Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Five 5 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour]


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Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Five 5 Rods Pipes Windchime
Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Five 5 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour] 560
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Feng Shui Wind Chime 5 Rods Pipes

Product Name: Windchime

Purpose: To generate harmony at your home by using the positive vibrations from the windchime

Quality: High-quality metal has been used to make this Feng Shui recommended Windchime so that you can generate positive vibrations in your space

According to almost all ancient Asian religious practices, vibrations play a big role in the harmonization of human life. Vibrations have spiritual significance. The concept was widely believed in the West too. This is evident by the fact that Windchime was used widely in the Roman Empire. 

However, Feng Shui Windchime is a very good instrument to add positive vibrations to your space. It generates harmony in your home. The balancing effect will be experienced accordingly the Windchime is placed in a house. However, the instrument is with immense aesthetic significance too. Therefore, it can also be used for decoration purposes. However, to have the spiritual effect of it, you need to place it according to the Feng Shui expert as per the unique needs of your home or room. 

Benefits of 5 Pipes Windchime:-

  • Windchime generates positive vibrations in your house & it creates harmony and harmonizes everything around itself
  • You can get the desired result as you want to keep the Windchime at your desired place
  • It can also be used for decoration purposes because of its aesthetic value
  • It destroys the negative vibrations
  • It has a soothing effect on the body, mind, and soul
  • It creates joy in the environment
  • It can be used to reduce daily stress
  • It has a relaxing effect on the environment
  • It can significantly improve mental health
  • It can be a key to the overall well-being of a person
  • It can be used as per the need of its users as directed by an expert
  • It attracts money and friend
  • It promotes health and harmony
  • It can transform potentially negative energy and negative vibrations into a positive one
  • It can be used as a gift item
  • It is known to bring money into your home.
  • It helps to remove bad luck.
  • It acts as a luck magnet as they guide the sound vibrating in space in a way that brings prosperity.
  • It is a good luck charm in the lives of children.
  • It helps to invite clarity, joy, and communication around your relationships.
  • It is a good source of positive vibes in offices and homes.

Places Where the Windchime can be Used

One can keep a Windchime just for decoration purposes. However, if a user wants to get more precise results, then he must consult an expert and keep it as guided to gain the desired result.

  • Garden
  • Home
  • Office
  • Business
  • The northwest direction of a space
  • Do not hang it over a door
  • Do not hang metal wind chimes from trees
  • Do not hang it where people sleep
  • Drawing Room
  • Place as directed by an expert
  • Place at the northeast corner for education and work

Recommended By

Windchime is widely recommended by a group of experts from different fields to harmonize an individual’s life. However, it is most widely recommended by the

  • Vastu Shastra Consultants 
  • Feng Shui Experts
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Decor Experts
  • Astrologers

However, it is also recommended by all those who have received benefits from using Windchime

So, you need to bring home a Windchime and use it as guided by the expert to transform the potential “sha chi” into “sheng chi”

Order Windchime Today and Generate Positive Energy to Harmonize Your Life!

A feng shui or Vastu wind chime can be a very nice way to add positive vibrations to your house. A feng shui wind chime will help you add feng shui harmony according to the way you use it. Depending on where you place it, your feng shui wind chime will help you balance the environment in which it is. You can choose different places for your feng shui wind chime, depending on the effect you want to achieve with it. If you mainly want it to decorate and add a nice harmonic touch, you can place it near a door or a window where you can see and hear it. You can also choose the spot according to how the breeze moves in it, either if you want delicate breezes or a windier place where your feng shui wind chime would sound louder. Your feng shui wind chime can be placed according to feng shui guidelines and the way elements are distributed within the house or the room.

Five Rod wind chimes can be used at the center of the house or at the main door or at the place where the vibrations are weak.

Wind chimes can be decorative, they can be musical, and in Feng Shui, they can also be powerful tools. it is believed you can attract money and friends and promote health and harmony within your family.

The sound is one of several Feng Shui “cures”, items that, when used in specific ways, can remedy a variety of problems. It sounds very sweet.

Wind chimes are used widely in Feng Shui to activate chi and eliminate any blockages that might be causing problems for a home’s occupants

Five Rod wind chimes can be used at the center of the house or at the main door or at the place where the vibrations are weak. Will remove all negative energies from home, bring all positive vibes and energy

Vastu Feng Shui Wind Chimes 5 Rods Pipes for Home Positive Energy Wealth Good Luck success happiness peace Good Vibes | Entrance Wall/Door Hanging for Decor and Gift Items Home Office Décor.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Black
Pipe Size 8 to 9 Inches
Weight 220 Grams
Ideal For Vastu,  Feng Shui, Home Decor
Ideal Location Window, Balcony, Entrance, Living Room
Wind Chime Length  31.5 Inches | 80 Cm
Country of Origin India

Want to order Wind Chime 5 Rods Pipes on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?


Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 6 cm

51 reviews for Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Five 5 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour]

  1. Avatar of Sanjay


    It’s really pretty and my daughter loved it. It was bought so that the environment of the house was maintained with a good vibe.

  2. Avatar of dilmini goswami

    dilmini goswami

    lovely sound nice 5 pipes wind chime Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  3. Avatar of Arya


    fend shui wind chime 5 pipes gives positive energy. also, the wind chime sound is lovely.

  4. Avatar of Kaushik


    Good decor product for home also good for gift someone.

  5. Avatar of nikhil dhingra

    nikhil dhingra

    The sound is good. Awesome product…gives positive response

  6. Avatar of Anjana


    Love these wind chimes. the sounds are lovely and melodious very soothing.

