Feng Shui Rooster for Good Fortune, Harmony, Protection from Jealousy, Backbiting


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Feng Shui Rooster – For Protection Against Backstabbing, Politics, and Gossip

Feng Shui Rooster is a powerful symbol known for attracting good luck and positive energy. Commonly placed in homes and offices, it is believed to boost career success, invite wealth, and enhance social connections. This vibrant figure represents alertness, prosperity, and protection against negative influences. By having a Feng Shui Rooster, you encourage a proactive and diligent attitude in all areas of life. Its presence serves as a constant reminder to stay vigilant and ahead in your endeavors. Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the Feng Shui Rooster brings a touch of harmony and good fortune to any setting.

Benefits of Feng Shui Rooster

Benefits of Feng Shui Rooster

Five Feng Shui Rooster Elements

The rooster embodies five essential elements:

  1. Metal: Represented by the glorious comb on its head and sharp claws on its feet.
  2. Wood: Symbolizing courage, vigilance, and determination.
  3. Fire: Associated with strength and confidence.
  4. Earth: Signifying honesty and abundance.
  5. Water: Fortifying career aspirations and assertiveness.

Best Facing Direction for Rooster

To maximize its positive energy, place the Feng Shui rooster facing your home’s main door or office entrance, with its head pointing north. This alignment ensures that it invites prosperity and guards against negative influences.

The Golden Rooster Feng Shui

A golden rooster is believed to activate abundance and prosperity luck. Consider placing it in auspicious sectors, such as the northwest (mentor luck), west (descendants’ luck), or north (career enhancement).

Using Feng Shui Rooster

Counter Office Politics: Position a rooster figurine diagonally on your work desk, facing the office entrance. Let it “peck away” malignant energies, thwarting office politics and gossip. Resolve jealousies among competitors and partnerships.

Guard Against InfidelityPlace a rooster near your main doorway entrance, diagonally. It protects against extramarital affairs and undesirable romance. Safeguard your relationships and maintain fidelity.

Feng Shui Cure Against External Negative Energy: Mitigate external “Centipede” Sha energy (from power lines or drainage pipes). Ensure the rooster points away from your house to avoid disharmony and gossip.

Power of Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Roosters enhance mentor luck (Northwest), descendants’ luck (West), and marriage bonds (Southwest). Boost educational goals (Northeast) and career assertiveness (North).

Do Not Overcrowd, One Is Enough: A single rooster suffices; overcrowding disrupts its energy. Balance its presence with other Feng Shui elements.

Aspiration for Fame Luck: Display a golden rooster to activate abundance and prosperity luck. Reflect its energy by placing a mirror near the rooster.

Rules for Placement of Rooster

  • Main Entrance: Position the rooster near the main entrance, facing inward.
  • Living Room: Place it in the living room, preferably near the center.
  • Kitchen: Avoid placing the rooster in the kitchen, as it may clash with the fire element.
  • Bedroom: Keep the rooster out of the bedroom to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Avoid Clutter: Ensure the area around the rooster remains clutter-free.

Feng Shui Rooster Plus Value India

It appears you’re interested in a Feng Shui Rooster from Plus Value India. Plus Value India is a company that sells Feng Shui and Vastu products in India. According to their website, a Feng Shui Rooster is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, confidence, courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination, and perseverance. They claim it can boost career fortune, help raise authority, attract love and happiness, and remove negative energies in your home and office.

The rooster can also be used for activating wonderful peach blossom luck, which attracts love Remember that you must place the rooster on the West side of your table.

The above suggestions are based on Chinese feng shui /Vastu mythology

Buy Feng Shui Rooster – Good Fortune, Harmony Online in India

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Antic Gold
Material Fiber
Size ( L x W X H ) 3 x 2 x 4 Inches
Dimension ( L x W X H ) 7.5 x 5 x 10 cm Approx
Weight 230 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

42 reviews for Feng Shui Rooster for Good Fortune, Harmony, Protection from Jealousy, Backbiting

  1. Avatar of Rishita


    it’s an effective product.
    increases confidence and luck

  2. Avatar of Seema Gupta

    Seema Gupta

    I ordered this Feng Shui Rooster from Plus Value Global Shop as guided by their Feng Shui experts. This helped in shaping up my marital life. I’m grateful to Plus Value for this 100% authentic Feng Shui product and its timely delivery at a time of crisis.

  3. Avatar of Ishita Kapoor

    Ishita Kapoor

    There is nothing like it to turn the atmosphere in your favor. I have experienced it myself after I started using the Feng Shui Rooster on my desk.
    I recommend this product to all. Use it at your office or study room. Order only from Plus Value Global Shop and be sure of the authenticity of the product.

