Zodiac Crystal Bag For Virgo Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [August 23 – September 22]


Zodiac ♥ Crystal ♥ Bag ♥ Birthstone ♥ Calm♥ Creativity ♥ Balance ♥ Projects ♥ Nurturing♥ Virgo

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zodiac crystal bag for virgo sing
Zodiac Crystal Bag For Virgo Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [August 23 - September 22] 1,750
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Zodiac Crystal Bag for Virgo (Men & Women)

23rd August – 22nd September

Virgos was born between August 23 and September 22, and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac. Virgo’s traits are being industrious, methodical, and efficient. The sense of duty borne by these folks is considerable, and it ensures that they will always work for the greater good.

Exclusive jute bag 

Our 5 Piece Zodiac sign Virgo Crystals Collection for Men & Women includes:

  1. Carnelian-1 (approx 1-1.5″ inch)
  2. Fluorite -1 (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  3. Amazonite-1 (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  4. Lapis Lazuli-1 (approx .75-1.25″ inch)
  5. Red Jasper-1 (approx 1-1.5″ inch)

Carnelian is considered the seeds of the earth, a symbol of the strength and beauty of our planet. It also serves as a grounder of energies and a manifestation on the physical plane.

Fluorite will help you as well break negative patterns and distance yourself from negative behavior.  It will boost your confidence and help you confront and talk to other people in a gentle way.

Amazonite keeps you calm and peaceful

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of spiritual & social communication. Lapis stimulates clairvoyance, & facilitates spiritual journeying to contact spirit guardians & mentors. 

Red Jasper stimulates passion in one’s creative work hence it brings focus and self-mastery to new ideas along with freshness.

How to use Virgo Zodiac Crystal Bag, Crystals for Virgo

  • Keep the stones in your pocket or handbag.
  • Place this crystal bag near your bedside table
  • Keep it on your desk in your workspace.

Energized Zodiac Crystal for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Made with love & positive energy! Each item has been activated for positivity before we ship it out to you!


Each and every crystal is unique. You will not be receiving the exact crystal in the image shown on the website. Given these stones are natural, earth-mined stones will have variances in colors, size, shapes, and patterns. 

Each intuitively selected stone has been through a detailed quality inspection and is assured to meet your expectations!


Disclaimer:- Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

Vastu Consultant

Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

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Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

42 reviews for Zodiac Crystal Bag For Virgo Sign Lucky Birth Gemstones & Crystal Stones [August 23 – September 22]

  1. Avatar of Leena


    Absolutely love this set of crystals. They packaged them very well.

  2. Avatar of Priya


    This is the 3rd time I purchased from Plus Value and got genuine natural crystals. Really happy with my crystals.

  3. Avatar of Shraddha


    Extremely happy with the purchase, I can feel the energy. Genuine products. Thank you Plus Value.

  4. Avatar of Sivani


    The crystals are gorgeous. I really like my Virgo bag and the crystals. It is so powerful, that one can literally feel the energy. I’m yet to see the effects of my crystals.

  5. Avatar of Poonam


    I love my zodiac crystal! I can tell they are 100% real and effective. I just love my zodiac bag.

  6. Avatar of Radhika


    Just the way I expected, I easily felt the connection with my Virgo Birthstones. Loved this.

  7. Avatar of Soham


    It’s never happened to me before. I held the stones just to feel them out in my hands. Instantly I could feel the intense calming energy. It grounds you. I love my Virgo crystal set.

  8. Avatar of Mehak


    Absolutely beautiful my zodiac bag with amazing energy!

  9. Avatar of Urvashi


    Today I got my crystal and I was very happy about it. As soon as I got it and open the packet & hold the crystal in my hand. It’s an experience I have never felt before. I feel amazing.

  10. Avatar of Shravani


    Thank you for my lucky Virgo birthstones. Crystals are original & effective.

  11. Avatar of Kim


    It’s really original and has amazing energy. The wonderful shop also. Thank you!

  12. Avatar of Sanjana


    I am extremely happy with my crystals.

  13. Avatar of Anshika


    I’m very happy with my Virgo birthstones crystal. the size is perfect. Gives you a positive vibe when you see, touch the crystal.

  14. Avatar of Shibu


    Really amazing vibes! I really loved it! Good vibration.💜

  15. Avatar of Shruti


    I love my lucky Virgo birthstone, it’s a very effective stone. I’m fully satisfied with my crystal.

  16. Avatar of Ruhi


    I received my Virgo Lucky Birthstones. I can feel the power when I held it into my palms. Its effect is amazing. Thank you Plus Value.

  17. Avatar of Vicky


    Nice & effective, really works on negativity. It really works.

  18. Avatar of Vihana


    Powerful stone of my lucky Virgo birthstone for protection against negative energy. It is a very effective crystal set for me.

  19. Avatar of Rupa Malhotra

    Rupa Malhotra

    I keep the crystal bag for the Virgo zodiac on my bedside table. It’s been about 2 years that I have been using these crystals and I am happy with the positivity around me.

