Wealth Abundance Reiki Healing Crystal Bag for Prosperity & Good Luck [Best Seller]

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Abundance Bag Reiki Healing Crystal
Wealth Abundance Reiki Healing Crystal Bag for Prosperity & Good Luck [Best Seller] 900 Original price was: ₹900.799Current price is: ₹799.
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Abundance Crystal Bag for Wealth, Prosperity, Good Luck, Money & Finance

12 beautiful Natural Healing Stones in a beautiful handmade jute carry bag.

Stones Weight – 200grams Approx

Benefits of Wealth Abundance Bag:-

Abundance Crystal Bag contains powerful crystals specially selected to attract an abundance of the wealth of all forms of life.

This Wealth Abundance crystal bag contains the following stones:-

Two x Pyrite crystals ( Known as a money magnet )
Two x Tiger Eye ( recognizing your needs )
Two x Yellow Aventurine ( Restricts overspending )
Two x Carnelian ( self-confidence )
Two x Green Aventurine ( Self-expression )
Two x Red Jasper ( Physical strength, stamina & Energy )

These crystals are the ultimate mood lifters and make you feel good about yourself and your world.

These mystical crystals for manifesting just about anything you want will help assure that the universe will supply all your needs.

How to Use Wealth Abundance Bag:-

Place an abundance bag in your office bag, handbag, safe, locker, or money cash box, or place it in the south-east corner of your home. Purify the pebbles with salt provided with the bag before first use avoid cleansing pyrite with salt water.

Daily give positive affirmations after bath & before sleeping for best results.

Abundance Bag is Good For?

Excellent for Gifting to your loved ones. Lots of people’s lives have been changed by using a wealth abundance crystal bag.

Good for New Startups, Businessman, Share Market, and Stocks Trading

Highly recommended by Reiki & Crystal Healers, Vastu & Feng shui Vastu Consultants, and Astrologers.

Buy Wealth Abundance Healing Crystal Bag Online in India

Prosperity, Abundance, Reiki & Crystal Healing Products

It’s a highly recommended & best-selling result-oriented product please do give it a try and you won’t be disappointed with it.

Paidย Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Why Buy From Us?

High-Quality Natural Crystals Are Not Found Anywhere in India.

Trusted Brand Since 1991

Want to order Wealth Abundance Healing Crystal Bag on Cash on Delivery from Our Brand โ€œPlus Valueโ€?


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

85 reviews for Wealth Abundance Reiki Healing Crystal Bag for Prosperity & Good Luck [Best Seller]

  1. Avatar of Manish Bengani

    Manish Bengani

    Excellent product. Do go for it for prosperity and abundance of wealth.

  2. Avatar of Mansee Mohta

    Mansee Mohta

    Along with the product, I also received salt from a plus value store to keep the pebbles purified. Happy with the results of the product.

  3. Avatar of Seijal Karnany

    Seijal Karnany

    Wonderful product and a must purchase as it strengthens your true powers and makes you vocal and active which not just works in your favor but also helps to attract money. Wealth abundant reiki healing crystal bags are a must for every household.

  4. Avatar of Amrita De

    Amrita De

    Good product and a must buy from Plus Value Store by those in constant search of wealth and financial upliftment. Keeping this store close to your wealth or in the southeast corner of your home not just helps you to attract relevant wealth but also uplifts your hard work in the form of recognition.

  5. Avatar of Patrick Chung

    Patrick Chung

    Was well packed and delivered within the estimated time. Plus value had used a 5 ply box and high-quality bubble sheet for wrapping the wealth abundance reiki healing crystal bag. A must buy the product for those looking for happiness and wealth in their life.

  6. Avatar of Ishita Sen

    Ishita Sen

    Reiki Healing Crystal Bag is a great product. And, the Plus Value team is thoroughly professional.
    I am happy to have bought all my Vastu products from them.

  7. Avatar of Keshav


    Beautiful crystal set. I use it, leave it in my purse at night or on my nightstand at bedtime to attract abundance, just as suggested! Thank you Plus Value.

  8. Avatar of Anshika


    Love this abundance set! Purchased as a gift and it got here pretty quickly! Items were exactly as described and the stones are beautiful!

  9. Avatar of Prisni Chattopadhyay

    Prisni Chattopadhyay

    Happy with the buy. 100% authentic site, do buy from Plus Value.

