Premium Full Copper Dowsing Rods, Divining L Rods Pair Free Pendulum & Charts [Finding Underground Water, Gold, Lost Objects, Plot Energy Vastu]


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premium full copper dowsing divining L rods
Premium Full Copper Dowsing Rods, Divining L Rods Pair Free Pendulum & Charts [Finding Underground Water, Gold, Lost Objects, Plot Energy Vastu] 4,399
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Premium Full Copper Dowsing L Rods Pair

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Material Copper
Free Dowsing Pendulum, 12 Dowsing Charts
Color Brown
Weight 394 grams
Uses Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki & Dowsing
Size Long 13 Inches / 33cm Approx
Handle Size 6.5 Inches / 16.5cm Approx
Country of Origin India

Dowsing rod can be used for:-

  1. Searching for a water
  2. Searching for any place, object, etc.
  3. Analyzing any object, place, or person.
  4. Excellent tool  for Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui consultants
  5. Easy tool for aura reading

Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods, or a pendulum.

The dowsing rod is a simple instrument. Taking the short end of the rod(s), rest it over your first three fingers, sit the pointed end of the rod on your little finger and use the thumb to stabilize the rod at the back. Curl your fingers around the rod and it should now point out with the long end (the right angle to the piece in your hand) pointing away from you. This is the most effective way of holding a dowsing rod of this type.

Holding and working with your metal divining rods

In order to search for anything using a rod, you must clear your mind and then focus very clearly on whatever it is that you are looking for. It helps to say the name of the object over and over as well as visualize it in your mind. For example, if you were looking for water, you would get a picture in your head of clear, fresh water, and then as you were searching for it, you would say over and over “Water, Water, Water”. This helps to prevent other thoughts from wandering in and it keeps the mind focused on what you are looking for.

Rod divining involves a great deal of walking, as the rod will only spin when you are over what it is you are searching for after guiding you to the site. Hence it can be a tiring method of divining. Still, it is one of the most accurate methods of all. Particularly if you own the rod you are using. It is as if you develop communion with the rod. In working with the rod you are attuning to its energies and it becomes at one with you. Once you get a clear picture of what you are looking for walk slowly and gently in the direction the rods are pointing, this is the direction to what you are looking for. Walk slowly and deliberately and allow the rods to move freely. As you walk the rods will move and point in another direction, carefully turn your body, and follow in this direction. Your rods are now guiding you to what you are looking for. When they reach the area of the desired object, the rods will cross over each other in front of your body, indicating they have found what you were searching for. When you first begin, it may be fun to look for easy things i.e., – take me to a particular animal or family member in the house.

New Premium Copper Dowsing Rod Pair

used for everything from looking for lost items, ghost hunting, underground water & gold, auras, energy, and much more

Must have a Scientific tool for Every Vastu Consultant, Fengshui Energy Reiki Space Healers.

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Buy Premium Full Copper Dowsing L Rods Pair (Free 11 Dowser Charts) Online in India

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 39 × 14 × 4 cm

41 reviews for Premium Full Copper Dowsing Rods, Divining L Rods Pair Free Pendulum & Charts [Finding Underground Water, Gold, Lost Objects, Plot Energy Vastu]

  1. Avatar of Paramita


    Exactly as shown in the image. I have had dowsing rods before, but honestly, these are the highest quality ones I have had. I am always looking to improve my dowsing skills, and feel more confident with this than ones that I have had in the past.

  2. Avatar of Vivek


    I am so impressed at the accuracy of this rod, I just recently lost my important thing so I have been using them for spiritual reasons and I asked questions that only I would know and I got it! I highly recommend it.

  3. Avatar of Girija


    I love this rod There so accurate it’s scary I use them several times a day to get the answers I need and it’s not failed me yet! Would definitely recommend it.

  4. Avatar of Anindita


    I used this rod for testing the energy of my crystals, & it is super cool. They are very sturdy rods. Would definitely recommend it.

  5. Avatar of Damini


    This rod is wonderful, everything I needed for dowsing. They’re very comfortable. I use a rod and pendulum for purposes other than searching for water. Rod is really nice. I would recommend them highly.

  6. Avatar of Atriya


    I received my dowsing rods and am impressed with the quality of the construction.

  7. Avatar of sanjay pandya

    sanjay pandya

    the help of these instruments any individual can identify positively. works very well. give promote response

  8. Avatar of Raghav


    good for dowsing water.
    this divining rod is amazing.
    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous

  9. Avatar of diya rajan

    diya rajan

    copper dowsing rod very useful in finding negative energy. it really works. good product.👍👍

  10. Avatar of Siya Rastogi

    Siya Rastogi

    A wonderful product that works exactly the way it’s described. highly recommend by a dowsing expert.

