Swarovski Crystal Ball for Positive Energy 2pcs


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fengshui vastu crystal ball hanging 40mm
Swarovski Crystal Ball for Positive Energy 2pcs 2501,000

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Swarovski Crystal Ball for Positive Energy at Home or Office

Size: 20MM | 30MM | 40MM | 50MM (please select sizes from above radio button)

Quantity -2 pcs

Crystal helps to harness the positive flow of chi (energy). It brings live and fresh energy into a stagnant room. Besides their dramatic beauty, using crystals is one of the most powerful methods for improving the flow of healthy “chi” energy in an environment.

Benefits of Swarovski Crystal Ball:-

  • When we energize with a crystal, we are energizing our earth’s luck which is one of the three types of luck according to feng shui.
  • When crystals are used it brings extra good luck almost anywhere you place them.
  • According to Vastu attract more positive energy by hanging in the window to attract sun rays to the house.
  • Place 8 crystals in north-east to improve education luck.
  • Place 2 crystals in the south-west to improve the relationship luck.
  • Hang a crystal in the window to attract auspicious sunrays.
  • Feng shui crystal balls are used to bring harmonious, calming energy to any space.
  • It helps in filling your home and office with positive energy.
  • Crystal balls can also be used in a business setting to smooth the edges of chaotic, competitive energy and make it more productive.
  •  it brings extra good luck almost anywhere you place them.
  • Crystal balls help you succeed and create more opportunities to make money.
  • Hang this crystal ball in your home and office window to attract work opportunities.
  • Crystal ball helps to make lasting bonds with the people you love.
  • Hang this crystal ball in the center of their living space to gain wealth and improve their financial status.
  • Place this Swarovski crystal ball above your meditation seat or just in front of you such that you can see it. It is beneficial for clarity in your practice to create harmony and peace within your inner and outer spaces.
  • It absorbs the rays of sunshine and reflects them in the form of a rainbow. That is known to release powerful Yang energy.
  • Place this crystal ball in the north-west corner to promote international business and travel, and bring helpful people to your aid.
  • Crystal Ball helps you succeed and create more opportunities to make money.
  • Feng Shui Crystal Ball Improves Children’s focus on Studies.
  • Crystal Ball improves the clarity, harmony, and expansion of your meditation practice.
  • Crystal Ball helps to maintain a strong relationship between family members.

Place crystals at the northeast to improve education luck, Place southwest to improve relationship luck, and Place Northeast to Personal Growth & Self-Cultivation.

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Highly recommended by Feng Shui & Vastu consultant

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Additional information

Weight 24.00000000 g
Dimensions 2.00000000 × 2.00000000 × 2.50000000 cm
Ball Size: No selection

20 MM, 30 MM, 40 MM, 50 MM

77 reviews for Swarovski Crystal Ball for Positive Energy 2pcs

  1. Avatar of Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma

    Unhappy with my child’s academic progress, I bought a Swarovski Crystal Ball for my child. My son just needed a little boost of good luck vibes and charm into his life to do well in his academics and elevate his confidence level. On receiving the product, I placed it in the northeast direction of the house to improve his education fortune. Happy with the results, my son is now able to fare better with his academics.

  2. Avatar of Sameer


    Good Products

  3. Avatar of Gazal Doulani

    Gazal Doulani

    Earlier when I received this product from mum, I was extremely unhappy as I am not a believer in product healing. However, as I started using Swarovski Crystal Ball, I realized it has helped me do better in my studies. Before I had to struggle a lot to memorize and remember a specific chapter but now, I feel I am able to do it in a better way. On academic grounds, this product has worked like magic.

  4. Avatar of Jenia Biswas

    Jenia Biswas

    Swarovski Crystal Ball is a must buy. Worked wonders for me.

  5. Avatar of Rakesh Sethi

    Rakesh Sethi

    The Swarovski Crystal Ball was delivered before the estimated time. Moreover, the packaging was done really well. Placed the product on the southwest corner of my home to improve my relationship with my wife. We have been struggling a great deal on grounds of personality clash for 2 months. It has been 20 days since I have been using the product and yes, it is working. Great product. A must buy.

  6. Avatar of Damini Keshav

    Damini Keshav

    Happy with the results of the Swarovski Crystal Ball.

  7. Avatar of Misha Dev

    Misha Dev

    Bought it for my grandfather on his birthday. He is a big believer in Swarovski Crystal Ball and on receiving the product from me, he was extremely glad. He praised the product a lot and also mentioned that this product is 100% authentic. Thanks Plus Value India for living up to our expectations.

  8. Avatar of Megha Malpani

    Megha Malpani

    Excellent product. A must buy. Do buy Swarovski Crystal Ball to attain some good luck in your life and witness a flow of positivity. Tried and tested the product, did wonders for me, would work the same for you.

  9. Avatar of Reshmi Banerjee

    Reshmi Banerjee

    Not only the product Swarovski Crystal Ball is beautiful but also helps to bring in good luck and positivity. A must buy.

  10. Avatar of Nimisha Kedia

    Nimisha Kedia

    Gifted by my parents to boost my good luck charm, Swarovski Crystal Ball has surely met my parents’ expectations. Happy with the results. A must buy.

