Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau Trinity of Deities for Health, Wealth & Happiness (2 inch, Miniature, Home Decor Showpiece)


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feng shui luk fuk sau
Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau Trinity of Deities for Health, Wealth & Happiness (2 inch, Miniature, Home Decor Showpiece) 500
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Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau / Three Wise Men / Three Lucky Immortals

Three lucky immortals are considered to be very popular in Asia, also known as the Trinity of Deities or The Three Feng Shui Gods. They are said to represent prosperity, authority, and longevity respectively. Because of their magnificent symbolism, the trinity of deities is the most highly sought-after figurine by those in high positions such as politicians.

The three feng shui gods of wealth create an inner balance of harmony which brings peace of mind and health to its owner. Each God carries different things which have their unique meanings. However, according to the legends, they are the strongest when kept together. It fills the owner with happiness and extreme good luck. They are considered excellent housewarming gifts.


Fuk represents good luck, health, and happiness. He is usually carved holding a child or scroll in his arms.  The child symbolizes the transmission of good luck to future generations, whereas, the scroll represents the importance of learning and knowledge. According to legends, Fuk is the personification of the planet Jupiter.


“Lu” in Chinese is used in reference to the salary of a government official. He dresses in the imperial robes of the Mandarin. Also, Luk holds a Ru Yi or Golden Ingot which represents respect and authority. He brings stability, fame, and success.


Sau represents longevity. He cups a peach in his hand which shows beauty, youth, and immortality. According to the legends, it is believed that Sau was in his mother’s womb for ten years before he was born and when he came into the world, he was already an old man. With a distinguished high forehead, he is always carved with a warm welcoming smile on his face.

These beautifully carved figurines are very important to have in the house if you’re going through hard times. They work best when the air around them is cleansed and fresh. The three lucky immortals bring the much-needed peace back into the house and help in resolving issues. Great success and happiness become a part of the owner’s life. People who are going through a hard time while experiencing the effects of planet Jupiter must keep the trinity of deities in the house as per the rules provided by Feng Shui. Also, people who hold high positions in the government often have them settled at their office tables for their symbolism of authority and respect. They are often considered a perfect gift for people who work in government offices. Politicians also love these figurines as they also represent good luck, stability, fame, and success.

Traditionally, the three figures should be kept together with Luk at the center, Fuk to its right, and Sau to its left. These auspicious statues are supposed to be placed in a high-energy zone such as the living room or dining room and must be kept at least 3ft. above the ground. You can also offer fresh flowers and light candles daily in front of the three lucky immortals.

Fuk Luk Sau is a great trinity of deities who represent prosperity, authority, and longevity. They are highly favored by many businessmen, politicians, high-ranking government officials, and executives Sau, the 1st star carries a bottle of nectar and represents longevity. Fuk, the 2nd-star deity, represents wealth and enhanced income. The 3rd-star deity (Luk) represents the power of the high Government official and holds the Ru Yi or scepter of office in his left hand. Luk always stands in the center.

Fuk Luk Sau should be placed on a high side table in the dining room from where they are said to create auspicious chi for the entire household.

At the office, Fuk Luk Sau can be placed behind you giving vital support and good fortune. At the office, they can be placed behind your chair to gain vital support and good fortune to gain more success in business.

Fuk, Luk, and Sau should be placed above the height of 3 feet. Also not place Fuk Luk Sau in your bedrooms, toilets, and kitchen.

The three feng shui gods of wealth also called the three immortals – Fuk Luk Sau – are a popular traditional feng shui cure that represents long life, fame, and fortune.

Three wise men, or Fuk Luk Sau, are usually placed in an area with high visibility and good energy, such as a high table in the living room, for example, or on a high shelf in the office.

To the left is always Fuk, with all the blessings and good luck energy. Luk is always in the center, with the promise of success and financial stability.

Sau means longevity. Sau is to the right, smiling and offering the gifts of longevity and peaceful life.

Fuk Luk Sau Three Wise Men 3 Lucky Immortals Star Gods For Family Protection & Health, Wealth Or Happiness Prosperity Protection for Long Life, Fame and Fortune Symbol of Vastu / Feng Shui Statues

Fuk Luk Sau improves inner balance and harmony between you and your family members.

Fuk Luk Sau is believed to bring authority, success, fame, and fortune.

Fuk Luk Sau is the most popular feng shui remedy that signifies long life, fame, and fortune.

