Vastu Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror Deflect Negative Energy & Protection for Home & Office Main Door & Entrance


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Vastu Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror Deflect Negative Energy & Protection for Home & Office Main Door & Entrance 450900
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Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror

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The Pakua Mirror, also known as the Bagua Mirror, is a powerful spiritual tool rooted in the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. This convex mirror is specifically designed to deflect negative energies and protect the environment in which it is placed. It features a distinctive octagonal shape with a series of symbolic patterns and trigrams representing various aspects of life. By hanging a Pakua Mirror in your home or office, you can enhance positive energy flow, repel harmful influences, and promote balance and harmony in your surroundings. It serves as a potent spiritual instrument for inviting auspicious energies and warding off negativity.

Buy Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror Remove Negative Energy, Protect Online in India

Pro Tip: If you have a back door to the house then it is advisable to have one more Pakua mirror installed over it so that both doors are safe.

Benefits of Pakua Mirror:

  • If your home has a main entrance facing toward a hospital, houses of worship & schools, a Bagua will serve to break down killing chi aiming at your home, preventing it from entering and forming bad luck.
  • Bagua prevents many dangerous events from occurring; it can prevent illnesses, accidents, depression, and death of the members of a household.
  • Any bad luck from dangerous chi is dissolved by a bagua at the main entrance. Bagua mirrors are one of the most popular Feng Shui symbols of protection And Deflect Negative Energy
  • Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror to remove evils. When a bagua is displayed above the main entrance, it will serve to drive away malevolent spirits, bad luck, and people with bad intentions.
  • The Bagua also diffuses the effects of “poison arrows” originating from the corners of buildings or other angles pointing towards your home.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Yellow, Black
Material Wooden / Glass
Size 9 Inches / 5.5 Inches / 4.5 Inches
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 22 x 22cm / 14 x 14cm / 11.5 x 11.5cm Approx
Weight 204gm / 98gm / 54gm Approx
Uses in Vastu Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 225 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm
Size: No selection

4.5 Inches, 5.5 Inches, 9 Inches, 12 Inches

101 reviews for Vastu Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror Deflect Negative Energy & Protection for Home & Office Main Door & Entrance

  1. Avatar of Mridula Sharma

    Mridula Sharma

    Using Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror at the gate of my apartment, I have experienced significant changes in the energy field. I would recommend the product to all.
    I am grateful to the Plus Value Feng Shui experts for sending me this great product in safe packaging with every minute tracking update.

  2. Avatar of Yash Singh

    Yash Singh

    The energy field of a place matters. I ordered this Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror from Plus Value Global Shop and fixed it above the door. It thoroughly corrected the energy field of my place.

  3. Avatar of Siddharth Jain

    Siddharth Jain

    The Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror is a great product used to protect people and homes from all kinds of negative energy. I had heard this from someone in a Facebook group. I had bought two such Bagua mirrors from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop and have placed them on both front and back doors facing outside.
    I feel that there are more love and affection in the family these days than before.

  4. Avatar of Kaira Singh

    Kaira Singh

    Before we moved into our new house, a friend told me to place a Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror in front of the main entrance door to remove the bad vibes and evils. I did as I was told.
    My family and I are in a good place with a lot of positivity in our lives.
    I always thank my friend for the mirror recommendation and also Plus Value Global Holistic Shop for selling this product at such a great price.

  5. Avatar of Milan Shah

    Milan Shah

    Thank you, Plus Value shop, for selling this Feng Shui Pakua mirror at such affordable pricing.
    I have bought four such mirrors for the home and my shop. I am glad to have done so. My family and I are happier than before. I guess it is time for luck.

