Natural Golden Iron Pyrite Raw Cluster From Peru [Attracting Money Fast, Business Luck – Spectacular Results]



Stone of ♥ Attract Wealth ♥ Business Luck ♥ Money ♥ Boost stamina ♥ Abundance ♥ Prosperity ♥ Strengthens your Willpower ♥ Mental stability ♥ Creativity  ♥ Learning and Perception ♥ Intelligence ♥ Logic ♥ Psychic development ♥ Memory ♥ Optimism ♥ Channeling abilities ♥ Practicality ♥ Protection ♥ Meditation ♥ Health ♥ Well – Being ♥ Changing Bad Habits ♥ Confidence ♥ Empowerment ♥ Focus ♥ Grounding ♥ Vitality 

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Natural Iron Pyrite Raw/Cluster Peru - Attracting Wealth Business Luck
Natural Golden Iron Pyrite Raw Cluster From Peru [Attracting Money Fast, Business Luck - Spectacular Results] 9002,000

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Original Golden Iron Pyrite Raw Cluster Crystal Stone for Attracting Wealth & Business Luck [ Peru ]

Weight (50-100grams,100-200 grams, 200-300grams) – Select From Variation

Pyrite found its name from the Greek word pyr, which means ‘fire’, the French call it Pierre de Sante, meaning “stone of health” as they say it positively affects the body’s health.

Using Pyrite Raw Cluster

Pyrite is believed to assist in developing an abundance mindset. It is considered an effective aid for manifestation and attracting prosperity.

Pyrite is an excellent resource to attract financial prosperity and abundance into your life or surroundings. According to Feng Shui principles, you should position Pyrite in the left-most corner of your living space, which is known as the prosperity area on the Feng Shui map. When you enter your home, direct your hand towards the left corner, which is the perfect location to place Pyrite.

It is recommended to jot down your financial objectives and keep them beneath a valuable Pyrite rock.


You can place Pyrite crystal underneath your pillow to remember creative ideas that come to you in your dreams.

Pyrite helps to remove negative energy and prevent you from succumbing to darkness. Instead, it empowers you to embrace the light and feel strong.

Pyrite is believed to enhance the personal powers of the individual who carries it close to their heart.

During meditation, grasping Pyrite in both hands can provide an immediate revitalizing and rebalancing surge of energy.

Pyrite is a mineral that promotes leadership qualities and can be a valuable ally for managers and individuals striving for promotion in their workplace. As you progress, you’ll observe a boost in your self-assurance. You’ll be capable of unleashing your inherent leadership abilities that were previously dormant, and you’ll be able to discern the difference between what’s genuine and what’s not, living a truthful and authentic life.

Pyrite is known for its ability to stimulate the Third Chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus. This chakra is responsible for energy distribution and plays a significant role in relationships.

Pyrite stone is highly effective in strengthening the auric field, making it a great choice to address any weak points caused by stress or energy leeches.

Feng Shui and Pyrite

According to the principles of feng shui, your workplace and desk symbolize your professional life. To attract more prosperity and success in your job or business, you can consider placing pyrite on your desk or home office. This can enhance your intentions and goals, especially if you position it in the far left corner, also known as the wealth area, of your desk.

Pyrite is an effective Feng Shui element that possesses powerful protective qualities. To safeguard your home from negative energies, you can place a Pyrite piece near your entrance to absorb any harmful vibes before they can enter your living space.

Manifesting  with pyrite

Pyrite is a crystal that can aid in attracting abundance, making it a valuable addition to your manifesting practice. To program your pyrite, a simple affirmation you can use is “I am a money magnet.” During meditation, it’s recommended to hold the pyrite in your hands and repeat the intention nine times.

Pyrite is a crystal that can help attract abundance. To manifest abundance, you can use an easy affirmation like “I am a money magnet” to program your pyrite. For meditation, it is recommended to hold the pyrite in your hands and repeat the intention nine times.

