Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue for Protection & GoodLuck at Home and Office [Best Seller]


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  • Good Looks at Home & Office + Protection from Sudden Financial or Personal Losses
  • Excellent for Gifting at House Warming, Office Opening, Shop Opening Ceremonies
  • Hand Made in India from High-Quality Fiber


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golden arowana fish fengshui item
Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue for Protection & GoodLuck at Home and Office [Best Seller] 781
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Golden Arowana Fish is a rare and revered symbol of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Its pink, silver, or gold color is believed to attract economic well-being. Placing a picture or statue of the Golden Arowana in the wealth section of your living space can enhance financial luck. Remember to choose tank mates carefully, and provide an appropriately sized aquarium for this majestic fish.  Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish, also known as the “golden dragon” or “living dragon,” is a powerful symbol of prosperity. This majestic fish is believed to bring blessings to homes and businesses alike.

How to Use Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish?

Place a picture or a statue of the golden Arowana in the wealthy corner of your living room. This enhances financial luck and abundance. Simply gazing at the Arowana can relax your mind and promote positive energy. Position the Arowana in the north sector of your living space to optimize career opportunities and attract windfall luck. For entrepreneurs and managers, display the Arowana on your desk or nearby shelf to empower your position and financial growth.

Feng Shui Items for Home

Feng Shui items, including the Golden Arowana Fish, benefit everyone seeking harmony, prosperity, and protection. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or student, incorporating Feng Shui elements can enhance your life.

Benefits of Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish

Benefits of Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish

Who are Feng Shui items for home?

Let me provide you with a concise explanation of Feng Shui items for the home. These items are believed to influence energy flow and create harmony. Remember, their effectiveness can vary, but here are some commonly used Feng Shui items:

  1. Dragon: Symbolizes wealth, power, and abundance. Traditionally associated with emperors.
  2. Lion: Represents protection and strength. Often placed near entrances.
  3. Turtle: Signifies longevity and stability. Place it in the north or east.
  4. Elephant: A symbol of wisdom, strength, and good luck. Position it facing inward.
  5. Wind Chime: Used to disperse stagnant energy and attract positive vibes.
  6. Bamboo: Represents growth and flexibility. Place it in the east or southeast.
  7. Bagua Mirror: Hang outside to deflect negative energy (Sha Qi).
  8. Compass: Helps determine directions for optimal placement.

Where to Buy Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish?

PlusValueIndia offers authentic, high-quality Feng Shui products, including the auspicious Golden Arowana Fish, known for bringing wealth and prosperity. Enjoy competitive prices, expert guidance, and excellent customer service. Simply visit our website, find the Golden Arowana Fish, add it to your cart, and check out securely. Experience fast delivery and transform your space with Plus Value India.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Vastu Consultant

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Golden
Material Fiber
Size 2 x 6.5 x 2 Inches
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 5.5cm X 16.5cm X 5.5cm approx
Weight 382 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 10 cm

86 reviews for Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue for Protection & GoodLuck at Home and Office [Best Seller]

  1. Avatar of Nikita Ahuja

    Nikita Ahuja

    Recommended by my older sister to buy this product to eliminate all my financial constraints, I made a move and bought it. While I hardly believed in the fact that a product can bring in Good luck, I was amazed by its results. Within 15 days of buying this product, I started getting new projects for my start up business, and I was surprised. Surprised why? Because this happened for the first time in 2 years. It worked for me.

  2. Avatar of Rekha Roy

    Rekha Roy

    Since the time I bought this lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue, it has proved to be very lucky for me financially. I keep this statue in my living room in the southeast zone to avail best results from the product.
    Thanks to the Plus Value Vastu experts for guiding me through the process.

  3. Avatar of Meghmala


    I like the look of this fengshui arowana fish.
    Very attractive home decor & also acts as a protection symbol

  4. Avatar of Vishal G.

    Vishal G.

    The recommendation of the Feng Shui experts from the Plus Value shop has turned my life for the better. I bought this superior quality Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue, and I feel that my financial front has activated for good.

  5. Avatar of Nisha Shah

    Nisha Shah

    Thank you Jeavin, for guiding me in choosing the right product to activate good luck.
    The Golden Arowana Fish Statue has worked wonders by bringing financial Goodluck and new career opportunities for me.

  6. Avatar of Rishav Sengupta

    Rishav Sengupta

    Thank you, Plus Value shop, for selling the Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue at such affordable pricing. I am impressed with your professionalism, customer support, and also safe packaging of the product.

  7. Avatar of arti solanki

    arti solanki

    feng shui arowana fish helps to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. feels very good to use.
    Really nice item.

