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Showing 1–48 of 87 results

Introduction to Feng Shui Items for Luck and Prosperity

Feng shui is an ancient practice that emphasizes the importance of harmonizing oneself with the surrounding environment. By arranging our surroundings in a way that allows “chi” or life force energy to flow smoothly, feng shui practitioners believe that we can achieve our desired goals in life. This philosophy is based on the idea that everything in our environment possesses a unique energy or “chi.”

Feng Shui Products for Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Peace, and Success

Feng shui products are easy to install in any location, whether it be at home or in the office, and can help promote health, wealth, prosperity, peace, and success. These products are trusted by thousands of astrologers, vastu consultants, reiki healers, chakra and aura pranic energy healers, and space healers.

India’s Most Loved Shop to Buy Fengshui Products Online

Plus Value has been a trusted brand for purchasing feng shui products online since 1995. Their products are available on Amazon and Flipkart for online purchase, and they ship only in India. Their vastu and feng shui store offers a wide range of feng shui products, such as Arowana Fish, Rooster, Fuk Luk Sau, Laughing Buddha, Crystals, Pakua (Bagua) mirrors, Wind Chimes, Good Luck Coins, Bamboo Wind Chime, Rhino, Paintings, Education Tower, Brass & Crystal Tortoise, Swiss Cow Bell, Ingots, Fu Dogs, Om Bell, Five Element Pagoda, Wish Fulfilling Horse and Elephant, and other symbols that are popular all over the world.


Feng shui items can be a powerful tool in promoting positive energy flow and achieving our desired goals in life. Plus Value offers a wide range of trusted feng shui products that can be easily installed in any location, providing support, motivation, and energy to individuals in both their personal and professional lives.

Integrating these Feng Shui items into your living spaces can create a harmonious balance that fosters an environment of good luck and prosperity. Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or looking to enhance your existing practice, these items are not only visually appealing but also carry deep symbolic meaning and energy. Embrace the power of Feng Shui and open your life to the abundance and happiness that awaits.

  • Feng Shui Products are easy to install in any location i.e. Home or Office. & is good for Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Peace & Success in your Life & Kept in your Living Room, Bedroom, Home & Office Cabin.
  • Our Feng Shui Products are Trusted By 1000’s of Astrologers, Vastu Consultants, Reiki Healers, Chakra & Aura Pranic Energy Healers & Space Healers.
  • India’s Most Loved Shop to Buy Feng Shui Products Online
  • Plus Value – Trusted Brand to Shop Feng Shui Products Online since 1995.
  • Our Feng Shui Products is also available on Amazon & Flipkart to purchase online.
  •  We ship in India only you can order online from our Vastu & Feng Shui Store – Plus Value.
  • You are welcome to visit our showroom in Mumbai (Malad) to buy Feng Shui Products personally.

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