Lead Pyramid

Trusted by thousands of Vastu Consultants and Astrologers worldwide, our Lead Pyramids & Lead Helix are essential for resolving South and South-West Vastu Doshas. Experience the power of ancient wisdom with Plus Value India!

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Lead Metal Pyramids are geometric structures made of lead, designed according to principles of Vastu Shastra. They are believed to correct Vastu defects, especially in the southwest direction of a property, which is associated with wealth and stability.

The Lead Helix, on the other hand, is a spiral-shaped tool that serves a similar purpose but is particularly effective in energizing and balancing the spiral energy flow in the environment.

Lead Pyramid for South-West Vastu Defects

Lead Pyramid Vastu

The Lead Pyramid is used in Vastu to correct the south-west corner defects, which is crucial for stability and prosperity in one’s life.

Lead Helix Vastu

Similarly, the Lead Helix is used for correcting the spiral energy flow and is effective in dealing with Vastu defects related to the south-west direction.

Lead Pyramid Vastu Uses benefits

The price list for Vastu pyramids can vary based on size, material, and effectiveness. Plus Value offers competitive pricing and ensures that the pyramids are energized before dispatch. They provide a range of sizes and types, including the lead pyramid and helix, to suit different Vastu needs.

How to Use Lead Metal Pyramid and Lead Helix?

To use these tools effectively, one must place the Lead Metal Pyramid in the area of the defect, like the southwest corner if there’s a cut or extension. The Lead Helix can be buried in the ground or placed in a strategic location to counteract the negative energy.

Southwest Toilet Vastu Remedies

For a toilet in the southwest, Vastu remedies like placing a Lead Metal Pyramid near the toilet area can help negate the negative impact. It’s important to consult with a Vastu expert for proper installation.

Remedy for Southwest Kitchen

A kitchen in the southwest can be corrected by installing a Lead Helix under the sink or near the stove to balance the fire element and enhance positive energy flow.

Where to Buy Vastu Pyramid Plus Value in India?

You can purchase Vastu Pyramids from Plus Value India, either online through their official website or from their showroom in Mumbai. They also offer their products on Amazon and Flipkart.

Buy Lead Pyramid Vastu Remedies Products For Home, Offices, Shops, Plots and Factory Online in Mumbai, India directly from the Manufacturer at wholesale prices, Call us at +91-9967433501