Rare Gomti / Gomati Chakra [11pcs] Vastu & Astrology Benefits


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Rare Gomti / Gomati Chakra [11pcs] Vastu & Astrology Benefits 500

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Gomati Chakra / Gomti Chakra 11pcs

Gomti chakra is believed to bring money, health, and budgetary achievements. It is a white-hued stone with small circles on the side. The chakras are considered an image of Goddess Lakshmi and also resemble the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna. It is found in the river Gomti in Dwarka, Gujarat.

11 pieces of Gomti Chakra are considered very sacred in Hindu culture. People bury them in the foundation of the buildings to bless the residents with prosperity and long life. It also negates the evil effects of Vaastu dosha caused in the south-east direction of the building. If going through a financial crisis, then wrap these 11 pieces of Gomti Chakra in a yellow cloth, take them around your house and finally throw them in a river or lake nearby. While doing this pray to Lord Shiva to throw out negative energy from your house.

You can put them in your wallet or purse but make sure they are in even numbers such as 2, 4, or 6. Doing this will improve your financial conditions. Also, take 2 pieces and tie them together with a thread. Take it out, and place it above your front door so that no negative energy or evil could enter your house. It brings great happiness and positive vibes throughout the house.

It is also believed that they protect small children from evil eyes. All you have to do is take one piece and purify it with Ganga water while chanting the Hanuman mantra. After that apply vermilion tilak taken from the right shoulder of Lord Hanuman’s idol and finally wrap it in a red cloth. Tie it around your child’s neck by using black thread. On Friday morning, you can take a piece of chakra, wrap it in red cloth, and put it around your children’s necks. It will help them to concentrate better on their studies and keep them motivated towards their goals in life.

While attending an interview or some important business meeting, you should carry 3 Gomti chakras in your pocket for good luck and success. People who are looking to be promoted should offer 21 pieces of Gomti Chakra in the temple of Lord Shiva. This will remove all the hurdles in your path toward promotion. According to Vedic Astrology, it has proved to be beneficial for people who have “Naag Dosha” and “Sarpa Dosha” in their horoscope.

If suffering through the evil effects of black magic or tantric karmas, on Wednesday morning, take eight Gomti chakras then rotate 2 of them around your head and throw them in one direction. Repeat the same process for the rest of the directions. To bring good luck to all recipients of the house, keep chakras in all four corners of the house. It clears the house of all the negative energy by increasing positive energy from wherever these are placed. You can also wrap 11 pieces in red cloth and put them in rice and wheat containers for food security.

Gomati Chakra is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone It is believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual and Tantric rituals.

Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is used as a Yantra and also is used in worship.

It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health, and prosperity.

It is also believed to protect children. Some people bury Gomti Chakra in the foundation of buildings as it is believed to bless the residents with long life and prosperity.

For protection from enemies, it is advised to keep black cloth remembering the enemy and throw it into the flowing water. Some people hang it in front of houses, shops, and buildings for peace and prosperity.

In some regions, Gomti Chakra is worshipped on Diwali day along with Goddess Lakshmi.

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    Good Quality Gomati Chakra.

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    Kumudini patnaik

    How it placed all 11 in together or individually. Please share the process

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      you can keep all together. Kindly check with your astrologer or vastu consultant how he has recommended you to use this product.

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