Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies for Home, Office & Factory [Cure Multiple Vastu Defects]


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Copper Swastik Pyramid
Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies for Home, Office & Factory [Cure Multiple Vastu Defects] 3491,001
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Vastu Guide for Positive Energy

The swastik symbol is deeply rooted in Indian tradition, symbolizing prosperity and well-being from all directions. Its significance is amplified when combined with the power of a pyramid, offering a dual benefit of spiritual and energy alignment.

Size and Placement

Available in sizes of 1.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, and 8 inches, the copper swastik can be selected to fit the scale of your entrance. The ideal placement is above the main door, on the outside, to invite a positive flow of energy and serve as a Vastu remedy for various architectural and energetic imbalances.

Correcting Vastu Defects

Electric Pole in Front of House: An electric pole directly in front of the main door is considered a Vastu defect. Installing a copper swastik acts as a protective shield, redirecting the energy flow.

Swastik in South Direction: If your main door faces south, a copper swastik can neutralize the negative implications and ensure prosperity.

Kitchen and Pantry Corrections: For the kitchen or pantries placed in inauspicious locations, a swastik on the wall behind the stove can correct the Vastu defect.

Lifts and Staircases: The presence of a lift or staircase opposite the main door can create an imbalance. A copper swastik placed above the door can mitigate this issue.

Natural Obstructions: Trees, poles, or large structures that obstruct the entrance can be energetically corrected with a copper swastik pyramid.

Geographical Challenges: Nearby cemeteries, mountains in the north-east, or water drainage in the south are significant Vastu concerns. A strategically placed copper swastik can harmonize these energies.



Installation in Offices and Industries

Master Cabin: Install the swastik on the east wall for leadership and clarity.

Main Machines: Enhance effectiveness and output by affixing a copper swastik on significant machinery.

Power Locations: Correct the energy of main switches, transformers, and panels with a copper swastik.

Whenever there is a missing corner or an L-shaped premises, conceal or fix the wall having a Vastu defect.

A river or water drainage in the south can be corrected by installing a big copper swastika facing the defective area.

How to Install Vastu Copper Strip

Installing a vastu copper strip is straightforward. Clean the area where the swastik will be placed, ensuring it’s free from dust and debris. Affix the swastik firmly above the door frame, with the pyramid facing outward.

Drawing a Swastik on the Main Door

To draw a swastik, use auspicious materials like turmeric or kumkum. The symbol should be drawn on the right side of the door frame, as you face the entrance from outside.

(Imp. Do not put a swastika pyramid inside the toilets, it can be placed outside the toilet)

Buy Copper Swastik Pyramid – Vastu Remedies for Home Office Online in India

A swastik with a pyramid sign is a lucky charm, as the Swastik is a symbol of Ganesha

Copper Swastik is a protective shield and helps to safeguard you and your premises from evil and negativity. attract beneficial powers that help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity, and reach your goals.

This Swastik Pyramid not only brings positive energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as removes all obstacles in all undertakings. Swastik is one of the best solutions to all Vastu problems.

Copper Swastik Pyramid for Protection, Good Luck, Good Health & Prosperity Vastu Remedies & Products For Kitchen Home Entrance Cash Box Swastik to Enhance.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Material Copper
Weight 38gm/135gm / 298gm Approx
Size ( L x W ) 1.5 x 1.5 / 3 x 3 / 4 x 4 Inch
Color Brown
Brand Plus Value
Country of Origin India

Want to order Copper Pyramid Swastik on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?

1.5 Inch

3 Inch

4 Inch

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm
Size: No selection

1.5 Inches, 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 8 Inches

89 reviews for Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies for Home, Office & Factory [Cure Multiple Vastu Defects]

  1. Avatar of Sohini Roy

    Sohini Roy

    Wonderful product. Those looking for prosperity and happiness in life, do buy copper swastika from Plus Value India.

  2. Avatar of Tiyasa Majhi

    Tiyasa Majhi

    Bought to instill in some good luck and happiness in life. The copper swastika has surely done all that I was searching for ages. Happy with the product. Definitely, a must buy from plus value online.

