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Tibetan Om Bell / Buddhist Bell [ for Mental Peace, Negativity Removal, Positive Vibrations at Home and Office]

Purpose: Used for purifying your space

Quality: Top quality material offering clear sound

Tone Longevity: Long-lasting sound offering peace and serenity

This Tibetan Om Bell is made of seven planetary metals. It offers a pleasing metallic sound, which can soothe your mind, body & soul instantly. Once rang, the clear sound and tone of the bell go on for quite a long, sending positive vibes and energy all around the space and warding off all kinds of negative energy.

Making this Tibetan Om Bell a part of your daily life and ringing it regularly every morning will help you in establishing positive life energy all around you. The clear sound of the bell will fill you and the people around will joy. People with loads of positive energy will make for great relationships. This will eventually encourage everyone in leading a happy and cheerful life.

Benefits of Tibetan Om Bell / Buddhist Bell:-

  • This Tibetan Om Bell offers a pleasing sound all over the space
  • It brings in positive vibes all around the place where used
  • It effectively wards off any negative energy
  • It brings good luck
  • It soothes your mind, body & soul
  • It offers to heal of mind and spirit
  • It offers you joyfulness
  • It helps in creating a harmonic balance in your life and space
  • It significantly reduces stress levels and anxiety
  • It lets you relax to a great extent
  • It helps you in developing concentration
  • It improves mental health
  • It balances the chakras of our body and aura
  • It offers you obtain emotional clarity
  • It helps you in sorting things better
  • It improves your overall wellbeing
  • It will help you appreciate everything in your life

Places Where the Tibetan Om Bell Can Be Used

This Brass Tibetan Om Bell can be used anywhere that you want to fill with positive energy. The clear metallic sound that it offers can effectively make your space filled with positive vibes. You can ring this handbell in places like:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Meditation Centres
  • Devotional Gatherings
  • Special Occasions
  • Business Areas
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Home Temples
  • Factory

When you ring this bell, the clear sound and the echo of it keep reverberating in the area it is being used. It can make you feel great about yourself and the surroundings that you are in while encouraging people to be happy and blessed about what they have. Ringing this Tibetan Om Bell will also encourage people to appreciate the people and things that they have in their life.

 Time to Ring Tibetan Om Bell / Buddhist Bell:-

  • Any time of the day
  • Puja time
  • Special occasions
  • While starting something new
  • While venturing into a new project
  • Whenever you want to bring in positive energy
  • While endeavoring into a new journey
  • Whenever someone is going through a bad phase
  • When you want to build a positive space
  • Morning Once & Once in Evening

Tibetan Om Bell is Recommended By:

This Tibetan Om Bell is recommended by everyone who wants to build a great environment full of positive energy and vibes. Whether you are a special person or anyone, in general, you can recommend the use of this amazing Tibetan Om Bell and develop a space full of radiance and delightfulness.

People Who Suggest the Use of Tibetan Om Bell:

  • Vaastu Specialists
  • Reiki Experts
  • Crystal Healing Experts
  • Feng Shui Masters
  • Healing Stone Specialists
  • Mental & Emotional Healing Experts
  • Sound Healing Experts

Once you make this Tibetan Om Bell a part of your daily life and ring this routinely, you will surely make for a great life with all the life force energy in their positive phase. Vastu Consultant

Order This Tibetan Om Bell Now and Start Your Journey Towards Blissfulness!

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Buy Tibetan OM Bell For Space Purification, Meditation, and Sound Healing Online in India

Product Specification

Material Brass
Weight 327gm, 672gm Approx
Type Religious Idols & Figurines
Dimension ( L x W ) 6.5×3.5, 8.5×4.5 Inch/16.5×9, 21.5×11.5 cm approx
Color Golden
Brand Plus Value
Country of Origin India

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6.5 x 3.5 Inch

8.5 x 4.5 Inch

Additional information

Weight 696.00000000 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 12 cm
Bell Size: No selection

Small 6.5 x 3.5inch, Big 8.5×4.5 Inch

41 reviews for Tibetan OM Bell For Space Purification, Meditation, Sound Healing

  1. Avatar of Ramesh Rathee

    Ramesh Rathee

    I am happy with the impact that the Tibetan OM Bell has brought into my life. Now I am planning to get the same bell for my friend too. Surely a great buy.