  8. Avatar of Kartik Patel

    Kartik Patel

    Recommended by the Plus Value Experts, I bought Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue to improve as well as attract financial luck. It has been nearly 2 months, I bought the statue from Plus Value Shop, and now I can proudly say it was one of the best gifts I bought for myself.

  9. Avatar of Nishant


    Feng shui golden arowna fish attracting wealth and prosperity. Very effective product. Amazing

  10. Avatar of soham kaur

    soham kaur

    feng shui arowana fish improve good health and gives prosperity luck. very effective product

  11. Avatar of Siya


    I really like it. Looks good on my desk. Very effective and helpful product.

  12. Avatar of debbie


    Arowana attracts wealth luck for its owners. Excellent value for money. Always recommended.

  13. Avatar of shivam


    it helps us to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. awesome feng shui golden arowana fish

  14. Avatar of tanvi


    it is a really nice product. Very well made product. I really like it. amazing feng shui remedy.

  15. Avatar of pavithra paraiyar

    pavithra paraiyar

    feng shui arowana fish bring prosperity and happiness. awesome product. work very well.👍👍

  16. Avatar of vedant shrivastava

    vedant shrivastava

    Fengshui Arowana Fish To Protect From Sudden Loss. it’s really affected. realized after used.

  17. Avatar of manish


    The product was as advertised and makes a nice attractive addition to my desk.

  18. Avatar of divya


    Looks exactly like the pic. perfect size for my table. love it. it really works for me.

  19. Avatar of Neerja Rawat

    Neerja Rawat

    The Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue has helped me stay on my best foot financially.
    While this past 1 year on the economic front, maximum employees were suffering crucially owing to job loss and pay cuts, the pay cut situation also did not come my way. I am highly blessed to have this golden fish at my home.

  20. Avatar of leah reddy

    leah reddy

    arowana fish ward off negative energies. very powerful and effective feng shui remedy.

  21. Avatar of sanjay


    Very attractive and effective feng shui arowna fish. Must buy this fish.

  22. Avatar of manu thakur

    manu thakur

    feng shui golden arowana fish increase prosperity luck. it’s effective. Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  23. Avatar of Crowny


    As per Fengshui, it is good to have a golden fish .. the quality of this product is too good.

  24. Avatar of Sumit Chopra

    Sumit Chopra

    Really good product. it works. this will be very helpful. Very happy with this purchase.

  25. Avatar of manisha tiwari

    manisha tiwari

    feng shui arowana fish bring good luck and prosperity. the nice product it really works

  26. Avatar of diya


    perfect feng shui item for bringing wealth and abundance. it really works.

  27. Avatar of abhinav iyer

    abhinav iyer

    Beautiful as it’s in image good for luck. very useful product. work perfectly.👍👍

  28. Avatar of kumar agarwal

    kumar agarwal

    Nice product and it is believed to bring good luck. very effective and useful product. it really works.

  29. Avatar of Anubhav Kaur

    Anubhav Kaur

    Very effective products. It feels great after use this feng shui arowana fish and I highly recommend it!

  30. Avatar of Ratan Kukreja

    Ratan Kukreja

    This Arowana fish is the best product to present someone as a gift, especially if he is looking to bring some financial luck into his life. This Arowana Fish can do wonders for sure.

  31. Avatar of Mohit Trivedi

    Mohit Trivedi

    feng shui arowana fish protect against evil spirits and misfortune. increases good vibration in the surrounding space.

  32. Avatar of Nishita


    Arowana fish increases happiness and harmony. Very effective power. Really good product.

  33. Avatar of Ratna Sen

    Ratna Sen

    To all those dwindling between the idea of whether to buy it or not – my recommendation is, please buy it and witness the financial charm it will get you. While there is no timeline marked on the product to bring good luck, it surely works

  34. Avatar of ria paraiyar

    ria paraiyar

    feng shui arowana fish gives a good vibration. works very well. It is a really good deal.

  35. Avatar of Tisha Chopra

    Tisha Chopra

    Excellent Feng Shui product for home & it’s believed to bring goodluck
    Very happy with the built quality of the product.

  36. Avatar of suhani ahuja

    suhani ahuja

    feng shui arowana fish attracting wealth luck. very effective. the nice product. it really works

  37. Avatar of Arun Varghese

    Arun Varghese

    feng shui arowana fish place north corner. its increases career opportunity. I can realize after used.

  38. Avatar of Raju


    feng shui arowana fish deflect negative energy from one’s surroundings. effective and helpful feng shui remedy

  39. Avatar of gokul iyer

    gokul iyer

    Beautiful arowana fish, very well done. Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous

  40. Avatar of vikas


    awesome feng shui remedy – Love it! Nicely packaged.