  6. Avatar of Sairi Saxena

    Sairi Saxena

    I had heard that a Pakua mirror is good for warding off negative energy from a space. I was not sure of where to buy this product from. Then I got a recommendation from a friend about the Plus Value Shop. I ordered it a couple of months ago for my office and put it in front of the entrance door.
    I cannot really tell you whether it has brought in any sudden change in my business or not, but I sure feel more at peace while in the office. I remain energized throughout the day to be able to work more efficiently. If this continues, then I can say that somewhere this Feng Shui Pakua mirror is bringing this positive change in my office.

  7. Avatar of Pranav


    very effective feng shui remedy. highly recommended by feng shui expert.

  8. Avatar of Joy Dasgupta

    Joy Dasgupta

    Great product. Highly recommended to all. Plus Value is really helpful.

  9. Avatar of Riya Kapoor

    Riya Kapoor

    A fantastic product both in looks and in action. Highly recommended. Thanks to Plus Value Shop for the original and energized product.

  10. Avatar of Nisha Roy

    Nisha Roy

    The Feng Shui Convex Mirror from Plus Value Global Store is an effective product to keep at home. I hung it at the main entrance of our home, and I feel there is positivity around the house. Thank you Plus Value Global Shop for the timely and smooth delivery.

  11. Avatar of Savita Kar

    Savita Kar

    I received a Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror as a gift and fixed it at the main door of our apartment. Since then, I have been experiencing positive changes in our lives. There is more positivity in the house too.

  12. Avatar of Rohan


    feng shui pakua mirror keeps prosperity & peace in the house. Working well.

  13. Avatar of debbie


    feng shui pakua mirror brings wealth and luck. the nice product it really works

  14. Avatar of Purvi Jain

    Purvi Jain

    Feng Shui Pakua Convex Mirror really cancels the bad energies that try to enter your home or office. Thank you Plus Value Store for the right guidance and this brilliant product.

  15. Avatar of Pratibha Ray

    Pratibha Ray

    There were several sudden misfortunes at home. The atmosphere was depressive. Then, a friend recommended me to speak to the Plus Value Vastu experts. As per their guidance, I began using a Feng Shui Convex Mirror at the main entrance of my residence. The effect was good, and things started falling into places.
    Thanks Plus Value team for being so helpful.

  16. Avatar of Anusha


    Fully satisfied with the product. effective feng shui pakua mirror.

  17. Avatar of natasha jhaveri

    natasha jhaveri

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. it really works. Totally Impresses👍👍👍

  18. Avatar of Sunil Chaturvedi

    Sunil Chaturvedi

    Just after I shifted to my new apartment, I began feeling a bit depressed almost without any reason. Then advised by experts at Plus Value Global Shop, I decided to attach Pakua Convex Mirror at the apartment door. I feel better these days. This mirror is a highly recommended product to get the right vibration at home.

  19. Avatar of Neeraj


    Bagua Mirror is a protective tool used in Feng Shui to deflect negative energy

  20. Avatar of ABHI


    Keeps prosperity & peace in house & keeps away evil thoughts or influences. Working well

  21. Avatar of simran


    excellent remedy for door protection. amazing product and effective product

  22. Avatar of sasashy


    Nicely finished and a useful size. the very useful bagua mirror

  23. Avatar of Sam Roy

    Sam Roy

    the seller buys genuine products of good quality. It is a really good deal. I highly recommend it!

  24. Avatar of parth gala

    parth gala

    looks good on my front door and easy to hang! Very effective. Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  25. Avatar of ajith


    Excellent quality and finishing. amazing vibrations and works perfectly.

  26. Avatar of Aaditya


    bagua mirror is used when you want to reflect negative feng shui energy away from pointing at your home.👍👍

  27. Avatar of Naina Gupta

    Naina Gupta

    I bought a Feng Shui Pakua Convex Mirror from the Plus Value site mainly because of its aesthetic brilliance. However, I never expected a change in the environment. It really worked for good.
    Order it from Plus Value Global Shop for a smooth and timely delivery and enjoy the positivity around the house.

