Natural Black Tourmaline Rock Raw Rough Stone Chunks for Vastu, Reiki Healing Crystals Strong Protection Negative Energy Evil Eyes (300 to 500gm)


Stone of ♥ Protection from Evil Eyes, Negativity, Negative Energy, Backbiting, Politicking & Backstabbing ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Strength ♥ Flexibility ♥ Happiness ♥ Clarity ♥ Objectivity ♥ Compassion ♥ Serenity ♥ Balance ♥ Healing ♥ Tolerance ♥ Understanding ♥ Calm ♥ Grounding ♥ Purification

(104 customer reviews)

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black tourmaline rock raw
Natural Black Tourmaline Rock Raw Rough Stone Chunks for Vastu, Reiki Healing Crystals Strong Protection Negative Energy Evil Eyes (300 to 500gm) 750
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Natural Black Tourmaline Rock Raw

Strong Protection & Safeguard from Negativity & Negative People, Evil Eye, and Black Magic.

Reiki, a Crystal Healing Stone, useful in Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Personal Space Cleansing & Healing

Weight – 300 to 400 grams (Single or Multiple Chunks as per the availability during dispatch)

black tourmaline rock negativity vastu

Benefits of Black Tourmaline Rock Raw Stone Rock:-

  • Black Tourmaline is the World’s best-known stone for protection from negativity.
  • Black Tourmaline crystal is said to absorb and give protection against negativity from both people and electrical & magnetic fields. It is also said to sharpen one’s wits, enhance vitality, and give emotional stability.
  • It grounds and deflects negativity and is used as a protection stone. It transforms internal negativity, changes, and then releases it.
  • Black Tourmaline protects one from negativity from outside influences. Rubbing a black tourmaline crystal with wool cloth or heating it raises static electricity and draws out negativity.
  • Use black tourmaline to protect yourself from negative energy from negative people.
  • Black Tourmaline Rock can be kept hung at the entrance of the main door from outside to protect & safeguard your home. [Just like you tie nimbu-mirchi]
  • Black Tourmaline Raw Stone can be kept in a Bedroom near the bedside table if you feel there is negative energy that is stopping you from doing work, Not being able to sleep well at night, and having Bad Dreams in sleep.
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Stone can be kept visible at your home or office in such a way that if a person comes from outside his eyes should go to that stone so it absorbs all the negative vibes from your home & further protects you from causing damage to his evil eyes.
  • Use black tourmaline stone near your working desk for strong protection against the backbiting, politicking & backstabbing by other Office employees or Staff & also absorbs the negative energy in the working environment that’s stopping you from doing your desired work.
  • If you feel there is negative energy in a specific location of your house. You can keep it over there and see the results.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw Stone is Highly recommended by Reiki Healers, Crystal Healing Experts, Vastu Consultant, Feng Shui experts, Astrologers, and Space Healers.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw helps remove fear and boost self-confidence.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw Keep in the bedroom will help you sleep better and wake more refreshed.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw improves good health, happiness, good luck, and optimism.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw creates a favorable approach to life and a positive mindset.
  • Black Tourmaline Raw helps you to release stress and gives calmness.
  • Keep it with you when you need to wake up your mind or when you need full concentration.
  • It helps to bring relief from pain, boosts the immune system, and aids with stress and arthritis.
  • Black Tourmaline helps to balance, harmonize, and protect all of the Chakras.
  • Placed this raw in the corners of the room, and seals in the room with a protective shield.
  • It gives you protection against negativity & electromagnetic energy.
  • Keep this raw in your home to clear, cleanse, and unlock any energy blockages within your body or home.
  • It helps to remove negative energies within a person or space.
  • It’s a must-have crystal for your crystal collection


Some Black Tourmaline Crystal FAQs

Is black tourmaline rare?

No, it’s available in huge quantities at many mines around the world.

How can you tell if black tourmaline is real?

We have been dealing in crystals for over the last 25 Years you can trust our Brand “Plus Value” Products

What is tourmaline stone good for? What is Black Tourmaline good for?

Strong Protection for Evil Eyes, Negative People

Can Black Tourmaline go in the water?

can be immersed in water for cleansing purposes.

Various Black Tourmaline Stone Products & Link Below

New Arrival Check Real Black Tourmaline Rock Stone Soap

Check Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Check Black Tourmaline Necklace

Black Tourmaline price

Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Please Note: 1pc of black tourmaline raw will be given or as per the availability during the dispatch in the mentioned weight range.