  10. Avatar of Sweety


    Great item! Arrived on time and it’s brightening up my home for sure. Brings some peace, balance, and harmony for sure! Thank you so much Plus Value.

  11. Avatar of Amisha


    This was one of the best purchases Iโ€™ve made on Plus Value yet! The owners of this shop were incredibly sweet and communicative, the shipping was so fast, and the crystals I received were beautiful.

  12. Avatar of deep patel

    deep patel

    such a great quality product. It works smoothly. very happy with the purchase of this crystal bag.

  13. Avatar of Sitara


    I just received my order today. I am extremely amazed by the size of the crystals. I absolutely love each crystal.

  14. Avatar of Ram


    this crystal bag attracts prosperity and wealth luck. very effective and useful stone. amazing

  15. Avatar of Shekhar


    very happy with the wealth abundance crystal bag. Thanks! totally impressed with this natural stone. amazing and effective stone.

  16. Avatar of Sam


    I am very satisfied with the quality of the stones and I feel valued as a buyer. work perfectly. awesome crystal bag

  17. Avatar of N.Priyanka


    Happy with quality. Genuine natural stone. Very effective healing power. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  18. Avatar of Srija Chakraborty

    Srija Chakraborty

    With the agenda to attract prosperity & wealth, I bought wealth abundance reiki healing crystals online from plus value. Crystals include pyrite, tiger eye, yellow aventurine, carnelian, jade, and red jasper. Each of the crystals has its own set of goodness attached. On delivery, I placed the crystals in the southeast corner of my home to gain maximum benefits out of it.

  19. Avatar of NISHA


    stone is so beautiful and it has such great energy. stone came with a jute bag. very nice and easy to carry.

  20. Avatar of Kriti Poddar

    Kriti Poddar

    Plus value is one of those sites that not just sell 100% genuine products but also promises to deliver those spiritual products within 2-4 days. I bought a wealth abundance reiki healing crystal bag from this site just a week back and to my surprise, it got shipped within 4 days of ordering the product. Moreover, what made me happier was that the product was easy to track, and in case of any inconvenience, it was very easy to reach out to the customer service. The customer service was not just available via call but also on WhatsApp.

  21. Avatar of swati


    I like the wealth abundance healing crystal bag!! I will be ordering again from this seller!! Love the little bag of stones as well! Thank you.

  22. Avatar of sanchit


    Lovely stone. very effective and energetic stone. It also came with a nice little jute bag. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  23. Avatar of Neelakshi Saha

    Neelakshi Saha

    In love with the product since the time I bought it from Plus Value has not just enhanced my self-confidence level but also provoked me to work harder, which indirectly has attracted substantial growth and wealth in my life. Good product.

  24. Avatar of Anurag


    Beautiful crystal, I love the energy it. it really works.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  25. Avatar of gokul


    Very happy with my purchase, great quality. Highly recommended!

  26. Avatar of Akshay


    crystal very useful in my healing practice. gives a good vibration. very happy with this purchase.

  27. Avatar of kumar Shah

    kumar Shah

    Very good quality genuine natural stone. Excellent value for money. Always recommended.

  28. Avatar of Suhani Singh

    Suhani Singh

    Excellent, full of positivity, gets positive results. very effective crystal bag.

  29. Avatar of dia


    I am totally impressed with this crystal bag. also, the energies feel very good. amazing crystal healing bag

  30. Avatar of Abhinav Modi

    Abhinav Modi

    Really nice to have it, Feel good after using this abundance healing crystal bag

  31. Avatar of Chandralekha


    Very genuine crystal good quality. Good for reiki healing therapy. must try this crystal bag. amazing product.

  32. Avatar of Isha


    increases wealth luck. gives prosperity
    Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  33. Avatar of Sanjukta Das

    Sanjukta Das

    Those struggling with their job or who want substantial upliftment in their career should choose to buy wealth abundance reiki healing crystals online from plus value stores.

  34. Avatar of leah Jain

    leah Jain

    increases prosperity luck. Good energy… feels very good to use.

  35. Avatar of ria


    Very satisfied with the product! I really like it. really impressed me. Thank you.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  36. Avatar of Diptesh Bakshi

    Diptesh Bakshi

    Good product, good seller, great price. I am happy with my purchase and I recommend it to all.