  28. Avatar of Neha Shetty

    Neha Shetty

    feng shui pakua mirror increasing positivity in the surroundings. gives a prompt response. it’s an effective product

  29. Avatar of simran


    protection especially from jealous and bad energy

  30. Avatar of Prateek Tiwari

    Prateek Tiwari

    feng shui bagua mirror removes wrong vibes and evils. it really works…nice product

  31. Avatar of vinay ganguly

    vinay ganguly

    Great product. Like it. product as described. Very happy with this purchase.

  32. Avatar of megha bahl

    megha bahl

    Very neat and perfect size.


  33. Avatar of Joyeeta Ghosh

    Joyeeta Ghosh

    I never had faith in things like Feng Shui until I used Feng Shui Convex Mirror. I began using it at the advice of a friend at a time of distress. However, the thing changed for the better. A highly recommended product. But remember to buy it only from Plus Value Global Shop as they sell all authentic products.

  34. Avatar of vedant rao

    vedant rao

    feng shui pakua mirror turn bad luck into a blessing. very effective and work perfectly.

  35. Avatar of Mitesh Patel

    Mitesh Patel

    Nice & Good Quality Feng Shui Bagua Mirror for Home protection from Evil Energies that come from outside.

  36. Avatar of vaishnavi kaur

    vaishnavi kaur

    Wonderful product…Fully satisfied with the product. Excellent Effective

  37. Avatar of sakshi kapadia

    sakshi kapadia

    it can enhance positive energy while deflecting negativity. very effective product

  38. Avatar of manu sengupta

    manu sengupta

    feng shui pakua bagua mirror draws in positive energy. bring wealth luck.

  39. Avatar of Naveen Rana

    Naveen Rana

    A very genuine product of good quality. works very well. It feels great and I highly recommend it!👍👍

  40. Avatar of ramya garg

    ramya garg

    Absolutely awesome feng shui remedy – Love it! Good quality product thanks you will buy again

  41. Avatar of Pavithra


    an octagonal shaped mirror for protection. create good fortune and harmony.

  42. Avatar of abhi


    Super feng shui product. works perfectly. really impressed with this feng shui pakua mirror

  43. Avatar of nishi


    Received in Good Condition. Amazing Product. Works Very Well. Very happy with my purchase

  44. Avatar of Anushri


    Very nice it is the same as shown on the site. Packing was a good and nice product.

  45. Avatar of Crowny


    Love it, made very well. So happy with it I bought. I found it to be very effective.

  46. Avatar of shivangi goswami

    shivangi goswami

    Received product in good condition. Just as described.! Recommend by feng shui vastu expert

  47. Avatar of Anushri Trivedi

    Anushri Trivedi

    feng shui bagua mirror increases positive energy in the home. the very effective bagua mirror.

  48. Avatar of manisha dasgupta

    manisha dasgupta

    Simple and beautiful. very effective and useful feng shui remedy.

  49. Avatar of Ayushi Varghese

    Ayushi Varghese

    Excellent product quality. gives a good vibration in the house. promote response

  50. Avatar of shivangi sachdeva

    shivangi sachdeva

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. gives a positive response

  51. Avatar of tushar chopra

    tushar chopra

    It is a very powerful and commonly used Vastu Remedy. very useful vastu and feng shui expert

  52. Avatar of shivani hegde

    shivani hegde

    Feng Shui Bagua Mirror for Protection and Good Luck. Really good product. it really works.

  53. Avatar of PRATEEK


    Perfect for hanging on the door. great quality. Highly recommended!

  54. Avatar of Arya


    Awesome product… gives promote and positive response. very effective and helpful feng shui pakua mirror

  55. Avatar of ashish dhingra

    ashish dhingra

    it really works. highly recommend feng shui expert.👍👍👍

  56. Avatar of Raghav


    I found a positive change in my life. excellent product. amazing

  57. Avatar of gupta mohit

    gupta mohit

    Bagua Mirror worked it. The convex mirror is awesome, It was very well wrapped good condition when I received it.

