Purple Amethyst Quartz Dowsing Pendulum For Dowsing Expert & Masters



Stone of ♥ Concentration ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Meditation ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Increases nobility ♥ Spiritual awareness ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Inner peace and healing ♥ Healing of body, mind & soul ♥ Balance ♥ Communication ♥ Protection ♥ Dispels Anger ♥ Memory ♥ Improving M♥ Clarity ♥ Intuition ♥ learning ♥ Inner Peace ♥ Geopathic Stress

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Purple Amethyst Quartz Dowsing Pendulum
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Amethyst Quartz Dowsing Pendulum Free Dowsing Charts for Dowsing Experts & Masters

Dowsing is the process of using a tool such as a pendulum to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses. You can search for anything by projecting an intent of what is desired and receiving confirmation or non-confirmation feedback through the body, usually by the movements of a dowsing instrument.

Dowsing for Questions

You can ask your rods to cross in front of you to provide a “No” answer and open up around you for a “Yes” answer. In this manner, you can ask many questions by gently walking with your rods, accessing your subconscious, and setting yourself free of ties that may bind you or hold you back from your true potential.

You will find unlimited uses for pendulums & which offer many dowsing techniques and applications.

Amethyst Dowsing pendulum can be used to:-
LOCATE – underground water, gas, oil, gold, minerals, gems, lost objects; missing persons or pets; underground pipes and leaks; faulty equipment, etc.

Today Energy Vastu consultants (Vastu & Feng Shui experts) use the pendulum to:
EVALUATE – plot energy, home & office vibrations, locate a suitable site for a person, find negative blocks, etc.

Today dowsers also use the pendulum to:
A TEST FOR –Chakra balancing, Aura cleaning, Energy scanning, etc.

Pendulum dowsing is used often to:
DETERMINE — compatibility between people, places, and things; health of the plants and animals, etc.

Use pendulums to:
CHOOSE — investments and stocks; careers; life partners; auspicious dates and timing; foods, etc.

The Dowsing Pendulum can help you find out about houses, apartments, roommates, employees, cars, or anything you have in mind.

Dowsing by using a Map

Map dowsing is a method of dowsing using a map instead of visiting a  site. This can be done using a pendulum or rod in one hand whilst pointing at the map with a marker in the other hand. When the target is found the pendulum will swing in the affirmative. However, many other techniques are used successfully. Sometimes map dowsing is done prior to a site visit and will reduce the time spent on site.

More Information

Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods, or a pendulum. Also known as divining, water witching, doodle bugging, and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in long-forgotten history. However, it is thought to date back at least 8,000 years. Wall murals, estimated to be about 8,000 years old, discovered in the Tassili Caves of North Africa depict tribesmen surrounding a man with a forked stick, possibly dowsing for water. Artwork from ancient China and Egypt seems to show people using forked tools in what might have been dowsing activities. Dowsing may have been mentioned in the Bible, although not by name when Moses and Aaron used a “rod” to locate water. The first unambiguous written accounts of dowsing come from the Middle Ages when dowsers in Europe used it to help find coal deposits.

All things, living and inanimate, the theory suggests, possess an energy force. The dowser, by concentrating on the hidden object, is somehow able to tune in to the energy force or “vibration” of the object which, in turn, forces the dowsing rod, pendulum, or stick to move. The dowsing tool may act as a kind of amplifier or antenna for tuning into the energy. Skeptics, of course, say that dowsing doesn’t work at all. Dowsers who seem to have a track record for success, they contend, are either lucky or have good instincts or trained knowledge of where water, minerals, and the like can be found. For believers or skeptics, there’s no definitive proof either way. Albert Einstein, however, was convinced of the authenticity of dowsing. He said, “I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition.