  3. Avatar of Ivy Manna

    Ivy Manna

    On receiving copper Swastik pyramid Vastu remedies online from plus value, I was extremely happy not just because of their high-quality packaging but also instant delivery. Highly appreciate the quality of the delivered product and the positivity it has bestowed upon us. Great product. Definitely, a must buy.

  4. Avatar of aditi shah

    aditi shah

    very easy to fix this copper swastik pyramid. very useful. excellent product.

  5. Avatar of shivani


    copper swastik pyramid attracts positive energy. nice quality product.

  6. Avatar of karan deshmukh

    karan deshmukh

    the excellent remedy of vastu correction. must buy this copper swastik.

  7. Avatar of vivek


    copper swastik pyramid protects from evil sights. it really works. amazing product.

  8. Avatar of Abhilasha Chopra

    Abhilasha Chopra

    The swastika is a holy and auspicious symbol of positivity and prosperity. Since childhood, I have always seen this product at the doorstep of my home to attract positivity and drive out negativity. Thus, when I decided to shift to Canada, I decided to take this auspicious symbol along with me. So, I bought this product from plus value. To my surprise not just it got delivered within 4 days but also looked the same as I saw on the online site. Happy with the buy.

  9. Avatar of sanjana


    It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  10. Avatar of Niharika


    copper swastik pyramid gives a good vibration. gives a positive response. amazing product

  11. Avatar of Prabhu dayal Nagpal

    Prabhu dayal Nagpal

    Good quality
    100 % copper material good quality & weight heavy

  12. Avatar of akash desai

    akash desai

    it’s very affecting my works. I love the energy. it really works👍👍

  13. Avatar of debbie chakraborty

    debbie chakraborty

    feel positive after having this copper swastik pyramid divider. work very well. 👍👍

  14. Avatar of Ajay modi

    Ajay modi

    excellent vastu remedy. very effective copper pyramid swastik

  15. Avatar of shyam agarwal

    shyam agarwal

    Nice product for vastu defects. very helpful and effective product. the perfect size! highly recommended!

  16. Avatar of Trina Ghosh

    Trina Ghosh

    Since the time I have bought this product, I have witnessed the extreme inflow of positivity that swastika has brought into my life and home. Bought the product for Vastu correction and protection. Happy with the way the product is working for me and my family members.

  17. Avatar of Sumona Dey

    Sumona Dey

    Being one of the ardent followers of the swastika as they impart huge prosperity in all 4 directions, I bought the copper Swastik pyramid Vastu online from plus value. On delivery of the product, I installed it on the main door outside to attain a massive positive flow of energy. Good buy. Happy with the results.

  18. Avatar of Mayank


    Good quality product. work perfectly. excellent quality. highly recommended vastu expert

  19. Avatar of ramya


    copper swastik pyramid removes negativity from home. it works great for me.👍👍

  20. Avatar of Oliparna Ghosal Desai

    Oliparna Ghosal Desai

    What a product! Very very happy with the results. When I bought a copper swastika from Plus value, I did not expect it to be so effective. However, with continuous use, I realized not just it helped me but also helped in the upliftment of those who were around me, especially my family members. Good buy.

  21. Avatar of ankur


    copper swastik pyramid increasing positivity in the surroundings. awesome vastu product

  22. Avatar of Aparna Basu

    Aparna Basu

    The Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies is an extremely amazing product. Very glad that I chose to purchase it.

  23. Avatar of Nikhil Taurani

    Nikhil Taurani

    This Swastik pyramid is a great product and it is very effective in negating all negative energies and making a space full of positive energy.

  24. Avatar of Isha


    place copper swastika above the main door to attract positive energy. works perfectly. awesome product

  25. Avatar of Ashish


    Product quality is as expected and it gives positive energy in the house. must try this copper pyramid swastik

  26. Avatar of arun jain

    arun jain

    simple effective vastu remedy. highly recommended it.