Other Mystical Properties of Pyrite Stone:

  • Pyrite is known as a money magnet. Always carry or place it near your desk to attract business or career opportunities.
  • Excellent stone to enhance earth element
  • Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or base chakra.
  • Pyrite helps one to communicate more openly and honestly, providing both emotional and physical protection. If you are indecisive or unsure about something, carry pyrite with you as a touchstone to help boost your self-confidence. The reflective qualities of the stone make it a wonderful meditation or divination tool….just as the ancient Inca’s used it.
  • Pyrite increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect, and helps to transform thought into intelligent action. It is a wonderful stone for use in wealth magic or assisting in the manifestation of needed energies. It is also known as “Fools Gold”
  • An excellent shield stone, pyrite removes negativity from the aura and surroundings to help one concentrate.
  • Pyrite is a symbol of wealth, abundance, and good luck.
  • Place this pyrite raw in workspaces, studios, and any spot where creative thinking takes place to attract success.
  • Pyrite helps to balance the Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra.
  • It helps to improve your focus, clarity, strength, energy, willpower, and confidence.
  • Pyrite raw is a useful tool for artists, writers, and musicians.
  • It is a beneficial crystal raw for increasing creativity and imagination.
  • Pyrite raw is helpful to heal your chakras and harmonize your mind, body, and soul.
  • Place this pyrite raw on your desk and the office represents your career.
  • Keep it with you to deflect harm and danger.
  • Place pyrite raw in your workplace to encourage leadership qualities and is an ally for managers and those working toward a promotion.
  • It helps to remove anxiety and frustration.
  • Pyrite helps to keep you strong, stable, and free of the chains of domination.


Treasure your pocket crystal while they are with you. Let them bring you joy and happiness.

Advance Purification way

To revitalize Pyrite, it can be left in the soil to absorb its natural elements. Another effective method is to bury it in sea salt for a few hours, as Pyrite responds well to the earth’s salt. This allows for a thorough purification and recharge of the stone.

Do try Plusvalue Pyrite Raw Stone people have reported a good amount of success within a week of its usage.

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Weight 400 g
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50-100grams, 100-200grams, 200 to 300grams

53 reviews for Natural Golden Iron Pyrite Raw Cluster From Peru [Attracting Money Fast, Business Luck – Spectacular Results]

  1. Avatar of Shilpa Y.

    Shilpa Y.

    This amazing quality Pyrite Raw Cluster has helped me attract good luck and wealth. I am happy with the effectiveness of this sacred stone.
    I recommend this stone to others as well.

  2. Avatar of Riki Raj

    Riki Raj

    The Natural Pyrite Raw Cluster is an excellent stone. It effectively removes negativity from all around. I am finding this stone to be just amazing.
    You may also try this one.

  3. Avatar of Deep Chakravarty

    Deep Chakravarty

    The Pyrite Raw Cluster Stone has helped me communicate more clearly and openly, which was always a problem with me before.
    I have ordered this stone from the Plus Value Shop, and I am very happy with the genuineness and the quality of the stone.

  4. Avatar of Ronita Mukherjee

    Ronita Mukherjee

    I bought the Natural Iron Pyrite Raw/Cluster Peru from the Plusvalue Online Shop. I loved the product. It is indeed very effective in attracting wealth and good luck. Also, the cost is very reasonable. You may try this too.

  5. Avatar of Preeti Roy

    Preeti Roy

    The Pyrite stone is a great one. I am very happy with the positive results this stone is offering me.
    You should try this too.

  6. Avatar of Jai Sharma

    Jai Sharma

    I always struggled with balancing my life. Then I was recommended this Pyrite Raw Cluster by a friend. I had placed an order from Plus Value India Online at affordable pricing, and it was delivered within the timeline. Since then, I have never spent a day without this Pyrite stone.
    My life is a lot more balanced now, and I am a happy person.

  7. Avatar of Santosh Tawde

    Santosh Tawde

    I keep this Natural Pyrite Raw Rock on my office desk. Since I have started keeping this sacred rock with me, I never had to look back.

  8. Avatar of Nilesh Shah

    Nilesh Shah

    As the name goes, Pyrite is called the money magnet. It has helped me shape my luck and achieve all that I have done.
    Thank you Plusvalue store for this genuine Pyrite rock.

