Feng Shui Fu Dogs Pair for Protection & Good Luck for Homes & Offices


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Feng Shui Fu Foo Dogs Pair for Protection & Good Luck for Homes & Offices

Auspicious Foo Dogs is a symbol that protects from bad incidents and brings money, power, good luck, safety, strength, wisdom, and courage.

Fu dogs are imperial protection symbols used for many centuries at the entrance gates. They come in pairs and have traditionally been used as protectors of the gates of heaven. You can also keep the pair on windows, doors, and against structures like temples, schools, government offices, police stations, hospitals, etc pointing in your direction. The negative Chi that comes from various directions into your home or office is deflected by placing this pair of Fu Dogs at the entrance.

Fu Dogs were also a traditional feng shui symbol of family wealth and social status and were placed in front of offices, homes & industrial premises.

They are small in size and made of fiber. They can be used as home decor. You can place them in the living room or your business location and eliminate the negative Chi. Feel positive and protected by placing them indoors or outdoors. They are available in three colors.

They represent universal energy and create harmonious energy. You can place them together in any important area indoors. You can also place them on important items such as documents, and books, to prevent theft or damage. Adorn your home and office with these pairs as a protective and harmonious decor symbol. They are available at an affordable price and can be gifted to someone you love to bring auspiciousness to their lives. They keep the home and office environment stable.

They represent harmonious energy and are always available as pairs. These sacred symbols represent the universal chant, ‘OM.’ The male lion has a mouth open representing male dominance and ‘O’ and the female lion has a mouth closed representing ‘M’ and symbolizes maternal instincts. Together they represent ‘Om.’ They bring auspiciousness, nurturing, and luck to homes and offices. They are known to be guardians of Earth. You can place them in your garden as well as on the porch.

Foo Dogs Pair represents harmonious energy in your life.

Fu Dogs are also called Imperial Guardian Lions.

It will develop positive energy in your house, and stop all kinds of negative energies

Rules for Placement of Fu / Foo Dogs

  • The male must be placed on the right and the female must be placed on the left
  • The male Fu Dog is holding a globe under his right paw, which signifies control over his domain and protection of his home.
  • The female Fu Dog is holding a cub under her left paw, signifying strong maternal protective instincts.
  • They can be placed in any direction
  • The pair must always face outwards
  • You can use it inside the house as a protection symbol
  • You can use them as home decor items by placing them on display shelves, tables, etc
  • Fu Dogs are usually displayed as a couple. Do not place each in a separate room
  • They must always be placed together
  • Place them on elevated positions when placed on tables or countertops
  • Cleanse them every 3-4 months by washing them and placing them in full moonlight or sunlight for a few hours
  • Fu Dogs are placed inside or outside buildings to block negative energies.
  • Placed in front of the homes of the rich signifying their family wealth and social status.

Buy Feng Shui Fu / Foo Dogs Good Luck & Protection Online in India

Protect your living space and office from negative energy by placing this pair in any direction. They must be placed facing outward even if you place them indoors. Wrong placement can bring disharmony.

Feng Shui is based on the five elements of the earth, water, air, fire, wood, and metal. It is also based on the principle of the universal flow of energy and principles of male and female energies.

Display Fu dog on the main door at the office or home for strong protection from harmful and competitive energies.

Using a pair of dogs together repressed any outbursts of theft, accidents, and bad intentions, and instead brought monetary gain and enhanced Feng Shui effects.

The Fu Foo Dogs remain an icon of safeguarding and stability, being used widely in homes and offices.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Antic Golden
Material Fiber
Size ( L x W x H ) 2.6 x 1.5 x 4 Inches / 7cm x 4cm x 10cm
Weight 502 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm

23 reviews for Feng Shui Fu Dogs Pair for Protection & Good Luck for Homes & Offices

  1. Avatar of Srijaleena Chakrabarti

    Srijaleena Chakrabarti

    Wow! A great product that has helped me achieve positive vibes and financial upliftment. The results are magical for the product. Truly in love with the way it functions.

  2. Avatar of Sreeparna Saha

    Sreeparna Saha

    Excellent product. Recommend this product to those lacking good financial health and positivity in life.

  3. Avatar of Mayuri


    Nice Products. I Like it

  4. Avatar of Trisha Datta

    Trisha Datta

    Bought feng shui dogs pair online from the plus value store. Was happy to receive the product. It was shipped within 2 days of placing the order and was packaged in a manner to avoid physical damage in case of mishandling. The product is also energized before setting out for delivery and the delivery site also ensures to provide salt for the cleansing of the product.

  5. Avatar of Soumya Tiwari

    Soumya Tiwari

    Happy with the purchase of the product from plus value. Great platform to get spiritual products online at a genuine cost. Moreover, the online site’s delivery is instant and their customer service provider is also simple to reach and highly helpful.

