Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime for Home & Office Balcony Decor – Positive Vibrations & Energy [27.5inch / 70cm]

Original price was: ₹1,400.Current price is: ₹1,150.

(77 customer reviews)
bamboo wind chime vastu fengshui
Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime for Home & Office Balcony Decor - Positive Vibrations & Energy [27.5inch / 70cm] 1,400 Original price was: ₹1,400.1,150Current price is: ₹1,150.
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Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime

Available in Two Patten [Please select the dropdown above]

Exclusive Premium Feng Shui & Vastu Product

Using wind chimes to enhance the Feng shui of your home is one of the most powerful items you can use. The bamboo wind chime makes a lovely soft sound.

Wind chimes such as those made of bamboo are highly effective in the wood element corners (East and Southeast) as well as in the fire element corner (according to Feng Shui-South) because Wood feeds Fire.

It can also be placed wherever the energy is very harsh, negative, non-moving, and stressed.

Sticks- 8

Made from Natural Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime.

Highly popular feng shui cure recommended by feng shui & Vastu consultants

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Pipe Size 8 to 9 Inches Approx
Weight 218 Grams | 189 Grams Approx
Ideal For Vastu,  Feng Shui, Home Decor
Ideal Location Window, Balcony, Entrance, Living Room
Patten 1 Wind Chime Length  31.5 Inches | 80 Cm
Patten 2 Wind Chime Length  26 Inches | 66 Cm
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 12 cm
Patten: No selection

Patten 1, Patten 2

77 reviews for Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime for Home & Office Balcony Decor – Positive Vibrations & Energy [27.5inch / 70cm]

  1. Avatar of Monali Choudhary

    Monali Choudhary

    Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime is an awesome product. You can use it in your home and office also. It looks nice and the tone is soothing.

  2. Avatar of Ashwini Agarwal

    Ashwini Agarwal

    It’s an awesome product from Feng Shui. Made with wooden, it removes stress and gives you a calm environment. It helps you to meditate intensely. I saw chimes in many of my friends. So, I had a plan to buy it one day. Today, I bought it from Feng Shui. I’m happy with their service. It is recommended to everyone.

  3. Avatar of Sunita Baswani

    Sunita Baswani

    When I was searching for chimes on the web, I came across this site. The design of this chime first attracted me. So, I bought one and am happy with it.

  4. Avatar of ria deshmukh

    ria deshmukh

    feng shui bamboo wind chime gives calming and relaxing tones. It’s really good I like it

  5. Avatar of Shankar Biswas

    Shankar Biswas

    Plus value India is going to be a big name like Amazon, Flipkart in the upcoming year on the web market. They not only deliver the product but have some unique features like tracking updates via E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp about the status of your product. I love their service and would buy again from this website.

  6. Avatar of dia desai

    dia desai

    These wind chimes sound beautiful. I love the look. amazing product.

  7. Avatar of Pranay Sharma

    Pranay Sharma

    Great product. So attractive its design is. You may try it once.

  8. Avatar of gokul choudhary

    gokul choudhary

    The sound is soothing. It’s really good. excellent value for money. always recommended.

  9. Avatar of krishna deshmukh

    krishna deshmukh

    Love the sound. So soothing. It looks as is shown in the image. The packaging wasn’t great.

  10. Avatar of Monalisa Ghosh

    Monalisa Ghosh

    It makes a lovely soft sound which can be one of the most powerful things in your daily life. Bamboo wind chimes are highly effective wherever you place them.

  11. Avatar of Richa Shrivastava

    Richa Shrivastava

    Plus value store is one such genuine website where you do not only get chimes but so many things like Vastu and Crystal related products.

  12. Avatar of sanchit chokshi

    sanchit chokshi

    bamboo wind chime sounds help relax the mind. feel very good to use this. 👍👍

  13. Avatar of kavya desai

    kavya desai

    Exactly like the picture and the sound is beautiful. recommended by feng shui vastu expert

  14. Avatar of Leela Majumdar

    Leela Majumdar

    In the morning, when I prepare myself for the office with lots of stress, I know there is something that can capture my mind and tranquilize it.

  15. Avatar of swati chawla

    swati chawla

    The sound of the bamboo wind chime is so relaxing. feels very good to use. really nice item.

  16. Avatar of Nitish Vadra

    Nitish Vadra

    I am not so fond of chimes. But when my wife bought this product, I regretted it. I thought I should have brought this material earlier. It’s too attractive. It’s like everywhere around the house is happy. I have recommended it to many of my friends and would recommend it to others also.

  17. Avatar of Monica Shrivastava

    Monica Shrivastava

    Fantastic product. It worked like magic. If you want peace in your life, this can help you.