Highly popular feng shui cure recommended by feng shui consultants.

In any sector of your living room or dining room, to attract good fortune and positive energy.

Fuk Luk Sau increases good fortune for the household.

Buy Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau Online in India

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Multi Colour
Material Fiber
Size 2 Inches
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 2 x 2 x 5 cm Approx
Weight 66 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

72 reviews for Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau Trinity of Deities for Health, Wealth & Happiness (2 inch, Miniature, Home Decor Showpiece)

  1. Avatar of Manisha Panja

    Manisha Panja

    Since the time I bought this product from Plus Value, it has helped me do better and avail the most from life. I recommend this to you all.

  2. Avatar of shivangi ganguly

    shivangi ganguly

    Really nice statues. excellent detail. It is so beautiful.👍👍

  3. Avatar of akash balakrishnan

    akash balakrishnan

    feng shui fuk luk sau give wealth luck. Very effective product. Highly recommended by feng shui expert

  4. Avatar of ankur banerjee

    ankur banerjee

    feng shui luk fuk sau increase the abundance and wealth of luck. it really works for me. Amazing products👍👍

  5. Avatar of neha gala

    neha gala

    Very colorful, love them all!! the nice product it really works👍👍

  6. Avatar of naveen gada

    naveen gada

    I really like it. very happy with this purchase. Just as described. 👍👍

  7. Avatar of Ira chakraborty

    Ira chakraborty

    feng shui luk fuk sau giving vital support and good fortune. Its very effective feng shui product

  8. Avatar of Aditi Agrawal

    Aditi Agrawal

    Happy with the buy of the 3 deities. Bought it from Plus Value online. Not just the site offers 100% genuine product but also packs the product well before delivery. They also ensure to energize the product and check it before letting it out for their customers.
    Happy with the product, happy with the seller.

  9. Avatar of Riyan Joshi

    Riyan Joshi

    If you are one of those with troubled luck and unsatisfactory self-growth, do buy these three lucky immortals’ statue and place it in the appropriate position as guided by the Plus Value experts.

  10. Avatar of Sam


    awesome!! Gorgeous statues! I really love them. amazing feng shui product.

  11. Avatar of Ranjit Misra

    Ranjit Misra

    I am happy to have purchased the Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau from the Plus Value site. They have helped me at every step of the purchase process. They are available all the time to help with any query. Happy with the product as well as the Plus Value team from where I bought the product.

  12. Avatar of Sayan Saha

    Sayan Saha

    Excellent product. Has changed my life and brought in lady luck that helps me gain the relevant success I want to gain a good amount of wealth. Do buy it also to change your life.

  13. Avatar of varsha chatterjee

    varsha chatterjee

    Guys, really it’s beautiful. If you are interested you must go for it. Product is very good

  14. Avatar of Sejjal Karnany

    Sejjal Karnany

    Good product and very useful. Ensure to place Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau, as directed by your astrologer or as mentioned in the site of Plus Value to attain the most from it.
    This is one of the best buys, which has given good results. Recommend it to you as well.

  15. Avatar of natasha jhaveri

    natasha jhaveri

    feng shui luk fuk sau gives a good positive vibration. the nice product

  16. Avatar of Shreemayi Dasgupta

    Shreemayi Dasgupta

    Not just the 3 deities are attractively beautiful but are known to bring in substantial luck, peace, and happiness in places where they are kept. Been about a year now since I bought the product from Plus Value online, and yes I am able to sense the difference it has brought into my life.

  17. Avatar of manoj ahuja

    manoj ahuja

    Feng shui fuk luk sau brings good luck and happiness. Good finishing and realistic faces. Awesome product.

  18. Avatar of rakesh kapadia

    rakesh kapadia

    It is really awesome… I am loving it…very beautiful product

  19. Avatar of arjun agarwal

    arjun agarwal

    Feng shui fuk luk sau is a very attractive product. Amazing quality. Look awesome. 👌👍👍

  20. Avatar of nikita hegde

    nikita hegde

    It feels great. It is a really good deal. highly recommend it.

  21. Avatar of rakesh choudhary

    rakesh choudhary

    very effective product. highly rcommended by feng shui expert.👍👍

  22. Avatar of karan chokshi

    karan chokshi

    feng shui fuk luk sau look so cute. The quality of the material is good. excellent product of feng shui remedy

  23. Avatar of Gayatri


    Feng shui luk fuk sau brings stability and give success in our life. Amazing and effective product.

