Amethyst Bracelet for Students Education, Studies, Sharp Mind, Memory & Concentration



Stone of ♥ Concentration ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Meditation ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Increases nobility ♥ Spiritual awareness ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Inner peace and healing ♥ Healing of body, mind & soul ♥ Balance ♥ Communication ♥ Protection ♥ Dispels Anger ♥ Improving Memory ♥ Clarity ♥ Intuition ♥ learning ♥ Inner Peace ♥ Geopathic Stress

(101 customer reviews)
amethyst bracelet 8mm
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Natural Purple Amethyst Bracelet for Student, Education & Studies

Available in Bead Size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm, and 6mm Amethyst/ Evil Eye, 8mm Amethyst/ Evil Eye, 10mm Amethyst/ Evil Eye (Please select your size from above)

Amethyst Bracelet is an extremely powerful and shielding stone with high spiritual vibrations. It was worn by Egyptian soldiers to calm their fears in battle. It is known as a natural tranquilizer.

Amethyst Bracelet is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, learning, inner peace, and positive transformation.

Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Stone Bracelet:-

  • Calming and Stress Relief: Amethyst is often regarded as a calming stone that helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. It can promote a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, making it beneficial for those who experience restlessness or difficulty in managing their emotions.
  • Spiritual Growth and Intuition: Amethyst is linked to enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition. It is believed to open channels to higher realms of consciousness and facilitate connection with one’s higher self. Wearing an amethyst bracelet may help in developing one’s spiritual abilities and accessing inner wisdom.
  • Protection and Purification: Amethyst has a long-standing reputation as a protective stone. It is believed to create a shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic radiation. Wearing an amethyst bracelet can help purify the energy around you and create a sense of energetic protection.
  • Enhancing Clarity and Focus: Amethyst is known for its ability to enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It is often used to support decision-making processes and stimulate critical thinking. Wearing an amethyst bracelet can assist in sharpening the mind and promoting mental clarity.
  • Sleep Aid and Dream Enhancement: Amethyst is associated with promoting restful sleep and aiding in dream recall. Placing an amethyst bracelet near your bed or wearing it during sleep may help calm the mind, alleviate insomnia, and enhance the quality of your dreams.
  • Physical Healing and Pain Relief: Amethyst is believed to have healing properties that can benefit the body. It is associated with easing headaches, reducing tension, and soothing physical discomfort. Wearing an amethyst bracelet may contribute to overall well-being and assist in relieving certain physical ailments.
  • These bracelets are stretchable elastic, bracelets made from Natural Amethyst beads.
  • you can wear this regularly and daily.
  • You will receive an Amethyst Stone Bracelet, handmade jute bags, and a Himalayan rock salt small packet.

Order now your natural amethyst bracelet and feel the changes in your life.

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Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Buy Amethyst Bracelet for Men & Women Online in India

Recommended by Crystal healing & Reiki expert, Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

Product Specification of Amethyst Bracelet

Stone Type Natural
Material Amethyst Crystal
Brand Plus Value
Color Purple
Beads 32-33, 21-22, 18-19, 15-16, 27-28, 21-22, 18-19 Beads
Beads Size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, Evil Eey 6mm, Evil Eye 8mm, Evil Eye 10mm
Weight 9gm, 19gm, 25gm, 39gm, 11gm, 14gm, 25gm Approx
Diameter 2.5, 2.5, 3, 3, 2.5, 2.5, 3 Inch/6.5, 6.5, 7.5, 7.5, 6.5, 6.5, 7.5 cm
Bracelet For Men & Women
Country of Origin India

About Crystals:-Crystals are precious stones & uplift energy. Each crystal has a sacred meaning. Many crystals have an extremely high vibration & become communicate with the higher channel. Crystals give protection from any negative energies existing there. Crystal helps you to resolve your current unhappiness.  Crystal also generates a strong energetic field that helps in releasing emotional fears.

Disclaimer Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and are not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition

Want to order an Amethyst Bracelet on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?

6mm Amethyst Bracelet

8mm Amethyst Bracelet

10mm Amethyst Bracelet

12mm Amethyst Bracelet

6mm Amethyst Bracelet with Evil Eye

8mm Amethyst Bracelet with Evil Eye

10mm Amethyst Bracelet with Evil Eye


Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm
Beads Size: No selection

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 6mm Amethyst/Evil Eye, 8mm Amethyst/Evil Eye, 10mm Amethyst/Evil Eye

101 reviews for Amethyst Bracelet for Students Education, Studies, Sharp Mind, Memory & Concentration

  1. Avatar of ajith mehta

    ajith mehta

    Good amethyst bracelet. I like it and wear it with amethyst bracelet. It gives a nice feel

  2. Avatar of - Latika Gupta

    – Latika Gupta

    Excellent product and a must buy from Plus Value India.