  18. Avatar of Sam


    feng shui bamboo wind chime tone is lovely. looks nice wind chime. awesome product

  19. Avatar of rajshri choudhary

    rajshri choudhary

    It’s awesome….. Genuine product as shown… Good quality… Very pleasant sound… Thank you

  20. Avatar of monali desai

    monali desai

    Awesome product. worth for money. The sound is too good. I love it👍👍

  21. Avatar of Shubhankar Roy

    Shubhankar Roy

    I have been accustomed to this since my childhood. I remember when my mother bought it first. With its effective sound which gives an enchanting surrounding, I was absorbed for a few moments. Some of my neighbors felt attracted by the sound and that is why they also bought one. I’m living in another state at present. These days, I was missing something in my life. This chime came into mind. So I bought this one. It suddenly filled the emptiness in my house. My story might sound miraculous but it really happened.

  22. Avatar of ram balasubramanian

    ram balasubramanian

    This is a good quality wooden wind chime. produces a great sound. amazing product.

  23. Avatar of shankar chokshi

    shankar chokshi

    Very nice product. It makes a nice sound. I like the sound. Always recommended.

  24. Avatar of anirudh balakrishnan

    anirudh balakrishnan

    Love this wind chime! It brings us a mellow sound👍 👍

  25. Avatar of Angel Shenoy

    Angel Shenoy

    This bamboo wind chime gives good vibrations.
    Useful for increasing positivity in the surroundings

  26. Avatar of mahesh chawla

    mahesh chawla

    excellent product, the sound is awesome. Excellent value for money.👌👍

  27. Avatar of kapil balasubramanian

    kapil balasubramanian

    Must buy for bamboo windchime. It gives positive vibes and energy. very effective wind chime

  28. Avatar of Vibha GK

    Vibha GK

    Enchanting addition to my home. Love its woody sounds. It also looks great.

  29. Avatar of Indrani Nandi

    Indrani Nandi

    Amazing product! Perfect condition and sounds beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend

  30. Avatar of moli banerjee

    moli banerjee

    It looks nice. wind chime gives sweet sound. It’s really good I like it.

  31. Avatar of Deep Walia

    Deep Walia

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. the nice product it really works👌👍

  32. Avatar of prasanta balakrishnan

    prasanta balakrishnan

    Beautiful piece! Looks great, sounds great…highly recommend!thank you

  33. Avatar of Aaditya


    helps you relax, calm down. the calming, peaceful, soothing sound. very well done. I love the energy.

  34. Avatar of manisha


    Nice product. The sound is good to hear.
    Very nice product. It makes a nice sound.
    Gives Positive Energy

  35. Avatar of Robert Agrawaal

    Robert Agrawaal

    Delivery was good before the expected time. Packaging was proper. It doesn’t only make your morning beautiful; you can achieve calmness in your life.

  36. Avatar of juvina wadhwa

    juvina wadhwa

    feng shui bamboo wind chime improves peace & harmony in the surroundings space

  37. Avatar of dinesh pradhan

    dinesh pradhan

    great good quality and the price was great…nice sound, got the same one as shown, very subdued and not noisy

  38. Avatar of tisha chakraborty

    tisha chakraborty

    Love it! sounds great. Looks awesome too! Must try this bamboo wind chime

  39. Avatar of swaathi banerjee

    swaathi banerjee

    A sweet and soothing sound… The product is nice. I received good condition. Very satisfied with the product!

  40. Avatar of Siddharth Basu

    Siddharth Basu

    Awesome design with the value the Plus Value provides.

  41. Avatar of dhruv chatterjee

    dhruv chatterjee

    The lovely peaceful sounds these wind chimes create add so much joy to our home!

  42. Avatar of Pratik Vyas

    Pratik Vyas

    It is a really good deal.
    It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  43. Avatar of deepa vohra

    deepa vohra

    feng shui bamboo wind chime sound gives relaxation and calmness. gives a positive response

  44. Avatar of naveen chakraborty

    naveen chakraborty

    bamboo wind chime attracts good luck. Very effective healing power. I realized after used.👍👍

  45. Avatar of shashank ahuja

    shashank ahuja

    Bamboo wind chime sound is soothing. I really like it. Awesome feng shui product.

  46. Avatar of sara chatterjee

    sara chatterjee

    a very lovely looking bamboo wind chime and sweet sound. highly recommended by feng shui vastu expert👍👍👌

  47. Avatar of DHARMIN JANI


    feng shui bamboo wind chime sound helps to connect with the inner soul and helps to relax and remove stress.👍👍

  48. Avatar of Rohit Shrivastava

    Rohit Shrivastava

    After consultation with Plus value experts, I bought this product. You will be surprised to know that chimes worked like a miracle to me. Its charming tune wakes me up every day with positive energy and a fresh mind. There is no stress, anxiety, just a cool and calm environment.

  49. Avatar of Nitisha Prakash

    Nitisha Prakash

    I am so happy with the product that I bought another one today. Happy with the product, its fast delivery and moreover, consultation with the experts. I would definitely recommend the Plus value online store to everyone.

  50. Avatar of aashna agarwal

    aashna agarwal

    relaxing bamboo chimes sound. Look wise also good. I highly recommend.

  51. Avatar of Rohit Walla

    Rohit Walla

    Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime is connected to nostalgia. I bought another one today. Every time I hear the sound, I feel the healing power of it. So, I will definitely recommend it to everyone. The people who already have one can feel its enchanting tune.