About Crystals, Crystals are precious stones & uplift energy. Each crystal has a sacred meaning. Many crystals have an extremely high vibration & become communicate with the higher channel. Crystals give protection from any negative energies existing there.

Crystal helps you to resolve your current unhappiness.  Crystal also generates a strong energetic field which helps in releasing emotional fears

Disclaimer:- Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

Want to order Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

104 reviews for Natural Black Tourmaline Rock Raw Rough Stone Chunks for Vastu, Reiki Healing Crystals Strong Protection Negative Energy Evil Eyes (300 to 500gm)

  1. Avatar of Suhasini Menon

    Suhasini Menon

    A friend once told me that Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Rock helps in sharpening one’s wits. It also helps in enhancing vitality and offers emotional stability. I had ordered this stone from Plus Value shop at a very reasonable price, and I am very happy with the results.
    You can also buy this stone. It would also protect you from negativity.

  2. Avatar of Sitara Bhatt

    Sitara Bhatt

    The Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is an excellent protection stone. It has been protecting me from external negativity. I would recommend this stone to others as well who are looking for staying protected from negative people and evil eyes.

  3. Avatar of Hitesh R

    Hitesh R

    I use the Black Tourmaline stone regularly to draw out negativity from all around the house. Before using it, I rub it with woollen cloth to generate heat in the rock and then draw out the negativity from around.
    I am happy with the effects and would recommend the same to you too.

  4. Avatar of Ramesh Pandey

    Ramesh Pandey

    I have been using this Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Rock for about a year. I am happy with the results this stone is offering. We are protected against negativity and feel more positive and energetic every day.

  5. Avatar of Mahesh Shetty

    Mahesh Shetty

    I used to get bad dreams a lot. And then someone recommended me the Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Rock. I keep it on my bedroom bedside table. And now, I can sleep peacefully.
    Thank you Plus Value Shop for delivering the stone to my address within a week of placing the order.

  6. Avatar of Suhani


    The black tourmaline rock was exactly as described and exceeded my expectations. I’ve used it for removing negative emotions/feelings from others and felt completely protected. It’s amazing.

  7. Avatar of Suma


    I purchased some black tourmaline rock to protect my four corners. I was impressed and honestly, a bit touched with this & I felt “positive energy”. It’s really amazing crystal.

  8. Avatar of Sri


    Arrived fast! Cool stone. Clearing negative energy in my house, really amazing black tourmaline rock.

  9. Avatar of RP


    The Tourmaline chunks were very nice.

    Very nice

  10. Avatar of Siddhi


    Great quality black tourmaline rock, happy with my purchase thank you PLus Value.

  11. Avatar of gokul


    I like this black tourmaline rock. very effective rock. excellent quality. must try this

  12. Avatar of naveen reddy

    naveen reddy

    The Rocks are amazing. black tourmaline rock removes the bad vibes in your home and yourself.👍👍👍

  13. Avatar of Anubhav


    black tourmaline, the great cleanser. black tourmaline protects you. perfectly naturally.

  14. Avatar of dia


    I keep on my desk in front of my computer. remove negative vibes. I like it!

  15. Avatar of Sam


    very effective and works perfectly. it’s good and I recommend all of you go for it.

  16. Avatar of swati


    black tourmaline rock removes negative energy in my house. I feel good to use this. I recommend everyone to use black tourmaline rock.

  17. Avatar of natasha paraiyar

    natasha paraiyar

    black tourmaline rock removes negative energy and give positive effects. awesome product

  18. Avatar of ria goswami

    ria goswami

    I can place this on my computer to clear away any negativity from the screen. Love this rock

  19. Avatar of nikita kaur

    nikita kaur

    It’s same as shown in the picture
    I like it very much. work nicely. very effective👍👍

  20. Avatar of sanchit


    Love these black tourmaline rock. very effective, I’m very satisfied with it.

  21. Avatar of karan khattar

    karan khattar

    The energy is great! Loved it !! Packaging could have been better. amazing black tourmaline rock

  22. Avatar of Ram


    Clearing the negativity. wor very well. amazing product. I’m very satisfied with it.