  37. Avatar of Pavithra Patel

    Pavithra Patel

    totally impressed with this wealth abundance crystal bag. also, the energies feel very good.

  38. Avatar of Anubhav


    Very good quality genuine natural crystal stone. Itโ€™s really good I like it wealth abundance healing bag.

  39. Avatar of Mitali


    It’s very useful for reiki healing. I can feel the energies of the crystals. It feels great.

  40. Avatar of Soham Sharma

    Soham Sharma

    it works great for me. Love the positive energy! I highly recommend it.

  41. Avatar of Sumit


    Really nice to have it, Feel good after using this crystal healing bag.

  42. Avatar of anu


    satisfied with crystals. Already started working with them. They are genuine.

  43. Avatar of Pranav Gupta

    Pranav Gupta

    amazing vibrations and works perfectly use for me. love this healing crystal bag

  44. Avatar of Paaus


    I can feel the energies of the crystals after using this crystal. amazing crystal and work very well.

  45. Avatar of shaan


    It is a really good deal. It feels great and I highly recommend it!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  46. Avatar of Samraggi Chanda

    Samraggi Chanda

    Not just the product wealth abundant reiki healing crystal bags are good but also the platform selling the product deserves a round of appreciation. The product ensures timely delivery, proper packaging, convenient and easy to reach out customer service, step by step pass on of information to the concerned customer in regard to delivery of the product, etc.

  47. Avatar of seema dasgupta

    seema dasgupta

    Very satisfied with the product! just as shown in the photograph. very effective ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  48. Avatar of Sumit Roy

    Sumit Roy

    Wealth Abundance reiki healing crystal bags is one of the best purchases that I have made to date. I believe out of the 6 given crystals in the bag, tiger eye, jade, and red jasper crystals have worked really well for me. Tiger eye comes with the power of recognizing your requirements, jade comes with self-expression abilities and red jasper allows you to gain stamina, energy, and physical strength. Been 3 weeks since I have been using the product and I have witnessed these 3 powers get stronger within me. Good product. Must buy from Plus Value.

  49. Avatar of Neelam


    Very good product. I have seen positive effects after buying this abundance healing crystal bag. crystal quality also good. I like it.

  50. Avatar of Devika Dayal Rai

    Devika Dayal Rai

    Lovely tumbled stones. Packaged well. Big size. Love them.


  51. Avatar of Menicaa


    It was a great gift to me and everything had good energy to it.

  52. Avatar of Anusha Sengupta

    Anusha Sengupta

    Very happy with my purchase, the stone is of great quality! Highly recommended!

  53. Avatar of dawn sharma

    dawn sharma

    Really it’s very affecting. Very useful and effective stone. I love it.

  54. Avatar of Madhu


    Thank you it is very beautiful and I felt the energy of the crystal as soon the package was open. It’s very lovely.

  55. Avatar of ajith solanki

    ajith solanki

    Very effective healing power. it has such great energy. I realized after used.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  56. Avatar of Pallavi Dewan

    Pallavi Dewan

    Nice product. Opt for it when you are in need of wealth and growth in your career.

  57. Avatar of simran shrivastava

    simran shrivastava

    the nice product it really works. very well done. I love the energy.

  58. Avatar of dilmini gupta

    dilmini gupta

    this seller providing you a good quality of the product. natural stone and stone came with a nice jute bag.

  59. Avatar of Sudeshna Banerjee

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Authentic, wonderful, and reasonable product from plus value. Definitely a must-buy for those who want to instill prosperity and wealth in their life.

  60. Avatar of Rohan Rao

    Rohan Rao

    I am very satisfied with the quality of the stones and I feel valued as a buyer.

  61. Avatar of Payal Agarwal Jain

    Payal Agarwal Jain

    Bought this product for my husband on his birthday. Since the day I gifted him this wealth of abundant reiki healing crystal bag, I have kept it in his office locker to gain the most out of those crystals. After 3 months of continuous use, we have been able to witness the energies of self-confidence, self-expression, recognition and wealth get intense. Happy with the way it is working for us.

  62. Avatar of nikhil dasgupta

    nikhil dasgupta

    This is the real deal, I am very happy that has sent me genuine stones and very satisfied with the quality of the stones.