  11. Avatar of manish rana

    manish rana

    Working as intended. happy about this product. good quality. very effective

  12. Avatar of Tejeswini deshmukhe

    Tejeswini deshmukhe

    Very good & trusted product

  13. Avatar of shivam shetty

    shivam shetty

    Great energy experienced. Happy with quality. Genuine Products. came with dowsing charts and pendulum with dowsing rod

  14. Avatar of Nishant Roy

    Nishant Roy

    copper dowsing rod must buy for those who are looking into clearing the aura of the house. working perfectly.

  15. Avatar of Kalyani Sachdeva

    Kalyani Sachdeva

    Absolutely superb dowsing device for professional dowsers. It is easier to carry and handle. Pure copper L rod.

  16. Avatar of Shruti


    I am very pleased with the rods. They are nicely constructed and superior to other products I have seen.

  17. Avatar of Rishita Sanghvi

    Rishita Sanghvi

    use l rods, you’ll find that, for a lot of your dowsing needs. Absolutely superb dowsing l rod. very effective tools

  18. Avatar of Ankita


    I bought this dowsing set from Plus Value! The rods are very high quality, and the pendulum they sent with it is excellent, so happy.

  19. Avatar of Swaragini


    I’m so glad I have this rod. The way the handles are constructed makes it so easy to witch water, I found a septic tank for my family in about two minutes, having no idea at all where it would be. I am really thankful to Plus Value.

  20. Avatar of Pratiksha


    I bought this for my mom as a gift because she likes this sort of thing. She used it right away. It helps to find the water. She loves it very much.

  21. Avatar of sharma aastha

    sharma aastha

    Very useful in dowsing l rod. it works great for me. Very affordable too! I highly recommend it.

  22. Avatar of Krishna Sharma

    Krishna Sharma

    very impressed with this copper dowsing rod. also, the energies feel very good. Very affordable. It is a really good deal.

  23. Avatar of Soniya


    The package with my rods arrived on time. The rods were in perfect shape and size. When I held them in my hands the first time they came instantly alive and kept spinning. I walked throughout the house watching in amazement their movement in different directions. I asked some questions regarding underground water and the rods responded. I really like it very much.

  24. Avatar of Lavanti


    I bought it for the mom who lost her last pair – this set worked wonders on pinpointing or locating a significant water leak. She loves it so much because it works very well.

  25. Avatar of Richa


    I am happy with the dowsing rods that I received. I can’t wait to put them to good use! They are easy to hold and use! They were packed with care and arrived just after 3-4 days of ordering them!

  26. Avatar of Rainy


    I love this. This is my first set. Much nicer than I expected & it really works. Trust me it’s the pure copper rod. Awesome.

  27. Avatar of Mohini


    Great quality and easy to hold and use. I particularly liked how the handle parts were made so that they allowed the rods to easily move. I looked at several listings before ordering these and I’m glad I chose this one.

  28. Avatar of Taiji


    The package arrived on time, correct packaging protected the dowsing rods. They worked for me.

  29. Avatar of Afreen


    Received my rod on time. It responded & tuned to me instantly. The rods are of great quality. It’s accurate as well. Very pleased with the entire set. Well made & well done!

  30. Avatar of Nikita


    So great and it actually works. Seriously works if you use them correctly.

  31. Avatar of Pulkini


    I use this rod to find geopathic stress in the office. They work perfectly. New to dowsing and they’ve identified all the lines/crossings of concern.

  32. Avatar of Raghava


    I used them to find and clear bad energy in my home, & I really say it works very well.

  33. Avatar of Meenal


    Received my copper dowsing rods and I am very impressed with the quality of the product.

  34. Avatar of Sibi


    It works from the first day I tried them. I got answers to questions I had been wondering about for years and was able to verify the answers. I will be testing to find objects next.

  35. Avatar of Radha


    This really works! I was able to locate a missing bracelet for myself and two missing metal tools my husband was looking for. I asked a series of questions and they pointed to the exact spots where the objects were located. Love this rod!

  36. Avatar of Atreya


    I have wanted to work with dowsing rods for quite a long time; I finally purchased them, & wow. It is awesome!

  37. Avatar of Arushi


    My favourite rods ever! They work and messages have not proved me wrong yet. Amazing pure copper rod.

  38. Avatar of Sunita


    This rod is well made and I like them a lot. My energy instantly “connected” with this rod and I am able to get “yes” and “no” responses from them a few minutes after. It’s really amazing rod.

  39. Avatar of Shrutika


    I began using the rods for spirit communication the day I received them. Very successful and I can even feel the spirit energy. I highly recommend it.

  40. Avatar of Lavanya


    I was surprised at how well the rods worked, the rods are accurate, and will definitely move without you doing it. The rods will open and close depending on your question and will let you talk to spirits.

  41. Avatar of Ramik


    This copper dowsing rod is amazing! They are very well made and easy to use. They are perfect for space clearing.

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