  3. Avatar of Ashna Khandelwal

    Ashna Khandelwal

    This is an amazing bracelet, I love it so much, It helps me so much in my study. A product worth buying.

  4. Avatar of Srijata Mazumdar

    Srijata Mazumdar

    Truly an amazing product. Worked like magic for me. However, ensure to use the product constantly for a longer time period to gain the most out of it as the product works slowly.

  5. Avatar of nishi memon

    nishi memon

    A really good amethyst bracelet. Everything is nice. Comfortable to wear. This bracelet gives a good vibration

  6. Avatar of Premlata


    It’s exactly as shown. Well packaged and therefore received in perfect condition. I wear it daily and feel positive.

  7. Avatar of Rohini Paul

    Rohini Paul

    Seriously wow. Works in an amazing manner.

  8. Avatar of Soumi Gupta

    Soumi Gupta

    Beautiful bracelet, Its effect is so much working in my life I am so happy with it. Nice product.

  9. Avatar of simran mathur

    simran mathur

    amethyst bracelet good for meditation. It helps release stress. Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  10. Avatar of Avinash Patel

    Avinash Patel

    provide inner strength. This bracelet gives a good vibration. extremely satisfied, perfect.

  11. Avatar of Rohan Luthra

    Rohan Luthra

    amethyst bracelet useful for positivity healing and protection. it really works👍

  12. Avatar of Anusha Kolhi

    Anusha Kolhi

    amethyst bracelet improves memory and concentration. it has such great energy.👍

  13. Avatar of S.K. M.

    S.K. M.

    Very nice and effective
    Very nice

  14. Avatar of Pranav Khanna

    Pranav Khanna

    It is genuine and when I meditate I can feel the vibrations. works very well.

  15. Avatar of seema kashyap

    seema kashyap

    the amethyst bracelet gives peace & harmony. genuine beads. gives a positive response

  16. Avatar of Rajendran M

    Rajendran M

    Very effective healing power. I realized after used.

  17. Avatar of Shargun Mehta

    Shargun Mehta

    It is a very Pretty bracelet and good vibrations, I felt the vibration as soon as I held ’em in my hand.
    One of the best purchases from plus value.

  18. Avatar of Mandy


    It Came on time & and can definitely feel the energy of this! Shipping was quick too. Amazing.

  19. Avatar of parul mehta

    parul mehta

    I really like this bracelet. it gives us positive energy.

  20. Avatar of Poulomi Basu

    Poulomi Basu

    Amethyst bracelet is a great product. Been using it for over 3 years and must say it is highly effective in making you a better version of yourself. Note that the bracelet does not instantly work within 2 weeks or so. It takes substantial time to work in your favor and you need to be patient.

  21. Avatar of Lisha Chaddha

    Lisha Chaddha

    Amethyst bracelet 8mm is a crucially important wearable that one can have as it not just helps you to understand your dreams but also facilitates the visualization process. With the aim to have a clearer picture of what I want to become in life, I bought the bracelet from Plus Value India. Plus Value store for me personally has been a life saver online platform as it not just provides you with genuine products but also ensures to energize all the products before delivery. Happy with the product that I recently bought.

  22. Avatar of Kamya


    I love my amethyst bracelet it matches the amethyst necklace that I have it’s so nice I love it thank you so much Plus Value.

  23. Avatar of Ankita Mookherjee

    Ankita Mookherjee

    Great product. Works in your favor to eliminate negativity and attract some positive vibes. Apart from this, it also helps to internally transform you into a better person. Bought the amethyst bracelet from Plus Value India as this is one of those online sites that envisions building their customer base by providing genuine products at a reasonable cost.

  24. Avatar of Shilpa Singh

    Shilpa Singh

    It helps my full concentration on my work, and gives positive, improve memory power, good for meditation, and remove negativity from my life, it is a really good product.

  25. Avatar of Kelly


    I love the amethyst bracelet so much it’s definitely my new favorite. It fits really well and is of good quality. Thank you Plus Value.