  4. Avatar of Rajeev Sandhu

    Rajeev Sandhu

    I was a sufferer of workplace politics since I joined the place. And, because of that, I was almost about to give up. Then I came to know about Feng Shui Rooster and started using it.
    Bought the rooster from the Plus Value site as they are a renowned name in the space of selling high-quality Vastu and Feng Shui products. My situation has improved a lot in the office. I highly recommend the product.

  5. Avatar of Shekhar Sanghvi

    Shekhar Sanghvi

    It feels protection against negativity. it really works. I highly recommend it!

  6. Avatar of Nikita patel

    Nikita patel

    It looks very beautiful rooster, it is very helpful for us for protecting our family from the negativity, It increases confidence and luck.

  7. Avatar of Nandini Biswas

    Nandini Biswas

    An amazing product in its effect and aesthetics. Just keep it at the office desk and see the change around, just like I am enjoying the benefits. Buy it from Plus Value Shop to ensure genuine products.

  8. Avatar of Jia Sen

    Jia Sen

    A great product. It comes with a great look and aesthetics. It is effective too. Highly recommended. Must use at home and office. Buy it from Plus Value India as they are known for energizing the products before shipping for better results.

  9. Avatar of Shweta Chanda

    Shweta Chanda

    Had issues with my classmates. Faced bitter politics from their side. Then my mother had bought this rooster from the Plus Value shop. Things have changed for the better since its use. I recommend you too for using this rooster on your desk and eliminate chances of dirty tricks or backstabbing from peers.

  10. Avatar of Rajesh Sachdeva

    Rajesh Sachdeva

    My promotion was getting hampered again and again due to office politics and third party interferences. My boss was going against me and bullying me almost all the time. I had no clue about the problem, nor any idea of what to do. Then I came to know about Feng Shui Rooster and began using it on the office desk. It helped me curve my situation for the better.
    I am thankful to the Pus Value sellers for this lovely product.

  11. Avatar of N.Priyanka


    feng shui rooster brings wonderful harmony. Very effective feng shui rooster

  12. Avatar of Abhiraj Gupta

    Abhiraj Gupta

    Students and working people, who have to handle social pressure, must use Feng Shui Rooster for a smooth experience. I am enjoying the benefits so I am recommending this to you all.
    Order it only from Plus Value Global Shop for the best result as Plus Value products are energized by experts, and hence more effective than others.

  13. Avatar of Shalini Chopra

    Shalini Chopra

    Backbiting and gossips are part of every office in some way or the other. I was a victim once. Then I started using the Feng Shui Rooster from Plus Value store and I must say that the situation in my office has improved a lot in my case.

  14. Avatar of Bhavesh


    Very nice, strong healthy looking rooster, with full of confidence. It’s well made and looks beautiful. Size is perfect for the desk neither too big nor too small. The Matt brass finish with red rubby eye also looks great.
    All the parameters of the Fengshui rooster are well defined in this.

    Excellent quality and finish

  15. Avatar of Priyanka Mehta

    Priyanka Mehta

    feng shui rooster increases confidence and good luck. it really works

  16. Avatar of Rudra Shukla

    Rudra Shukla

    The Rooster from the Plus Value site is a good product and effective in deflecting negativity from life. You may also use this rooster to make your life free from all kinds of negativity.

  17. Avatar of Anubhav Rastogi

    Anubhav Rastogi

    Beautiful feng shui rooster, very well done. the nice product it really works

  18. Avatar of Nisha Mathur

    Nisha Mathur

    Very nice, beautiful piece. It looks like the photo. Awesome product… 👍👌

  19. Avatar of anu rana

    anu rana

    excellent gift for people in a political career. good quality. works very well.
    It is a really good deal.

  20. Avatar of Sadaf


    Feng Sui rooster peck away any danger and evil intentions to your relationship or career. it’s an effective product

  21. Avatar of Anurag Luthra

    Anurag Luthra

    Very nice product. very satisfied with the quality of the product and I feel valued as a buyer.

  22. Avatar of Sumit Shetty

    Sumit Shetty

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. brings positive energy.

  23. Avatar of Neelam Roy

    Neelam Roy

    feng shui rooster so beautiful and it has such great energy. it really works. gives a good vibration

  24. Avatar of Deep Sachdeva

    Deep Sachdeva

    feng shui rooster creates a positive environment for yourself. the nice product it really works

  25. Avatar of Akshay Kolhi

    Akshay Kolhi

    Very beautiful, and the perfect size! feels amazing. I love it.