Amethyst Dowsing Pendulum

Excellent tool for dowsing experts, students, and for personal use

Product Specification

Primary Material Amethyst Quartz Crystal
Accessories Dowsing Charts
Free Jute Bag & Four Dowsing Charts
Color Purple
Uses Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki & Dowsing
Weight 12 grams
String Size 7 Inch ( 18cm )
Dimensions ( L x W ) 2 x 0.5 Inch/5×1.5 cm
Brand Plus Value
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

57 reviews for Purple Amethyst Quartz Dowsing Pendulum For Dowsing Expert & Masters

  1. Avatar of ABHI


    crystal quality is very good. worth buying with the best quality. amazing amethyst pendulum.

  2. Avatar of Mohan


    100% working and authentic must buy


  3. Avatar of tanu


    perfect working and authentic must buy this amethyst dowsing pendulum.

  4. Avatar of pranav rastogi

    pranav rastogi

    Very good product. I have seen positive effects after using this amethyst dowsing pendulum.

  5. Avatar of radhika venkatesh

    radhika venkatesh

    Excellent product Reiki Healing Dowser. Very effective healing power. 👍👍

  6. Avatar of juvina


    works well as a pendulum. very effective pendulum. value for money

  7. Avatar of Soham


    amethyst dowsing pendulum gives immediate responses and feels very good to use.
    Really nice item.

  8. Avatar of sunil iyer

    sunil iyer

    gives positive responses. very happy with purchase this amethyst pendulum

  9. Avatar of pavithra rajan

    pavithra rajan

    the help of these instruments any individual can identify positive, negative, and geopathic lines. must try this pendulum

  10. Avatar of rishabh vohra

    rishabh vohra

    Nice and it works perfectly. gives positive vibration. I like it

  11. Avatar of raghav vyas

    raghav vyas

    Pendulums can be used to tap into your subconscious, as they help you to access your inner guidance.

  12. Avatar of suhani pillai

    suhani pillai

    Excellent amethyst dowsing pendulum, full of positivity. I highly recommend it.

  13. Avatar of deepa agarwal

    deepa agarwal

    it works great for me. feels very good to use.
    Really nice item.👍👍

  14. Avatar of ieah pandya

    ieah pandya

    Absolutely superb dowsing device for professional dowsers. It is easier to carry and handle. recommended it

  15. Avatar of Aswini


    amethyst dowsing pendulum perfect for a first timer. very helpful pendulum

  16. Avatar of prashant reddy

    prashant reddy

    This pendulum will be of great use to me. The weight and size feel very comfortable

  17. Avatar of ayushi wadhwa

    ayushi wadhwa

    lovely purple amethyst dowsing pendulum. works perfectly and very effective.

  18. Avatar of abhinav parikh

    abhinav parikh

    it works great for me. Love the positive energy in this. amazing amethyst dowsing pendulum👍👍

  19. Avatar of neeraj rai

    neeraj rai

    amethyst dowsing pendulum gives accurate answers. awesome pendulum

  20. Avatar of anushri walia

    anushri walia

    works very well. I just liked it! Perfect finish. As expected. work amazing.

  21. Avatar of Aaditya


    love this pendulum! It has incredible energy & I am so pleased with my purchase.👍👍

  22. Avatar of anisha trivedi

    anisha trivedi

    Amethyst crystal dowsing pendulum very effective and helpful. amazing pendulum

  23. Avatar of PRATEEK


    very useful healing reiki dowser. awesome pendulum to finding negative vibes.

  24. Avatar of pratik ahuja

    pratik ahuja

    love this pendulum! feels very good to use. Very happy with this purchase pendulum

  25. Avatar of Tisha Parikh

    Tisha Parikh

    This Amethyst Pendulum is perfect!! The results are very accurate. really impressed with this pendulum👍👍

  26. Avatar of krithika


    Excellent, very happy with the quality. Great item for searching negative vibes. awesome product

  27. Avatar of sakshi naidu

    sakshi naidu

    I am very happy with the finishing. also, the energies feel very good.

  28. Avatar of arya paraiyar

    arya paraiyar

    it a very useful and helpful pendulum. Highly recommended!! very happy with this purchase.

  29. Avatar of shivani memon

    shivani memon

    I really like it. works perfectly. really impressed. very satisfied with the product.

