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Feng Shui Good Luck Charm Card To Keep in Pocket / Cash Box / Wallet 400
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Feng Shui GoodLuck Charm Card Pocket Card

for Protection from malefic energies

[ Gold Plated ]


Good luck charms in Feng Shui come in a variety of shapes such as a leaf, talisman, etc. They can be placed in your purse, wallet, or pocket to enhance good luck. You can also place them in important documents and personal items. The leaf charm card is a metallic charm that can be placed inside a purse or pocket to enhance good luck. There are many good luck charms which are marriage, longevity, wealth, and prosperity.

Using these good luck charm cards you can keep the negativity away from various areas of your life. If you feel any kind of unseen obstacle or feel that there are some obstructions in achieving your objectives, the use of this good luck charm can boost your luck and bring prosperity and wealth into your life.

These are engraved with spiritual symbols and characters that keep the negative and malefic effects in any area of your life at bay. This good luck charm looks elegant and brings prosperity into the lives of people who use it. They are engraved with auspicious symbols that represent blessings from heaven and divinity. You will be in tune with your spiritual side and will get all good things coming to you by placing this good luck charm on important things and areas of your life.


Since ancient times in China, these good luck charms have been used to eliminate and reduce negative energies. They have been used to boost any areas of their lives and enhance luck. They represent abundance and bring good health, luck, and wealth to the one who uses them. You can experience a prosperous life with the use of these charms and reduce the effect of negative energies affecting your life.

Rules of placement

  • Place this leaf good luck charm card inside your wallet/purse, important documents, bag, accounts book, study book, personal items, pocket,
    and any area which is important to you.
  • You can also place it on the study shelf of your children’s room to enhance their education

Good luck harms have auspicious inscriptions which carry luck from heaven. They contain positive energies which deflect negative and malefic effects and keep you positive on your journey. You can give it as a gift to someone you love and help them prosper in their life.

Keeping this good luck charm card with you brings abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. You will experience harmony and enjoy peaceful relations. For those who are experiencing turmoil and negativity in their lives in various areas, using this beautiful good luck charm gives your blessings from heaven.

You can give it as a gift to people of any age and on any occasion like birthdays, passing exams, etc. Boost the luck of your loved ones and associates by giving them this wonderful and sacred good luck charm as a gift. Strengthen your bond
with family members as well as your business associates with this good luck charm.

Buy Feng Shui Leaf Shaped Goodluck Charm Card for SuccessMoney Online in India

Vastu Consultant

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Golden
Type Leaf Charm
Size 3 x 2.3 Inches / 8 x 5.7 cm
Weight 5 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

44 reviews for Feng Shui Good Luck Charm Card To Keep in Pocket / Cash Box / Wallet

  1. Avatar of MOHIT S.

    MOHIT S.

    Awesome product and perfect for my wallet.Genuine product

    Excellent and genuine

  2. Avatar of tanu rajan

    tanu rajan

    feng shui good charm card very attractive, it really works. happy with the quality.

  3. Avatar of sumit mathur

    sumit mathur

    Very good quality genuine feng shui good luck charm card. Excellent value for money. Always recommended.

  4. Avatar of raju wadhwa

    raju wadhwa

    It’s very nice and I could see some different feelings. nice product

  5. Avatar of anu luthra

    anu luthra

    Really nice to have it, Feel good. I would order again!

  6. Avatar of rishabh parikh

    rishabh parikh

    the nice product. it really works. also, you can carry it with you.

  7. Avatar of deep khanna

    deep khanna

    I feel positive after having this feng shui good luck charm card. Really nice

  8. Avatar of nishita walia

    nishita walia

    very nice and effective good luck charm card. amazing product

  9. Avatar of neelam kolhi

    neelam kolhi

    Beautiful feng shui good luck charm card for good luck. it really works. value for money

  10. Avatar of shekhar kashyap

    shekhar kashyap

    I love this feng shui good luck charm card. quality is good. easy carry. must try this product

  11. Avatar of sadaf saraf

    sadaf saraf

    I feel a positive effect after having this good luck charm card. very nice 👍👍

  12. Avatar of priyanka kapoor

    priyanka kapoor

    feng shui good luck charm card immediately responses and feels very good to use. really nice item.