  27. Avatar of Saranya Mukherjee

    Saranya Mukherjee

    Wonderful product. Ensures to bring in results that are worthy of appreciation. Not just uplifts your life in all manner but brings in massive positivity around you. However, on receiving the product from plus value, ensure to place the swastika in the correct direction to generate maximum benefits from it.

  28. Avatar of mahima patel

    mahima patel

    very effective vastu remedy. recommended by vastu expert

  29. Avatar of ira choudhary

    ira choudhary

    works very well. feels great after using this copper pyramid swastik. I highly recommend it!

  30. Avatar of Vinay


    It totally works for me. gives positive effect. recommended by vastu expert.

  31. Avatar of Tanisha Gupta

    Tanisha Gupta

    Extremely good product, highly known for the auspiciousness and prosperity it brings into one’s home. It is one of those products that attracts not just positivity but also drives away negativity. A product must buy.

  32. Avatar of varsha


    copper pyramid swastik ideal for main door entrance. It is a really good deal.

  33. Avatar of Rashmi Saha

    Rashmi Saha

    Wonderful product. Purchased it online at my friend’s request for the upliftment of my career and to derive positive energy. Happy with the outcome of the Vastu product.

  34. Avatar of divya sharma

    divya sharma

    Copper Swastik helps to safeguard you from evil and negativity.

  35. Avatar of manoj chokshi

    manoj chokshi

    Looks solid and genuine. The packing was good. amazing vastu product. very useful

  36. Avatar of rahul


    Very effective copper pyramid. it has such great energy.

  37. Avatar of shivangi


    The quality of copper swastik is good. great product. highly recommended by vastu expert

  38. Avatar of manisha sharma

    manisha sharma

    gives a positive response. It’s really good I like it. recommended by vastu expert

  39. Avatar of arjun chawla

    arjun chawla

    good product to solve vastu problem. it really works. Really good product.

  40. Avatar of gayatri balasubramanian

    gayatri balasubramanian

    Good quality. remove negative energy at home. works perfectly. happy with the quality. genuine products.

  41. Avatar of Aditya Wadhwa

    Aditya Wadhwa

    copper swastik pyramid help to achieve peace, happiness. it’s an effective

  42. Avatar of gupta mohit

    gupta mohit

    gives a positive response. nice quality product. must buy this copper swastik.

  43. Avatar of Rajni Mittal

    Rajni Mittal

    good quality👌👍

  44. Avatar of aishwarya balakrishnan

    aishwarya balakrishnan

    Good to use in the front door..! protect your home from negativity. Must Buy…

  45. Avatar of Neha


    very happy with the finishing. Thanks! totally impressed with this copper swastik pyramid.

  46. Avatar of Priyanka Vohra

    Priyanka Vohra

    copper swastik pyramid brings good luck. Very effective copper swastik pyramid

  47. Avatar of Abhishek Varma

    Abhishek Varma

    Swastik Pyramid Attracts the Positive Energy. gives promote response

  48. Avatar of Prema Kundu

    Prema Kundu

    Glad that I bought this product. A must purchase from Plus Value India.

  49. Avatar of raj banerjee

    raj banerjee

    feeling positive vibrations…it’s an effective copper pyramid swastik

  50. Avatar of Sana Dasgupta

    Sana Dasgupta

    My mother gifted copper Swastik pyramid Vastu remedies on my anniversary. Was extremely happy with the product. Within just a few days of use, I was able to witness the positivity and tranquility it brought among the family members. Thanks a lot, Ma for the lovely present. One of the best gifts I have received so far.

  51. Avatar of Naveen


    it works great for me. love the positive energy in this. I highly recommend it. 👍👍

  52. Avatar of Tanya Trivedi

    Tanya Trivedi

    copper swastik pyramid gives prosperity and wealth luck. it really works. Really good product.

  53. Avatar of Sam


    copper swastik pyramid increases good luck and good fortune. works very well. awesome product.