  2. Avatar of Trini Paul

    Trini Paul

    Excellent product. I use it daily in the morning and evening. The presence of the Tibetan Om Bell helps to create a positive vibe in my home and drive away negativity entirely. Happy with it.

  3. Avatar of Sakshi Nayak

    Sakshi Nayak

    Happy with this gift. I am so happy that I have thought of buying the same product for my mother online. Hope she will also like it.

  4. Avatar of Raman Kejriwal

    Raman Kejriwal

    I have been using the Tibetan OM Bell for some time now, and it has helped in creating a positive environment in my home. It has also brought some good fortune into my life. Happy with the product and my sincere gratitude to Plus Value shop for such a genuine product.

  5. Avatar of Rajni Chawla

    Rajni Chawla

    Being a huge believer in sound healing before purchasing the Tibetan Om Bell, I did thorough research online to find the best online shop. I discovered Plus Value Global Holistic Shop is offering authentic products at reasonable costs. Not just they energize each and every product before shipping it to their customers but also ensure to pack the products well to avoid any damage during delivery.
    I have bought my Tibetan OM Bell from the Plus Value shop, and I recommend you the same too.

  6. Avatar of Preeti Jain

    Preeti Jain

    Thank you Plus Value shop for sending me tracking updates not just through the mail but also via WhatsApp. You guys are truly professional.

  7. Avatar of Lahari Dutta

    Lahari Dutta

    Recommended by my father, I made the move of buying the Tibetan OM Bell to get in some positivity not just at home but also in my life. Bought it from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop online, and yes, I am happy with the product. I have been using the bell for some time now, and it is working as expected. Not just it has brought positivity around me but also has helped to calm my mind and body.

  8. Avatar of Rishika Saha

    Rishika Saha

    Every day before leaving my home for work in the morning, I make it a point to ring this Tibetan OM Bell at least once. Doing so not just calms my body and inner soul but also helps my home get surrounded by positive vibes.

  9. Avatar of Neha Verma

    Neha Verma

    Advised by the Plus Value experts, I purchased this Tibetan Om Bell months back. As we began using it, we did notice that the bell does play a crucial role in soothing the mind. Moreover, it helped to bring in positivity & joyfulness around us.
    Definitely a good buy and good to have purchased this genuine product from Plus Value shop.

  10. Avatar of Nita Dixit

    Nita Dixit

    I bought the Tibetan Om Bell at the launch of my new company. I placed it at the entrance gateway of my office. Purchased with the mindset to infuse good luck, positivity, and happiness to life, Tibetan Om Bell has surely struck all chords hard in endowing me with the same.
    I am happy to have bought the bell from plus Value shop as they have energized the bell before sending it to me.

  11. Avatar of sanjay gada

    sanjay gada

    Tibetan om bell gives promotes joyfulness and well being. Awesome product to space cleaning

  12. Avatar of Shweta Kashyap

    Shweta Kashyap

    The Tibetan OM Bell is made of 7 planetary metals, which offers not just pleasing energy and vibes but also helps to ward off all types of negative energy. Been 7 months since I bought the bell, and it has become a part of my daily life to ring the bell in the morning as well as evening to spread positivity and good vibes around.
    Plus Value Shop sells genuine products; you can also try this.

  13. Avatar of diya jhaveri

    diya jhaveri

    Tibetan om bell helps the positive to harmonize one’s life and surroundings.

  14. Avatar of Nishita


    The perfect bell for the temple for the healing
    Gives good vibration.
    Nice and loud sound

  15. Avatar of Mahima Kapoor

    Mahima Kapoor

    Tibetan Om Bell brings positive vibes. very helpful for sound healing

  16. Avatar of DHARAM VIR


    Product is good and as specified.

  17. Avatar of Arun Kashyap

    Arun Kashyap

    Very effective healing power. it has such great energy. I realized after used. happy with the quality. genuine products

  18. Avatar of Kunal


    improve good vibration in the home. cleansing negative energy. excellent tools for space cleaning

  19. Avatar of Shankar Dwivedi

    Shankar Dwivedi

    I bought this product for my mother, as she is a believer in sound healing. On receiving it, I was amazed as it was not just well packed but also delivered within the timeline as promised. On seeing the shiny bell, my mother was not just thrilled but also happy with its quality.

  20. Avatar of Aashna Mathur

    Aashna Mathur

    Tibetan om bell very useful in sound healing practice. I realized after used.