  13. Avatar of vikas sharma

    vikas sharma

    Really nice to have it, Feel good after using this good luck charm card. amazing feng shui item.

  14. Avatar of nisha kapadia

    nisha kapadia

    I am so pleased with my purchase. awesome product. very effective👍👍👍

  15. Avatar of Mahima Deshmukh

    Mahima Deshmukh

    Useful for increasing positivity. it really works. the nice product

  16. Avatar of riya rana

    riya rana

    this seller gives genuine products of good quality.
    Awesome product. gives a positive response

  17. Avatar of vishal sanghvi

    vishal sanghvi

    I really like it. amazing feng shui product. very effective product.

  18. Avatar of kumar


    Beautiful card, very well done. I love the energy it.

  19. Avatar of akansha sachdeva

    akansha sachdeva

    Love it. feng shui good luck charm card receive positive energy and fortunes. must try this product

  20. Avatar of Aishwarya Pillai

    Aishwarya Pillai

    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.👍
    nice products and gives a positive vibration

  21. Avatar of Deepak Rastogi

    Deepak Rastogi

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. easy to carry.

  22. Avatar of anurag hegde

    anurag hegde

    it works great for me. Love the positive energy in this. I highly recommend it.👌👍

  23. Avatar of Pranav


    brings abundance and prosperity. very effective product. easy to carry

  24. Avatar of anisha roy

    anisha roy

    feng shui good luck charm card works great for me. amazing and effective feng shui product.

  25. Avatar of Mohit Desai

    Mohit Desai

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. gives a good vibration

  26. Avatar of Sneha Rajan

    Sneha Rajan

    Beautiful feng shui charm card, very well done. I love the energy.

  27. Avatar of akshay jhaveri

    akshay jhaveri

    I absolutely love this feng shui charm card. I am very happy with the finishing. Thanks!👍👍

  28. Avatar of debbie chatterjee

    debbie chatterjee

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. Happy with quality.

  29. Avatar of chandralekha gada

    chandralekha gada

    Lovely piece. Very satisfied with the product! works perfectly.

  30. Avatar of kunal shetty

    kunal shetty

    Beautiful and very nice. works very well. A really good product. amazing feng shui charm card.

  31. Avatar of Aryan Parikh

    Aryan Parikh

    Feng Shui charm card gives a good vibration. the nice product it really works

  32. Avatar of rajan pandya

    rajan pandya

    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Feng Shui Charm Card. genuine product of good quality.

  33. Avatar of mitali gala

    mitali gala

    I am totally impressed with this feng shui good luck charm card. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  34. Avatar of jay rana

    jay rana

    works very well. It feels great. highly recommended to all. amazing feng shui product.

  35. Avatar of Raj Rai

    Raj Rai

    feng shui charm card brings abundance and prosperity luck. A very useful charm card. gives a positive effect

  36. Avatar of manisha choudhary

    manisha choudhary

    feng shui charm card brings good luck. Awesome product…it works

  37. Avatar of Paaus


    Really it’s very affecting my works. It feels great👍

  38. Avatar of krithika rastogi

    krithika rastogi

    it really works. I really like them. awesome product. 👍👍👌👌

  39. Avatar of manu chokshi

    manu chokshi

    feels very good to use. Really nice item. It is easier to carry

  40. Avatar of vaibhav pandya

    vaibhav pandya

    feng shui good luck charm card attracts good luck. loos wise also good. very useful and effective product.

  41. Avatar of shaan ganguly

    shaan ganguly

    very impresses with Beautiful feng shui charm card. very well done. I love the energy.👍👍

  42. Avatar of dawn garg

    dawn garg

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. it’s an effective feng shui charm card. works very well.

  43. Avatar of vedant chawla

    vedant chawla

    Love the positive energy in this charm card. Very affordable too! I highly recommend it.

  44. Avatar of radhika pillai

    radhika pillai

    Nice quality and attractive for good luck. Really good and effective product.

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