ranjan Raj

    Ranjan Raj

    Are you searching for something that can calm you down in any situation? If your answer is yes, then you must have a look at this product. It is just the best for this purpose.

  9. Avatar of Arijit Burman

    Arijit Burman

    There are a variety of products on this website, so the customer gets a plethora of options to choose from. I have bought 3 different products to suit my requirements and this bag of Taurus birthstones is one of them. Very good products and very good service offered by this team of professionals.

  10. Avatar of Ranjan Deb

    Ranjan Deb

    Plus value is a one-stop destination for artistic and different kinds of spiritual as well as mesmerizing products. Surely one of the best brands I know that sell such lovely products online. You can buy them to use them for yourself and you can also give them to your friends and family. In any case, the products will change the life of the user for the better. I am using a couple of products and I am very happy with the way my life has turned out after that.

  11. Avatar of Nilima Bhosle

    Nilima Bhosle

    I am dumbstruck to see how beautiful these crystals are. They are really beautiful and also very useful for cleansing purposes. They make me feel connected to my roots and cools down my inner soul and that is why I recommend this bag of stones to you all.

  12. Avatar of Rahul Jain

    Rahul Jain

    I do not have any words left. Plus value is just the best. With such amazing quality at such an affordable range and super-fast delivery, one is bound to fall in love with this brand.

  13. Avatar of Gopal Bhimani

    Gopal Bhimani

    Are you looking for a genuine brand with great products at pocket-friendly prices? If yes, do consider Plus Value Global Shop to buy authentic Vastu and Feng Shui products. They also offer you suggestions and other guidance so that you buy the most suitable product for yourself and get the maximum value out of it.
    This is a really good company offering awesome products. Try this out, people!

  14. Avatar of Rimi Ray

    Rimi Ray

    They are the best in the business. I love all their items as they are genuine and beautiful.

  15. Avatar of Natasha S

    Natasha S

    When I talk about plus value, I can just speak of how good their service policy is and how true they are to their customers. I thank them a lot for providing me with this lovely crystal bag.

  16. Avatar of Ashuma Rai

    Ashuma Rai

    I am totally impressed with their service. I received the product two days prior to the expected day. Thanks a lot, plus value.

  17. Avatar of Ram Singh

    Ram Singh

    Both the quantity and quality of this item is great and wonderful. I am never tired of appreciating their products and their service. I hope they continue providing this sort of great service.

  18. Avatar of Sathvika


    Beautiful crystals arrived quickly and in lovely little bags. Bought these and Crystals for Taurus. Happy to see.

  19. Avatar of Shalini


    Wonderful item & great quality. Arrived in lovely packaging & was just what we wanted – thank you Plus Value.

  20. Avatar of Prerna


    I bought two sets of Taurus crystals as I wanted to try meditation with many of the crystals in these two sets and I have loved them quite a lot. They both came packaged very nicely. I’m happy with my order and recommend Plus Value to others.

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