  54. Avatar of Pranesh Singhal

    Pranesh Singhal

    The Copper Pyramid Swastika is a good product as it adds a lot of positive vibes to the life of the person using it. It is a product worthwhile and I recommend it to everyone.

  55. Avatar of aryan chakraborty

    aryan chakraborty

    The product quality is very nice. works very well. increases positivity. very effective product

  56. Avatar of natasha dhillon

    natasha dhillon

    Very happy with purchase this copper swastik pyramid. Just as described.

  57. Avatar of manu dasgupta

    manu dasgupta

    Really good product. good quality. effective product. recommended👍👍

  58. Avatar of Romi Dey

    Romi Dey

    Good product. Bought it online at the request of my friend for my career upliftment and derivation of positivity. Extremely happy with the results of copper Swastik pyramid Vastu remedies. Certainly a must-buy for all those looking for good vibes and prosperity in their life. This product is sure to make you happy.

  59. Avatar of priya solanki

    priya solanki

    It is a really good deal. highly recommend Vastu expert. Really good product. works very well.

  60. Avatar of riya chatterjee

    riya chatterjee

    It’s really helpful and has some effect in life. one must try and get the benefit.

  61. Avatar of Raisa Ghosh

    Raisa Ghosh

    The copper swastika is not just a holy symbol known for its auspiciousness in Indian tradition but also acts as a lucky charm that signifies the symbol of Ganesha. The product acts as a protective shield to safeguard not just you but also your family members from negativity and attain peace, prosperity, positivity, happiness, and reach your goals sooner. Happy with the results that I have garnered by daily use of the product.

  62. Avatar of chhaya sengupta

    chhaya sengupta

    Easy vastu remedy. effective product. really works. nice product

  63. Avatar of nikita dewan

    nikita dewan

    very effective product of vastu defects. gives good results. very useful product👍👍

  64. Avatar of rahul thakur

    rahul thakur

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  65. Avatar of deepak ahuja

    deepak ahuja

    Very nice product. easy to hang. happy with my purchase and the whole room feels amazing vibration.

  66. Avatar of rakesh deshpande

    rakesh deshpande

    copper swastik pyramid drives away all the negativity from the home. works perfectly

  67. Avatar of vedant rastogi

    vedant rastogi

    works perfectly. very effective product. after place this copper pyramid swastik

  68. Avatar of Solanki Roy

    Solanki Roy

    Good product. Do buy copper swastika for happiness and prosperity from plus value.

  69. Avatar of Rhea Dhillon

    Rhea Dhillon

    copper swastik pyramid gives amazing vibrations and works perfectly. really impressed me. recommended to all.

  70. Avatar of Manish Pal

    Manish Pal

    we found positive results after placing this copper swastik pyramid.. amazing vastu remedy.

  71. Avatar of Usha Dev

    Usha Dev

    Purchased the Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu online from Plus Value for my aunt on her birthday as a gift. She was extremely glad to get this product as a gift. On getting the product, she placed the swastika facing north of her bedroom. She seems to be a happier person these days.

  72. Avatar of Lee Ging Xia

    Lee Ging Xia

    The Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies is one such purchase I have conducted with which I am extremely happy. I purchased the product from the Plus Value store online on the advice of my grandmother. She is one of those loyal customers of the Plus Value store and greatly encourages others as well to use the site owing to their genuine products, good packaging, swift delivery, and helpful customer service. I am very happy with the Plus Value site and the swastika I purchased.

  73. Avatar of Fiona Emily Lee

    Fiona Emily Lee

    Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies is one of the best buys I have conducted to date. I bought the product online from the plus value on recommendation from my mother. She is one of the loyal customers of plus value and encourages others also to use this site because of their quick delivery, good packaging, and efficient customer care service. I am also happy with the site and the product I bought.

  74. Avatar of Lalit Raheja

    Lalit Raheja

    This copper swastika is a good product and is very effective in bringing positive energy as well as eliminating Vastu doshas.
    I recommend this product as it has worked really well in my life.

