Copper Dowsing L Rods for Vastu, Reiki, Dowser Master – Divining Rods

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copper dowsing l rods for vastu reiki dowser master
Copper Dowsing L Rods for Vastu, Reiki, Dowser Master - Divining Rods 3,000 Original price was: ₹3,000.2,700Current price is: ₹2,700.
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Copper Dowsing L Rods – a pair

Product Specification

Material Copper
Free  Dowsing Pendulum, 12 Dowsing Charts
Color Brown
Weight 282 Grams Approx
Uses Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki & Dowsing
Size Long 13 Inches / 33cm Approx
Handle Size 4.5 Inches / 11.5cm Approx
Brand Plus Value
Country of Origin India

( at the moment wooden handle is out of stock so we will provide a copper dowsing handle )

The dowsing rod can be used for:-

Searching for a water

Searching for any place, object, etc.

Analyzing any object, place, or person.

Excellent tool  for Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui consultants

Easy tool for aura reading

Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods, or a pendulum.

The dowsing rod is a simple instrument. Taking the short end of the rod(s), rest it over your first three fingers, sit the pointed end of the rod on your little finger, and use the thumb to stabilize the rod at the back. Curl your fingers around the rod and it should now point out with the long end (the right angle to the piece in your hand) pointing away from you. This is the most effective way of holding a dowsing rod of this type.

Holding and Working with Your Metal Divining Rods

In order to search for anything using a rod, you must clear your mind and then focus very clearly on whatever it is that you are looking for. It helps to say the name of the object over and over as well as visualize it in your mind. For example, if you were looking for water, you would get a picture in your head of clear, freshwater, and then as you were searching for it, you would say over and over “Water, Water, Water”. This helps to prevent other thoughts from wandering in and it keeps the mind focused on what you are looking for.

Rod divining involves a great deal of walking, as the rod will only spin when you are over what it is you are searching for after guiding you to the site. Hence it can be a tiring method of divining. Still, it is one of the most accurate methods of all. Particularly if you own the rod you are using. It is as if you develop communion with the rod. In working with the rod you are attuning to its energies and it becomes at one with you. Once you get a clear picture of what you are looking for walk slowly and gently in the direction the rods are pointing, this is the direction to what you are looking for. Walk slowly and deliberately and allow the rods to move freely. As you walk the rods will move and point in another direction, carefully turn your body, and follow in this direction. Your rods are now guiding you to what you are looking for. When they reach the area of the desired object, the rods will cross over each other in front of your body, indicating they have found what you were searching for. When you first begin, it may be fun to look for easy things i.e., – take me to a particular animal or family member in the house.

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Vastu Consultant

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 39 × 14 × 4 cm

50 reviews for Copper Dowsing L Rods for Vastu, Reiki, Dowser Master – Divining Rods

  1. Avatar of dia


    These are wonderful tools for finding positive energy. I love the energy. the nice product it really works

  2. Avatar of isha kolhi

    isha kolhi

    The rods are made with quality materials. They are easy to use and made well. work perfectly

  3. Avatar of parth luthra

    parth luthra

    Great product really works. prefect for dowser expert. amazing product.

  4. Avatar of aditi goswami

    aditi goswami

    I absolutely love this copper dowsing rod! It has incredible energy & I am so pleased with my purchase.

  5. Avatar of vinay kashyap

    vinay kashyap

    They’re perfect, and they work wonderfully! happy with this purchase.

  6. Avatar of ramya khanna

    ramya khanna

    Works very well. gives a positive response. effective and useful rod. awesome dowsing rod

  7. Avatar of gokul


    Very nice rods. And it is working with me. it has such great energy.👍👍

  8. Avatar of mayank mathur

    mayank mathur

    They work really well, too. happy with this purchase. recommended it.

  9. Avatar of ashish kapoor

    ashish kapoor

    Excellent Dowsing L-Rods. It’s pure copper and excellent quality and working perfectly.

  10. Avatar of sanchit


    They’re perfect, and they work wonderfully! awesome l rod. amazing I like it

  11. Avatar of shivangi kapadia

    shivangi kapadia

    copper divining rods help to find ground water. very well balanced. works perfectly

  12. Avatar of neha hegde

    neha hegde

    Really it’s very affecting my works. Very useful and effective. Highly recommended!

  13. Avatar of swati


    exactly as described and they work. Very happy with this purchase. Awesome product.

  14. Avatar of sam


    Very nice and useful product. works very well. Comfortable size and good looking…👍👍

  15. Avatar of naveen jhaveri

    naveen jhaveri

    Great Quality. working perfectly. Excellent Dowsing L-Rods. Absolutely perfect!