  30. Avatar of Shashank Pandya

    Shashank Pandya

    very useful for me in healing. Very satisfied with the pendulum. it works

  31. Avatar of vivek mehta

    vivek mehta

    I am totally impressed with this pendulum. The weight and size feel very comfortable…👍👍

  32. Avatar of nishi sharma

    nishi sharma

    Real stones … Well made. also came with jute bag and dowsing charts. thanks to seller

  33. Avatar of anjana kaur

    anjana kaur

    it’s very helpful. very effective. satisfied with the product!

  34. Avatar of simran sanghvi

    simran sanghvi

    it is good and it is working. Nice product. very happy with the finishing.👍👍

  35. Avatar of mayank mathur

    mayank mathur

    Very happy with my purchase, the stone is great quality and shipping was pretty fast! Highly recommended!

  36. Avatar of Aashna Rajan

    Aashna Rajan

    Absolutely gorgeous and exactly as described. Very effective healing power. I realized after used.

  37. Avatar of Tanya


    Perfect, absolutely stunning.
    it really works
    Very effective healing power.

  38. Avatar of jay varghese

    jay varghese

    Useful in dowsing practice. very effective and helpful. it really works

  39. Avatar of Ajay Rastogi

    Ajay Rastogi

    Very happy with this purchase. works very well. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  40. Avatar of ananya luthra

    ananya luthra

    This pendulum will be of great use to me. gives a positive results. amazing dowsing pendulum

  41. Avatar of Aditi Rana

    Aditi Rana

    amethyst pendulum very useful in my healing practice. the nice product it really works. It also came with a nice little jute bag

  42. Avatar of ajith sachdeva

    ajith sachdeva

    The size is comfortable. This is a very nice pendulum and I am satisfied.👍

  43. Avatar of vaibhav varma

    vaibhav varma

    amethyst dowsing pendulum using in communicating with the spirit world. it really works

  44. Avatar of isha kolhi

    isha kolhi

    amethyst dowsing pendulum is very beautiful, and the perfect size! It also came with a nice little jute bag and dowsing charts.

  45. Avatar of rohan roy

    rohan roy

    perfect for divination dowser. Beautiful Dowser. Good value for money.

  46. Avatar of Arun Shetty

    Arun Shetty

    Lovely pendulum! Very beautiful, and the perfect size! works very well.

  47. Avatar of anusha shetty

    anusha shetty

    amethyst dowsing pendulum very nice and divine. Very nice. I like the product

  48. Avatar of Mahima Roy

    Mahima Roy

    Very effective healing power. Impresses with amethyst pendulum. I love the energy.👍👍

  49. Avatar of parth khanna

    parth khanna

    The pendulum is beautiful! It has a nice weight and is very well balanced.

  50. Avatar of Mohit Sachdeva

    Mohit Sachdeva

    Amazing vibrations and works perfectly. Very satisfied with the product!

  51. Avatar of vinay kashyap

    vinay kashyap

    the nice product it helps to find ground water. must try this amethyst pendulum. very effective and useful pendulum

  52. Avatar of seema rana

    seema rana

    totally impressed with this amethyst dowsing pendulum. highly recommended dowsing expert

  53. Avatar of manisha sanghvi

    manisha sanghvi

    Very satisfied with the pendulum. came with a small bag and dowsing charts.

  54. Avatar of ramya kapoor

    ramya kapoor

    I am in love with my new pendulum!! I will be ordering again from this seller!! Love the little bag and dowsing charts! Thank you.

  55. Avatar of manu sharma

    manu sharma

    I’m in love with my new amethyst pendulum. Very useful and effective. It is a really good deal.

  56. Avatar of shivangi kapadia

    shivangi kapadia

    It is really awesome… I am loving it…Very useful and effective.

  57. Avatar of ashish hegde

    ashish hegde

    feels amazing after using this amethyst dowsing pendulum. gives the perfect answer. awesome pendulum. recommended it. 👍👍👍

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