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Stone of ♥ Strengthens organs ♥ For creative people ♥ Inner guidance ♥ Converts fear into faith ♥ Astral travel ♥ Peace ♥ Calming ♥ Open Communication ♥ Honest

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Angelite Tumbled Stone Pebble – Reiki Healing Crystals [Original & Natural Crystal]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams (Please select your grams from the above radio button)

Size – Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

Fact- Angelite is manifested with the energy associated with light, peace, and angel guidance.

Angelite stone pebble is an amazing blue stone that will provide you peaceful energy which will provide you calm and soothing. This is one type of healing crystal that you should include in your collection. It will help you to connect with angels and will aid in channeling and mediumship.

Angelite stone pebble

The Angelite’s crystal is believed to have the power to aid in connecting with the Angel realm. Its meaning is associated with tapping into one’s higher self and discovering their spiritual purpose. This stone is considered a helpful tool in the spiritual journey.

If you are struggling with overwhelming emotions like anxiety, anger, or resentment, Angelite can help you clear them away. This crystal has the power to balance your emotions and bring peace to your heart and mind.

If you practice reiki, and tarot, work with guardian angels, or practice rituals that involve connecting with other realms, it is recommended to have Angelite with you. Angelite has the ability to attract the kind of energy required and can help you open up to these hidden dimensions.


Keeping an  Angelite stone around you can create a calming atmosphere that helps alleviate stress.

If you’re looking to explore meditation and access the energy dimension through lucid dreaming, Angelite can be placed under your mattress to assist you.

Angelite is a beautiful gemstone that can help you improve your relationships with your partner, children, neighbors, or colleagues if you’re having difficulty. Instead of connecting you to the earth’s energy lines, Angelite will boost your ability to interact with others and establish stronger bonds with them.

Other Benefits of Using Angelite Tumbled Stone

  • Angelite is said to establish telepathic connections between minds so it helps in establishing telepathic communication with people who stay away from you.
  • It keeps stress at bay and helps in protecting the body from the surrounding worldly stresses hovering in the space energy.
  • It helps in calming our mind and soul and also establishes a  tranquil environment.
  •  It gifts our soul with awareness and facilities connected with the angel guardian.
  •  It ensures calmness among the pets and children of the family.
  •  It keeps distractions and negative energy at bay and makes our minds and body indulge in the essence of sacred spirituality.
  • It is highly recommended by Reiki experts, Vastu, and Feng shui consultants to ensure peace and harmony.
  • It also fastens and ushers the process of personal healing.
  • It is one of the greatest sources for uplifting the energy around it.
  •  It holds a definite sacred significance in affecting the vibration of the cosmos.
  • It aids in establishing communication with the higher channel.
  • It provides protection from negative energies hovering in the existential environment.
  • It resolves all issues regarding current unhappiness.
  • It generates a strong energetic field that helps in releasing emotional fears.

How to use: 

  • If you use this product, it has many more benefits. You can use it normally like any stone
  • Wash it normally with a cotton cloth or washing soap.
  • Remove it when you are playing or doing any household work.

Recommended by

It is highly recommended by Reiki experts, Vastu Consultants, and Feng shui consultants to ensure peace and harmony.


  •  Angelite stones, crystal healing, or Reiki are perpetual therapies not meant to replace any medical treatment. One should continue with medical treatment.
  • There is no particular guarantee that the stone holds the power to “ cure” any physical condition.

Cleansing, Charging, And Preparing The Pebbles

Few methods of cleansing your Angelite Tumbled Stone Pebbles

Using Water: Water is and has been for years considered a universal cleanser. Ocean water is the best to cleanse and purify the crystals. In case you do not have access to ocean water, spring water, lake water, and filtered water also do the job quite well as long as the water is retrieved directly from nature or artificially filtered. Some people also add salt to the water for its electric properties. The crystals can be simply rinsed in water or placed in a glass of clear water which is in turn placed on the windowsill, ideally facing the south, to facilitate charging under the sun 

The Moon: The Moon can also be used for cleansing and charging the crystals and Angelite stone pebbles. The pebbles or crystals can be buried under a full moon to fetch all the advantages of the magnetic forces of the moon in combination with the earth. The crystal or pebbles can also be placed directly under the light of the moon

Using fragrance: One of the methods of cleansing the crystals is smudging the stones with sage, incense, or sweet grass.