  26. Avatar of Eyeleen Dtalukdar

    Eyeleen Dtalukdar

    The stone amethyst is associated with boosting various qualities in you. A few of the qualities that it helps to enhance our spiritual awareness, nobility, inner peace, learning, and also helps you to transform towards positivity. As this stone had so many good benefits, I wanted to buy it. On recommendation from my friend who is a frequent user of Plus Value, I chose this site to buy the Amethyst bracelet. Extremely happy with the purchase and anxiously looking forward to benefiting from it.

  27. Avatar of Jayshree Poddar

    Jayshree Poddar

    The amethyst bracelet is an amazing product solely designed to assimilate new ideas, boost qualities like concentration, spiritual awareness, nobility, inner peace, etc. Since the time I bought this product from Plus Value India, I must say I feel more peaceful and positive than before. The product has also helped me control my anxiousness and anger levels. Happy with the buy.

  28. Avatar of Pariniti Pandit

    Pariniti Pandit

    I am so grateful to “plus value” for such a beautiful amethyst bracelet and for the lovely gift. Many blessings to “plus value”. I am already feeling so positive and blessed.

  29. Avatar of Ishani Bhura

    Ishani Bhura

    Bought the Amethyst bracelet online from the Plus Value store for my sister as a birthday gift for her. Opted for this product as Amethyst is a stone associated with February month and my sister is February born. Was amazed to see that the product was delivered by Plus Value India on time and a step-by-step report of the product from packaging to delivery was given to me through the mail and WhatsApp messages.

  30. Avatar of Ritwika Ray

    Ritwika Ray

    My mother gifted me the amethyst bracelet as my boards were approaching and I was suffering from acute concentration issues. Must say the product worked really well in my favor. Happy that my mother bought the product from an authentic site like Plus Value India.

  31. Avatar of Pooja Mahajan

    Pooja Mahajan

    When I wear it, it increases my nobility, confidence, improves my motivation, and good for meditation. I am happy with the purchase.

  32. Avatar of Ganesh


    Thanks to plus Value for the wonderful product. Received the item exactly as it is shown on the site. Works wonder I could easily feel the changes after wearing it. it’s a very effective bracelet.

  33. Avatar of Kritika Paul

    Kritika Paul

    Being a regular customer of Plus Value India store, I also choose this site to buy all my sacred, religious, and healing products. Currently, just a week back I bought an Amethyst bracelet from this site for myself as I was suffering from concentration issues for quite some time. As usual, the online site delivered the product to me on time and also ensured to energize the product before delivering it to me. Happy with the buy and I know it will work well for me.

  34. Avatar of Rema


    I realized how special my amethyst stone really is. I love amethyst stone, it is the one I am most drawn to since I started my crystal journey. Happy to buy it.

  35. Avatar of Karanwant Gill Garcha

    Karanwant Gill Garcha

    Amethyst is called a memory stone and for this purpose, I bought the Amethyst Bracelet 8mm from Plus Value India for my child. My child for quite a long has been suffering from concentration issues on grounds of academics. Thus, to help her I opted for this stone after thorough research online. Hope the stone will work in her favor and help her enhance her memorizing skills.

  36. Avatar of Trisrota Ojha

    Trisrota Ojha

    Happy with the product – An amethyst bracelet that I bought from Plus Value store India. A must-buy product as it helps you to improve your concentration level to great extent. More than this, I was also amazed at how the online platform swiftly delivered the product in just 2 days and also ensured to energize the product so that you are able to make the most out of the product. Happy with the product and online site, both.

  37. Avatar of Ranjita Malhotra

    Ranjita Malhotra

    It is my first order, and I am so happy about this bracelet, It is a very good bracelet. effective bracelet.

  38. Avatar of Chandni Chhabra

    Chandni Chhabra

    It’s beautiful. I have never seen anything like this. it’s comfortable.. it bends!! Its soft.. very nice looking. I wear it daily when I go to the office for positivity.

  39. Avatar of Riddhi Gupta

    Riddhi Gupta

    Great product. My child has been using this product for over 2 years and I have seen the changes in her. Earlier, she faced a lot of issues in regard to concentration but now it is better. Happy that I opted for the right product from the right site. Definitely a must-buy product from Plus Value India for all those parents with kids suffering from concentration problems.

  40. Avatar of Chirasree Sutradhar

    Chirasree Sutradhar

    Traditionally the amethyst stone was used to prevent drunkenness. However, alongside this, the product has other benefits like it dispels fear, anger, and anxiety and converts lower energies into higher frequencies. As the stone was available in bracelet form, I chose to buy the product from Plus Value India. Extremely happy with the product.

  41. Avatar of Suzzane


    I love this amethyst bracelet. So beautiful and feels good. Thank you so much.