  26. Avatar of Mitali Kashyap

    Mitali Kashyap

    the color and texture are just as shown in the photograph. Very satisfied with the product!👍👍

  27. Avatar of Sangini Guha

    Sangini Guha

    Feng Shui Rooster has brought into my life a number of good and supportive friends. It really works. Try it yourself. Buy it on Plus Value Global Shop for the 100% authentic and energized product.

  28. Avatar of Suchitha Ranganathan

    Suchitha Ranganathan

    I read about the Feng Shui Rooster online and checked out the possible buying options. Found that Plus Value shop is pretty renowned for selling authentic Vastu and Feng Shui products. I finally bought it from them and now I am enjoying the results.

  29. Avatar of Chandralekha Khanna

    Chandralekha Khanna

    Very happy with my purchase, great quality, and highly recommended!👌👍

  30. Avatar of Pritu Bose

    Pritu Bose

    I gift this rooster to my sister for her help to keep the family away from 3rd party affairs and provide them with authority at home. It is a very effective rooster.

  31. Avatar of Brijesh Manchandani

    Brijesh Manchandani

    Feng Shui Rooster saved my life and reputation. I was dejected at my workplace due to office politics and competition among team members. However, as suggested by Plus Value experts, I ordered a Feng Shui Rooster placed it at my office desk. Things changed for good soon. Thank you Plus Value for the right suggestion and timely delivery of the product.

  32. Avatar of Ronita Kundu

    Ronita Kundu

    I never believed in things like Feng Shui until I began using a Feng Shui Rooster as a last resort at a time of crisis. Now I’m fully convinced that it is effective. My office problems are solved to an extent and there is more acceptance of me in the team. I’m at peace of mind.
    Thank you Plus Value Global Shop for this product.

  33. Avatar of Parth Mahajan

    Parth Mahajan

    my business deals were getting canceled repeatedly. I found no reason why this was happening. However, came to know about Feng Shui Rooster from the Plus Value Global Shop experts and started using it. An experienced good result in a few months. I would highly recommend the rooster all.

  34. Avatar of Suchanda Saxena

    Suchanda Saxena

    Workplace politics can turn one’s life into a nightmare. I have faced it, so I know. Keeping a Feng Shui Rooster on the desk has helped me deal with such a situation.
    I bought my rooster from the Plus Value site, and I am happy with it.

  35. Avatar of Rishi Gupta

    Rishi Gupta

    The Feng Shui rooster has proved to be beneficial in my life. I am really very happy to have been associated with the Vastu experts from Plus value shop. Their customer support is unparalleled when it comes to choosing a suitable product to amend your personal situation.

  36. Avatar of Latika Shah

    Latika Shah

    Rooster is boosted by fame luck and authority for the patriarch. It is very good for my luck and protects me from the dirty tricks, I put it on my table it protects me very well. I love it very much.

  37. Avatar of Ritesh Roy

    Ritesh Roy

    In the first few days of my college life, I was literally bullied by the seniors. Then, on the Plus Value website, I came to know about the Feng Shui Rooster. I ordered it and kept it on my study desk facing it towards the window. The situation has become a lot better now.
    Thank you Plus Value for a 100% authentic and energized product.

  38. Avatar of Ashmita Dutta

    Ashmita Dutta

    I am happy to have been using the Feng Shui Rooster. This has helped me eliminate difficult situations in the workplace. This is a good object to keep on the desk if you want to enjoy the divine power of Feng Shui.
    Also, check it out on Plus value shop. They are pretty renowned for giving personalized consultation based on your specific needs.

  39. Avatar of Geeta Maheshwari

    Geeta Maheshwari

    My relationship with my girlfriend was just about to break up due to third party gossips. Things were going out of hand. I came to know about the Plus Value eCommerce site on Facebook and had a chat with their experts. They suggested me to use Feng Shui Rooster.
    My relationship has become a lot better as the interference from other people has stopped, and things are back on track as it has ever been. Thank you Plus Value team for offering me this suitable product.

  40. Avatar of Swagata Tiwari

    Swagata Tiwari

    Using Feng Shui Rooster has saved me from office politics and bestows me with the ability to solve difficult situations, dealing with arguments with the boss, and create a kind of positive environment for myself. It is a great product and highly recommended.

  41. Avatar of Gautam Mishra

    Gautam Mishra

    The Feng Shui Rooster has brought harmony to my life. I am glad to have gone by the suggestion of Plus Value experts.

  42. Avatar of Kiaan Desai

    Kiaan Desai

    A great product. Place it at a height at your study facing the window, and see the effect yourself. However, for the best results order it only on Plus Value Global Shop as they sell genuine products at great pricing while ensuring to energize each product before sending it to the buyer.

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