Placing on bigger crystal: The crystals or Angelite stones to be charged or cleansed can be placed on a larger crystal cluster or generator ( single large quartz crystal ). For example, Citrine, in particular, is excellent for cleansing all the stones and crystals in your collection. It is one of the two crystals that automatically self-cleanse themselves and cleanse other crystals along with it.

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Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Angelite Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Color Blue
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

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100 Grams

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300 Grams

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm
Grams: No selection

100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

34 reviews for Angelite Tumbled Stone Pebble – Reiki Healing Crystals

  1. Avatar of Afrose Sultana

    Afrose Sultana

    I love this stone. It is so beautiful and I use it daily to meditate with the Angels protection and communication. I totally recommend this stone.
    Beautiful and powerful stone

  2. Avatar of Ganesh Kumar

    Ganesh Kumar

    it has such great energy.👍 the nice product it really works

  3. Avatar of Aruna Devanandan

    Aruna Devanandan

    It is a really good deal. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  4. Avatar of Neeraj Khanna

    Neeraj Khanna

    this gives calm and soothing energy, reduces stress, good quality stone

  5. Avatar of Neha Brhambhatt

    Neha Brhambhatt

    Angelite tumbled bring peace and harmony. Very effective healing power. I realized after used.

  6. Avatar of manish kumar

    manish kumar

    Angelite tumbled extremely helpful healing practice. very powerful stone

  7. Avatar of Arun sharma

    Arun sharma

    Angelite tumbled creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity. Very effective

  8. Avatar of Arun sharma

    Arun sharma

    Angelite tumbled a powerful stone for healers. works very well. It is a really good deal.

  9. Avatar of Ruchika


    Angelite tumbled is very nice. It started giving benefits immediately. Thank you very much.

  10. Avatar of Sangita


    It is a very effective stone. the nice product it really works.

  11. Avatar of Pritam


    It’s very useful for reiki healing. It gives positive results. amazing tumbled. I really like this tumbled.

  12. Avatar of Anshika Ved

    Anshika Ved

    Angelite tumbled really works. very effective and useful tumbled. amazing. highly recommended it.

  13. Avatar of Priyanshi M

    Priyanshi M

    Work very well. give an amazing effect. Highly recommended!

  14. Avatar of Anshu Mukherjee

    Anshu Mukherjee

    Angelite tumbled very usefully in my healing practice. Very effective healing power. I realized after using.

  15. Avatar of Sengar


    I am very satisfied with this Angelite tumbled. must buy this tumbled. very effective stone. amazing.👍👍

  16. Avatar of Gurpreet


    This will be very useful in healing practice. gives a good vibration. I really like this tumbled.👍👍

  17. Avatar of Prachi M

    Prachi M

    Angelite tumbled gives positive results. work very well. highly recommended it.

  18. Avatar of Seema


    Very helpful in reiki healing practice. awesome Angelite tumbled. highly recommended. 👍👍

  19. Avatar of Shafali


    Satisfied, awesome quality tumbled. work perfectly amazing tumbled.👍👍

  20. Avatar of Manisha


    Awesome product. Very effective and useful in reiki healing practice.👍

  21. Avatar of Shikha


    Angelite tumbled gives amazing vibrations and works perfectly. Very happy with the purchase this tumbled.

  22. Avatar of Sumeeta


    Good stones with nice quality.👌

  23. Avatar of Arunita


    I love the energy of Angelite tumbled stone. must try this stone. it really works.

  24. Avatar of Hema


    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. It Really Works. amazing tumbled.

  25. Avatar of Archana


    Angelite tumbled has such good energy. works perfectly. really impressed me. 👍👍

  26. Avatar of Gorika


    It’s an effective stone. Very happy with this purchase.😊👍

  27. Avatar of Geetu Mehra

    Geetu Mehra

    quality is good. give a positive response. very satisfied with the product!

  28. Avatar of Shraddha


    Give peace of mind and inner strength, nice product it really works.

  29. Avatar of Subha


    Very nice product. very effective tumbled. it really works.👍👍

  30. Avatar of Shruti


    Angelite tumbled to give a positive response. very effective healing power. I realized after using.

  31. Avatar of Sandhya


    It really works. Angelite tumbled gives a positive response. A really good product.

  32. Avatar of Purbi


    It has such great energy. it really works. very well done. 👍

  33. Avatar of Kritika


    Really good product. works very well. Very happy with purchases this Angelite tumbled.

  34. Avatar of Latika


    Very effective healing power. it has such great energy. I realized after using. awesome tumbled.

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