  41. Avatar of krish


    bring good luck, wealth, happiness. gives personal power. works very well. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  42. Avatar of aswini chatterjee

    aswini chatterjee

    I like the material and look. very attractive feng shui golden arowana fish. works very well.

  43. Avatar of Mahima Varma

    Mahima Varma

    Lovely piece. Amazing vibrations and works perfectly. The color is very pretty and the size is perfect.

  44. Avatar of neeraj chakraborty

    neeraj chakraborty

    feng shui arowana fish gives a good positive vibration. promote response

  45. Avatar of dia agarwal

    dia agarwal

    feng shui arowana fish improve wealth luck. works very well. Very genuine product good quality

  46. Avatar of Chatterjee Ram

    Chatterjee Ram

    feng shui arowana fish attract money luck. gives prosperity

  47. Avatar of Sadaf


    awesome!! Gorgeous statues! awesome feng shui remedy. Thank you!👍👍

  48. Avatar of Aditi Venkatesh

    Aditi Venkatesh

    I absolutely love this golden arowana fish! It has incredible energy & I am so pleased with my purchase. really work for me

  49. Avatar of aswini banerjee

    aswini banerjee

    very helpful and effective product. very genuine product of good quality. must buy this product.

  50. Avatar of sanchit


    very effective feng shui arowana fish. Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  51. Avatar of Ajay Vohra

    Ajay Vohra

    I am very happy with the finishing. Thanks! totally impressed with this luck arowana fish. also, the energies feel very good.

  52. Avatar of Akansha


    feng shui golden arowana lucky fish for protection and good luck. amazing feng shui remedy.

  53. Avatar of Reshmi Singh

    Reshmi Singh

    The packing of the product was of high quality. The packers of this good ensured to wrap it in a manner to avoid any damage, in case of mishandling. On unwrapping the product, I simply was in awe and just stared at this beauty and appreciated its attractiveness massively.
    What amazed me more was, in just a month, all our financial constraints got solved

  54. Avatar of Deepak Tiwari

    Deepak Tiwari

    The Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue has worked wonders for me. It has not only brought in the financial discipline in my life but also helped me make my financial strength.
    Thank you Plus Value shop, for selling this genuine product.

  55. Avatar of swati chatterjee

    swati chatterjee

    feng shui arowana fish gives protection. a nice feng shui product. it really works

  56. Avatar of Shashank Vyas

    Shashank Vyas

    it works great for me. Love the positive energy in this. Very affordable too! I highly recommend it.👌👍

  57. Avatar of Riya Rathod

    Riya Rathod

    The Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue has been helpful in making my financial base strong. I am now able to save a substantial amount.
    This product from Plus Value Shop has surely brought in some financial luck in my life.

  58. Avatar of sakshi balakrishnan

    sakshi balakrishnan

    Very useful product. Nice product …good finishing and value for money.👍👍👍

  59. Avatar of Amaya


    Arowana fish is a very lucky charm, it brings Prosperity and wealth to my house. After receiving this fish I got so many opportunities, I’m so happy to buy it. Fast shipping and arrived early. The owner is super duper helpful. Plus Value shop is a must-visit!

  60. Avatar of Rishita Parmar

    Rishita Parmar

    I ordered the Arowana Fish Statue from the Plus Value shop. I was told by their experts that this statue would be good for my finances. This statue encourages me to bring in financial discipline in my life and works wonders for me.
    Thank you, Plus Value shop, for on time delivery, regular tracking updates, and also for the safe packaging of this sacred statue.

  61. Avatar of vishal


    feng shui arowana lucky fish can enhance positive energy while deflecting negativity. must buy this product

  62. Avatar of Aashna Wadhwa

    Aashna Wadhwa

    luck golden feng shui arowana fish gives immediately responsive and feels very good to use. Really nice item.

  63. Avatar of Rahul Sinha

    Rahul Sinha

    Great product, great support from the Plus Value team, great pricing, and great results.

  64. Avatar of aaditya balasubramanian

    aaditya balasubramanian

    Loved it beautiful golden arowana fish. works very well. Really good product. happy with purchase this product

  65. Avatar of Tisha Walia

    Tisha Walia

    Excellent value for money. Always recommended a feng shui expert. affordable and looks great!

  66. Avatar of Kunal


    feng shui golden arowana fish draw off negative energy into your house. amazing product.

  67. Avatar of vivek chawla

    vivek chawla

    I love this product. very well done. I love the energy. it really works for me. gives a good vibration. amazing feng shui remedy.