  52. Avatar of Sunil Venkatesh

    Sunil Venkatesh

    Very genuine product. The Quality of feng shui bamboo wind chime is very nice.

  53. Avatar of prachi ahuja

    prachi ahuja

    feng shui bamboo wind chime sounds are pure and add a positive feel to our room… I like it very much.

  54. Avatar of Dipak Bhatnagar

    Dipak Bhatnagar

    I’m now surrounded by chimes everywhere in my house. This is my 4th time buying from the Plus Value store. Their service is really amazing with fast delivery and some unique features.

  55. Avatar of anil agarwal

    anil agarwal

    mind blowing sound. Awesome products. give a positive response. it’s an effective bamboo wind chime

  56. Avatar of prince


    Great quality….. gives a sound that is having a calming effect. it has such great energy.👍

  57. Avatar of indhumathi iyer

    indhumathi iyer

    Very good quality. Happy to have purchased. Calms your nerves. it really works👍👍

  58. Avatar of Arya Varma

    Arya Varma

    Feng Shui Bamboo wind chime makes a lovely soft sound. I love this wind chime👍

  59. Avatar of aditi iyer

    aditi iyer

    Very nice sound to it! feels very good to use. recommended.

  60. Avatar of Gautam Singhania

    Gautam Singhania

    Do you meditate every day? With a confusing mind, don’t you find peace in yourself? Are you looking for positive energy in your life? I will obviously recommend this product to buy once and feel the essence of it. It is a must buy. I am sure you also will get the optimum result.

  61. Avatar of shrinidhi reddy

    shrinidhi reddy

    The sound is awesome. happy with product.. it gives a soothing feel…gives a good vibration

  62. Avatar of Sunil Roy

    Sunil Roy

    Made of natural bamboo, you can place it where there is negative or harsh energy or stressed area of your house.

  63. Avatar of Neha Rai

    Neha Rai

    I have been gifted this product by one of my friends on my marriage day. Now everything is being online so she ordered this chime on Plus Value a few days before. It’s so powerful that if you don’t use it, you won’t be able to realize it.

  64. Avatar of varun paraiyar

    varun paraiyar

    We have hung it in our balcony and looks great and Excellent.. sound…It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  65. Avatar of Aditya Saxena

    Aditya Saxena

    Genuine product, though one of my friends gifted it to me. I am attracted by its charming sound. I am extremely happy with the product.

  66. Avatar of ajay reddy

    ajay reddy

    I like the way this looks and sounds also good. Very happy with purchases this bamboo wind chime

  67. Avatar of arun paraiyar

    arun paraiyar

    I absolutely love the relaxing sound of bamboo wind chimes. amazing product.

  68. Avatar of Aashish Kashyap

    Aashish Kashyap

    With good quality, I received an intact product today. I ordered it only 3 days ago. So, the delivery service Plus Value puts the company ahead in the game. They really care for the customers.

  69. Avatar of Martha Lesley

    Martha Lesley

    I would recommend it to everyone as it is, I think, necessary for all of us in our busy lives to find some positive energy in life. Excellent product. Worth the money. With the charming wooden look, it soothes our mind instantly as we hear it. Great product with affordable price.

  70. Avatar of Manish kumar

    Manish kumar

    I bought this product after one of my friends suggested to me. Its enchanting tune makes me so calm and gives me a heavenly feeling which I can’t express with words. It’s worth to buy.

  71. Avatar of Naga Balasubhramaniam

    Naga Balasubhramaniam

    Feng Shui Bamboo Wooden Wind Chime is super effective and wonderful in removing stress and anxiety. Highly recommended from my side. It brings tranquillity and calmness in your life. I am happy with its result. It’s a must buy.

  72. Avatar of Samantha


    Its relaxing tone attracts me daily. I love the product. The price is good. It relaxes the mind. Whenever I feel the tune, I get so absorbed.

  73. Avatar of Keshav Chandra Yathipathi

    Keshav Chandra Yathipathi

    I gifted it to one of my friends. He is satisfied. So, on behalf of him, I am here to make a review. The product was in good shape, delivery was on time. There is no issue with anything. As he is satisfied, I would suggest everyone buy this product.

  74. Avatar of Anil Sahu

    Anil Sahu

    I bought this for my children. They like it. What else I want.

  75. Avatar of Rakesh Yadav

    Rakesh Yadav

    I love the wooden chimes and their sweet sound. It’s a nice product. You may use it too. Also, buy it from Plus Value shop as they offer a good rate for this lovely product.

  76. Avatar of Mukesh Rathee

    Mukesh Rathee

    Since I bought the product, there is a change in my son. He was too frustrated, confused. He couldn’t remember anything properly. But now, he is so calm that I get jealous sometimes. As an old father, I would recommend to everyone that you should try it at least once to check its effect on you. As chimes are always attracting, it works like magic.

  77. Avatar of Suman Saha

    Suman Saha

    Quality product with amazing sound. So, magnifying that the sound can live a whole life in your mind. With the increasing energy, this product adds a different value to your life.

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