  6. Avatar of Prakriti Basu

    Prakriti Basu

    Cool product and works like magic since the day you begin the use of it. Worked for me. Sure that it would work exactly in the same manner for you as well. However, placing it in the proper direction is crucial to derive most of it.

  7. Avatar of Simran Singh

    Simran Singh

    Happy with the results of the feng shui fu dogs pair. It has done magic for me. This product’s regular use has considerably boosted my energy and earned relevant success. Moreover, since the use of this product, I have attained a massive feel of positivity.

  8. Avatar of Shreya Bubna

    Shreya Bubna

    Bought feng shui dog pair for my Chinese friend Ging Xia on her birthday. On receiving this product she was thoroughly happy with it and praised the product’s appearance and positive qualities it brings on constant use. Great product. And ensure to purchase it from Plus Value as it is one of the authentic sites currently on the online channel selling authentic products at a genuine price.

  9. Avatar of Akansha


    very powerful to negates the bad energy and protect your home and office

  10. Avatar of Mandy Mullick

    Mandy Mullick

    As recommended by my astrologer, I bought this product online from Plus Value India. Was recommended for financial health correction and enhancement of positivity. Been 6 months since I have been using it and I am happy to state it has worked for me. While in the initial days the results generated were slow, with a pass of more time the results became substantial. Happy with the way it worked for me.

  11. Avatar of krithika


    bring protection and power. increase positive energy. Very effective products

  12. Avatar of Varsha Manot Dharewal

    Varsha Manot Dharewal

    Those looking out to avail positivity and enhancement in wealth should opt for feng shui dogs pair. Note that, to attain a maximum of the benefit, the product should not just be kept in pairs but also should be placed in the proper place. Placing the product in an incorrect location can get you disharmony and severe other drawbacks. To attain maximum benefit, ensure to keep it at the main door of your office or home. Happy with the results that the product has brought upon me and my family members.

  13. Avatar of Priti Rakshit

    Priti Rakshit

    Good product. Works like magic to bring in positivity and goodness around you. However, ensure to place the product in the correct place as their incorrect installation may bring in disharmony.

  14. Avatar of Pragya Chubey

    Pragya Chubey

    The result of the product is extremely good. Worked swiftly for me. Happy with the results. It has been a lifesaver for me.

  15. Avatar of Priyanka Mishra

    Priyanka Mishra

    Since the time I bought the feng shui dog pair, I have placed the product together on my office doorstep to gain considerable positivity in my office space and drive away every bit of negativity that enters my space. Happy with the results of it. Truly a must-try product from Plus Value store.

  16. Avatar of Gracy Bhattacharjee

    Gracy Bhattacharjee

    Happy with the product. A must buy. Recommended by my brother, I bought a feng shui dog pair from plus value online and placed it in the manner as guided by him. As promised by my brother, within 15 days, I was able to notice the difference the product brought to my life. Happy with the buy.

  17. Avatar of Crystal D’costa

    Crystal D’costa

    Bought feng shui dogs pair months back from plus value site to attract wealth and social status. Since the purchase of this product, I have witnessed the positivity and promised changes it has brought to my life. Highly recommend this product.

  18. Avatar of Jessica Anthony

    Jessica Anthony

    Feng shui fu dogs pair is one of those auspicious structures that not just prevent you from bad luck but also brings in great fortune and money. A must buy from plus value site as it is a great platform offering genuine products and swift delivery.

  19. Avatar of Harshita Tibrewal

    Harshita Tibrewal

    Extremely happy with feng shui dog pairs. It has worked really well for me. Do try it out from Plus Value online.

  20. Avatar of Rapunki Sikdar

    Rapunki Sikdar

    Bought the product feng shui dogs pair for my nanu. He is one of the biggest believers of substance healing and was looking out to get this product for a long. However, he was not able to find an authentic product. On a thorough search online, I discovered plus value India was selling out 100% genuine products. Thus, at the drop of a hat, I bought the product online for him. On receiving the product, my nanu was thrilled and very excited.

  21. Avatar of Kritika Khandelwal

    Kritika Khandelwal

    Since the purchase of the product from plus value, I have used it constantly and ensured that it stays in the right place. It is a magical product.

  22. Avatar of Mekhala Maitra

    Mekhala Maitra

    Wonderful are the results of the product. Truly happy with it. Becomes effective in just a few days of use. Seriously amazing.

  23. Avatar of Karen Sardar

    Karen Sardar

    Excellent product. It has helped me gain a considerable name, fame, and positivity from all walks of life. I can swear by feng shui fu dogs pair. Works well for everyone. This is one such product, which should be at the place of those struggling acutely with their finances and are thriving to attain substantial positive vibes.

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