  42. Avatar of Oindrila Das

    Oindrila Das

    Seriously an amazing product and must be bought for those suffering from concentration issues. A tried and tested product. Amethyst bracelet genuinely helps you to enhance your memorizing skills and also helps to block geopathic stress. Definitely, a product must purchase from the Plus Value India store. Worked extremely well for me, would work the same way for you.

  43. Avatar of Franics


    Wonderful, my emotions definitely have been more clear since wearing it. It is a very beautiful bracelet.

  44. Avatar of Joshika


    It’s very fine and the stones used are real, of good quality, I got my amethyst bracelet and it’s really awesome.

  45. Avatar of Anshu


    It’s a pure amethyst, I’m satisfied with the product. It’s 100% real. I’m so happy to buy it.

  46. Avatar of Nancy


    The beads are of the highest quality, & the stone bracelets I’ve seen on Plus Value. They are comfortable to wear and easily adjustable.

  47. Avatar of Maria


    I Love this bracelet! I feel it works! Amazing amethyst bracelet.

  48. Avatar of Amena


    I got my amethyst crystal bracelet! I purchased them to hopefully help me get a better night’s rest. I feel like they work! And the shipping was pretty quick too! I am really happy to buy this from Plus Value.

  49. Avatar of Haylee


    Absolutely love this gorgeous amethyst bracelet! Thank you so much.

  50. Avatar of Jean


    I have truly enjoyed this bracelet. The quality is fabulous and it more than met my expectations. It works very well. I just love it.

  51. Avatar of Aaruhi


    I absolutely love the quality of these amethyst beads and the bracelet is very well made. I will definitely be purchasing from Plus Value shop again!

  52. Avatar of Kiyaan


    I love this color. It’s a perfect size, fits well and purple color not too bright not too dark. Fast shipping too. I’m glad I found this bracelet Plus Value shop.

  53. Avatar of Rovin


    Gorgeous amethyst bracelet LOVE this bracelet as much as all the rest from this wonderful shop. I always wear & use this bracelet as natural energy cleanse negative energy repellent, It gives me very well results. I am so happy.

  54. Avatar of Subha


    Absolutely love this bracelet! It’s so high quality and feels amazing on, it helps me feel grounded throughout the day. Amazing experience.

  55. Avatar of Anshika


    Wow, I am very impressed by this beautiful bracelet. Good quality, and super fast shipping I am very pleased and will be returning back to this shop as well as recommending it to friends and family. Well done 👍

  56. Avatar of Urfi


    Beads are original anyone can buy them with trust, it gives positive results I am using this to heal myself. I’m super happy with it.

  57. Avatar of Sonika


    I like this amethyst bracelet. They’re very nice. This shop was responsive to my inquiries and solved my issue. It took a short time to receive the order. I was happy when it arrived.

  58. Avatar of Donals


    I love amethyst stone, it is a very good meditative stone & calming stone. The package arrived promptly and the bracelet is beautiful. Thank you for such a beautiful bracelet.

  59. Avatar of Urvi


    It is a very lovely amethyst stone bracelet. Very well works. Amazing.

  60. Avatar of Makayla


    Thank you very much for this lovely amethyst bracelet. The bracelet is as described and the quality is excellent. All my expectations are met.

  61. Avatar of Aaisha


    Wonderful amethyst bracelet. Perfect for me. I wear this very often and just holding it while I’m anxious calms me down. Thank you so much.

  62. Avatar of Anshika


    I just received my amethyst bracelet it looks so pretty, It brings good energy. I am really happy to buy it.

  63. Avatar of Antrika


    Authentic and powerful bracelet.

  64. Avatar of Jackie


    I love this cool-looking bracelet. It is a very effective bracelet. I just love it so much. So happy to buy this from Plus Value.

  65. Avatar of Sasha


    It looks and feels great! Looks so beautiful.

  66. Avatar of Angela


    A beautiful amethyst bracelet which I’m wearing daily. Love it so much I may buy another one for my sister-in-law. Amazing effect.

  67. Avatar of Doreen


    Beautiful amethyst bracelet at a very reasonable price. The amethyst beads are high quality – deep, intense purple, and wonderful. Thank you.

  68. Avatar of Bhumi


    What a beautiful bracelet, It is beautiful and its color is wonderful, amazing positive energy. I love it and I am very happy with it.

  69. Avatar of Bijomita


    I just love my amethyst bracelet it is very powerful and helped in my meditation. Thank you so much.