  23. Avatar of rakesh chopra

    rakesh chopra

    Powerful stones. stones have powerful energy the moment I placed it in my room I could feel its effect. amazing product

  24. Avatar of Dhaval Seth

    Dhaval Seth

    Natural Black Tourmaline Rock has brought in a lot of positivity in my life. I feel like I am protected against all negative people. This is an excellent stone to keep in your house and stay protected from evil eyes and negativity.

  25. Avatar of Dev Nandi

    Dev Nandi

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock effectively absorbs negative energy from a place. I am happy that I have bought this stone from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop at a very reasonable price.
    I am happy with the positivity around me, and I would keep on using this stone in the future.

  26. Avatar of debbie chakraborty

    debbie chakraborty

    this seller sends the genuine product and quality of products excellent. this black tourmaline rock is very effective

  27. Avatar of niharika singh

    niharika singh

    the perfect stone for removing negative energy and gives positive energy. Very genuine product good quality

  28. Avatar of Sam


    I love it, I use it for meditation every night. very effective and gives positive responses. must try this

  29. Avatar of Ranjith Malhotra

    Ranjith Malhotra

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock has brought in a positive transformation in my life. I am pleased with the results. I endorse this stone to everyone who is looking for some positive transformation in their lives.

  30. Avatar of mayuri


    these stones are amazing works for me. I feel positive after having this.👍👍

  31. Avatar of vedant shah

    vedant shah

    use this black tourmaline rock feels great and I highly recommend it!

  32. Avatar of Tara K Sharma

    Tara K Sharma

    I read about the benefits of Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock in a Facebook group and then decided to buy it. I had ordered this stone from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop and got it delivered within the set time.
    I am glad that I keep it on a table top in my living room. I am happy with the positivity around me.
    Thank you, Plus Value Shop.

  33. Avatar of sanjana shah

    sanjana shah

    black tourmaline rock quality is good and totally satisfied. works very well. It is a really good deal.

  34. Avatar of anu


    Satisfied with the product. Feel good after using this black tourmaline rock.

  35. Avatar of Sangini Joshi

    Sangini Joshi

    I was told to hang this Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock on the entrance door. I feel that my house is free of negative energy. I recommend this stone to others as well.

  36. Avatar of vinay chatterjee

    vinay chatterjee

    black tourmaline rock does work by not allowing the negetive energy of others to harm you.

  37. Avatar of Anirudh


    provide you with protection against all kinds of negativity. very effective black tourmaline rock

  38. Avatar of Dhaval Desai

    Dhaval Desai

    I keep the Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock on my office desk. I now feel a lot more energized every day to work more efficiently. I think that this stone is protecting me from all kinds of negative people who are always backbiting, backstabbing, and politicking.
    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is the right choice if you want to stay protected in your office space.

  39. Avatar of Ritu Thakkar

    Ritu Thakkar

    Last year when we moved into a new house, there were a lot of negative vibes in the place. We used to be restless all the time and often engage in a brawl.
    Then someone recommended me to keep Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock in a couple of rooms. My house has become an abode of love and affection. We all are a happy family together. Thank you, Plus Value Global Holistic Shop for selling this stone at such great pricing.

  40. Avatar of Siddharth Khattar

    Siddharth Khattar

    black tourmaline rock increases your physical vitality. it really works

  41. Avatar of Dhruv


    black tourmaline rock removing fear and effective rock👍👍

  42. Avatar of ashish ahuja

    ashish ahuja

    It’s awesome. Natural product. works perfectly.

  43. Avatar of Sangita Dange

    Sangita Dange

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is a highly recommended stone for those who are into Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, and Space healing profession. I use this stone to treat my clients, and I am very happy with the results. You can also try using this stone.

  44. Avatar of akash modi

    akash modi

    I get very good vibrations….stones are really good …very effective healing power.

  45. Avatar of J. Tripathi

    J. Tripathi

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is an excellent stone to protect from negative energy and bring in positiveness in life. I am happy to be using this stone.

  46. Avatar of Rutuja Chopra

    Rutuja Chopra

    black tourmaline rock balances and clears chakras and aura. it really works

  47. Avatar of Ashish T.

    Ashish T.

    I used to be restless all the time. Then I was recommended to use Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock with me and also keep it on the bedside table while sleeping. I feel that my mind has become calm, and I also think a lot more positive in life.
    I bought this stone from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop. You can also place your order from here. They offer great pricing.

