Green Aventurine Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties & Stone Benefits by Plus Value

green aventurine pebble tumble stone
green aventurine pebble tumble stone

Green Aventurine Crystal Healing Stone

Opportunities, Self-confidence, Positive Enhancement, Maintain Energy Balance, Optimisation, Good Luck, Success, Improving Life, Prosperity, Wealth, Soothes Anxiety & Stress, Maintain Adrenal Glands, Connection To Angelic Realm, Growth, Heart Chakra, All Rounder Healer, Winning Attitude, Promotion, Career, Jobs, Self Acceptance, Understanding Inner One, Adventure Of Life, Business Expansion, Intelligence, Creativity, Perception Of Thoughts

Introduction & Meaning & History of Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is globally known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’. Green Aventurine is a form of green quartz. This stone is the luckiest of all time. It was used by human beings for new wealth sources. It is also known as stone which creates an atmosphere where opportunities became inevitable. There are many varieties of colour available for aventurine stone but green is always considered to be superior among all aventurine stones.

The name ‘Aventurine’ comes from the Italian word “a Ventura”. In the Italian language, this word means ‘by chance’. Because the discovery of this stone happened in Italy in 1800. When a worker was working in a factory of Murano, accidentally some piece of copper filing falls on molten glass and the glass took appearance like natural aventurine but at that time this unnatural product was discovered and named as ‘aventurine’. Later on this newly discovered man-made product named became the actual permanent name for natural aventurine. As both have a similar appearance.

Tibetans have believed that looking at the aventurine would favour them with good eyesight and increase their focal power. So, Tibetans wore jewellery and ornaments made up of Green Aventurine. They used this stone in their statues. Before 1800, people of Amazon called Aventurine as ‘Stone of Amazon’. Those stones were worn by the warriors of Amazon.

This stone is very popular among employees to get a promotion in a new job in an early phase. It is very potent to create inner peace too. Besides the job, the opportunity has a very potent role in spirituality, emotional, physical & mental healing.

Besides ‘Stone Of Opportunity’, it is also known as ‘Stone Of Prosperity’, ‘Stone Of Peace And Compassion’, ‘Stone Of Amazons’, ‘Stone Of Abundance’ & ‘Stone Of Taurus’.

In Ancient Chinese Legend, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion was having this stone ass a Sacred or Holystone.


Better job business opportunity & luck is the first priority to use this stone. It is declared as the most powerful crystal to attract business and job opportunities to enhance the prosperity of being. It always encourages the person to make strong decisions with willpower and determination in business and jobs because it always reminds us that luck or good luck is within us and not present in another or outer world.

A manifestation of wealth and money is the second priority to use this stone. This will not only bring wealth but it will also help to hold it for years. It will protect your richness and will help you to be consistent in the acquisition of wealth and money. Even many believe that green is the colour of money and this stone if carried to a casino or at any gambling station you will not going to lose any money in gambling. It will also increase your thoughts regarding money and wealth.

Along with ‘Stone of Opportunity’ it is also known as ‘Stone of Prosperity’. It enhances the chances of being prosperous and abundance from every corner by increasing money, providing opportunities, releasing negative energies & provide protection to what we have in the present time. It will also bring good fortune. It attracts tremendous success in your life.

Green aventurine is associated with the Abundance Area of your house. It has been used for abundance. It radiates very positive and encouraging energy. It is recommended that you should place this stone in your east or southeast corner of your house to attract abundance, vitality & healthy growth. The reason behind green aventurine being an abundance attracter is because green aventurine has a connection with nature.

Green Aventurine has a good connection with the opening and balancing of the Heart Chakra. So it has a good effect on your personal and community relationship. It has a very good metaphysical property to accept self and others irrespective of they are having some dislike characters. So it will eventually help you to get connected with your inner one and the outer world.

Besides all this, it also has additional benefits like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. In further stanzas, we had tried our best to explain all these healing properties of Green Aventurine. Feng Shui expert’s recommendation with respect to this stone is also available.

Green aventurine brings success, optimization, positivity, wealth, abundance & victory attitude. It will also bring adventurous life, health, intelligence, creativity & perception of thoughts.


Green aventurine has significant work with your physical body. It intensifies your energy, work power, locomotion & movement abilities. Metabolism is the most essential life process. It also promotes quality metabolism. It has the ability to adjust both anabolism and catabolism of our body. These two processes work together and named Metabolism.

It would also increase the ability regeneration capacity. It is very beneficial to one who is having high cholesterol. Since it is associated with heart chakra it also helps to overcome any risk related to our heart or a cardiovascular system like arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, irregular heartbeat & heart attack.

It can also rejuvenate your entire body. Good to use during inflammation, allergy, sinus & skin eruptions. It will also bring vitality to your muscles. It also enriches your blood with essential nutrients & minerals. It increases the strength of connective tissue.

Green aventurine is convicted by many people to use for the growth of premature baby, for circulatory problems & assessment of physical regeneration and healing. It was also believed that it is having a beneficial effect on migraine pain, eczema, acne, pimples, wrinkles & fertility ability.

Aventurine is associated with the ‘Heart Chakra’ or ‘Anahata’(in Sanskrit this word means ‘unstruck’, ‘unhurt’ or ‘unbeaten’). It was used for many centuries to initiate the opening of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is connected to the calmness, serenity & balance of our human body. Anahata is considered the abode of both Jivashakti & Parashakti.

Green aventurine is having a very fast effect on someone who is getting anger, irritation, stress & nervousness. It helps you to get rid of thought wandering. It keeps your mind on one particular task. It calms your mind and brings focus and one-pointedness.  As it is associated with heart chakra then it helps you to get rid of emotional imbalance and emotional wounds caused by closed one.

Green aventurine will create your environment full of harmony, peacefulness, positivity & energy. It will also ground you. It would protect you from any psychic attack on the spiritual journey. Rather it will increase the tranquility & harmony in the spiritual path.


It is very helpful in balancing both the masculine and feminine energies of our bodies. It makes us strong enough to bear the loss of someone who is very near to our heart and soul. It also clears the auric bodies which are having irregular and unnatural rhythm. It is very powerful in self-acceptance and helps us to understand the value of self.

It is a very important stone with respect to the continuum of beings on this planet. It promotes evolution which is always accompanied by change and renewal. It is always one to expand her/his vision beyond the limit. It also promotes one to accept his/her efforts and embrace it. It does not allow one to get disheartened & depressed in the unconventional period.

It also unites your energy to set higher commitments in your life. It also vanishes unrest and uncertainty in our lives.


According to Feng Shui Vastu consultant, Green Aventurine helps us by utilizing Wood Energy. Wood Energy is usually for new beginnings, family, wealth and gratitude. It is flexible, strong & healthy. If you are going to start a new project or task place a green aventurine on your desk where you are going to work. Activity, inspiration, excitement, intelligence, warmth, and conceptual understanding is intensified by green aventurine.

Green Aventurine Crystal Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

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