  11. Avatar of Sumit Luthra

    Sumit Luthra

    Swarovski crystal ball brings good luck & prosperity. Lovely crystal ball!

  12. Avatar of anu kolhi

    anu kolhi

    Swarovski Crystal Ball Removes Negative Energies From Your Home.

  13. Avatar of shivangi sharma

    shivangi sharma

    The energy contained in a crystal ball is clean and pure, thus it helps in providing many benefits.

  14. Avatar of Anubhav Khanna

    Anubhav Khanna

    Very beautiful If the sun is shining on it. and the perfect size!

  15. Avatar of Soham


    increasing positivity in the surroundings
    genuine crystal, same as in the image.

  16. Avatar of Rekha Banerjee

    Rekha Banerjee

    With the motive to witness the positive flow of energy ‘chi’, I bought a Swarovski Crystal Ball from Plus Value India. I am thoroughly amazed by its results. Great product for sure.

  17. Avatar of Shilpi Vashisth

    Shilpi Vashisth

    Excellent product. Do buy for positivity at home and business.

  18. Avatar of ria kashyap

    ria kashyap

    Very effective… give a positive response. works very well.

  19. Avatar of Rohan


    attract positive energy. improve good luck. the nice product it really works

  20. Avatar of dia kapadia

    dia kapadia

    Swarovski crystal ball brings in a positive flow of energy. very well done. I love the energy.

  21. Avatar of sanchit hegde

    sanchit hegde

    Good reflection. Nice Crystal Ball. Good worth for money

  22. Avatar of swati jhaveri

    swati jhaveri

    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Ball. it really works.

  23. Avatar of N.Priyanka


    Beautiful and great to use. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend it.

  24. Avatar of Ram


    very satisfied with the quality of the crystal ball. Highly recommended!

  25. Avatar of Sanjibani Chaurasia

    Sanjibani Chaurasia

    As I was new to my organization, thus I was struggling way too much to meet up my manager’s expectations. Personal growth and self-cultivation were what I was looking for. Recommended by my brother, I bought Swarovski Crystal Ball from Plus Value India. Once I received it, I placed it in the northeast direction of my house, and in a day or two, I was able to witness the results. Worked really well for me.

  26. Avatar of Parth


    Gives Beautiful rainbow light colors throughout my living room very peaceful and very feng shui.

  27. Avatar of gokul kapoor

    gokul kapoor

    Very nice one. Lots of vibration in it. it’s effective. it has such great energy.👍

  28. Avatar of Ravi Chauhan

    Ravi Chauhan

    Recommended by my mother, I bought Swarovski Crystal Ball from the online platform. Have been struggling really hard with my office work and needed to instill a bit of good luck in my life. And, yes since the time I bought this product, it has endowed me with good fortune, exactly the way I required. I recommend this crystal ball to all.

  29. Avatar of Sam


    Very nice, beautiful piece. It looks like the photo. I am so happy to purchase this crystal ball

  30. Avatar of Anirudh Gala

    Anirudh Gala

    the whole room feels amazing. place this swarovski crystal ball. great energy.👍

  31. Avatar of Ashwin Seth

    Ashwin Seth

    My father has been using Swarovski Crystal Ball for ages for his personal growth and financial good luck. Aware of this, I too bought this product online from Plus Value India. This site was recommended by my friend, who often uses it to get his spiritual products delivered. I too ordered my Swarovski Crystal Ball from the site. Not only, the product was delivered on time but also the packaging was good. More than this, what made me extremely happy was the company energizes each and every product before setting it out for delivery.

  32. Avatar of Dhruv Ganguly

    Dhruv Ganguly

    protects against negative energy. gives good energy. Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  33. Avatar of Rajneesh Chaitanya

    Rajneesh Chaitanya

    very pretty, love when they are in the sun and the rainbows are everywhere. highly recommend.

  34. Avatar of Shekhar


    Awesome product. gives a positive response. Very genuine product of good quality.

  35. Avatar of Anubhav


    So beautiful and looks awesome. I absolutely love it. The light reflection from it makes me joyful.

  36. Avatar of Chandralekha


    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy. I realized after using.

  37. Avatar of Vidhya Sharma

    Vidhya Sharma

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. give a positive response.

  38. Avatar of Rohan


    Swarovski crystal ball used it brings good luck. Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  39. Avatar of Lisha Mirchandani

    Lisha Mirchandani

    Married for over 2 years, have been struggling to keep my relation subtle with my husband. I tried various ways to mend my relationship but nothing worked for me. Recommended by my friend and with the thought of keeping it my last and final resort, I bought Swarovski Crystal Ball online. To attract auspicious positive vibes of the sun, I hung it at the window. Within a span of 2 weeks, the product started working. This product helped to sort my personal differences with my husband. Great product.

  40. Avatar of Disha Yadav

    Disha Yadav

    A 100% authentic product. Not only the Swarovski Crystal Ball can be used in businesses for their upliftment but also at homes to spread the charm of good luck and positive energy. A must buy from Plus Value India.

  41. Avatar of Neelam


    It looks nice. It’s really good I like it. amazing crystal ball.

