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Feng Shui Golden Ingot with Stand Strong Wealth Symbol

Golden ingot with stand

Feng Shui Ingot is a symbol of attracting wealth, prosperity, greatness, and success.

Gold ingots are an ancient gold medium for exchanging expensive goods. It is believed that gold ingots have been designed by ancient Feng Shui experts in perfect shape to bring wealth and luck.

Gold ingots are highly recommended by all Feng Shui masters as the symbol of wealth and abundance. Ingot can be placed in the north-west sector of your house or in a cash box or on the accounts desk

Feng Shui Ingot is increase your income opportunities.

Feng Shui Ingot brings in abundance and affluence, as well as safeguards your current fortunes.

Display Golden ingots at the front counter or cash register of your office, store, or factory to attract customers, clients and dealers.

Highly popular Feng shui cure recommended by Feng shui consultants.

Buy Feng Shui Golden Ingot Wealth Symbol Online in India

Feng Shui Ingot symbolism of wealth and high status, an abundance of prosperity. It is believed to bring growth in business and wealth luck by placing gold ingots in your house, office, or shop.

Gold ingots are an ancient gold medium for exchanging expensive goods. It is believed that gold ingots have been designed by ancient Feng Shui experts in perfect shape to bring wealth and luck.

Gold ingots are essential for those involved in the business; they are believed to bring in abundance and affluence, as well as safeguard your current fortunes.

When placing gold ingots at your main entrance, make sure one can view them when they enter the home. This will allow the flow of good chi through the main entry points in your premise.

Feng Shui Golden Wealth Ingot With Stand for Fortune, Luck, Wealth, Success. Ingot can be placed in the northwest sector of your house or in a cash box or on the accounts desk. Vastu Feng Shui Home Decoration

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Golden / Black
Material Brass
Size 1.25 x 2 x 1.25 Inches
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 cm Approx
Weight 44 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

76 reviews for Feng Shui Golden Ingot with Stand Wealth Symbol

  1. Avatar of Monika Sharma

    Monika Sharma

    I have been using Gold Ingot for a few months. After getting a positive result, I bought another one. It has a mystical power. Love the product.

  2. Avatar of Margaret Elizabeth

    Margaret Elizabeth

    It works miraculously. Amazing product from Plus Value. I will buy another one in the future.

  3. Avatar of Yogesh


    It is a very nice piece

  4. Avatar of Priyanka Venkatesh

    Priyanka Venkatesh

    Feng shui product is very effective. It is a good to deal for me.

  5. Avatar of sneha rajan

    sneha rajan

    feng shui ingot improves income or wealth luck. very helpful and effective product.

  6. Avatar of deepak rana

    deepak rana

    Good product. It is so beautiful. it is for good luck. happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  7. Avatar of anjali sachdeva

    anjali sachdeva

    I like it very much. works very well. It’s very useful. amazing feng shui product.

  8. Avatar of riya rastogi

    riya rastogi

    feng shui ingot increases prosperity. the nice product it really works.👍👍

  9. Avatar of Siya


    Really good product. it really works. looks also good. very happy with purchase this product

  10. Avatar of shyam shetty

    shyam shetty

    very impresses with beautiful feng shui ingot. very well done. I love it

  11. Avatar of ankit sanghvi

    ankit sanghvi

    feng shui ingot brings wealth luck. works very well. It feels great.

  12. Avatar of vani walia

    vani walia

    Awesome product. very effective product. highly recommended by all Feng Shui masters

  13. Avatar of Kumar Lalwani

    Kumar Lalwani

    Very helpful and effective product. It’s a very nice piece. Happy with the service.

  14. Avatar of Ujjwal Jathlani

    Ujjwal Jathlani

    Plus Value is such a professional website that is increasing their business day by day by providing quality service and an amazing collection. This has been my regular shop.

  15. Avatar of Ratna Shekhar

    Ratna Shekhar

    One of my colleagues suggested me to buy this. It was a nice product. I’m happy to buy it.

  16. Avatar of shreya roy

    shreya roy

    feng shui ingot improves wealth and abundance. works very well.👍👍

  17. Avatar of Anand Ahuja

    Anand Ahuja

    This was kind of a life changer for me. It really attracts money and brings prosperity in life. I would recommend it to everyone.

  18. Avatar of yash sharma

    yash sharma

    I can place this product in my cash box. It works for me. very effective product.

  19. Avatar of Riya Kundu

    Riya Kundu

    Amazing collection. I bought a wind chime a few months ago. It was worth my money. This time, Gold Ingot. Worked as I expected.

  20. Avatar of Ishita wadhwa

    Ishita wadhwa

    feng shui ingot brings good luck and success in your business income. must try this feng shui remedy. effective and helpful.

