Shree Durga Dwar Vastu Yantra for Health, Wealth & Protection [Size 3 x 3 Inches, Copper]


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shree durga dwar yantra copper
Shree Durga Dwar Vastu Yantra for Health, Wealth & Protection [Size 3 x 3 Inches, Copper] 600 500
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Durga Dwar Vastu Yantra – Copper Plate

Durga Dwar Yantra: Your Shield for Health, Wealth, and Protection

Introducing the Durga Dwar Yantra, an anciently crafted Vedic Vastu Yantra, recommended by Astrologers and Vastu Experts. Made with pure copper and engraved with geometric ancient designs, this yantra is a powerful tool for safeguarding your home and office from negative energies and ensuring prosperity and protection.

Why Choose Durga Dwar Yantra?

  • Holistic Protection: Shields your space from the evil eye and negative influences.
  • Promotes Prosperity: Enhances wealth luck and fosters a positive environment for growth.
  • Health Benefits: Supports overall well-being and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

How to Use Durga Dwar Yantra | Installation of Durga Dwar Yantra

  1. Place this yantra above the main door of your home or business location
  2. Cleanse it with holy water or milk before installation.
  3. Offer prayers and light a lamp or incense stick to activate its energies.

Embrace the Protective Power of Durga Dwar Yantra!

Whether you seek to fortify your home, enhance your wealth, or ensure the well-being of your family, the Durga Dwar Yantra is your ideal spiritual companion. Order now and experience the transformative energy of this ancient Vedic marvel​

About Durga Dwar Yantra:

Durga Dwar Yantra is a very powerful yantra for health, money luck, and family protection.

Worship of this yantra as per Adhyaya 4 shloka 17 of Durga Saptashati removes poverty.

Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine forces(positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy/power) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. She protects her devotees from evil powers and safeguards them. It is believed that the goddess Durga is the combined form of powers of Goddess Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati

Note: For optimal results, consult an astrologer or Vastu expert for personalized guidance and placement of the yantra.

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Buy Shree Durga Dwar Vastu Yantra For Health, Wealth & Protection

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Brown
Material Copper
Size 3 x 3 Inches
Weight 17 Grams Approx
Uses in Vastu Shastra, Astrology
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

26 reviews for Shree Durga Dwar Vastu Yantra for Health, Wealth & Protection [Size 3 x 3 Inches, Copper]

  1. Avatar of Priya


    Nice product


  2. Avatar of moii chhangte

    moii chhangte

    Good quality and most importantly perfect geometry. Keep the standard high. God bless!

  3. Avatar of Mukesh


    feel the positive energy and increase good luck and prosperity after placing this yantra in my office temple. it really works for me. I can realize. very happy to purchase this copper durga dwar yantra.

  4. Avatar of SUDHEENDRA


    I am really satisfied with the product. very effective and useful vastu remedies. highly recommended by vastu expert.

  5. Avatar of Priya Sivaraman

    Priya Sivaraman

    Very happy with my purchase, good quality and shipping were fast! 100% genuine Good size. amazing vastu remedy. Highly recommended!

  6. Avatar of Arunn Chaudary

    Arunn Chaudary

    durga dwar yantra protection against the evil eye. it really works. gives a positive good vibe. I am happy with purchasing copper durga dwar yantra.

  7. Avatar of Madhavan


    excellent vastu remedy. works perfectly for my house. gives positive results. I am very happy to purchase this copper durga dwar yantra.

  8. Avatar of Aparajita Sharma

    Aparajita Sharma

    Very good product … received just as shown in the picture. happy with the quality. genuine products. also, the packing very good. I am happy with purchasing this copper durga dwar yantra.

  9. Avatar of Sangeeta Roy

    Sangeeta Roy

    very happy with this purchase. Just as described. this is very useful for me. I really like this. Thank You Plus Value

  10. Avatar of Girja Dhar

    Girja Dhar

    durga dwar yantra keeps the negativity outside of the house. I realize after placing this yantra in my house. I am very happy with using this yantra. must try this yantra

  11. Avatar of Neha Kulkarni

    Neha Kulkarni

    happy with bought this yantra for personal use. very effective and useful for me. awesome product. I really like this copper durga dwar yantra

  12. Avatar of Debasish Mitra

    Debasish Mitra

    I can place this yantra in my office for wealth luck and protection from negativity. it really works for me. very effective product. must try this yantra

  13. Avatar of Nithya


    Plus Value expert suggests me use this durga dwar yantra for protection and wealth luck. it really works for me. I feel positive energy after placing this yantra. Thank You

  14. Avatar of Sanjay Bohat

    Sanjay Bohat

    durga dwar yantra really works for me. this yantra removes negative energy from my house and increases positivity. really helpful yantra. amazing vastu remedies

  15. Avatar of Vasant Raut

    Vasant Raut

    buying this copper durga dwar yantra from Plus Value. packing is very good. delivered on time. the product also very good and effective. my friend suggests this seller. Thank You

  16. Avatar of Ramrao Nagaraj

    Ramrao Nagaraj

    durga dwar yantra gives strong protection from the evil eye. this gives amazing positive vibrations and works perfectly. really good product. highly recommend it!

  17. Avatar of Sathish


    Happy with the purchase of the product. amazing and effective vastu yantra. gives a good vibration. protection against negativity. Thank You

  18. Avatar of Disha Agarwal

    Disha Agarwal

    copper durga dwar yantra is a very effective product. gives positive vibes I saw after place this in my home temple. it really works for me. highly recommended it.

  19. Avatar of Ganga


    copper durga dwar yantra brings positivity to your surroundings in your life. very effective vastu remedy. gives a good positive vibration. must buy this yantra

  20. Avatar of Bipasha Choudhury

    Bipasha Choudhury

    durga dwar yantra is a very effective yantra for improve good health and wealth luck. I can realize after using this yantra. very helpful and useful yantra. amazing vastu yantra.

  21. Avatar of Ashray Pawaskar

    Ashray Pawaskar

    Good to place at your home or office. very useful for the removal of vastu defects. the nice product really works. Awesome product…

  22. Avatar of Pooja


    amazing vastu remedy for the temple. very effective and helpful vastu yantra. It gives a positive response. helpful vastu remedy. I like it

  23. Avatar of Rewa Rajpal

    Rewa Rajpal

    The product looks great, I can definitely feel the difference having bought it, feel more positive energy since the yantra has come home, well done, thank you.

  24. Avatar of Yashika


    The seller is conscious to provide good quality at a reasonable price.
    Packed very nicely, Overall product is good. Thank You Plus Value

  25. Avatar of Anoop Gowda

    Anoop Gowda

    really good product. it’s effective. amazing remedy for everyone. I recommended to all for buying this product. such an effective and useful yantra

  26. Avatar of Pradeep Jha

    Pradeep Jha

    feel positive energy all around after placing this vastu copper durga dwar yantra in my house. I feel some positive good vibe. I am very happy with the result of the product

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