Vastu Copper Pyramid Strip for Toilet Defects or Cut Extention


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Vastu Copper Pyramid Strip
Vastu Copper Pyramid Strip for Toilet Defects or Cut Extention 5504,500
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Vastu Copper Pyramid Strip + wooden pyramid strip divider 3pcs + brass om swastik trishul + Vastu Copper Strip Pyramid Divider 5inch
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Copper Pyramid Strip – Divider is Used for Correcting Vastu or Feng Shui Defects.

What is Copper Pyramid Strip Used For?

  • If you have a kitchen and toilet facing each other, a pyramid strip can be placed at each entrance of both locations. It will work as a partition.
  • Any extended corner can be rectified by cutting it off with a copper pyramid strip/divider
  • It can be used to cut off any negative objects facing your door
  • Toilet on the wrong side can be cut off with the pyramid divider (to cut off negative energy)
  • Irregular Plot Shapes can also be rectified.

Easy, Simple & Effective Vastu remedy without breaking walls.

You can install 3 or in multiples of 3 like 9, 27, and 81 pieces for a better result.

For a larger area, you can join the 3, 9, 27, or 81pcs of copper divider strip with copper wire and connect them with each other.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Material Copper
Weight 68gm Approx
Dimension (L x W) 4 x 1 Inch/10×2.5 cm
Color Brown
Brand Plus Value
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm
Piece: No selection

1pc, 3pcs, 9pcs

60 reviews for Vastu Copper Pyramid Strip for Toilet Defects or Cut Extention

  1. Avatar of Diya Dutta

    Diya Dutta

    Good product and a must buy from Plus Value India online.

  2. Avatar of Komal Bachhawat

    Komal Bachhawat

    Good product.

  3. Avatar of Ankit


    happy with my purchase of this copper pyramid strip and the whole room feels amazing. recommended by vastu expert

  4. Avatar of Anjali


    Very nice, Looks like the photo. Highly recommended!👍👍

  5. Avatar of Ankita Sinha

    Ankita Sinha

    Plus Value India online like always on booking copper Vastu pyramid strips ensured to deliver it on time and even energized the product before letting it out for delivery. Happy that such authentic sites exist that work towards keeping your spiritualism alive.

  6. Avatar of yash


    totally impressed with this copper pyramid strip. The weight and size feel very comfortable…also the energies feel very good.

  7. Avatar of vani


    works perfectly. very effective product. after place this strip feel positive vibes

  8. Avatar of Payal Agarwal Jain

    Payal Agarwal Jain

    Good product. A must buy from Plus Value India if you have any of your home portions of business portions located in the incorrect areas as such portions reflect bad energies that can disturb your peace of mind. Happy, I chose to buy a copper Vastu pyramid strip from Plus Value India.

  9. Avatar of Sayonti Mondal

    Sayonti Mondal

    What a product! It does wonders for sure and helps to neutralize the ill effects radiated from your toilet is located in the incorrect direction. Works wonders for sure. Have been using a Vastu copper pyramid strip for more than 2 years and at the drop of a hat, I can recommend it to anyone with such issues.

  10. Avatar of rohit


    I am very happy with the finishing. impressed with this product. also, the energies feel very good.

  11. Avatar of Ayon Banerjee

    Ayon Banerjee

    Plus Value is a good site for delivering genuine products at a swift rate. Surely for those unable to find Vastu or sacred oriented products in physical shops can choose to purchase the product from Plus Value India.

  12. Avatar of Ishita


    gets the accurate result as well in first-time use this copper pyramid strip. awesome product

  13. Avatar of Nariman M.

    Nariman M.

    Good craftsmanship.

    It works as a curtain to contain the dosh energies. It really works. This is amazing.

  14. Avatar of Raj


    copper pyramid strip to use to correcting vastu rectification. very effective remedy

  15. Avatar of krithika shrivastava

    krithika shrivastava

    It can cut unwanted energy parts. effective and useful product. very satisfied with the product!

  16. Avatar of mahesh


    very easy to fix this pyramid strip. very useful and the seller also very helpful. excellent product

  17. Avatar of tanvi


    excellent vastu remedy for partition. very effective copper pyramid strip. Really nice item.

  18. Avatar of jay thakur

    jay thakur

    copper pyramid strip a simple but effective vastu remedy. highly recommended it

  19. Avatar of Aishwarya


    copper pyramid strip a very effective remedy for space division. recommended by vastu expert

  20. Avatar of Akansha


    Very happy with this purchase copper pyramid strip. gives a positive response

  21. Avatar of ishika


    used for correcting Vastu defects. Easy Vastu remedy without breaking

  22. Avatar of Aryan


    Any Extended Corner Can Be Rectified by This Copper Pyramid strip. really works. nice product

  23. Avatar of vaibhav tiwari

    vaibhav tiwari

    Easy vastu remedy without breaking. effective product. it really works

  24. Avatar of Amit


    very good quality of copper pyramid strip. good energy… size is good. Recommended…👍👍

  25. Avatar of trivedi tanu

    trivedi tanu

    Really good product and Excellent product. recommended vastu expert

  26. Avatar of divya


    I feel positive after having this copper pyramid strip. it works great for me.

  27. Avatar of Trisrota Saha

    Trisrota Saha

    Excellent product and love the way Vastu copper pyramid strips work to neutralize the ill effects from bathrooms. While the product shows its effect late but surely works to benefit you. Happy with the purchase from Plus Value India.

  28. Avatar of rajan sharma

    rajan sharma

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products
    it’s an effective

  29. Avatar of Sneha


    copper pyramid strip can be used to cut off negative energy. A very useful remedy. work very well.