  48. Avatar of Komal D

    Komal D

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is an amazing stone to reduce negativity and generate positiveness, and calmness.
    It’s a great stone to use every day.

  49. Avatar of Arya Kapoor

    Arya Kapoor

    Reasonable price and authentic black tourmaline
    very powerful for any energy worker

  50. Avatar of Tisha


    gives strong protection from negativity. it really works. recommended it

  51. Avatar of ankur jain

    ankur jain

    works well in meditation. I can feel the positive vibrations. it’s an effective black tourmaline rock

  52. Avatar of Jaya Gupta

    Jaya Gupta

    I have been using this Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock for more than six months. I have a better understanding of my spouse. This is because we have generated a feeling of compassion and calmness towards each other.
    You may also try this stone out.

  53. Avatar of Sheetal Khot

    Sheetal Khot

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock absorbs negative energy. I feel great to be using this stone for more than a year now. I stay calm and happy throughout the day.

  54. Avatar of shivangi agarwal

    shivangi agarwal

    I love it .. a powerful stone. Working nicely. Excellent quality of black tourmaline rock👍👍

  55. Avatar of ira patel

    ira patel

    a good quality black tourmaline raw rock. it really works, gives a good vibration

  56. Avatar of Aashna


    remove negativity. feel positive vibes. effective black tourmaline rock

  57. Avatar of Anish Vohra

    Anish Vohra

    protects you against negative energy
    the nice product it really works
    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous

  58. Avatar of Saanvi Gupta

    Saanvi Gupta

    Great product. You can use this rock to get rid of negative energy.

  59. Avatar of neha iyer

    neha iyer

    .if u feel the negative energy in your home use it…..very effective black tourmaline rock

  60. Avatar of varsha sharma

    varsha sharma

    Meditating upon them amplifies your peace and their power. Good positive vibration

  61. Avatar of Katherine Kaur

    Katherine Kaur

    black tourmaline rock relieves stress and anxiety. black tourmaline rock its very effective stone

  62. Avatar of Shashank


    the nice product it really works. gives a good vibration.

  63. Avatar of Panna Shirodkar

    Panna Shirodkar

    Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock is an excellent stone to remove negative energy from a place.
    You may use this to create a positive environment.

  64. Avatar of Suresh Rathod

    Suresh Rathod

    Excellent stone. Removes all negative energy.

  65. Avatar of Anjum


    Amazing Black Tourmaline rock. I love it the quality of the item is perfect and has met my expectations.

  66. Avatar of manoj gupta

    manoj gupta

    Very powerful. It really works. I am very happy with the product. amazing energy feel

  67. Avatar of Ajay


    Genuine quality natural rock. excellent natural black tourmaline rock. I like it👍👍

  68. Avatar of Soumya


    Perfect! I keep this on the desk in my home office, and it helps me to feel more grounded and surrounded by positive energy. I’m so happy.

  69. Avatar of arti singh

    arti singh

    the rough form is very effective. it’s very useful in the healing process

  70. Avatar of Aditi


    very effective and amazing stone. draws all the negativity away. amazing natural rock.

  71. Avatar of arjun dasgupta

    arjun dasgupta

    very helpful from bad energy. I’m very much satisfied. I recommend this seller without any doubts.

  72. Avatar of abdul


    black tourmaline rock removal of negative energies within a person or space. it works👍👍

  73. Avatar of gayatri sengupta

    gayatri sengupta

    I love the vibration. The stones are amazing…removed negativity from my house.

  74. Avatar of Mahima


    very satisfied with the quality of the stones and I feel valued as a buyer.👍👍

  75. Avatar of Arun


    natural rock. effective and useful rock. very satisfied with the quality 👍👍

  76. Avatar of Aishwarya


    Excellent quality and genuine. gives a good vibration. increasing positivity in the surroundings.Awesome product…must try this natural black tourmaline rock

  77. Avatar of Nayan


    The day I received these, I washed the black tourmaline and put them in salt water overnight, as suggested by my expert. The next morning, I meditated while holding a few in my hands and this was surreal. I felt extremely focused and calm, and my Meditation was much deeper than usual, and my conclusion is that these are genuine!

  78. Avatar of Ruhani


    Looks and feels awesome, very happy with my black tourmaline rock.