  42. Avatar of Kamini Dutta

    Kamini Dutta

    I am an ardent believer of Feng Shui linked products, thus I bought Swarovski Crystal Ball online. Happy with the results. Plus Value India sells 100% authentic products.

  43. Avatar of Nisha


    Swarovski crystal ball brings positive energy. very effective power. I realized after using.

  44. Avatar of Shipra Tiwary

    Shipra Tiwary

    Happy with the results of the Swarovski Crystal Ball. A must buy. Has worked like magic for me.

  45. Avatar of Kavita Kaushal

    Kavita Kaushal

    Was searching to find an authentic Swarovski Crystal Ball. Thus, for this, I visited various stores at my locality but couldn’t find any. Later on, I resorted to the internet for the same. And I was happy to find Plus Value India. This company not just delivers authentic products but before delivery, it ensures to energize the product as well. Have confirmed it with various authentic places, this product is 100 % genuine from this site.

  46. Avatar of Suresh Gupta

    Suresh Gupta

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. the nice product it really works.

  47. Avatar of Sumit


    Swarovski crystal ball increases positive vibration. very genuine product of good quality.

  48. Avatar of Abhijit Biswas

    Abhijit Biswas

    Swarovski Crystal Ball is a good product and a must-buy for those struggling with luck. I bought it and was extremely pleased with the results of the product.

  49. Avatar of Niti Patel

    Niti Patel

    Bring harmonious and calming energy. gives a good vibration.

  50. Avatar of Aishwarya Desai

    Aishwarya Desai

    Useful for increasing positivity in the surroundings. very well done. I love the energy.

  51. Avatar of Ankur Dhillon

    Ankur Dhillon

    Felt positive energy all around after placing this crystal ball in my house.

  52. Avatar of Shreya Chatterjee

    Shreya Chatterjee

    Very good product. Fill the room with rainbows. Very good.

  53. Avatar of Akash Garg

    Akash Garg

    I feel positive energy after placing this crystal ball. very effective and useful ball.

  54. Avatar of Anurag


    Very useful and effective Swarovski crystal ball. Happy with quality. Genuine Products.

  55. Avatar of Arjun Deshpande

    Arjun Deshpande

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  56. Avatar of Vinay Rastogi

    Vinay Rastogi

    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.

  57. Avatar of Sanjana Goswami

    Sanjana Goswami

    Looks great. Feels great in our bedroom. very useful and effective crystal ball.

  58. Avatar of Raj Choudhary

    Raj Choudhary

    Really amazing quality! Love them! I use them for sun catcher crafts. very effective product.

  59. Avatar of Shivani Sharma

    Shivani Sharma

    I purchased this one & it’s exactly as described. Well made & quality! amazing product.

  60. Avatar of Ira Dhingra

    Ira Dhingra

    Very nice and creates a positive vibe around the room when the sun hits it.

  61. Avatar of Simran


    It feels great after using this Swarovski crystal ball and I highly recommend it.

  62. Avatar of Kavya Sengupta

    Kavya Sengupta

    Nice crystal ball, well made. facets are well done and it shines !!! very effective.

  63. Avatar of Aryan Chokshi

    Aryan Chokshi

    Swarovski crystal ball is useful for education and luck. place the crystal ball on the study table to improve education luck.

  64. Avatar of Rajan Sengupta

    Rajan Sengupta

    lovely rainbows affect everywhere! Awesome product.

  65. Avatar of Gayatri Deshmukh

    Gayatri Deshmukh

    Great crystals to hang in your windows. I absolutely love them.

  66. Avatar of Deepak Banerjee

    Deepak Banerjee

    I love this product. works perfectly. An amazing crystal ball gives positive vibes.

  67. Avatar of Sneha Chawla

    Sneha Chawla

    Beautiful crystals! I have hung all three in my home and I am very happy with them. I would purchase this again.

  68. Avatar of Deep


    Highly recommend it Vastu feng shui expert. it’s an effective crystal ball.

  69. Avatar of Riya Balakrishnan

    Riya Balakrishnan

    Beautiful piece. It looks like the photo. works very well. nice product.

  70. Avatar of Ajeet Dasgupta

    Ajeet Dasgupta

    looks great. gives a good vibration in the home. awesome product.

  71. Avatar of shyam chakraborty

    shyam chakraborty

    Beautiful… Good quality. it really works. happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  72. Avatar of Anu S

    Anu S

    Beautifully faceted crystal ball. Wonderful for feng shui. works perfectly.

  73. Avatar of Mayank Gupta

    Mayank Gupta

    These are beautiful sun catchers. They reflect big pretty rainbows everywhere.

  74. Avatar of Ananya


    These are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful perfect facets and quality look and feel.

  75. Avatar of Avika Jain

    Avika Jain

    Love this product. work very well. very effective and using products.

  76. Avatar of Manoj Dewan

    Manoj Dewan

    A beautiful rainbows effect creates. amazing product. I really like it.

  77. Avatar of Isha Rajan

    Isha Rajan

    Hanging a faceted crystal near a window can “catch the sunlight” and attract auspicious energy.

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