  68. Avatar of Seema Tripathi

    Seema Tripathi

    Tried & tested product. Those who are suffering from financial & income issues can surely resort to this golden dragon. I have seen good results; I am sure you will also see the same.
    Also, a special thanks to the Plus Value team for guiding me through choosing the right product. The product was delivered in a modest packaging and on time.

  69. Avatar of Sandhya Saxena

    Sandhya Saxena

    I was told by Jeavin to place the Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue in the southeast or north zone of my home. I am impressed with the results.

  70. Avatar of Rakhi Roy

    Rakhi Roy

    Received this piece of financial luck on the occasion of the housewarming. Since then, it has financially uplifted me and never let me financially down.

  71. Avatar of Neeta Gautam

    Neeta Gautam

    I bought this product from Plus Value Shop as I loved the beauty. Later on, I got enlightened about the fact that the lucky feng shui golden Arowana fish statue is not just an attractive piece of art but also known to bring financial luck into one’s life. Thus, since then, I placed this product in the correct position of my house to avail maximum benefits. And over time, I have realized it to be a good product, which works spiritually as well as psychologically.

  72. Avatar of Ramesh Pathak

    Ramesh Pathak

    Being financially drained from the COVID-19 induced lockdown, which resulted in me being fired from my job, I turned toward spiritualism. Bought this product in those strained times with the vision of growing financially. Also, their Vastu expert has energized the statue for enhanced effectiveness before shipping it to my address. And within a few weeks of purchase of this statue, I was able to get a fine job at a comparatively higher salary and a better position.
    What I am today, I completely owe this to the plus value team who have helped me buy the right product to activate my financial luck.

  73. Avatar of Rama Roy

    Rama Roy

    Amazed, happy, and highly satisfied with the results of Lucky Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish. Bought it for my son, Nirwaan, who was financially drained due to the COVID-induced lockdowns, which resulted in his pay cut. For a period of 4 months, it was really tough for him to manage my medical costs and our household expenses. Severely grieved by his condition, I turned towards Plus Value Shop to buy the Golden Fish, which for ages has been known for bringing in some financial luck in homes.
    And yes, it worked; just within 2 days of the purchase, my son got the news that his salary has been brought back to normal, and appraisal is expected in the year 2021. This brought in relief and satisfaction.

  74. Avatar of Neha Roy

    Neha Roy

    Received it as a gift from my sister on my birthday. And since then, the Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Statue has enhanced my luck & income. Happy with the results!

  75. Avatar of Ashish Biswas

    Ashish Biswas

    Lucky Feng Shui Golden Fish is a piece of art. This product looks exactly the same as shown on Plus Value’s site. The packing of the product was really good. Moreover, it got delivered on time as promised, along with regular tracking updates. This is one of the plus points of purchasing this lucky fish statue from the Plus Value shop.

  76. Avatar of Anil Roy

    Anil Roy

    I bought the golden fish from Plus Value India Shop online and was surprised to see it worked magic for me. Also, they energized the statue before shipping it to me to enhance its effectiveness.

  77. Avatar of Abhishek Chakravarty

    Abhishek Chakravarty

    Quite a wonderful product must say, brings in good fortune and eliminates financial distress from life completely.

  78. Avatar of Lisita


    A truly amazing and beautiful Arowana fish. I’m completely satisfied to have it. I’m happy to buy it.

  79. Avatar of Mehika


    I love this fish. It’s a very good weight and the color and detail are beautiful. It is a good thing in my pretty extensive collection. I love it.

  80. Avatar of Fulariya


    I just love my new golden Arowana fish. It is very pretty, & very lucky for me. Thank you.

  81. Avatar of Menka Shah

    Menka Shah

    Bought it as a gift, they love it so much. The amazing quality looks beautiful.

  82. Avatar of Shiha


    As suggested by my friend I bought this golden Arowana fish for bringing wealth into my life because I’m facing so many problems. After receiving this I really felt this product is amazing. Now I’m so happy to buy it. I got it in 2-3days, Amazing experience with Plus Value I’ll buy more products in the future.

  83. Avatar of Sahani


    Golden Arowana fish is the perfect wealth enhancer for my family. It is very well produced. I am so happy to buy it. I’ll buy one more for my sister, she is very excited to get it. Thank you Plus Value.

  84. Avatar of Mayank


    The fish is amazing! My sister is very happy with the gift and the quality is superb. Another one will buy soon for me. Amazing quality.

  85. Avatar of Pratik Morya

    Pratik Morya

    I place it in the north sector of my room. It is a very good Arowana fish & lucky for me, It helps to bring luck to my family business & worth every penny. It exceeded all my expectations. The packaging is very well.

  86. Avatar of Amalie


    I got this gorgeous Arowana fish for my husband for birthday. It is absolutely beautiful and the details are amazing.

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