Vastu Pyramid

Vastu Pyramid

Vastu Pyramid – Plusvalue International offers Different types of Vastu Pyramids for Residential Homes, Plots, Machinery, Offices, Industries, shops, Hotels, etc depending upon the directions and its usability. Vastu Pyramids are available at wholesale prices in Mumbai, India. We offer Copper Pyramids, Brass Pyramids, Lead Pyramids, Crystal Pyramid, Shriparni Pyramid, Zinc Pyramid, Wooden Pyramid, Parad or Mercury Pyramid & Plastic Pyramid by Brand Jiten Pyra Vastu.

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Discover the Power of Vastu Pyramid

Unlock the hidden potential of your living or workspace with the power of Vastu Pyramids. Vastu Pyramids are specially designed geometric structures that harness cosmic energies to create a harmonious environment. Placing these pyramids strategically can help balance the energies, enhance positive vibrations, and promote overall well-being. Experience the transformative effects of Vastu Pyramids as they amplify the flow of positive energy, promote abundance, and create a space that nurtures peace, prosperity, and productivity. Embrace the power of Vastu Pyramids and unlock the potential for a harmonious and prosperous life.

What are Vastu Pyramid?

Vastu Pyramids are special pyramid-shaped structures that are based on the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science. These pyramids are designed to harness and amplify the positive energies present in the environment. They are typically made of a combination of metals, crystals, and other materials that enhance their energy-conducting properties. By placing Vastu Pyramids in specific locations within a space, it is believed that they can help balance the energies, remove negative influences, and create a more harmonious and energetically balanced environment.

How Do Vastu Pyramid Work?

Vastu Pyramids work by harnessing and channeling cosmic energy in a specific manner. The pyramid shape is believed to have a natural ability to attract and amplify energy. When placed strategically according to Vastu principles, the pyramid interacts with the environment, balancing and harmonizing the energy flow within a space. The precise dimensions and materials used in the pyramid construction enhance its energy-conducting properties, allowing it to absorb negative energies and radiate positive vibrations. By working in synergy with the surrounding energy field, Vastu Pyramids create a more balanced and harmonious environment that promotes well-being and prosperity.

Benefits of Using Vastu Pyramid 

  1. Positive Energy Amplification: Vastu Pyramids have the ability to amplify positive energies in a space. They help in creating a harmonious environment by balancing the energy flow and removing negative influences, promoting peace, tranquility, and overall well-being.
  2. Increased Prosperity: The use of Vastu Pyramids is believed to attract abundance and prosperity. By aligning the energy flow in a space, these pyramids create a favorable environment that supports financial growth and success.
  3. Enhanced Focus and Productivity: Vastu Pyramids can help improve concentration and focus. Placing them in study areas or workspaces is said to stimulate mental clarity, creativity, and productivity, allowing individuals to perform at their best.
  4. Protection from Negative Energies: Vastu Pyramids are known to act as a shield against negative energies and electromagnetic radiations. They create a protective barrier, preventing the entry of harmful vibrations and promoting a healthier living or working space.

How to Use Vastu Pyramid

  1. Placement: Position the Vastu Pyramid in accordance with Vastu principles. It is generally recommended to place the pyramid in the north or northeast direction of a space, as these directions are considered auspicious and associated with positive energies.
  2. Intentional Programming: Before placing the pyramid, set a clear intention or purpose for its use. Focus on your desired outcome, such as attracting prosperity, enhancing relationships, or improving health. Visualize the intended energy flow and positive changes you wish to manifest.
  3. Cleansing and Activation: Cleanse the Vastu Pyramid regularly by rinsing it with water or placing it under sunlight. Additionally, you can activate its energy by performing a small ritual like lighting incense or reciting positive affirmations while holding the pyramid in your hands.
  4. Complement with Vastu Practices: While using Vastu Pyramids, it is beneficial to incorporate other Vastu practices as well. Pay attention to the placement of furniture, colors, and elements within the space to further optimize the energy flow and alignment.

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To purchase Vastu Pyramids, it is recommended to seek reputable sellers or suppliers who prioritize quality and authenticity. Plus Value is a trusted brand that offers Vastu Pyramids with a commitment to quality. They provide genuine and energized pyramids made from high-quality materials to ensure optimal effectiveness. Whether for personal use or gifting, buying Vastu Pyramids from Plus Value can provide assurance and a reliable source for acquiring authentic products.

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