  58. Avatar of Ayushi


    very impressed with this feng shui pakua mirror. feel very good. Really good product.

  59. Avatar of Harish Khattar

    Harish Khattar

    Excellent quality and finishing. Good product please buy. Super vastu product

  60. Avatar of Ashish Shetty

    Ashish Shetty

    feng shui bagua protects against negative energy. increasing good vibration

  61. Avatar of Raghav Varma

    Raghav Varma

    feng shui bagua mirror used to magnify the positive energy. Awesome product…excellent

  62. Avatar of vivek


    Nice Feng shui pakua mirror to draw good energy into your house. it really works

  63. Avatar of deepa


    feng shui pakua mirror gives amazing positive vibrations and works perfectly.

  64. Avatar of Rishi Chaddha

    Rishi Chaddha

    I heard people talking about Feng Shui, though I never used it myself until one of my friends gifted me a Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror. I set it at the main entrance of my residence, mainly due to its aesthetic brilliance. However, slowly, I realized it was something more than that. It changed the atmosphere of my home totally with positive vibrations.

  65. Avatar of Avinash Modi

    Avinash Modi

    The product is totally excellent and it is worth it. Very effective product

  66. Avatar of Vinita Salve

    Vinita Salve

    A great product. Aesthetic beauty and design come together with great spiritual effect. Fix this Pakua Convex Mirror at both the front door and back door. Order from Plus Value Shop for every minute tracking details on mail and phone.

  67. Avatar of Radhika


    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. 👍😊

  68. Avatar of ramya rana

    ramya rana

    feng shui pakua gives protection And deflect negative energy. very useful products

  69. Avatar of Rishabh Venkatesh

    Rishabh Venkatesh

    Perfect for hanging on the door. Excellent product. Highly recommend vastu feng shui consultant

  70. Avatar of naveen dhillon

    naveen dhillon

    the energies feel positive after place this feng shui pakua mirror. awesome product.

  71. Avatar of Prashant


    The color is very pretty and the size is perfect. very effective pakua mirror

  72. Avatar of ananya


    Like the convex bagua mirror. Very much satisfied with the design and quality. 👍👍

  73. Avatar of Rishabh


    works very well. awesome product. I highly recommend it!

  74. Avatar of Vaibhav Vohra

    Vaibhav Vohra

    I found a positive change in my life. after using this feng shui pakua convex mirror. very effective👍

  75. Avatar of Juhi Sen

    Juhi Sen

    The Plus Value Shop experts told me to use Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror at the door of my office. I used it and felt its protective charm. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  76. Avatar of diksha singh

    diksha singh

    pa kua mirror deflects negativity and door protection. it has such great energy.

  77. Avatar of neha dewan

    neha dewan

    works perfectly. really impressed with this feng shui bagua mirror👍👍 must try this product

  78. Avatar of Sita Chauhan

    Sita Chauhan

    There are phases of bad luck, and there are ways to handle them. I have hung a Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror above the door and started seeing better days.
    Thank you Plus Value for this highly energized product.

  79. Avatar of Sunil


    Very satisfied with the product! very impressed with this feng shui pakua mirror

  80. Avatar of natasha deshpande

    natasha deshpande

    The color is very pretty and the size is perfect. works perfectly. the energies feel very good.

  81. Avatar of tanu vyas

    tanu vyas

    solve all Vastu dosh problems of the main door. it works great for me. Love the positive energy in this pakua mirror

  82. Avatar of Isha Gada

    Isha Gada

    The convex mirror is awesome, I love designs. It was very well wrapped and in tip-top condition when I received it.