  79. Avatar of Pinky


    Arrived safely and I love them. Thanks to the seller very well packed.

  80. Avatar of Anita


    Beautiful!! I absolutely like black tourmaline for its beauty and healing properties, as usual with this seller, I received a generous piece of black tourmaline rock & also other products I received original. This is my fav for online shopping.

  81. Avatar of Tyshiena


    I am very impressed with the quality of black tourmaline rock, it is a very effective rock. It works wonders after being cleansed and charged. It immediately took the negative energy which was feeling around my house and it stored & away.

  82. Avatar of Harshda


    Black tourmaline rock is absolutely authentic. I can feel the positivity in my house after using this. It’s really amazing protective stone. Thank you.

  83. Avatar of Ankita


    Absolutely beautiful! Well packaged, it has Very positive energy I feel. I will be buying more products from Plus Value in the future bcoz, they sell original & effective products.

  84. Avatar of Jay


    I absolutely love my protection stone! It is much more than I could have imagined!! Thank you!! I will be buying from Plus Value again!

  85. Avatar of Shweta S.

    Shweta S.

    Excellent stone. It uplifts energy and mood.
    Great product!

  86. Avatar of Vikas Pandey

    Vikas Pandey

    I have used Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock for purification purposes, and I am very happy with the results.
    I want to thank the Plus Value Global Holistic Shop for the affordable pricing of this stone.

  87. Avatar of Acchut


    since I started using this raw, I feel less stressed out. it just keeps negative energy away from you. It is very effective raw.

  88. Avatar of Tanvi Shah

    Tanvi Shah

    I have been using the Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Rock for more than a year now, and I am very happy with the results. If you are looking for having more clarity in your life’s perspective, you should also use it.

  89. Avatar of Rana Shankar

    Rana Shankar

    This stone is fully loaded with positive energy. It protects you from evil eyes.

  90. Avatar of Sonali


    The crystals I received are of high quality. I’m extremely pleased and will be buying again from this seller.

  91. Avatar of Pihu Ahuja

    Pihu Ahuja

    I absolutely can feel good vibrations and it keeps calm to my family. I will be more crystal purchases from Plus Value in the future. They sell original & effective products.

  92. Avatar of Aarya


    I love the strong energy from this black tourmaline rock, it’s a very stable and secure energy that makes me feel safe. Amazing rock.

  93. Avatar of Amy Ahuja

    Amy Ahuja

    Genuine product and very effective. I have used this from the last week I saw the effect of this black tourmaline rock, it is very effective for protection.

  94. Avatar of Kavya


    Received a beautiful huge chunk of Black Tourmaline with a touch of black. I have bought several products from the seller and am very happy with the quality.

  95. Avatar of Cathii


    Gorgeous it’s just what I was expecting and my energy feels amazing using it.

  96. Avatar of Gurdeep Rao

    Gurdeep Rao

    I love the way it made me feel when I put my hands on it. I felt such an amazing connection.

  97. Avatar of Ishika


    I’m writing this after a few days of use. This raw is completely magic. We have experienced positive vibes in the home a very light and calm aura even the space of the room is enlightened with a very smooth and positive flow of energy.

  98. Avatar of Shivansh


    I am in love with my new black tourmaline. It’s definitely the real stone and as an empath, it has helped me so much to stay grounded and protect my energy, as well as from other people’s energy. Thank you for this beautiful stone I’ll be purchasing again from Plus Value.

  99. Avatar of Indira


    This black tourmaline rock is GORGEOUS. I felt a connection to it instantly! & the energy is immensely powerful. I bought this for helping for protection & I’m soo glad I did. it also arrived quickly thank you Plus Value.

  100. Avatar of Sarmistha


    Beautiful black tourmaline stone, perfect for protection and drawing out the negative energies. Love it.

  101. Avatar of Amol


    I received my black tourmaline raw package on time. really nice package of Black Tourmaline, I really like it.

  102. Avatar of Mimi Mathur

    Mimi Mathur

    The product is amazing and the quality is so good. I am so happy with my purchase and the whole room feels amazing & feel protective from the negativity.

  103. Avatar of Sahani


    I love it! Instantly I could feel strong energy it was giving off. Super happy with my purchase.

  104. Avatar of Vermon Roy

    Vermon Roy

    Really love them! Very impressed with the quality of them. Highly recommend it, am definitely purchasing it again.

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