  21. Avatar of Anjali Jain

    Anjali Jain

    I like it very much. Amazing product. Thank you Plus Value for advising me on such a product. It is a good buy.

  22. Avatar of Monalisa Verma

    Monalisa Verma

    I got attracted by its design. There is another one. With the increasing wealth, I decided to buy another one for my hubby. It fulfilled my satisfaction again. Happy to buy. It’s an effective product.

  23. Avatar of rohit vyas

    rohit vyas

    I found positive results after using this feng shui ingot. very helpful to me. highly recommended it

  24. Avatar of tanvi


    feng shui ingot increases wealth and money luck. effective feng shui product.

  25. Avatar of divya


    Lovely feng shui ingot! Very beautiful, and the perfect size! very nice product

  26. Avatar of Lisa Kutcher

    Lisa Kutcher

    Excellent product with affordable price. It brought good luck in my life. Nice communication from Plus Value. You can surely expect a positive result.

  27. Avatar of mahesh vohra

    mahesh vohra

    good quality product. very happy with the finishing. gives positive results.

  28. Avatar of Amit


    very attractive and effective feng shui ingot. Very happy with purchase this product

  29. Avatar of Anurag Dahia

    Anurag Dahia

    I am happy to buy this product from the Plus Value online store. It gave me positive energy which drives me every day to work harder and be prosperous in life. As I get u in the morning, I realize there is a power surrounding me. That is why my career got a new direction. I am earning more than previous and got a promotion recently.

  30. Avatar of Nisha Sharma

    Nisha Sharma

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. Really good product.
    it works

  31. Avatar of tanvi venkatesh

    tanvi venkatesh

    Beautiful product! Loved it! seen positive effects. amazing feng shui product

  32. Avatar of vikas


    Beautiful product! Loved it!
    it gives wealth luck and happiness in our life

  33. Avatar of Aditya


    Excellent feng shui ingot. very useful product… amazing item

  34. Avatar of Anurag Walia

    Anurag Walia

    Very Impresses with Beautiful Feng Shui Ingot. the nice product it really works

  35. Avatar of divya varma

    divya varma

    I Keep Ingot at my home to attract wealth. very effective and useful product.

  36. Avatar of Gauhar Walia

    Gauhar Walia

    Since I bought this, I am able to control my anger now. My business is running well. Thanks to Feng Shui Gold Ingot.
    A special thanks to Plus Value.

  37. Avatar of priya


    Very genuine product of good quality. works very well. amazing product

  38. Avatar of aishwarya pillai

    aishwarya pillai

    Great item, As expected, Good quality, As per the description, As shown in the picture. Happy I found your shop

  39. Avatar of Chandralekha Vyas

    Chandralekha Vyas

    feng shui ingot gives success in business. gives wealth luck. Very effective product

  40. Avatar of amit varghese

    amit varghese

    feel positive energy all around after placing this feng shui ingot. awesome product. highly recommended it

  41. Avatar of Anisha


    It helps in bringing multiple fortune luck. increase wealth, prosperity, and success.

  42. Avatar of Priyanka


    feng shui ingot increases good luck and prosperity. effective product👍👍

  43. Avatar of raj parikh

    raj parikh

    I love this golden Feng Shui Ingot. very effective product.👍👍

  44. Avatar of Akshay Vohra

    Akshay Vohra

    A very genuine product of good quality. feng shui ingot attracts money. increases prosperity in life.

  45. Avatar of aditya trivedi

    aditya trivedi

    feng shui ingot brings prosperity luck. very happy with the finishing. good quality product.

  46. Avatar of aryan pandya

    aryan pandya

    placed near my money incoming desk and it’s luck all the time…I love this feng shui ingot

  47. Avatar of priyanka tiwari

    priyanka tiwari

    placed in the north west sector of the my office to increases financial luck. It’s very nice👍👍

  48. Avatar of Mitali Venkatesh

    Mitali Venkatesh

    Very effective feng shui ingot. it really works. It is a really good deal.

  49. Avatar of Tanya


    Very nice, beautiful piece. Looks like the photo. very useful product. Highly recommended!

  50. Avatar of Dawn Varma

    Dawn Varma

    feng shui ingot brings wealth luck. the nice product it really works

  51. Avatar of Arjun Sheth

    Arjun Sheth

    This Feng Shui can be a symbol of wealth and abundance in your daily life. If you want to bring growth to your business, Golden Ingot is a must buy. I have already used it and got results. I will recommend you the same.

  52. Avatar of tanya thakur

    tanya thakur

    very happy with the finishing. totally impressed with this feng shui ingot. very effective product.