  70. Avatar of Meis


    This was an amazing amethyst beaded bracelet also in look and in energy experience, it is so good. Awesome bracelet.

  71. Avatar of Nancy


    I love the weight of the bracelet that it carries… I felt the energy from it right out of the package. Beautiful bracelet.

  72. Avatar of Nora


    Beautiful amethyst bracelet and gives off very nice energy. So happy.

  73. Avatar of Amayra


    It is beautiful. I love amethyst. This is a beautiful bracelet.

  74. Avatar of Anshika Malhotra

    Anshika Malhotra

    Beautiful bracelet. I feel that it helps me calm my anxiety and stress while in a work environment. Amazing bracelet.

  75. Avatar of Urvashi


    This amethyst bracelet is VERY pretty! 🌈 It has a lot of positive energy.😍 I was SO surprised, it brightened my day. I am really happy with it.

  76. Avatar of Fern


    Fit amazingly and amazing quality. I love it so much.

  77. Avatar of Robin


    Beautiful amethyst bracelet. well made and good quality stones.

  78. Avatar of Sunaina


    I love it! good weight, and quality, and the bracelet have good energy. beautiful work. I just love it.

  79. Avatar of Prema


    Beautiful amethyst bracelet. Exceeded my expectations. Ordered this for a good friend for her birthday, and it arrived in time. Shipping was very fast and the product arrived in great condition. Would recommend the Plus Value.

  80. Avatar of Blindbob


    Best quality! Came fast too! Love it! Amethyst Carries lots of good energy! Will definitely purchase from Plus Value again!

  81. Avatar of Kusum


    The amethyst bracelet is beautiful. It is a gift for a friend. I am pleased to be giving her such a nice quality bracelet. Thank you.

  82. Avatar of Kelly Desuza

    Kelly Desuza

    Absolutely beautiful bracelet of Amethyst to add to my collection, thank you.

  83. Avatar of Soumya Mehra

    Soumya Mehra

    Beautiful authentic amethyst stones. Very happy with my purchase!

  84. Avatar of Jeremie


    Beautiful amethyst bracelet and has been working really well. Thank you so much.

  85. Avatar of Alisa


    Amazing! It’s so a beautiful bracelet, I’ve gotten so many compliments. Thank you for the beautiful bracelet.

  86. Avatar of Veena


    The bracelet was well made. I will definitely be ordering from them again. They had constant communication with me and I appreciate that. Great shop and Products.

  87. Avatar of Merry


    Amethyst has been pulling me to it like a magnet. Finally, received my first amethyst bracelet original. It’s beautiful. I love it.

  88. Avatar of Minakshi


    I am so pleased with the Amethyst bracelet, it’s beautiful and of nice quality. It was dispatched and arrived quickly. Definitely recommend.

  89. Avatar of Akshara


    I found my Amethyst bracelet of excellent quality. Amazing quality.

  90. Avatar of Sifa


    Beautifully crafted amethyst bracelet. Am excited to give to my sister to help support her healing. She will get to enjoy this beautiful bracelet.

  91. Avatar of Megan


    I feel energetical & they are genuine stones. Well packaged, delivered on a time. Very happy. Thank you.

  92. Avatar of Jazz


    The quality of the bracelet is amazing & it’s so beautiful. I really happy & the customer service was amazing.

  93. Avatar of Blair


    I like it very much. Very beautiful bracelet. I love amethyst stone.

  94. Avatar of Tracy


    It is wonderful. I bought this lovely bracelet for myself. I will buy it for my daughter and I definitely recommend this!

  95. Avatar of Anjika


    I love my bracelet. It is beautifully made and is exactly as shown on the website. Looks amazing.

  96. Avatar of Naitika


    I get positivity in my thoughts and actions, after wearing this. This is a very awesome amethyst bracelet.

  97. Avatar of Subha


    Using it for a week for only yoga. And it is boosting my aura. It works very well & it has some positive energy produced when I wear it. Happy to buy it.

  98. Avatar of Julia


    Very nice bracelet this is my favorite stone, thanks!

  99. Avatar of Mohina


    The bracelet’s quality was good. I am pleased with this purchase as it has exceeded my expectations. So happy to buy it.

  100. Avatar of Merry M.

    Merry M.

    I absolutely love my amethyst crystal bracelet. It is amazing!! It is beautifully made, very comfortable to wear, and was packaged very well. It came in a lovely little bag. It arrived quickly. Thank you so much Plus Value.

  101. Avatar of Julian


    I love this bracelet. The purple stones are gorgeous.

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