  9. Avatar of Ritesh Dutta

    Ritesh Dutta

    I have been using this Pyrite Raw Cluster stone for some time now, and I am impressed with the positive changes this rock has brought in me. I am more of a balanced person now, and I am happy too.

  10. Avatar of Sayan Roy

    Sayan Roy

    Excellent quality Pyrite stone. Very effective.
    Thank you, Plus Value Shop.

  11. Avatar of Nikita Sen

    Nikita Sen

    I had always lacked in self-confidence and struggled while making a decision. Thanks to the Natural Iron Pyrite Raw Stone, that I am no longer facing such issues.

  12. Avatar of sanjay walia

    sanjay walia

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products. Really good product. Very happy with this purchase pyrite rock

  13. Avatar of Anisha Rastogi

    Anisha Rastogi

    Pyrite rock is used to attract wealth luck and business luck. the nice rock looks very attractive

  14. Avatar of vishal rana

    vishal rana

    Pyrite can also use for job opportunities. very nice I love this crystal

  15. Avatar of Akansha Shetty

    Akansha Shetty

    pyrite rock wonderful tools for meditation. mind peacefully.

  16. Avatar of Dr Sreeja Ravichandran

    Dr Sreeja Ravichandran

    The pyrine crystal from plus value I received was original and a quality one, good packing, satisfied with the product and the company
    It’s Genuine

  17. Avatar of juvina


    Great stones. Correctly classified. Good quality.
    very helpful
    Absolutely genuine Pyrite

  18. Avatar of indhumathi varghese

    indhumathi varghese

    Happy with quality. Genuine Products
    it’s an effective stone. it really works. It is a really good deal. 👍👍

  19. Avatar of vikas sachdeva

    vikas sachdeva

    pyrite rock increasing positivity in the surroundings. Very effective healing power.

  20. Avatar of Sadaf


    pyrite rock deflecting the negative energies. It is really cool and awesome… I am loving it…

  21. Avatar of Nishita Sharma

    Nishita Sharma

    pyrite increase success and money. A very powerful stone and effective stone. nice pyrite rock as shown in image

  22. Avatar of Nayana Singh

    Nayana Singh

    The Iron Pyrite Raw Stone has been a lucky stone for me. I am very happy that I have made this stone a part of my daily life. I am happy to be blessed now.

  23. Avatar of Sheetal Pandey

    Sheetal Pandey

    I had many health issues in the past until I started using the Natural Iron Pyrite Raw Rock Stone with me. I feel healthier from inside, and I am more energetic too.

  24. Avatar of vikas roy

    vikas roy

    It is a genuine pyrite rock stone. Its very effective & powerful stone for money abundance👍

  25. Avatar of Ruchika Agarwal

    Ruchika Agarwal

    I am a freelancer, often struggled to bag new projects until I had placed the Pyrite Raw Cluster Stone on my working desk. I am full of work now. I feel rewarded, both financially and socially.

  26. Avatar of Nikita Saxena

    Nikita Saxena

    The Pyrite Raw Cluster is an excellent stone in bringing good luck. I am happy to have bought it.
    You may also try this.

  27. Avatar of Raju Sanghvi

    Raju Sanghvi

    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Pyrite rock. Looks much better than image. I love the energy.👍👍

  28. Avatar of Rahul Dutt

    Rahul Dutt

    The Pyrite Raw Cluster Rock has brought in a lot of positive changes in me, such as a positive approach towards life, communicating more clearly, and also work with more efficiency.
    I am glad to have purchased this stone from the Plus Value Shop.
    You should also try keeping this rock with you.

  29. Avatar of Vishal Sharma

    Vishal Sharma

    I keep the Pyrite Rock with me while meditating or worshipping. I am more at tranquillity with myself and everything around me.

  30. Avatar of Dinesh Singh

    Dinesh Singh

    I had heard that Raw Pyrite Rock is effective in helping people build stamina and intelligence. I am very happy with the positive results this genuine has brought in me.

  31. Avatar of Sagar Kapoor

    Sagar Kapoor

    Excellent product, very effective, and very reasonable in price.
    Plus Value Store is selling this awesome product at affordable pricing.

  32. Avatar of Payal Singh

    Payal Singh

    I have been using the Pyrite Raw Cluster for about three months now, and I feel more energetic and confident in all my external communications.