  21. Avatar of Aditi Khanna

    Aditi Khanna

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. brings a positive response. increasing positivity in the surroundings

  22. Avatar of Rita Dhaka

    Rita Dhaka

    Gifted on my marriage by my dear friend Rolly. This Tibetan Om Bell has been seriously one of the great objects with which I started my new married life.
    It’s a great product to use every day for everyone’s wellbeing.

  23. Avatar of Tisha Memon

    Tisha Memon

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. It brings in good luck

  24. Avatar of Shashank Mehta

    Shashank Mehta

    Tibetan om bell very useful in meditation. also, use in space purification.

  25. Avatar of Ajay Luthra

    Ajay Luthra

    Very effective healing power. Totally Impresses with Beautiful Tibetan om bell.

  26. Avatar of Neeti Devi

    Neeti Devi

    Vastu experts from Plus Value Shop have helped me during the purchase and delivery of Tibetan OM Bell. I am very happy with the professional approach and support they have offered me right from selecting the most suitable product to giving me regular tracking updates of the location of the product during delivery.
    I recommend Plus Value shop to everyone for purchasing all Vastu products.

  27. Avatar of Niharika Sharma

    Niharika Sharma

    Tibetan OM Bell helps in building positivity and soothe one’s body and mind. I have been using this Tibetan OM bell for quite some time and have experienced all such benefits. Have proved to be a good buy for me.

  28. Avatar of Raju Ganguly

    Raju Ganguly

    Tibetan om bell very useful in meditation and space healing. gives a positive response

  29. Avatar of Dhruv Naidu

    Dhruv Naidu

    this will be very useful in my healing practice. gives a good vibration.

  30. Avatar of Nishita Gala

    Nishita Gala

    I can use Tibetan om bell Space Purification. Highly Recommended Vastu and Feng Shui Expert. 👍👍

  31. Avatar of Raju Srivastav

    Raju Srivastav

    Definitely a good buy from this site. Happy with the effectiveness of the product and the pricing too.

  32. Avatar of Nupur Biswas

    Nupur Biswas

    Since the time I bought Tibetan OM Bell, my father’s health has drastically improved, he appears rejoiceful and happy all the time. The inclusion of the Tibetan OM Bell in our life has been a life-changer. Great product.

  33. Avatar of Joyjit Sinha

    Joyjit Sinha

    Tibetan Om Bell has been one of the best purchases that I have made. Considered to bring in positivity and good vibes, this product has been highly effective in my life. Not only the bell’s pleasing metallic sound make my mornings happy, but it also soothes my mind, soul & body. Good buy! Happy with the product.

  34. Avatar of Pranay Joshi

    Pranay Joshi

    Good product. I love its voice. It looks amazing. when I hear this Tibetan om bells voice I feel very happy.

  35. Avatar of Mukesh Vasani

    Mukesh Vasani

    Since its buy, I have witnessed great positive energy floating in my office. My mind and body remain calm at home also.

  36. Avatar of Pinki Shah

    Pinki Shah

    I have noticed that the Tibetan OM Bell has helped in bringing good luck to my life and reduced my stress and anxiety level to a great extent.
    Thanks to the Plus Value experts for suggesting me to buy this product and make my life better.

  37. Avatar of Raina Sen

    Raina Sen

    Since the time I have started using it, I am proud to say that I am able to witness calmness and positivity around me. Thanks to this Tibetan OM Bell.
    Also, a special thanks to the Plus Value shop for selling such amazing Vastu products.

  38. Avatar of Priyanshi Ahuja

    Priyanshi Ahuja

    I bought it from Plus Value India, on the recommendation of my best friend. This product Tibetan Om Bell reached my home in good condition. It was well packed, and the bell looked exactly the same as what appeared in the picture.
    Genuine product and very effective.

  39. Avatar of Sayan Chaudhury

    Sayan Chaudhury

    Tibetan OM Bell is a great product to use every day and ensure joyfulness in the family. I am very happy with its reverberation effect.

  40. Avatar of Brijesh Acharya

    Brijesh Acharya

    Great product, great buy. I am happy with the effectiveness of the Tibetan OM Bell. You may also try this if you are about to start a new venture or endeavor to begin a new journey.

  41. Avatar of Sandeep Malik

    Sandeep Malik

    Gifted by my friend at my housewarming party, Tibetan Om Bell shares a vital role in my life. Been nearly 6 months that I am using it & it has effectively brought balance to our lives and our home.
    This is a great product.

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