  63. Avatar of nishi thakur

    nishi thakur

    very effective crystal bag. also, easy to carry. it has such great energy. it really works

  64. Avatar of kartik sengupta

    kartik sengupta

    very effective and useful crystal. I am very impressed with this crystal bag. I can feel the energy of the crystal. work perfectly for me.

  65. Avatar of Shobha


    I absolutely love getting to know each crystal and its properties. It Brings positivity & abundance into my new journey. Each one has come at a great time. I highly recommend it.

  66. Avatar of Parnika Modi

    Parnika Modi

    Happy with wealth and abundant reiki healing crystal bags. Since buying, I have placed all the crystals in my safe. And yes, it works as promised. Great product.

  67. Avatar of Jaideep Rana

    Jaideep Rana

    Good pricing as compared to the impact this product brings into oneโ€™s life. I am glad to have bought it. You may also try using this Reiki Healing Crystal Bag. It is impactful indeed and I am sure that you work for you too.

  68. Avatar of Kavya Benny

    Kavya Benny

    Happy with the purchase of wealth abundance reiki healing crystal bags. Recommended by my best friend, this bag contains 6 types of different crystals each holding powerful energies like self-confidence, self-expression, stamina & energy, etc. Works like heaven. To purify the pebbles, plus value has also given us the salt.

  69. Avatar of Oma


    I ordered the abundance bag set for myself. The crystals were stunning and of great quality, and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

  70. Avatar of Priyambada Talapatra

    Priyambada Talapatra

    A must buy the product from Plus Value online.

  71. Avatar of Snehaa Kundu

    Snehaa Kundu

    Good product. Very effective since the purchase date, especially the red jasper crystal. Red jasper is one of my favorite crystals as it has worked like magic for me.

  72. Avatar of Suchitro Basu

    Suchitro Basu

    Great product. I am very happy with the decision of purchasing abundant reiki healing crystal bags. Crystals that have worked for me till now are carnelian (a crystal of self-confidence), tiger eye (a crystal of need recognition), and pyrite (a crystal of wealth attraction). Completely satisfied with the way these 3 crystals have worked in my life. Good buy.

  73. Avatar of Vihaan Ahuja

    Vihaan Ahuja

    Good vibes were radiating off this entire package! You can tell that a lot of thought and love went into choosing the right crystals for me. Everything was packaged beautifully! I will be sure to shop again from Plus Value.

  74. Avatar of Vinita Khandelwal

    Vinita Khandelwal

    Plus value is the best platform to buy wealth abundance reiki healing crystal bags as it gives 100% authentic product at genuine cost. It also ships the product within 2 days and ensures to endow you with proper tracking by keeping you informed at all levels via mail and WhatsApp. Good platform and effective product. Also, note that the platform ensures to energize the product before delivery.

  75. Avatar of Priti


    Love my abundance bag! They all have such amazing energy, I would 100% recommend purchasing your crystals from Plus Value.

  76. Avatar of Meet


    Plus Value is a very good shop, they sell original & effective products. I received my abundance bag exactly what is shown on the website. I’m so happy to buy it.

  77. Avatar of Rudra


    I felt such amazing energy with my abundance of crystal bag, It is very effective crystals & original.

  78. Avatar of Menka


    The bag of abundance-attracting stones brings me such joy and I love having such a beautiful and effective crystal.

  79. Avatar of Avika


    After receiving I am even more convinced I picked the correct shop when I was guided to purchase crystals. Every crystal stone is just perfect. Packaging is good and very special. Positive vibes to all.

  80. Avatar of Shrishti


    Amazing Set of abundance, very impressive. Packaging & Delivery was Fantastic.

  81. Avatar of Payal


    Very nice abundance bag! Exactly like the picture, fast delivery and nicely packaged! Itโ€™s the perfect stone size to carry in your pocket. Excited to follow the instructions and get amazing results!

  82. Avatar of Kritika


    This stone is beautiful! It was made with such great energy and I am very happy with it!

  83. Avatar of Guddi


    Attracting abundance Healing Stones Set, Crystal tumbled Stones for Gift for sister attract work, money, prosperity, success & wealth. It’s really amazing crystal stone.

  84. Avatar of Keshika


    Lovely great abundance bag, I love it.

  85. Avatar of Akshita


    These stones are effective and they are Authentic stones. And, stones that are very commonly used for Healing purposes. It is a very effective crystal.

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