  20. Avatar of Ankita Jalan

    Ankita Jalan

    I have become calm and composed after I started keeping the Zodiac Crystal Bag – Virgo Lucky Birth Stones on my office desk. I was recommended by a friend to buy this product from pus Value shop and I really like their professional services and assistance at each step of the purchase process.

  21. Avatar of Pulkit Yadav

    Pulkit Yadav

    The Virgo birthstones are really beautiful and very effective. I am more at peace with everything around me. The Plus Value Vastu expert has really helped me after knowing about what I missed in my life. Thank you Plus Value shop and for your professional approach for helping me out. I like the Virgo birthstones very much and I carry them always in my bag.

  22. Avatar of Joyjeet Singh

    Joyjeet Singh

    Since I started using the Virgo birthstones, my vision about life has got more clarity. I now know what I expect from my life and destiny. I am grateful to jeavin for helping me out during my difficult times.

  23. Avatar of Harshita Sharma

    Harshita Sharma

    I have bought the Virgo crystal bag from Plus Value Global Holistic shop along with crystal cleansing salt so that I can get the maximum results from these crystals. This is an awesome product to keep with yourself all the time.

  24. Avatar of Rutuja Dwivedi

    Rutuja Dwivedi

    I was asked to keep the Virgo birthstones with me all the time. So, I have bought them from Plus Value India. Happy with the buy especially the reasonable pricing this company is offering the product at. I also like their professional advice.

  25. Avatar of Rajshekhar M.

    Rajshekhar M.

    Zodiac Crystal Bag – Virgo Lucky Birth Stones are really great. It has brought in a lot of peace in my life. I am more spiritually evolved now. I recommend the zodiac crystal bags to you all and also the Plus Value online shop for getting an original product along with cleansing guidance.

  26. Avatar of Ranjit Dubey

    Ranjit Dubey

    The energized Virgo crystal stones are really great. These stones have filled my life with a lot of positive energy. Plus Value India is my preferred eCommerce site for all the great products they stock and sell at affordable prices. Also, they have given me thorough instructions on the crystal cleansing technique. I am very happy with the purchase.

  27. Avatar of Deepak Chaturvedi

    Deepak Chaturvedi

    The use of the Zodiac Crystal Bag – Virgo Lucky Birth Stones has helped me open my luck factor. I feel lucky with the way my finances are turning out. I recommend this Virgo crystal bag to all those whose sun sign is Virgo. Use it to see the positive difference in life.

  28. Avatar of Darshan Bhimani

    Darshan Bhimani

    Plus Value Vastu experts have energized the Virgo zodiac sign crystals before sending them to me. It’s been more than 3 years that I am using the Virgo birthstones and I am very happy with the results these stones are offering me.

  29. Avatar of Ruchi Shekhar

    Ruchi Shekhar

    I have bought the Virgo Lucky Birth Stones from the Plus Value India shop and I am happy with the results. The pricing is reasonable and the company is very professional in making product delivery.
    I am glad to have bought this zodiac crystal bag from them.

  30. Avatar of Ranvijay Bakshi

    Ranvijay Bakshi

    The use of this Zodiac crystal bag for Virgo has lifted my spirit and brought in a lot of balance in my life. I am happy with the use of this zodiac sign specific stones and recommend you all to do the same.

  31. Avatar of Ishan Bansal

    Ishan Bansal

    Beautiful stones and very effective. Happy with the purchase of Zodiac Crystal Bag – Virgo Lucky Birth Stones.

  32. Avatar of Anuj Bansal

    Anuj Bansal

    The zodiac bag with crystals for Virgo is awesome. I am very happy to have ordered it.

  33. Avatar of Nayanika Sharma

    Nayanika Sharma

    Lovely product and very effective in nature. I feel lucky these days, rather since I started using the Virgo stones with me, my luck has been with me.
    Good product!

  34. Avatar of Aviiral


    The product is amazing and the quality is so good. I am so happy with my purchase and the whole day I feel amazing with my Virgo crystal bag.

  35. Avatar of Zai


    Arrived safely and I love them. Thanks to the seller very well packed.

  36. Avatar of Devika


    It was exactly what I was hoping for!! beautiful crystals and the size is good not too big or too small. love them and made a perfect addition to my crystals.

  37. Avatar of Mamta


    Beautiful genuine stones my lucky Virgo birthstone is very effective. I recommended buying from here if u want genuine and natural stones.

  38. Avatar of Suman


    I found some very good changes in life. Very happy that I bought it.

  39. Avatar of Pratiksha


    Just loved my crystals. Beautiful. Love the effect. Absolutely genuine. Go for it.

  40. Avatar of Shravani


    Absolutely effective crystal. Crystals are beautiful and it feels lovely to hold. One of my favorites. Thank you so much 😊 Plus Value.

  41. Avatar of Gurleen


    I am using it and must say that something is happening to me positivity & meditating with it, keeping it near my table while sleeping helped me to stay in a higher vibration. Awesome effect.

  42. Avatar of Karan


    It makes you calm & feels everything is good. Great to alleviate restlessness or anxiety. It is an amazing crystal set of Virgo.

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