Plus Value Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone Pebbles Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra Vastu Fengshui



Stone of ♥ Nurturing ♥ Grounding ♥ Shielding ♥ Peace ♥ Decision Making ♥ Emotional Growth ♥ Protection ♥ Health ♥ Creativity ♥ Promotes Calm ♥ Adventure

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Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone
Plus Value Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone Pebbles Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra Vastu Fengshui 1,2003,400
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Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone Pebbles – Reiki Healing Crystals [Original & Natural Crystal]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams (Please select your grams from the above radio button)

Size Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

Origin: Australia

Purpose: Used for healing the body, mind, and spirit

Size (Length x Breadth x Thickness) – 4.175cm x 1.7cm x 0.5cm approx.

Quality: Superfine quality

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Mookaite Jasper Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Colour Yellow & Red
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

Mookaite Jasper stone is a gorgeous opaque gemstone with some unsystematic patches and bands. These bands are of different colors and represent the various characteristics of Mookaite. The hardness of this gemstone depends upon the amount of silica present in the chemical composite of Mookaite, which varies approximately between 6 and 7, on Moh’s scale.

What provides the subtle yet beautiful combination of various shades in Mookaite is the presence of impurities such as manganese, iron, and other concentrations in it.

Benefits of Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone:-

  •  Helps to keep a balance between external activities and the internal response to them
  • Instills a deep and calming feeling while at the same time encouraging versatility
  • Highly considered a healing stone that bestows strength
  • Acts as a repellent against negativity shield the wearer from outer negativism and connects the wearer to his/her loved ones who have passed away
  • Meditation with Mookaite Jasper stone contributes to increasing one’s flexibility of thoughts and the ability to see multiple solutions to any problem
  • It also has medicinal benefits, as Mookaite Jasper heals blood sugar, alleviates dehydration, treats muscular disorders, cures cystitis, and kidney problems, and balances pancreatic secretions. 
  • At a spiritual level, it raises energy to the highest possible level and deepens spiritual connection.
  • Mookaite Jasper helps in attracting the positiveness, charm, and glaze of the environment, and soothes the body’s digestive system.
  • This stone helps to eliminate anger and negativity, apart from acting as a problem solver.
  • It also supports the brain’s cerebellum and releases excess weight.
  • Mookaite Jasper stone is believed to provide stability by boosting the wearer’s immune system and decreasing the effects of aging through its powerful energies.
  • Negative emotions which hurt the wearer can be detached from the high positive energies of Mookaite Jasper stone.

Some lesser-known facts about Mookaite Jasper Stone

  • Mookaite Jasper Stone is considered the stone of “here and now”, implying that its benefits can be seen very easily and prominently.
  • Brecciated Mookaite, which is an extraordinary and rare variant of Mookaite Jasper stone, is rich in silica and refers to the geological processes of the earth’s movements.
  • This stone is considered a great companion and support system for those who feel lonely.
  • One of the most powerful energies of the Mookaite Jasper stone is the red energy, which is believed to control all the feelings and movements of the wearer’s body’s energies.
  • Other varieties of Mookaite Jasper, including gold and scarlet shades, assist in stimulating the flow of energy and life force within the wearer’s body.
  • The yellow variety of Mookaite Jasper is believed to stimulate the energy of the distribution center and efficiently manage the wearer’s other relations.

Best ways to use Mookaite Jasper

  • Press Mookaite Jasper palm stone against your upper stomach to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of will and personal power. Doing this will help to connect with elemental Earth powers, increase self-confidence and realize self-worth.
  • Hold the Mookaite stone close to receive a gut answer and go with it, even if circumstances suggest otherwise. This would help because Mookaite emanates the energy of animal knowing, or instinct, and contributes to amplifying one’s own instincts during decision-making,
  • Mookaite Jasper beads are powerful when placed under the pillow, as it helps to remove insomnia and sleep disorders. It is also useful for newborn children, as its beads, when tied to the child’s neck, help during dentition and makes the child happy and healthy.
  • Tumbled Mookaite Jasper is also very useful for students to increase the wearer’s memory power at the time of examination. Mookaite’s color energizes the crown chakra and gives strength when needed.

Place where Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone is found

This multicolored stone with numerous shades of bands comes from specific areas of Australia. The main source of Mookaite Jasper stone is in Western Australia, at the Kennedy Ranges, near Gascoyne Junction of Carnarvon. This place is situated about 600 miles to the north of it its capital, Perth.

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Crystal purification (Crystal Cleansing):-

Keep the crystal in a bowl containing sea salt or Himalayan salt for about 12 to 24 hours before first use.

Placing crystals in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours also purifies the crystals

Recommended by Vastu Consultant & Feng Shui Expert, Reiki & Crystal healers

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100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

10 reviews for Plus Value Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone Pebbles Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra Vastu Fengshui

  1. Avatar of Rituraj verma

    Rituraj verma

    Product is very nice and price worth buying. Beautiful finishing
    value for money

  2. Avatar of Sandip Kulkarni

    Sandip Kulkarni

    mookaite jasper tumbled gives protective against negative energy

  3. Avatar of sravan Kumar

    sravan Kumar

    mookite jasper tumbled improver good health. it really works. Very effective

  4. Avatar of Abhishek Chawla

    Abhishek Chawla

    Mookaite Jasper helps in attracting the positivity. gives a good vibration👍

  5. Avatar of sanjana choudhary

    sanjana choudhary

    it works
    Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  6. Avatar of Riya Kumar

    Riya Kumar

    mookaite jasper tumbled increase self-confidence. Very effective healing power. I realized after used.

  7. Avatar of Komala Balakrishnan

    Komala Balakrishnan

    This is the real deal, I am very happy that has sent me genuine stones. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  8. Avatar of Sreedevi Nayar

    Sreedevi Nayar

    highly recommend by a reiki healing expert. it has such great energy. effective healing power.

  9. Avatar of Arjun Banerjee

    Arjun Banerjee

    I am so happy with my purchase. I feel valued as a buyer. satisfied with the quality👍👍

  10. Avatar of Shantanu Singh

    Shantanu Singh

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. it’s an effective mookaite jasper tumbled. I love the energy.

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