  30. Avatar of vishal


    Copper Pyramid Strip used for correcting vastu Defects. The Nice Product. It Really Works

  31. Avatar of radhika trivedi

    radhika trivedi

    very genuine product of good quality. gives a positive effect.

  32. Avatar of Deepak


    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. it really works for me.

  33. Avatar of Aditya


    It is a really good deal. awesome product. highly recommend it!

  34. Avatar of Shruti Dalan

    Shruti Dalan

    Copper Vastu pyramid strips are a good product. For me, this product has worked like magic. And, I can happily recommend it to anyone facing challenges like me.

  35. Avatar of Shreya


    I am very satisfied with the quality of the copper pyramid strip and I feel valued as a buyer. 👍👍

  36. Avatar of Priyanka


    A very genuine product of good quality. it’s an effective product

  37. Avatar of rishabh varghese

    rishabh varghese

    Vastu remedies for vastu defects. it works. very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  38. Avatar of Sadaf


    copper pyramid strip used to cut off any negative. works very well. Very effective

  39. Avatar of Abhishek


    Really good product. it works. Happy with quality and quality.

  40. Avatar of shyam


    my house toilet is the wrong side. I can place this copper strip. It gives a positive response. very effective pyramid strip

  41. Avatar of raghav varma

    raghav varma

    Really good product. it really works. amazing product.

  42. Avatar of riya


    very impresses with this copper pyramid strip. The quality of the product is excellent.

  43. Avatar of Vandana Punj

    Vandana Punj

    Good product and a must buy from Plus Value India. This site offers authentic products and ensures to energize the product before letting it out for delivery. Have been a loyal customer of this site for years. Recently, I bought a Vastu copper pyramid strip to cut off the negative effects radiated from my room. A must buy surely.

  44. Avatar of ayushi venkatesh

    ayushi venkatesh

    I could see some difference after placing it in the house. recommended it.

  45. Avatar of Tanya


    very well done. gives a good vibration. it has such great energy.

  46. Avatar of vikas


    Copper Pyramid Strip Vastu Remedies Product Tool for Space Division. It’s Very Effective

  47. Avatar of Gorja Deora

    Gorja Deora

    Excellent product. Copper Vastu pyramid strip works the same way you want it to work for you. A must buy the product from Plus Value India.

  48. Avatar of rahul


    it really works for me. Awesome product…promote response. I love the energy of the copper pyramid strip. I realized after used.

  49. Avatar of prateek vohra

    prateek vohra

    After installing this we found positive results. amazing vastu remedy.

  50. Avatar of anushri vyas

    anushri vyas

    Very good product. I have seen positive effects after using this vastu copper strip

  51. Avatar of Payal Agarwal Jain

    Payal Agarwal Jain

    Copper Vastu pyramid strip is an effective product, which works exactly the way you want it to work. Bought it 2 years back from the Plus Value site and in just 8 months the product started showing good results. Happy I chose the Plus Value site to make the purchase.

  52. Avatar of Pankhuri Agrawal

    Pankhuri Agrawal

    Copper Vastu pyramid strip is a good product and works beyond your expectations. When I bought it in the starting days I was not very happy as it was not showing any results but after a span of some time, it started showing the results exactly the way I wanted. Happy I bought this product. Happier I chose Plus Value to buy this product as this product is 100% authentic.

  53. Avatar of Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar

    Bought the product – copper Vastu pyramid strip as my grandfather was unhappy with the direction of his room. Before buying I did in-depth research to find the site that provides genuine products at reasonable rates and found Plus Value for doing so. On booking the product from Plus Value India, I was satisfied with my choice as they did delay the delivery and even energized the product before delivering it out. Happy that I opted for this site.

  54. Avatar of Srijata Majumdar

    Srijata Majumdar

    Vastu pyramid strip is a good product and has helped me thoroughly overcome the negative energies radiated from my bathroom. Using the product for 3 years and yes it shows good results. When on an online platform ensure to buy it from Plus Value India as it is one of those sites present online delivering authentic products within 2 to 4 days. They also make sure to energize the product before delivery.

  55. Avatar of Manjushree Ray

    Manjushree Ray

    Vastu copper pyramid strip is a good product and I highly recommend it to those with kitchen and bathroom facing homes. This product works as a divider and helps to forgo the ill effects radiated from bathrooms.

  56. Avatar of Nikita Shaw

    Nikita Shaw

    Copper Vastu pyramid strip is a good buy from Plus Value India. It has been around 1 year since I have been using it and yes works like magic for you. Happy with the results of the product. Must buy from Plus Value due to their reasonability in cost and genuineness in the product.

  57. Avatar of Sonal Thirani

    Sonal Thirani

    Copper Vastu pyramid strip has always been a product that was used in the main door of my home as my mother believed our home was designed in the incorrect direction, according to Vastu. Thus, noting the same point I also booked it for myself before shifting to Canada from Plus Value India. Happy that the online site was swift with their delivery.

  58. Avatar of Samraggi Ghosh

    Samraggi Ghosh

    Great product and I love the way it works to create positivity in areas, which earlier reflect negative energies. Surely a must-buy product from Plus Value India. Happy with the results of the copper Vastu pyramid strip.

  59. Avatar of Sridatri Nandy

    Sridatri Nandy

    Nice product. I bought it online to gift it to my mother as she is a huge believer in Vastu associated products. The copper Vastu pyramid strip was delivered on time by Plus Value India and the packaging was not bad. In fact, the packaging was above par and my mother was also very happy about receiving this product as a gift.

  60. Avatar of Anju Lunia

    Anju Lunia

    Had bought this product as my kitchen and bathroom at home were facing each other. Vastu copper pyramid strips help to neutralize the ill effect as such positions at home are considered to be a bad sign or can even radiate negative energies. Happy that I chose Plus Value for buying the product of my need.

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