  16. Avatar of sam hegde

    sam hegde

    I highly recommend it. It is a really good deal. Awesome product…👍👍

  17. Avatar of ram ganguly

    ram ganguly

    Really it’s very affecting my works. happy with my purchase and feels amazing.

  18. Avatar of Harish Thakur

    Harish Thakur

    I’m really happy with my purchase. They’re well made. A wonderful product that works exactly the way it’s described.

  19. Avatar of Bhandari


    Using it and satisfied!!!

  20. Avatar of anirudh


    These rods work great! Field tested… Smooth and easy to handle. very satisfied with the quality

  21. Avatar of natasha gada

    natasha gada

    impressed with this copper dowsing rod. Awesome product…works very well.

  22. Avatar of diksha shrivastava

    diksha shrivastava

    very good ground water detector. I am happy about this product. Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous👍👍

  23. Avatar of Rishabh


    very good ground water detector. am happy about this product.

  24. Avatar of tisha


    copper dowsing rod very useful in ghost hunting. it gives positive responses. amazing effect

  25. Avatar of tushar solanki

    tushar solanki

    Amazing vibrations and works perfectly. Very satisfied with the product!

  26. Avatar of nikita gala

    nikita gala

    This copper dowsing rod is perfect for dowser experts!! gives positive responses. Very satisfied with the product!

  27. Avatar of dhruv


    copper dowsing rod use in identifying negative and geopathic energies. excellect effective healing power.

  28. Avatar of vaishnavi rao

    vaishnavi rao

    Excellent Dowsing L-Rods. It’s pure copper and excellent quality and working perfectly.

  29. Avatar of sumit


    Excellent Dowsing Rods. excellent quality and working perfectly.

  30. Avatar of mayur sengupta

    mayur sengupta

    this divining rod is amazing. I use it to detect energy in and around my home as well as in people. works very well.👍👍👍

  31. Avatar of shashank


    the nice product it helps to find ground water. Highly recommended!

  32. Avatar of rakesh ganguly

    rakesh ganguly

    it worked really well! Love these dowsing rods! amazing dowsing rod

  33. Avatar of karan garg

    karan garg

    Love these dowsing rods. I’ve used them to find water or even ask questions. work very well.

  34. Avatar of ria


    Absolutely love Copper Divining Rods!!!! Very responsive.

  35. Avatar of aashna


    This copper dowsing rod will be of great use to me…also the energies feel very good.👍👍

  36. Avatar of sasashy dasgupta

    sasashy dasgupta

    good for dowsing water. I am totally impressed with this copper dowsing rod. very effective

  37. Avatar of ajay garg

    ajay garg

    I am totally impressed with this copper dowsing rod. The weight and size feel very comfortable…

  38. Avatar of anubhav


    copper dowsing rod excellent for outside use such as dowsing for water. it really works. give positive effect

  39. Avatar of niharika goswami

    niharika goswami

    it really works. very happy with the finishing. Thanks! totally impressed with this copper dowsing rod.

  40. Avatar of atul gupta

    atul gupta

    These are perfect dowsing rods. works perfectly. Very useful and effective.

  41. Avatar of sarah sharma

    sarah sharma

    Good quality of copper dowsing rod. promote response. highly recommend Vastu expert

  42. Avatar of sanjana dhingra

    sanjana dhingra

    works great. works perfectly. very satisfied with the product! recommended it

  43. Avatar of Rashi Jain

    Rashi Jain

    It feels great after using this copper dowsing rod. it has such great energy. It is a really good deal.

  44. Avatar of mahima dhingra

    mahima dhingra

    I am very happy with the finishing. Thanks! totally impressed with this copper dowsing rod. also, send seller with l rod of dowsing chart and dowsing pendulum

  45. Avatar of akash dhillon

    akash dhillon

    These rods are smooth to use and have a positive feel in the hands. works perfectly for me. satisfied with the product.

  46. Avatar of Rajeev Patel

    Rajeev Patel

    copper dowsing rod really works. Just as described! Perfect. Thanks much! Awesome product…👍👍👍

  47. Avatar of arun dhillon

    arun dhillon

    gets accurate answers as well, Perfect for dowsing users. it works great for me. Very affordable too! I highly recommend it.

  48. Avatar of ankur dewan

    ankur dewan

    it was good I use it to find water and it was great, also I wash to use it to find metal

  49. Avatar of Ira deshpande

    Ira deshpande

    These dowsing rods are well made and have a good feel for them. Well made, the good length works well

  50. Avatar of kittu007


    Very good. Excellent movement when you give command.

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