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Stone of ♥ Grounding ♥ Calmness ♥ Wisdom ♥ Good fortune ♥ Strength ♥ Stability ♥ Security ♥ Longevity ♥ Concentration ♥ Encourages

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petrified wood tumble pebble stone 200gm basket
Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone Pebbles Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra Vastu Fengshui 1,0003,400
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Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone – Reiki Healing Crystals [Original & Natural Crystal]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams (Please select your grams from the above radio button)

Size Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

Product Name:  Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone

Purpose: Utilized to bring its extremely solid Earth power

Quality: Highly polished and energy-rich stones

Tone Longevity: Long-lasting effects

Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone is the quintessential transformational stone. It is utilized to bring its solid Earth power to your endeavors to change yourself into something stronger. Its Earth Energy is additionally valuable in Feng Shui endeavors to improve vitality and carry bounty to space or room. Facts about the stone: Petrified Wood is a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are talismans utilized when the need is to figure out how to change a piece of one’s life to a progressively alluring state. Seekers are utilized when we need some assistance to locate another path, another methodology, or in any journey to pick up what we want but don’t yet possess.

Petrified wood is basically fossilized wood that has had its organic matter replaced by stone, step by step, as it decomposes. The wood structure is maintained, but the wood fibers are slowly transformed into stone.


Petrified Wood is a remarkable gemstone that can assist in grounding and transforming our lives in various aspects. It has the ability to guide us toward balance by keeping us connected to the Earth while uplifting us toward the sky.

Petrified tumbled stones are used to bring their very strong Earth power to your efforts to transform yourself into something stronger. Its Earth Energy is also useful in Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra in efforts to enhance vitality and bring abundance to space or room. Especially placing petrified removes the defect related to the southwest.

Petrified wood teaches us to take it easy, unwind, stress less, and savor the present.

Petrified wood possesses a calming effect. Whenever you feel burdened or overstimulated, simply hold a piece of petrified wood or keep it in your surroundings to evoke a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

Petrified Wood has the ability to establish a connection with your predecessors and past incarnations. In ancient times, Petrified Wood held great significance as people believed it stored the wisdom of the tree it originated from.

Petrified wood is beneficial in gathering dispersed energies and is particularly useful for individuals like writers and artists who may encounter creative blocks and distractions throughout their projects.

Petrified Wood can provide a connection to nature for those living in urban areas.

If you ever feel like you’re losing touch with nature, carrying Petrified Wood can help you reconnect.

According to the ancient practices of feng shui and Vastu, which aim to balance and align the natural surroundings, petrified wood is a significant element known for its strength and stabilizing properties.

It assists one in keeping pace with the day, keeping the hours from neither hurrying by nor moving too slowly one is, therefore, moving forward in a good and steady manner, helping one be more productive.
Petrified Wood is an excellent stone for masters & leaders, as it has endured the ravaging changes of time and become stronger.

Some people use tumbled Petrified Wood when working with past life issues &, open up to information from cosmic Records.

Many used tumbled Petrified Wood when working on their own spiritual growth process.

Other Benefits of Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone:-

  • Petrified Wood is an extremely powerful Transformer wood and is highly suggested for personal development endeavors.
  • Brings Good luck to you
  • Helps in securing a Stability
  • Offers a Secure environment
  • Indulges Strength
  • Grounding
  • Restores Calmness in the environment
  • Enhances the Wisdom
  • Grounds energy
  • Enhances Concentration
  • Energizes objective setting

Places Where the Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone Can Be Used

Petrified Wood is amazingly strong in Earth energy. Earth energy is the vitality of development, extension, fresh starts, sustenance, and well-being. It upgrades imperativeness, brings plenitude, and keeps us developing physically. Wood vitality is symbolized by green and brown colors. Wood energy is customarily connected with the East and Southeast zones of a home or room. It can be used in the following spaces:

  • To upgrade any space that you use for eating
  • In the room of a little kid
  • At a position of your home where you are starting any new project
  • At offices
  • Business Areas
  • At a medical clinic

It is related to the Family, Health space, and Prosperity and Abundance area. Wood energy is indispensable to your prosperity of fixation on your endeavors.

Time to utilize the Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone

  • Any time of the day
  • While starting a new life in a new place
  • While venturing into a new project
  • Whenever you want to bring in positive energy
  • While endeavoring into a new journey
  • When you want to build a positive space
  • When you want to generate mental peace

Recommended By:

Physically, tumbled Petrified Wood is said to help a wide range of healing, particularly any issues related to age, for example, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and joint inflammation. This helps in emotional development too.

  • Vaastu Specialists
  • Reiki Experts
  • Feng Shui Masters
  • Healing Stone Specialists
  • Mental & Emotional Healing Experts
  • Vastu Consultant

Once you make this Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone a part of your daily life you will definitely have a positive approach to life and have happiness all around.

Order This Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone Now and Have a wonderful life ahead!

Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Petrified Wood Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Color Brown
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

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100 Grams

200 Grams

300 Grams

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm
Grams: No selection

100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

4 reviews for Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone Pebbles Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra Vastu Fengshui

  1. Avatar of sheetal singh

    sheetal singh

    Nice pieces, good quality
    peaceful vibration
    Great value

  2. Avatar of Shreya Chopra

    Shreya Chopra

    good quality
    prompt response

  3. Avatar of Ritu


    Very useful in my healing practice.

  4. Avatar of Minu


    Very nice product and packaging were also good.

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