Personal Citrine Pocket Square Stone for financial luck and career,A money stone

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Stone of ♥ Happiness ♥ Prosperity ♥ Generosity ♥ Creativity ♥ Pleasure ♥ Protection ♥ Strength ♥ Alignment ♥ Confidence ♥ Stability ♥ Moderation ♥ Energy ♥ Comfort ♥ Success ♥ Truth ♥ Goodness ♥ Warmth ♥ Digestion ♥ Assimilation ♥ Enjoyment of life ♥ Spiritual growth ♥ ♥ Abundance ♥ Imagination ♥ Manifestation ♥ Vision ♥ Willpower

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citrine stone cube reiki healing
Personal Citrine Pocket Square Stone for financial luck and career,A money stone 750 Original price was: ₹750.550Current price is: ₹550.
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Citrine Pocket Square stone

With an attractive Jute Bag

Quantity- 1 piece

Weight – 16 Grams Approx

Treasure your pocket crystal while they are with you. Let them bring you joy and happiness.

Citrine Stone is well known for its financial and career success. It is known as the money stone, success stone, and merchant stone for wealth and luck. It promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It also promotes success in business with great financial luck.

The stone not only helps in acquiring wealth but also maintains it, because it vibrates to prosperity in all its forms, as it is a powerful stone. It is known as the money stone, success stone, and merchants’ stone of wealth. It’s known as the success stone because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. But most of all, it promotes success in business and money-involved situations.

Citrine is often referred to as “The Merchant’s Stone” due to its potential to enhance financial prosperity in your business endeavors.

Citrine is a highly effective crystal for managing anger, facilitating the release of intense emotions, and promoting a sense of calm by alleviating heightened emotional states.

Citrine radiates the joyful and hopeful energy of the sun, enveloping both you and those in your presence.

When you experience anger or a sense of helplessness and powerlessness towards the world, Citrine can be utilized to eliminate these negative emotions and restore a positive mindset.

Citrine possesses the ability to harmonize all energy chakras, a significant aspect. Furthermore, it aids in the equilibrium of the solar plexus chakra.

In an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world, it is crucial to seize control of your own vitality and liveliness. Depending on others to accomplish this for you is not a viable option. Fortunately, the Citrine crystal can serve as an excellent companion in this endeavor.

Integrating Citrine into your daily routine allows you to bid farewell to lethargic energies. This vibrant crystal serves as an immediate source of rejuvenation, making it an ideal present for individuals experiencing chronic fatigue or depleted personal resources due to various conditions.

Citrine possesses hidden potential in the realm of business and can also be a powerful tool for attracting one’s desires and necessities.

By keeping a Citrine crystal close to you, you can attract love and joy while protecting yourself from heartbreak. It also acts as a powerful defense against negativity such as spite and jealousy.

Citrine is a potent stone known for bringing abundance and blessings to every aspect of life, while also possessing various other advantageous qualities.

Citrine at workspace

Citrine is a beneficial gemstone for attracting prosperity, making it an excellent addition to any workspace, whether at home or in an office. Placing a citrine crystal on your desk or in another area of your workspace with the intention of inviting abundance and positivity into your professional life can be highly advantageous.

Enhance the fulfillment and profitability of your work through the abundance offered by Citrine. This gemstone has the power to reveal hidden fortunes within your workplace, bringing forth increased prosperity and positivity into your professional life when placed near your desk.

The citrine stone not only helps acquire wealth but maintains it, because it vibrates to prosperity in all its forms, as it is a powerful money Stone. Use with financial grid for a good result.

Citrine also helps you focus on what you want to attract right now.

Highly recommended by Crystal, Reiki, and Vastu Experts

How to use citrine pocket stone:

Carry this citrine stone crystal with you in your pocket, purse, or bag all the time. Take out this crystal from your pocket & keep it on your left palm covering the right palm above for a few minutes a day to recharge yourself.

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Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and are not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

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Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

18 reviews for Personal Citrine Pocket Square Stone for financial luck and career,A money stone

  1. Avatar of Sanket


    Nice Products

  2. Avatar of Padmaja


    Any one can help me, is it really helping in wealth prosperity

  3. Avatar of Ruchika Sekhawat

    Ruchika Sekhawat

    One can feel positivity. It really heals you from the inside. The moment I hold it, negativity is declining in my mind. This amazing cube.

  4. Avatar of ankush sharma

    ankush sharma

    increase confidence.

  5. Avatar of suraj sharma

    suraj sharma

    stone of creativity in our life.

  6. Avatar of sunita vishwakarma

    sunita vishwakarma

    helpful for digestion.

  7. Avatar of om singh

    om singh

    good luck to us.

  8. Avatar of parul dubey

    parul dubey

    maintain strength

  9. Avatar of nidhi purohit

    nidhi purohit

    excellent product.

  10. Avatar of anchal mishra

    anchal mishra

    great quality of the stone.

  11. Avatar of vikas mishra

    vikas mishra

    very effective product.

  12. Avatar of Seema Sen

    Seema Sen

    The Citrine they sent is original! It had an impact on my health(both mental and physical) and my wealth and career. I picked two stones and keeping them with me in my pocket, always feel fresh and energetic, and positive.

  13. Avatar of Lakshmi Saha

    Lakshmi Saha

    Genuine crystal citrine cube I have good knowledge of crystals and stones.. after using a couple of days I felt a huge difference…Must Buy product. nowadays everyone should keep this by their side for a happy life. Highly satisfied Magical Crystal Keep going.

  14. Avatar of Vidya Sen

    Vidya Sen

    What lovely stones. I received 2 pieces. High on vibration. Must buy.

  15. Avatar of Akshta Roy

    Akshta Roy

    I am impressed by the Citrine cube crystals supplied by the seller. They’re authentic and powerful. I am so with this.

  16. Avatar of Monika


    This is my first crystal. I feel satisfied and feeling Awesome. Thanks a lot. the Quality is very good.

  17. Avatar of Shikha Sen

    Shikha Sen

    I like this citrine cube. Get in a good condition..The stone is super clear. Really It very good product. Also, the package is good.. really like it.

  18. Avatar of Shashikala A Patil

    Shashikala A Patil


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