  53. Avatar of Abhishek


    feng shui ingot great use to me. gives a positive effect. I like it

  54. Avatar of manish


    Very useful and effective feng shui ingot. effective product. amazing👍👍

  55. Avatar of Parthib Rao

    Parthib Rao

    With the excellent quality of the product, I am planning to buy another one for my father also. I will recommend it to everyone. I bet you won’t regret it.

  56. Avatar of Shankar Dwivedi

    Shankar Dwivedi

    With the recommendation from Plus Value, my grandfather bought this product online. He is very satisfied with the product.

  57. Avatar of shaan varghese

    shaan varghese

    It feels great and I highly recommend it! Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  58. Avatar of rahul


    totally impressed with this feng shui ingot. look very nice and effective👍👍

  59. Avatar of abhishek shrivastava

    abhishek shrivastava

    beautiful in golden colour. Sizes are also good. I feel positive after having this.👍👍

  60. Avatar of Nitisha Roy

    Nitisha Roy

    There are some online shops that don’t provide good quality service but when I came across Plus Value online shop, I was satisfied with their service. In case of any queries, you can use their WhatsApp, phone or email support. You can track your product from anywhere you live. All products are made in India. They check all the products before dispatching.
    Excellent product and their service.

  61. Avatar of Manoj Sarkar

    Manoj Sarkar

    On every Diwali, I buy some gold. It is believed that you are possessed with luck and auspiciousness in your life. Previous Diwali was the same. I bought Gold Ingot from Plus Value India. This is truly worth my money. With a small amount of money, you get all the abundance in life.

  62. Avatar of sanjay


    It is so beautiful. works very well. awesome… I am loving it…

  63. Avatar of Aditya Srivastava

    Aditya Srivastava

    Beautiful product. Got a positive effect. Loved it. It gave me happiness with wealth.

  64. Avatar of rahul solanki

    rahul solanki

    Really nice to have it, Feel good after placing this feng shui ingot. Look wise also good.

  65. Avatar of priya rao

    priya rao

    It’s really good I like it. Very good quality. Excellent value for money. Always recommended.

  66. Avatar of Ankita Tiwari

    Ankita Tiwari

    Success in every business matters the most. I was so frustrated when nothing was working properly. Every client left me one by one leaving me in darkness. As a lady, there was little support behind me. I consulted with many people but the issue was not solved. One day I came across Plus Value India. According to their recommendation, I bought a Gold Ingot. Within a few days, some of my clients started to call me and I came back on my track. Now life is happier than before. This was my story in brief. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants certain success.

  67. Avatar of Alok Nath Tiwari

    Alok Nath Tiwari

    As I was searching on the internet, I came to know about this product. I bought many before this but didn’t get any result. So, I was retreating. Then, after consulting with Plus Value experts, I changed my mind and bought this stand wealth symbol. It is surprising that the product worked like a magic. My business is prospering so faster than previous. I am extremely with this golden Ingot. I would recommend it to everyone.

  68. Avatar of Vivek Sharma

    Vivek Sharma

    My grandfather suggested me to buy this product as he is habituated with it and has got the result. So, I bought them according to his recommendation. It worked for me also. Thank you Plus Value.

  69. Avatar of Rita Advani

    Rita Advani

    I am grateful to Plus Value experts. Their recommendation is worth one. I am happy with the result.

  70. Avatar of Trina Chaudhary

    Trina Chaudhary

    Do you believe in luck? No. I also was like you. But with my wife’s recommendation to buy Golden Ingot, I have got abundance and prosperity in life. Now I have started to believe in luck.

  71. Avatar of Nandini Sinha

    Nandini Sinha

    Great item. Good quality. I am lucky to have found this site. Happy with the service. Delivery was faster than I expected. It took only 3 days to reach my house.

  72. Avatar of Sanjay Solanki

    Sanjay Solanki

    I am impressed with this amazing product. It maximizes the opportunities in life. Too happy to buy this product.

  73. Avatar of Siya Shetty

    Siya Shetty

    This product is for those who want to acquire wealth and abundant happiness in life. Excellent product.

  74. Avatar of Vani Sanghi

    Vani Sanghi

    Everybody wants abundance and success around them. Business is risky. We take up the challenges but if we don’t make our surroundings strong, the business won’t prosper. There will always be missing something. This can be your much-needed material in your business. Everything will turn out magically. Buy once and get a long term result. Very affordable price which can be fitted for everyone. I have got the result, my uncle has got the result. There is a 100% chance that you can get a positive result too.

  75. Avatar of Mansi Agarwal

    Mansi Agarwal

    It’s a mind-blowing product. You can place it in your house, office, or shop in the northeast sector as mentioned in the description.

  76. Avatar of Rahul Dwivedi

    Rahul Dwivedi

    After buying Gold Ingot, I got a better job with a handsome amount of salary. I will buy another one for my mother.

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