  75. Avatar of Manoj Lunia

    Manoj Lunia

    A product must buy. Bought it for my new home days back for an inflow of positive energy and prosperity at all directions of my home. Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies should be bought and kept at the homes of all those who are constantly on the lookout for positivity.

  76. Avatar of Manju Lunia

    Manju Lunia

    A product worth purchasing. I have purchased this product for my new flat days ago for the flow of positivity and prosperity in my house. Copper Swastik Pyramid should be purchased and installed at houses of those who are continuously on the lookout for positive energy.

  77. Avatar of Ishani Verma

    Ishani Verma

    On getting the Swastik Pyramid online from the Plus Value store, I was thoroughly thrilled and glad not just due to their high quality of packing but also quick delivery. I completely appreciate the product’s quality and the positive vibes it has bestowed on me. Good product. A must-purchase.

  78. Avatar of Hema Jaiswal

    Hema Jaiswal

    Great product. The Copper Swastik Pyramid offers Vastu remedies and functions as a Vastu enhancer for main doors at homes, offices, and kitchens.
    I recommend you all to buy this Copper Swastik Pyramid from Plus Value shop for getting an authentic product.

  79. Avatar of Shalini Majumdar

    Shalini Majumdar

    As I am one of the biggest followers of swastika owing to their quality to impart massive prosperity in all four directions of home, I purchased the Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies from Plus Value store online. On delivery of the Vastu product, I installed it on the main door of my home to surround my home with a massive amount of positivity. Good purchase. Happy with the results.

  80. Avatar of Monisa Konar

    Monisa Konar

    On the launch of my new business, I bought copper Swastik pyramid Vastu remedies online from one of the best platforms plus value. The online platform is not just known for its authenticity but also its swift delivery and good packaging. The platform also makes sure to energize the product before setting it out for delivery.

  81. Avatar of Harshita Jaiswal

    Harshita Jaiswal

    Wonderful product, this is doing great work for my house, gives a positive vibe, and protect from the negative. I really appreciate this Swastik.

  82. Avatar of Surbhi Bagchi

    Surbhi Bagchi

    The Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu Remedies is a definitely-worth-purchasing product for those looking to excel in life and acquire positive vibes. This is a product that will surely make you fall in love with it.

  83. Avatar of Urmimala Dev

    Urmimala Dev

    Bought copper Swastik pyramid Vastu from a plus value store online for my mother as a birthday gift. She was very happy to receive this product. She placed the swastika in the north direction of her room. She is extremely happy with the product and is also able to witness the benefits of the product.

  84. Avatar of Nandini Kumari

    Nandini Kumari

    I have installed the Copper Swastik Pyramid as per the suggestion of Plus Value Vastu experts. My house is adjacent to a cemetery and that is why we needed to get rid of the negative energy in the house.
    The overall environment of the house has improved significantly since I have installed the Swastik pyramid made of copper.
    I am grateful to the Plus Value experts for their invaluable suggestions.

  85. Avatar of Varsha Guha

    Varsha Guha

    Amazing product and seriously a worth purchase for the ones in search of good vibes and positivity at home. Do purchase the Copper Swastik Pyramid online from Plus Value India and install it at the main door of your home for great results.

  86. Avatar of Shruti Kataruka

    Shruti Kataruka

    On receiving the product from Plus Value Store, I was not just amazed at the packaging but also the product quality. The product is exactly the same as shown in the picture on the online site. More than this, copper Swastik works like magic in creating a presence of positivity around you.

  87. Avatar of Warsha Goel

    Warsha Goel

    An excellent product and definitely a must-buy for those in search of positivity and good vibes at home. Do buy Copper Swastik Pyramid Vastu online from Plus Value and place it at your entrance door.

  88. Avatar of Parama Kundu

    Parama Kundu

    Happy with the purchase. A must buy from plus value India.

  89. Avatar of Sharanya Dutta

    Sharanya Dutta

    Great product. Provides good results. It not only beautifully uplifts your life but also works towards bringing massive positive vibes around you and your family. However, on getting the product from the Plus Value site, make sure you install it in the right place to make the most out of it.

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