  83. Avatar of Arusha Shah

    Arusha Shah

    Feng Shui Pakua Mirror gives excellent protection against any negativity coming to the house. Its a fine product, it really works

  84. Avatar of vaibhav


    the nice product it helps to protect against negativity. useful and effective feng shui pakua mirror

  85. Avatar of tanu


    Really good product. it’s an effective product. must try this feng shui pakua mirror. amazing quality product

  86. Avatar of Rini Jain

    Rini Jain

    The Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror from Plus Value Online store is a great product. Buy only from them for the 100% authentic and energized product.

  87. Avatar of Priyanka Singh

    Priyanka Singh

    The entrance of a home or an office is an important place. As they say, the energies and vibrations also come in through the door. So, I decided to take special care of it by installing a Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror at the door of my apartment. The effects are visible.
    You can also buy such 100% authentic Vastu products only on the Plus Value site.

  88. Avatar of Jaishree Chauhan

    Jaishree Chauhan

    Few things on earth come with great aesthetic beauty and at the same time great effect. Feng Shui Convex Mirror belongs to that class of products. It looks great and has a therapeutic effect on the environment. Buy 100% authentic product only on Plus Value Online Shop.

  89. Avatar of Roshni Sinha

    Roshni Sinha

    I always knew that positive vibrations are important at home. However, I had no idea how to fix it. However, suggested by the Plus Value experts, I ordered two Bagua Pakua Convex Mirrors and attached them both at the front door and the back door. It made things better. Thank you Plus Value, for the right guidance and the right product.

  90. Avatar of Sushil Kumar

    Sushil Kumar

    After using Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror from Plus Value Global Shop I understood that Feng Shui objects really work. I have bought it Plus Value Global Shop, you may also do the same.

  91. Avatar of Sheeja Ray

    Sheeja Ray

    I have used some similar products before. But the Feng Shui Bagua Pakua Convex Mirror from Plus Value Global Shop is different, especially for the positive impact it has brought in my life. It is a 100% authentic product I felt the effect myself.
    I recommend this Pakua convex mirror as well as Plus Value Global Shop for buying all Vastu and Feng Shui products.

  92. Avatar of Andrea


    My mother-in-law really likes her new Feng Shui Bagua. The Bagua details are of nice quality, look good, are packed securely, and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much.

  93. Avatar of Mili


    My main door is in the wrong direction I share this problem with my friend she suggests to me this Pakua mirror. After that, I order this mirror, when I’m using this Pakau I really feel that this is the best product. It resolves my issue & I’m so happy now. Thanks to my friend for suggesting me this shop. Thank you so much.

  94. Avatar of Dezo


    The Pakua was exactly the same as shown in the images and as mentioned in the description and the quality is too good, It is the only best Bagua mirror out of all other brands, I have tried every brand but Plus Value has the best quality of all!

  95. Avatar of Alina


    Notice the difference in energy around my home and family. Definitely more positive vibes. Happy to buy Pakua from Plus Value.

  96. Avatar of Rachel


    Very happy to buy this Pakua mirror. It is a just perfect Pakua mirror. I really have experience with this mirror. Thank you.

  97. Avatar of Jessica


    This mirror matched the description. I really like that it is ready to hang. Very happy.

  98. Avatar of Rodger


    I got success as soon as the mirror was delivered. Excellent product.

  99. Avatar of Joanne


    I bought it as a given suggestion by my father, he believes in Vastu & Feng Shui. He told me that, the Pakua mirror is a very powerful tool for protection of your house form the negativity. After using this I feel the result, Pakua is a very good Vastu product. I’m very happy that I bought it from PLus Value. Thank you so much.

  100. Avatar of Menka Roy

    Menka Roy

    I’m using this Pakua Bagua mirror for the last some days. I have experienced that this is very protective against negativity & bad effects, it is a very powerful Vastu tool. I’m feeling very blessed that this is what I have. I’m so happy to buy it, & more Thanks Plus Value.

  101. Avatar of Dez


    The Bagua mirror is the best Feng Shui symbol of protection, I have experienced this. It is a very good quality mirror. Amazing product.

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