  24. Avatar of karan kapoor

    karan kapoor

    happy with my purchase and the whole room feels amazing. I love it.

  25. Avatar of aishwarya iyer

    aishwarya iyer

    Excellent product, and excellent services as well. packing also good. Received good condition.

  26. Avatar of niharika kashyap

    niharika kashyap

    Lovely product! Very beautiful, very happy with my purchase, Highly recommended!

  27. Avatar of Disha Purkait

    Disha Purkait

    Great product. Love it to the core as it has driven my life to betterment.

  28. Avatar of niharika chawla

    niharika chawla

    feng shui fuk luk sau increases good health. very effective product. amazing item.

  29. Avatar of sanjana khanna

    sanjana khanna

    This feng shui fuk luk sau will be of great use to me. feel very good to use this product.

  30. Avatar of raj reddy

    raj reddy

    I can place this in my living room. It gives positive responses. Very effective and decorative product. Must buy this feng shui luk fuk sau.

  31. Avatar of anjali shah

    anjali shah

    Feng shui luk fuk sau ideal gift for someone. Lovely and very beautiful product.

  32. Avatar of Shobha


    Super tiny! About 2″high. Cute!!

  33. Avatar of aryan paraiyar

    aryan paraiyar

    Feng shui luk fuk sau gives good health. Very effective feng shui remedy. Must try this product.

  34. Avatar of Shashank


    this gives family protection.
    also, gives health and wealth luck
    it works
    Happy with quality. Genuine Products

  35. Avatar of sanjana balasubramanian

    sanjana balasubramanian

    Very nice very good for decoration purposes also the material of the product very nice.👍👍

  36. Avatar of yash jain

    yash jain

    Very happy with purchase this feng ful luk sau. amazing product. I like it👍👍

  37. Avatar of akash kolhi

    akash kolhi

    Lovely statues. keeps it in the living room. it looks very nice. very satisfied with the product!

  38. Avatar of ankit modi

    ankit modi

    Looks amazing!!! I love it so much!!! Packaged with real care too!!! Highly recommend

  39. Avatar of ankur luthra

    ankur luthra

    I really like it. the color and texture are just as shown in the photograph. 👍👍

  40. Avatar of Mary


    helpful product. brings peace of mind and health.
    It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  41. Avatar of sneha kaur

    sneha kaur

    Feng shui luk fuk sau very effective and useful product. I like it very much. Amazing product👍👍

  42. Avatar of vani patel

    vani patel

    The finishing of the product is good. looks the same in the image. Very nice product. amazing👍👍

  43. Avatar of Srijan Bhumi

    Srijan Bhumi

    Good product. I am happy with the results these three lucky immortals have brought into my life.
    Very impactful.

  44. Avatar of Sejjal Karnany

    Sejjal Karnany

    Bought Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau, the 3 adorable deities for personal growth and good fortune. Happy with the way I am experiencing positivity in life.

  45. Avatar of Ira mathur

    Ira mathur

    I really like feng shui fuk luk sau. works perfectly. really impressed

  46. Avatar of rohit sharma

    rohit sharma

    Nice finish. Go for it without a doubt. Value for money.

  47. Avatar of Subhamita Ghosh

    Subhamita Ghosh

    Good product. Since the time I bought it from Plus Value, it has substantially elevated my business and helped me earn a good amount of profit. Happy with the 3 deities’ performance.

  48. Avatar of Nishadha Silva

    Nishadha Silva

    Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau – 3 fortune immortals’ statue has changed my life for good. Since the time I bought this product, these 3 deities have bestowed me with good luck, fame, success, and stability. Surely a must buy. Love the product.

  49. Avatar of riya chopra

    riya chopra

    Good quality. Nice..loved the product. good packing.👍👌

  50. Avatar of Deepak


    It feels great after place this product in my house and I highly recommend it!

  51. Avatar of Ishita gupta

    Ishita gupta

    Beautiful item for house decor. It’s really good amazing product.👍👍

  52. Avatar of varsha mehta

    varsha mehta

    The color is very pretty and the size is good. feel very good. I highly recommend it.

