Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid

Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid

New Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid- Hanging

with an additional copper pyramid on top

Copper Meditation Pyramid- Hanging

Size--9 Inches

( L x W x H ) - 24cm x 24cm x 19cm approx

Weight - 820gm approx

 Made from copper sheet Meditation under the pyramid is easy and highly effective. 

The use of a pyramid in meditation can accelerate the process of bringing feelings of calmness, well being and a more open and positive attitude. 

Effects of Pyramid meditation:- 

A sense of weightlessness 

Electric-like tingling sensations 

Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body 

Tranquillity, relaxation and freedom from tensions 

Dreams with vivid colours and graphic visions 

External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away Time distortion, 

Space consciousness prevails Deeper, 

more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels 

Additional Uses:-

You can place water inside the pyramid to get it energized which is good for health

Gems, medicines, herbs, good luck charm can be kept to have additional power

Fruits and vegetables kept inside the pyramid have more power than normal. 

In big plot or industries, place it in Eight directions with once at the centre to activate auspicious energy to the premises.

Meditating with a singing bowl or Tibetan bell further enhances the personal and space vibrations.

Copper Meditation Pyramid for Peace, Yoga, Stress Release

Meditating under Copper Pyramid gives 3times more results. Its good for Healing Mind Body Heart Chakra, Self Peace, Detox, Yoga, Reduces Stress, Negative thoughts

Brings Harmony, Focus & Concentration, Relaxes & Calms Mind, More Cosmic Energy Power to person meditating under this pyramid.

The use of a pyramid in meditation can excellerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, well being and a more open and positive attitude.

Weight - 820gm approx. Size - 9 Inches


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Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid

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