  7. Avatar of kartik dhillon

    kartik dhillon

    sound is soothing…works very well. Really good product.

  8. Avatar of SHAIL


    Love the sounds it makes. awesome feng shui remedy. recommended it.

  9. Avatar of Venkat Raghuveer

    Venkat Raghuveer

    Absolutely beautiful product and it produces good vibration sound. It gives positive energy.


  10. Avatar of Anjana


    The sounds they provide are enjoyable to me, relaxing and soothing. Love the positive energy

  11. Avatar of Khushi


    The product quality was really good. The great and gentle sound. awesome wind chime👍👍

  12. Avatar of kamalika dewan

    kamalika dewan

    it will give peace to your home. Sound is cool..love it.. worth buying…

  13. Avatar of Varun Sharma

    Varun Sharma

    feng shui 5 pipes wind chime used to reduce daily stress and improve mental health

  14. Avatar of GIRISH


    The sound is so soothing. feel the positive vibration. love it.

  15. Avatar of khushi deshpande

    khushi deshpande

    Very good sound..
    Awesome product…!!!!! 👍👍👍

  16. Avatar of Varun Modi

    Varun Modi

    feng shui wind chime creates harmony in our life. Very genuine product good quality

  17. Avatar of rhea sengupta

    rhea sengupta

    Really good product. it really works. Very happy with this purchase. Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous

  18. Avatar of girish deshmukh

    girish deshmukh

    feng shui 5 pipes wind chime remove all negative energies from home. it really works. I love the energy.

  19. Avatar of Anish Dasgupta

    Anish Dasgupta

    Very effective 5 pipes wind chime it has such great sound. I realized after used. 👌👍

  20. Avatar of Kartik


    the sound is lovely. The quality is very good. Very satisfied with the product!

  21. Avatar of kamalika


    The sound is wonderful. highly recommended feng shui expert. I love it!

  22. Avatar of SHAIL


    It gives really positive vibes. The sound is awesome. Its exactly as shown in the picture.

  23. Avatar of Dilmini


    They are wonderfully soothing and calming. the energies feel very good. amazing wind chime

  24. Avatar of Suhani


    attract positive energy. improve fortune and good luck. gives a good vibration. Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  25. Avatar of anjana desai

    anjana desai

    Product is good, looks & feels good . Mainly , Sounds good too…
    Sweet sound.

  26. Avatar of shrinidhi gupta

    shrinidhi gupta

    feng shui 5 pipes wind chime looks nice very well done. I love the sound. the nice product it really works

  27. Avatar of Nikhil


    highly recommended feng shui expert. very effective and works perfectly. amazing

  28. Avatar of shaan


    Love these wind chimes, the energies feel very good. awesome product.

  29. Avatar of indhumathi patel

    indhumathi patel

    feng shui 5 pipes wind chime brings good luck and happiness.

  30. Avatar of prashant chokshi

    prashant chokshi

    The sound and look is awesome. Happy with quality. Genuine Products.

  31. Avatar of shrinidhi jain

    shrinidhi jain

    Feng shui 5 pipes wind chime brings all positive vibes and energy. Really good product.

  32. Avatar of dawn chawla

    dawn chawla

    Beautiful and just like the picture! Love it. Awesome product and work perfectly.

  33. Avatar of sunil chawla

    sunil chawla

    excellent product. Good quality with sweet sounds. I’m using it on my home and it so sweet soothing sounds.

  34. Avatar of mitali chokshi

    mitali chokshi

    works very well. It is a really good deal. increasing positivity in the surroundings. awesome feng shui remedy.

  35. Avatar of Anil Shah

    Anil Shah

    feng shui 5 pipes wind chime gives positive vibrations and excellent sound

  36. Avatar of arya choudhary

    arya choudhary

    I like this very much awesome product. Very effective. it really works. lovely sound

  37. Avatar of juvina chawla

    juvina chawla

    The product is good…nice sound…give positive vibration and works perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

  38. Avatar of Paaus


    increases positive energy. feel relaxed and calm. awesome product.

  39. Avatar of pratik balakrishnan

    pratik balakrishnan

    Beautiful wind chime with equally beautiful sound…Loved it…works perfectly.

  40. Avatar of deepa balasubramanian

    deepa balasubramanian

    The product was amazing. Having a beautiful sound. Seriously love this. it’s an effective

  41. Avatar of deep banerjee

    deep banerjee

    Good product I like it. it really works. gives a good positive vibration. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  42. Avatar of akshay choudhary

    akshay choudhary

    it really works. gentle and relaxing sounds. it has such great energy.

  43. Avatar of Mitesh


    Very well satisfied with the product and can blindly order next time. The sound is so soothing.

  44. Avatar of Dipika


    Awesome 👍 I am enjoying the smoothy vibration & sound.

  45. Avatar of Nihari Ahuja

    Nihari Ahuja

    Very nice quality chimes and the sound is amazing! And shipping is extraordinarily fast!

  46. Avatar of Roopa


    Beautiful design and sweet sound.

  47. Avatar of Priya


    Very pleasant sound. Looks elegant. Also, you can have it at your workplace… Reduces some stress.

  48. Avatar of Nipam


    The sound of the chime is so soothing. really happily surprised with the purchase. It is such a lovely and beautiful windchime👍

  49. Avatar of Anjali


    Wow, it’s a very nice product loved it 😍

  50. Avatar of Acchut


    I was pleasantly surprised to receive this chime well packed. The product built is also made of good material and when placed on the window it does produce soothing chimes. It is the first one that actually worked.

  51. Avatar of Sabnam


    The product is beautiful, good quality, I received the product the same as per the picture. Happy with the windchime.

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