Vastu Pyramid

Vastu Pyramid – Plusvalue International offers Different types of Vastu Pyramids for homes, Machinery, Offices, Industries, shops, Hotels, etc depending upon the directions & its usability. Vastu Pyramids are available from a Direct Manufacturer at wholesale prices in Our Store in Mumbai, India.

We offer Copper Pyramids, Brass Pyramids, Lead Pyramids, Crystal Pyramid, Shriparni Wooden Pyramid, Zinc Pyramid, Wooden Pyramid, Jiten Pyramid, Plastic Pyramid, Parad Or Mercury Pyramid.

We have Vastu Pyramid for Toilet, Kitchen, Entrance/Main Door, Corner Cut, Corner Extended, Overhead Beam, Underground Water Tank, Anti-Clock Main Door, Anticlock Staircase, Study Room, Bedroom.

Available in sizes from 1″ to 4″ & can be customized for Bulk Orders.

Vastu Pyramid for Sale Online in India, Wholesale Vaastu Products

Buy Brass Pyramid 2.5" Vastu Shastra Remedies Product Online
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Showing 1–48 of 266 results