  53. Avatar of tanvi dasgupta

    tanvi dasgupta

    I feel positive after having this…I really like it. really impressed with feng shui fuk luk sau

  54. Avatar of Sanjukta Das

    Sanjukta Das

    Excellent product and a must-buy for those struggling to uplift their business and earn profit out of it. This product helps to strengthen your luck, which indirectly allows you to gain the most out of your business. Do buy it to witness the power of the 3 Chinese deities.

  55. Avatar of Hasina Layek

    Hasina Layek

    Love the way the 3 deities have changed my love for the better. Definitely, a must buy to gain huge success, profit, and good luck. I have got my share of happiness and good luck & now is your turn to transform your life towards goodness and good fortune. Surely a must buy from Plus Value.

  56. Avatar of manoj memon

    manoj memon

    felt positive energy all around after placing this feng shui fuk luk sau. 👍👍

  57. Avatar of shyam khattar

    shyam khattar

    Feng shui fuk luk sau is very attractive. Look beautiful. amazing product I like it.👌✌

  58. Avatar of mahesh sengupta

    mahesh sengupta

    feng shui luk fuk sau is PERFECT!! the color and texture are just as shown in the photograph. Very satisfied with the product!

  59. Avatar of Meghna Mishra

    Meghna Mishra

    To avail good vibes and success in life, go for Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau. Great product and gets you all you want from life in a few days. Makes your luck better and helps you gain substantial success. A helpful product.

  60. Avatar of Bhavna Sharma

    Bhavna Sharma

    Good buy. Happy with the results the statue of three lucky immortals has offered me. I am glad to feel harmony and inner balance in life.

  61. Avatar of arjun naidu

    arjun naidu

    very happy with the finishing. seen positive effects after buying feng shui luk fuk sau.

  62. Avatar of shreya singh

    shreya singh

    great beautiful product to give a beautiful look to your home. Very happy with my purchase. Awesome feng shui product

  63. Avatar of gayatri rai

    gayatri rai

    Very good product. we found positive results after placing this product. value for money

  64. Avatar of Rini Saxena

    Rini Saxena

    The Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau figurine is a great product to bring home and instill good luck in life. I am happy with the product. Also, I am grateful to the Plus Value experts for guiding me in purchasing this product.

  65. Avatar of Akansha Titiksha

    Akansha Titiksha

    Happy with the buy. More than happy and satisfied with the Plus Value site as they have sent me an authentic product. The product looks exactly the same as shown on their site. Happy with the statue. Have used the product exactly in the same manner as mentioned on the site. Good buy.

  66. Avatar of Santosh Sanghi

    Santosh Sanghi

    The Feng Shui Fuk Luk Sau figurines have worked their best to endow me with satisfactory results. Do buy it from Plus Value online to experience the same as me. Good product.

  67. Avatar of Neelakshmi Saha

    Neelakshmi Saha

    Great product, it really brought in the peace of mind and good health.
    Deity No. 1, Fuk represents health, luck, and happiness. Deity No. 2 Luk is known to bring fame, stability, and success to one’s life. Deity No. 3 Sau helps to get success, good luck, and fame.
    As all 3 deities come in together, I chose to buy it all from the Plus Value site online. After the buy, I have placed the figurines on the table to attain considerable vital support as well as good luck to avail increased success in business.
    I am more at peace with everything happening around me.

  68. Avatar of Sana Romauld

    Sana Romauld

    I am a loyal customer of this Plus Value shop and this site has never let me down. Happy with the product.

  69. Avatar of Tannishtha Banerjee

    Tannishtha Banerjee

    These 3 lucky immortals have proved to be one of the best choices I have made so far. These 3 deities help create wealth, endow inner balance, and bring in peace of mind as well as health. It is a great product from Plus Value shop. Happy with the buy.

  70. Avatar of Nikita Shaw

    Nikita Shaw

    Great product. Recommended by my Chinese friend to buy it. And since the time I have bought the product I am extremely happy with the results. It has definitely boosted in some good luck into my life, which was amiss for ages.

  71. Avatar of Siddhant Singh

    Siddhant Singh

    A must buy the product for those looking to instill in some good luck into their life. The product also helps to boost your success margin.
    A must buy. And a must buy from Plus Value online as they do not just sell authentic products but also make sure that the products are well energized before delivery.

  72. Avatar of Sudeshna Banerjee

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Happy with the 3 Gods I have bought. These 3 men have given me all that I was looking for in life. Great product.

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