Zinc Pyramid

Zinc Pyramids & Zinc Helix

Zinc Pyramids are used for North-East Vastu Dosha Nivaran Remedies.

Buy Zinc Pyramid Vastu Remedies Products For Home, Offices, Factory Online in Mumbai, India directly from Manufacturer at wholesale prices, Call us at +91-9967433501

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  • Highly Accurate Zinc Pyramids/Helix
  • Zinc Pyramid/Helix Remedies for North East Defects, Cut Extention, and Missing Corners.
  • Our Zinc Pyramids is Trusted By 1000’s Astrologers, Vastu Consultants, Reiki Healers, Chakra & Aura Pranic Energy Healers & Space Healers.
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  • You are welcome to visit our showroom in Mumbai (Malad) to buy zinc pyramids/helix personally.
  • We offer free Crystal and Vastu consultations on WhatsApp
  • Zinc Pyramid Size Available in 1inch, 2.5inch
  • We have also a Zinc Helix in 4inch/6inch, Zinc Spiral Block.
  • Zinc Pyramid 1inch in 2pc, 2.5inch in 2pc set.