  33. Avatar of Vishal Goyal

    Vishal Goyal

    The Pyrite Raw Cluster Stone has acted effectively in helping me set up my business and running it efficiently. I have been using this stone since the time I started my online business. This stone is indeed a great one.
    You can try this too.

  34. Avatar of Manish Sharma

    Manish Sharma

    The Pyrite Raw Cluster Stone is a good luck stone. I am glad to see the results and recommend it to everyone who wants to activate their luck factor.

  35. Avatar of Hitesh S.

    Hitesh S.

    The natural Pyrite rock is a lucky stone. It has brought me good fortune. I am happy with the genuine quality of this sacred stone sold by the Plus value online shop.

  36. Avatar of Aditi Goyal

    Aditi Goyal

    I always carry my Pyrite Raw Cluster Rock with me. I feel more confident and balanced all the time.

  37. Avatar of Akriti Pandey

    Akriti Pandey

    The Pyrite stone has opened new career opportunities for me. I am a happy person now with an awesome job.

  38. Avatar of Rita Goswami

    Rita Goswami

    My business has started doing better since I started keeping the natural Pyrite stone with me. I am glad to have purchased this stone from the Plus Value Shop.

  39. Avatar of Roy S.

    Roy S.

    The Natural Iron Pyrite Raw Stone is awesome. It protects me from negativity and also brings me good luck.

  40. Avatar of Joy Mukherjee

    Joy Mukherjee

    The Pyrite Rock sold by the Plusvalueindia Shop is a genuine stone and is very effective in bringing good luck.

  41. Avatar of Mimi Sinha

    Mimi Sinha

    The natural Pyrite rock is an excellent stone for bringing good luck in business. I am glad to see all the positive changes in my business.

  42. Avatar of Aditi Ghoshal

    Aditi Ghoshal

    My Reiki master recommended this Pyrite stone for balancing my root chakra. I have seen significant results after using the natural Pyrite rock.
    You can also try this.

  43. Avatar of Renu Roy

    Renu Roy

    I had often suffered from low concentration levels until I started keeping the Pyrite stone with me. I feel more confident as I can now focus on things that matter to me.

  44. Avatar of Aditya Shaw

    Aditya Shaw

    The Natural Iron Pyrite Raw Rock has helped me get rid of negativity from my surroundings. Now, I am a happy man with a positive approach to life.

  45. Avatar of Bhavesh Patel

    Bhavesh Patel

    After using pyrite rock next day I got a big order of my life. I am very happy with this pyrite rock. thanks for the lovely suggestion plusvalue

  46. Avatar of Aryan Vihas

    Aryan Vihas

    Excellent stone!

  47. Avatar of Anish Mathur

    Anish Mathur

    I have bought the Pyrite Raw Cluster Rock from Plus Value International Shop Online at an affordable price. This shop offers all Feng Shui products at reasonable pricing. You may also check out your lucky stones and other products from this shop.

  48. Avatar of Chandan Singh

    Chandan Singh

    The Pyrite Raw Stone has helped me unlock my business luck. I am happily running my business now and also planning to take it to newer heights.
    You can also try this lucky piece of rock and buy it from Plusvalue Shop.

  49. Avatar of Ananya Chandran

    Ananya Chandran

    The Pyrite rock is just awesome! You may also try this to bring good luck.

  50. Avatar of Chanda Sil

    Chanda Sil

    I started using the High-Quality Pyrite Raw after my business failed, but now, this stone has helped me recover it. Thanks to this Pyrite stone for giving me so much confidence and balance in my life.

  51. Avatar of Jaya Lodha

    Jaya Lodha

    Using the Pyrite Cluster is a great way to activate good luck. I have been using the same for some time now, and I am very happy with the results.

  52. Avatar of Charu Tripathi

    Charu Tripathi

    The natural Pyrite stone is an excellent product helping in bringing luck.

  53. Avatar of Naresh Kulkarni

    Naresh Kulkarni

    Since the time I have started using the Pyrite Raw Cluster, I started getting more orders, and my business started making more profits. This rock brought me good luck and helped me grow my business.

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